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ATI'END FOOTBALL PROGRAM TONIGHT ~1O,.49 SERVICES TUESDAY FOR MRS. CHEYNEY Civie Leader's Aid in · . Boro and County Valued· Here· Funeral services tor Mrs. J. ~ore Cheyney, widely honor­ed county and borough club and olvlc iea4v were conducted at OUver B8Jr'8, Philadelphia. on 'rilescJ&), afternoon by the Rev. J. ;rarden Gue.her. Mrs. Cheyney · died at her home 189 RutgeriJ ave­n~ e Fl'lcJay cvenlng,/November It, after a long. and saUanUy born& lIlneas. JU. Cheyney's death oc­curred In September. . A member of Borough Council, the lleCond womad member· in the hJstory of the borough, Mrs. Chey­: bey "w.. appOintee! cha.lrman of accoun,ts upon her electl~n In ltIC and eonUnued .In that position un­W the. expiration ot Jier four year term. She wu appointed· at the tbne to' serve· as Counell'. rep~DtaUve on the Llbrary Board. a pOllltion In Which alie wu' atlll serving the COUDcll and com­munity. at the time of her death. . She was a paSt president ot the Swarthmore and the Delaware County LeaBue af Women. Voters, a. former: active m9mber ot the Woman's, Club of Swarthmore having served· 88 Its Chalrnian of LeBlalatiOD for a Dumber of years, '&; membei' of the Woman'. R8- pubHcan Club of Delaware County on wlloee board she was a' con­structlve member, 8he served as Co-Cba1l'J1tan of,· the Delaware County Federation of Woman'. Clubs Clt1&enshlp. School. DurlD&' bel' 12' yearrep.resentatlon of Bor­OUgti Council on' the LibrarY Board she served the Library 41- *tOi'll as treaBUl'er for three years. 'In aS6 Mrs. Cheyney was .e-nt to ; the '. National· Republican Convention In Cleveland as o.n al­ternate cJelegate from Delaware CountY. In i936 she was chairman of the local. Salvation Army Drive. . MrS. CheYney was born Mary A. GDby, . the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.IlUam F. Gilby. She came to SWarthmore with her parents in 1918 to reside In the home on Vassar avenue which they had · bUilt. She was In her early seven­ties. . ':Mrs. ~eyney estabUshed an enYiable bualnes8 career. She was secretarY. to WllIlam Sellers pres­lci~ nt of WlII!&Jn· BeUers Company, Philadelphia. For flve years she was aecre­tary to, ~ noted corporation lawyer Iii Pblla.delphla. For 10 yean she was IUIIIBtant to the Trust Officer ot the t..a.Dd TiUe and Trust Com':' pan.,.. From 1937 through tlle 8Prlng ot It4S she was vice-presi­dent olThe Bwarthmorean, Ine. Burial was in West Laurel Hills Cemeter'J'· SWARTHMORE, PA., FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1946 . $3.00 PER YEAR ""s-,,"""ort-. ,-Pe-te-Tt-on-ite-""i MME. WOLPE TO· The CtUzens' Athletic Coni:' In The Spirit 01 Peace GARNETCLOSES The Story, ot" the Nativity wlll again be given at Clothier Me- 194· 6 SEASON morlal, Swarthmore College, on ' . .. . Sunday, December 32, 1946, In . mlttee. In charge ot thts even.. OPEN CONCER'TS ~'!~ a~~:!e~~l!h~tg:!:~:: more HIgh School squad, prom­leea something new and different In wa~ of program. . After a 6,:30 dinner In the high school cafeteria a number of outstanding speakers· in the sports field wJ1l be presented In the school auditorium. The din­ner Is limited to the 8Q.~d, par­ents of members, the coaching sta1f, and program participants. The program at 8:30 Is open to all Swarthmoreans. , LABOR, MANAGE­MENT SWAP VIEWS TimelY,Discussion Sponsored by< Women- The ",all of the hai-rled consu­mer ·was, f:he loudest and strong­est outcry In the discussion at the Joint meeting of the SWarthmore Women's Club and the League ot Women Voters, on Tuesday eve­ning at the Woman·s Club, when a large audienCe e%pressed its im­Patience with rocketing prices, slow production, and recurrent labor· demands. Dr •. F.rank PJeraon, of Swarth­more 001181'8, served as mOder~r tor the members 'ot the panel who ~ discussed the question, "Do Labor an4 Management Have a Common Goal.7" Labor's viewPOint W&8 presented by. Albert Hotfman, Vlce-prealdent' of . the' Hoalery Workers Uilton, c.'·V 0: and '1iY' 'Ji:.' Belsky, Philadelphia representa­tive of the LadIeS Garment Work­ers '[Tn Ion, A.F. of L. affiliate. Management's pOint of view wu discussed by Burt Walter, of the Industrial Relatione Department of the J. C. F. BrIll Comp~y and Robert <M. Ney, Manager of In­dustrial ·Relations tor the Baldwin LoCOmotive Works. (Continued .on Page six) TOWN MEETING ON· U.N. THIS SUNDAY Dolivet and Oliver To Spur Discuss- I• on Pianist Is First of . memory of those lost In combat. Team. . Defeats Lans- 8 I· n Be·e thoven Me"nP"e a1c8e moonr eF .tahrtahn, Ga oCodhwrlisltll aton d owne High in Series prayer to this ~ear ot lUG. It Final Game IB an e&rnest cry for help A plano concert by Madame Irma throughout all the land. The Swarthmore High School Wolpe will be presented on Thurs- football team tl0.f8hed a Yel'7 IUC-day, Decembv 11, at 1:16 In Cloth- cesaful 1946 season last Thul'8da)' ler MemorJal Hall as the tlrst ot a Mr8. Pear80n Head. with Ii. rOUSing 12-0 Victory over series of eight pro8'l'1LDl8 devoted R Lansdowne "Lord8," their· tradlt-to the works ot Beethoven being , ecreation lonal Thanksgfvlnl' Day rival&. It sponsored this year by the William A88'n was a perfect foothall daT and the J.a rCtmoo per Foundation and the De- A t their meeting In Bol'o' u. l'h (Jamet was supported by -ne of the ' AI p ent ot :Music ot Swarthmore Hall last week, the Board ot the largest cheering secUo~ ot. local College., Swarthmore Recreation A8s0clat- rooters ever t 0 travel to Lane- ThIB will. be Madame Wolpe's Ion welcomed the new members. downe for the: annual event.· first public pertormance since her M Th od The ~0ca1 eleven Undoubtedly appointment as a member of the rs. . e ore L. Purnell. .1'8. Oliver G. Swan, and .E. H. Pyle, was th. e superior team from. the Swarthmore College faculty. Her thanked the retiring memben ot opening klc.k-c11r to tbe final whl8- program wJll include FoUl' ~ th B d M tle but over anxiouane8l!l on the teIleS (Opus 126)" Sonata Appas- e _oar, rs. Step,hen Spencer part ot the Swarlhmore b07B caU8- lonata (Opus 61), and Sonata :ecretary; Hrs. Joseph Reynolds ed several' c~y fumbles and m1s- (Opus lit). rcasure.r, and Frank Morey, for . their fine work and gave a short play'J and gave Lanadowne enough Madame Wolpe made her ~on- resume ot the year'e progriun, In- cGnfldence to turn the game Inw a cert debut In ltlt .and has con- eluding the Nursery School at Rut- battle-royal for the entire period tlnued to give concerts and to gars avenue, the Summer Club at of play. , teach ever since, both In Europe 'College' avenue, and the three Coach Roblnaon IB to be heart­and In this country. 8he has a de- Swarthmore baseball teams Hor- fly congratulated for the fine job gree trom the Conservatory of nelB, Clippers and American Leg- he has turned In aa coach ot thJe Music In JiuIsy, Rumania: she Ion. year's team.· The team's record of studied at the Dresden Conserva- M Bl ave victories and three defeats Is tory under Prof. Hennan: Vetter' r. oo~. suggested that plans be made at the January 'meetlng not a championship record but it and ~t the Academy ot Music In for next summer's program. A Is a record to be prOud of, part!­Berlin under Professor Leonlde keen Interest In baseball by teams, cularly so, since the, team 'W8.II Kreutzer. She, aIsowo.rked In Paris parents. and townspeopfe was re- never vanquished by. fIllY. other under Emile Cortot.. Madame ported by many Board members. eleven, but put up hard'clean plq Wolpe has given P?!.&te . .1,-ons at Thlswlll~· kept In mind In mall:- tor evcl'7 opponent. that came Sytarthmore for ~ji,.:;P~~~~ or Ing tuture plana. along, from week, to week win or four years andtLl8f~ ap- The Board thanked Hr. Bloom lose. - potnted as a member of·~~arth-· . f his tl tt 8warthmOre High Is proud ot more's Department of "'us· Ie.· o.r un r,fng e ortsin making - last summer'8 reereatlo al ·Its f.ootball stalwarts and rlgh6S - . The ren'ultnlng concen'£.-. to th..v.. ·. ...... m 'a hu .....' suc......... n pro- so for although mlstakeli In pIW-JvI Beethoven serles. to be gi~' ven ·du1'- .,.- 0- w_ - EJect!ons'were held with the wero made during the season, Ing ],'4'7 wlll be: thePasqulw 'J!rlo followin. results: ..' . there 'never WaB <a lack of, pourap Ol1,.j'BnuU'Y.16·:$~<~'L;-.tb" ~b. ';~:"PrMlilertt-:.!.-MrJl.· <John Peanron; ·or unwiHlnpeat· .to' work~ '1m­String Quartet on 'I'ebl'lllU'j < 11, Vice-president-Mrs. Swan, 8ec- sportsmanship-like conduct or ab- February 28 and March 7: a vio- 6A_ M: ..... . N sence of team cooperation. lin and plano concert giyenby re-...7·- rs. -a.rsaret c. eal. Temlanka and Shure on March 27; Correspondence Secretary-Mr. The school has had' 'ateam in Pyle, Tt:easurer--Hrs. Avery F. the ful~est sense of the word. In-· and the Kroll Btring Quartet on Blake, Asistan~ Treuurer-)(I'I!I. dividuBl players at times stopd April 18. Purnell, CUstodian of Properties-- .out .in thelt play bui no play~1' FAMILIES ESCAPE AS HOME BURNS . Tuesday Fire Leaves 11 Residents Homeless· Mrs. Jack B. Thompson, Baard carried th&team along by bIB In­Membera-- Mr. Bloom, C. McDon- dlvldual. ablllty. ThIB IB the kind aId Swan; George H. Karns Mrs. of a school 'actlv.ltythat all com .. C. Justus Garrahan and 'Mrs. Gor- munlUes want and need and don Lang. Swarthmore Is very fortunate to JANUARYTHAW.TO OPEN DECEMBER 9 Popular Partridge Story Promises Lively Fu~. . The Swarthr;nore Fire <::Ompauy was assisted by Morton and . Rut­ledge Fire Companies Tuesday morning at one of the most serious ftres this borough has experienced. The fraMe hO'.18e at Kenyon and' Bodine avenues, ownod by Mrs. Louis DoUvet, editor of Free Julius Keppler and ».ra, E. G. January Thaw, a ~lay by Wll­! lam Roos adapted from the Bel­lamy. Partridge novel, wlllbo pro­duced 'by' the Players Club of Swarthmore for one week begin­ning December 9. have had such· iJ. team carry its banner. this year. The team will miss Its departing· seniors Tubby McCowan, Cappy Bierman, Frank Boyce, Blll Moore, Johnny. Polk, Bob Moorhead,· Bob Hopson, Jimmy Hornaday. Blll· Soden, Dave Campbell· and 8am Nowell, but their places will be amply fill­ed by Bill Huey, Avery Blake; Chuck Keenen, Ed. Ganetll, Eli­jah Baughn, Jack Houtz and a host of others who will carry on the Swarthmore tootball tradlt­, fon into the future years of the Post Wwi period .. Under the direction of Robert W. CAll. SANTA SOON World and author of "The United Moore; of Cornell and· .. Harvard Nations," and J'udgeL. Stauffer avenues, and occupied by the OUver, chairman of ~e Board of James Tucker, Robert Scott, and Directors of t~e _United Nat.ions : Charles Nichols families was Councll of Philadelphia. will lead burned to a shell complete with the discussion on "The United Na-. contents despite every effort of tiona and the Roa4 Ahead" at a firemen from 8 tlll noon to check town meeting Sunday, December the flames which appar,ent~ began VETERANS TO PLAY 8, at 8 P. M . .tn the Swarthmore In a wall behind a.. ~efrigerator . FrIends Meeting House. 8ponsorlng an.d gushed up within tJie walls of the meeting, which will be tree ot . the wooden bulldlng. . Graham, this light comedy demon­strates the folly of b:1ying a house -even the oldest house In Con­nectlcl~ t-wlthout eon81derlD!~' aU possible flaws In its title. Santa Claus, In the Midst or pre­paring toys tor delivery on the 26th and pollBhing his 81elgh bells so they will ring Particularly clear on the Swarthmore all', takes time to give an early reminder to all borough youngsters that they must telephone Swarthmore 0900 within the next two week8 If they want to be sure to see Banta in person Christmas Eve. BAS BALL HERE ·KET . charge, Is the! SWarthmore branch Mr. 8cott wu-at breakfast with A family of "foreigners" (from of the Untted Nations CounciL his wife and daughter, Grace, 7, New York!) ably played by How- Recently returned from western when the group noticed smoke rlB- ard Witt, Sue Surrick, Pat Gal- Gazelles Schedule and northern Europe., Mr. DoUvet ling behind the refrigerator. Theie lagher, Ann Shivley and ~rguer­has followed. the UDited, N¥l0ns' was time only to warn, the other Ite G. Ramsety, spend the tradltlon- F·u. ll Sea.s on.. in closely slnee its in~eJ)tI~~, ,~t~end- tenants and escape themselves. al small fortune In making their . ing the first .Assembly hi Loudon. Nothing was save~ except two house habitable, only to learn that _ ,R. S. Gym Soon atter hlB appearanCe at dresses and a pall' of shoes clutch- a clause In the deed. which they :Basketball fans and friends .of swarthmore h~ I~V~ for:r":1'1s to ed by the Scotts 1n their flight. choose to disregard, gets them Into yete~ In, this communltsr will attend meetlngs of the United Na- Their fire. Insurance had jusi ex- very hot water With a couple of welcome the news that the swarth.tions Econonllc and Social Com- plred. . codgers, played by Mary P. Plow- H ••.• bllshed man and Ernest O. Lange, who more Gase.l ies, will play pUb.lIc. mtttee.. , 1.-, recenNw· rPU The Swarthmore branch of the . tI·· .'. A native to Connecticut in general games on Konda"" and Thursday book "'The United a ons - Red Cross was on the Job Immedl-iI N W Id 0 and to the house In particular. nights In the mgh 8chool gymnA- Handbook on the ew or r- ately, contactng Phlladelphla head- Blum. The schedule rune from ea.~ ganizatlon" has been _ endo~~ by quarters who sent a disaster rcpro- Others In the cast are Grace E. December tlmtugh the middle· of TrygVe Lie, ~z:etary'-Gen~ral of sentattve to the scene with emer- Yeaw, Washington west, L. C. IIuaJa.; fte dmljMa te6,1Ii wrY the Unft8d N~tlOn8 WI ~ •• e\ hll'h- gency fo'04 and clothlq and or- HasUngs, 8tafford W. Parker. iohn ........... ."d .... d.r.bUl41~ dered a home 8erVlce CUe 'Worker D .. Seymour' and Lloyd Goman. DO~. ' ty·,tn"~;- .-..,' ~ - . ,< < ., •.• • ". ' • • • - : isatlon .. i~ noW' to follOW to ai.atat the 1 i persou Slap Kanqers for the produc- Bl:a:e~Toeedo:.~pt:a=i· :~o~~e':1r~ to ~i te;.:Cap. made homel_ by iii. ft~ iii relUr.. lion are J'ODathaD Prichard and lIoW41tob.. ~b ~OD" :VlWt1li'e u.eaPk'lt of wh~.!,.;.~,4PI~ bllltJLtlon. Ne"h~ ... cipeilied tbelr Walker PentlelcJ, With I'*.ul Bn1'dfll' H tchJaO Bill ..,tu' ~_ 40 audre1 -- homes to the ·three famtlles tem-' as electrician. Patty campbell wm Cwa .l.. ..... J» u. n)_)a Ye Q Do aDd aft ~L Dtii;·wu. bf ii. U PorarilY and other membenl of the be In charp '. ,Of. the m"lSic and S. JacbOn. J'M COole. orom7ko,,, ... er e A..._ . . 1Nwba. W1lldeP. Gntr BeaUI. BIll 8. S. ~ til tile UN· SecUrl~ '::.:::~ commanity anxio31Y ttOUI'ht ways souild etree~ an4;,oldrecl Blmpen BeD. ... ..... ........ ..011. ~ ..,... tIOOk will ~ ~ to IU8I8t them: will be the prompter. ...= . ,. •. . ';';; ... .. ........... ~ Idea of the work Mr., and M .... TUckll? bave til,," . )Ire. •. Bickle.,. Parker. lira. u.~..: .~ A.A. ..... W•'. ~ _.- --.' fidifer .:.=-.-. - ....... ;;" __'_.1• ~.,~"-U:. J~, .. ~: and ~.-- 8. .. ~. ~4, .. ~ ... WAyne ~ :~~,w"'Mr. Ul~ ~"',~Ic;hi.~~,; ; ...... ; \h •. ~lDltt.. III ... ...~ e.'.I.,.~ lei!!?!,,! l:i .... If........... .,....01IIJr c:Jlut·1It .. DlD". .tJ a-ol4,: ~.ot' ...· decOntlollll aDd ...... eta .... JJiU1IJ1 ... . .......;:. '. .... ... , _.later. CIaerIft. ~... . C. .......: . ...._. .. · /'. (".£I"~ . . One of the nicest. thlnga . about living In ~rthmore is that Banta for years untol4' haa cherlBhed a soft spot In his big heart for tbe little lads and lassies of this com­munity. He never faUs to stop and P".lU them out of bed to aee their sparkllnl' trees and'· filled stockings and then tuck them in· again, aomeUme during' the .. Btlll­neaa of the Holy .NIl'ht.-That Is, If the~ are ,I:&reful to eee that hili: Het I. kept up to date by telephoia­In. before he take. oir oli lUll ~. . n118:l journt/Y. OtherwlM With tIuI con~~D of remo1'&la anei cbU- ~~4 ~~.~p~.~r:IP~,' uti e.rtaln1Y never be able to' coa- ~,..~Qet ¥.! Pr:r~~.,~u. III -. own. .~ .0.- ,~....'_.. ,.. . .. .~..~.~ .......'. t •. .,u. . - ...... _. '-, ...,... { \

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2 THESWARTHMOREAN t" • PERSONA·LS Sweet Brlar Collep, v.... and r-aduated from the Unl_ty o. North CVOllnL PrL Beorl'8 Froebel of 1I't. Bel­voir. Va., apent the ThauklgtvtnC week .. end at bla bome on swarth­more avenue. Mr. and Mm. ThomBJI B. Mc­cabe of North Cheeter road had as their bouae guests. fOZ' the week end. Asalstant Secretary of War, Mr. Howard C. Peterson and Mrs. Peterson of WBJlhlngton, D. C. They attended the Army .. NavY football game Batu~4ay. Mrs. D. N. Hopkins and da.ugh-. te.ra of Haverford place spent 1_ Thu...,day and Friday with her mother MI'8. James A. Nebel. Mr. and Mrs. W\1Ilam E. Soden of College avenue will entertaln their dupltcate brldge club at din­ner tomorrow evening. Martha. Foster of Yale avenue, James Jennings of Yale avenue, Fred Scott, .Jr.. of Gt.rard aven .. ue .. Marla. Zuniga. ot Walnut lane returned Monday i to West Chest .. er State Teachers College after spending. BoV'eraJ. days at their re­specUvei homes. :Hr. and ·141"8. Henry lAo McCor .. kle 0; WUllaniiltoWD. Mass, spent the week;.end with Mrs. McCor .. kle's parents;' Mr. and Mrs. Pem .. berton Dickson ot Princeton ave .. nue. Ingteneuk OD Tuesday. November 26. Brldl'8 followed at the Clay­den, home. Mra. 0601'8'6 FenDO at Swarth .. more avenue entertained at a sup· per party Friday evenine in honor .of Mr. and Mrs. A. Craie Lippin­cott of Plainfield, N. J., who spent the ThankegivIDe holld~ with thil' former'a brother·ln .. la.w and sIBter Mr. and Mrs. H. Lind .. ley Peel of Columbia. avenue. Mrs. H. Lindley Peel of Colum .. bla. avenue entertained at a. tea on Friday .tn honor of Mrs. Lev­eric Woodruft'. who has recently Nturned to Swartbm~re. . Mr. and Mrs. R. David Warner of Philadelphia ·spent Thanksgiv­ing with their parenta, Mr. and 'Mrs. Oscar J. Gilereest of Vassar avenue. SaturdaY last. Mr. and Mrs. GUereest gave them a bridge party. Dixie Hetzel has returned to Bradford Junior College alter Hpen41ng the week-end at her home· on Tha.yer road. MI'. and Mrs. Harvey Redington and children of ylest Hartford. CODD .• spen"t Saturday and Sunday visiting· Mrs. Redlngton'a brothen ... in-law· and slsters. Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Carrahan of College avenue and Mr. and Mrs. IrVin: ·.Travls of Ken-yon avenue. MaJor Pierce attended North Carolina Btate Collel'8 pTior to en­tering the ArmY In 1.40. Be reached home In October '4& after being releaeed from p .... on camp In Japan. Blnce hl~ return he had been a student at Duke Unlverslty until he received a regular com­ml8Blon tnthe U. B •. Army and .. D(IoW st&Uonecl at Raleigh, 'N. C. The wedding will take place In· January. . ., Mr. and.Mrs. Frank V. Brewster ot Dickinson avenue announce the enpgement of thelr daugbtor. Diana Lorraine,· and Mr. Alexander Robert Long. BOn of Mr. and Mrs. .Samuel J. Long ot BoothwYll. Miss Brewster 18 a graduate ot Swarthmore High School and West Chest·er Teachers College, and for the past two y~rS has been study ... Ing at the Ju1111ard School ~f MusiC in New York. Mr. Long, who is a. veteran of three tyears service. wUI receive his. B. S. dejfl'ee in M:tslc Education from West Chester state Teachers College In JanuarY, and will do ~uate work· at New York Uni­versity. The wedding will take place the .spring. . Richard Delaplaine returned to the University of Michigan. 8~ln­day after spending the Thanksgiv­ing holldays at ht.s home on Cor-' nell avenue. Harry· F. Brown. Jr .• and Robert T. Bair, Jr •• were din .. ner guests. of nick's, Friday even· Ba.rb.ara. T1:tatcher who Is attend­ing Connecticut College for Women and Mr. and :Mrs. Wl1llam. )!c.Inro)" of Carlisle spent the week .. end at their hom,e o~ COllege a.veDUB. Mrs. George M~well and t~ree­month~ old son, Steven, of .Rich­mond. Va.. visited Mrs. Maxwell's parents. Mr. nnd .Mra •. Edson Har­ris Sr.. ot Rose valley tOver the . bollda.)" wee.k-end.: ~.J~ .. At a informal party Saturda)' evening. Dr. and Mrs. W1l1lanl F. G. Swann .. .ot Ogden aveJ1·ue an­nounced the engagement of . their daughter, Sylvia to Muton Walter Briggs of perma.ntown. l'diM swann waS gra.4uated from ~Swa.rthmore High School ant:,1. Wei. lesley. College. Mr. Briggs served 'as a Lieutenant In the Army Air . Corps as a. bomber· pilot. ing. . "l"cch Sergeant David Daugherty ~rrlved 'at hls home on DlcklnsOD avenue shortly, before Thanksgiv­ing atter a. year's service in Japan . His b~otber .Ja.y Daugherty a stu .. dent o.t the Unlverslty of Virginia. joined tbe f~ly group ov~r the holidays. :Mr • .,. & :Mrs.. Prank R~ Stevens of, Stonertdge, N. Y.. were the Thanksgiving week .. end guests ot :Mr. and Mra. Guy A. McCorkle of The swarthmore apartments.· Mr. Qnd Mrs. JlJ.lIle8 P. Fadea. formerly of Haverford and Yale avenues, entertained friends from Swarthmor~ and neartiy IJn sunday afternoon at their new home in ·Sprlngfleld. Bnn1IS ,Mr. 'and Mrs. John Bchobinger ot' State College are receiving con· grtttuld.Uons on the birth of a Bon, Michael, Sunday, December 1. The baby Is a grandson of Mrs. James .Plumme~ .of Frone. Sum­mcrset. _ England. and of Mr. and Mrs. GeQrge Seh~blnger ot' Swa.rth- • 1'1." 'I. D j ". • " ~ "RigAt in tie. em,.,· of TOIlln" RUSSELL'S Complete . IGNITION MOTOR BRAKE TIRE Sentice • DartmoatA & La/ayett. AI7a. - Call 0440 The Bouquet BEAUTY SALON ' Beaut'! ~ in tLe CLri:Jima6 SwituJ 13 ~ CIl..- RGI!CI c.n·~"'6 DEWDROP INN BREAKFAST LUNCH DINNER OPEN 1 A. _ P.·)[. -OllTSIDE OATERING .SERVICE-Weda. day. 7 a.m. _ Z p_m. B.mda,.. 12 - 8 p.IIL DAILY DINNERS· ....... .. to ,1.110 ·Trees, Lawn Areas, and· FoundationPlan~gshnproved NOW . , .:.... .~ .. - ... W.illiam J.,,~tepha;!,j, Jr. Landscape 'Contflictf>TB Phone Chester Beigbb 194 ..... _ . .~ . Mr. and Mrs. Graham G. Why!­law at Cornell avenue bad as their Thanksgiving week .. end guest, MalT G. Whytla.w of New York citY. Graham G. Whyt!aw spent the vacation from Prince" ton ,University at hiB home on Cornell avenue. Pheobe Lukens ·who is a.ttendlng North Cl.Ll"ollna. Unive~tty spent . the Thanksgiving week-end at her home on Maple avenue. . Tom Randall a student at Wash. more avenue. ~gton QD.d Lee.VniverE!ity accomp.. ~ _ • .z.. " '.-.,-. -:,,-,. . ·.C'I~~~~~~~~~~~ii~~~~~~~~~~~;;~~;;~~~~ a.nled by Charles Brennan spent Mr. and Mrs. Senry Frida.y night. at Tom's borne on Patterson of Elm' avenue are ro­. Rivervlew road. celving congratulations upon the John a student at Gettys­burg College spent Thankaglvlnl' at hiB home on Cornell avenue. His brother Bob who l.B attendln« Penn.8tate College spent the week_ end at bls home. !Ira George. Armitage and her birth ot their first son and thlrfl daug.hter. Mrs. George H. Troxell child. Robert Brookings Patt~rson. ot South Chester road entertained The baby was born in the Unlver­at a luncheon Friday. SUyl ot Pennsylvania Hospital on M.r. and William E. Soden December i. weJghing 10 Vounds of College avenue had as their· and 11 ounceS. ',rhankBgt.vlng dinner guests, Mr... --- Carol HatJ;el of Tha.yer road eil .. terta.lned Ann Cottrell ot Rich­mond. Va.. as her hOUSO guest over the Thaokeglvlng hoUday. end Mrs. Frank Baker and Mr. A daughter was born to. Mr. and Frederick Baker ot Bowling Green. '"!rlrs. Norman D. Hughes ot Wil­Mias Catherine KUHea of Chester. mlngton. Del.. on ".rhanksglvlng MiBs "Mary E. Soden of New· l"ork \ Da.y. November 28. ' . Mr. an.d Mrs. Lawrence E. Jewett and ~ons· William .and Edward of Rolling Green· Park, Spring .. fleld. spent Thanksgiving wl~h Mr. Jewett's pareDts. Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Jewett of ·,Kenyon avenue. :City. and Mr. and Mrs.· Alfred Mur·~ Mr. and Mrs. Arth"'Jr S. Hughes ~f phy of Moylan. . . Columbia. avenue are the baby 8 Mr. and Mrs. Gordon 'Lange of grandparents. Cedar lane will entertain Mr. Frau'" ;=======::=======1 cis Robinson of New York City ail , theIr week-end guest. Mr. RobIn- GIVE A MAGAZINE Ruth Frances .Gay of WalUng .. 'ford. a. Benlor at Bucknell Unlver .. slty returneC\ TUesday after a. Tha.nkaglvlng vac~t1on of seve.ra.l days spent at her l}ome. Kr. and Mrs . .lohn E. Gens.emer of Vassar avenue entertained 12, guests at a dinner pa.rty at the Union League. Phllade~phia o~ Thanksgiving Day. son. Katharine Cornell's prcSB rep- FOR XMAS resentative. is coining to attend the The Gift That Lasts all Year. performance at ".Ailttgons' at the Gift cardS )-[atled Direct dl d M La From swartb'more on all . college, recte by r~. ngc. J)eCeJnber orders ENGAGEMENT MRS. LLOYD L KA~FFIAII - SobscriptJons for all MagaZInes swa. lIOSD I Mr. Andrew· :Myers at Langley FJeld, Va., spent. a week over the Thankeglvlng holiday with his famUy on Cornell avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel "Myers and daugh­ter Sydney of Fanwood. N. .T., bave returned to their home· a.fter a week's visit at the Myers home on cornell avenue. Mr. and. Mrs. Samuel WllUam Booth of Charlotte. N .. C~ announ .. ce the enga.gement of their daugh .. ter. Margaret lvle Booth and Major Menry Jones Pierce: son of Mrs. Catherine J. Pletce, Reference Librarian at Swarthmore College. Miss Booth attended St. Cath­erJne's School. Richmond, Va., UNITY ASSEMBLY Boronch BaH to:30 A.M. F.v~r1 WedDeSdn, ZELIA M. W AIIl'ERS, SpeaIIflr Everyone Welcome Mrs A. Ludlow Clayden of Rlv­e~ ew road entertaIned The Eightsome at luncheon at the .- - MEDIA ·THEATRE THURSDAY - FRll)AY - SATURDAY CARY GRANT and INGRID BERGMAN " NOT 0" R J 0 US" i S11NDAY -MONDAY --. 1 AI.BO ARMY AND NAVY GAlIlE jThePlayers Club ~W ~ ant my ~. of Swarthmore 1 I I TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY I DAN DURYEA andJ::I.LA RAINES I EXTRA':'!!~'!'~D~!.!~ a: ;S;~·=;=X=TRA=-:--:-! Comedy bYW. iIliiun ROsSI·.. , " CA·MP U S 'Q U I Z" f.. • To Be Broaclcut'Dorouah Station WFIL ODect .Monday through Sa turday , From the Stage of. This Theatre . December 9; 10, 1!, ··1:2; StarrIDjr··WALLY BU'l'i'JUtwom'R - TOM: MOORFRE"D '. 13,14,. 8 :20 P.I.1e- . . MEDIA. HIGH SCHOOL va.· • .. . . . . . .. '. . . NETHER 1"itOvn>~~ HIM SCHOOL • ··JANU. ARY THAW.. I Com"t.l. efu.eol J-J"I . (fifo· . '. BABY CUP • • • FORK and SPOON. $.5.50* $6.50* WILTSHmE BROTHERS· · .100 E. STATE ST., MEDIA, PA, • BRACELET LOCKET • • • • • $12.59'" ·$6.00* ; I . ~: .. (Including tax*) * The £anc:Uon of the pharmacist II distinct aDd lOt apart from that of the physi~. M pbumadsts. we are trained and skilled iil the attofcomfOW1dinganddispe~gmediclne. We are not qualified to diagnose your ills nor. to prescribe the proper medication. Waste · i and suffering commonly rean1t from experimenting with ~ ; ,.1 ftriou fonna ofse1f·medicatioa. . Lt" GO to' JOII1" ph;pfdan fine. Mtu a cucfnl enmio..;on . ~t . be will ceIlyCIU ~ Of DOC. medlriR ..,m help, If be · ~ ~ .... )'OIl .. pnacripdOD. to .... for _pen "om­,~~. pndin,.. You will "eJ,onr fadlitleS and servk:e ...... , ) . . . - . . . I t to .,VYDl""...,d;. . . , . . , . , , · , .. I .. ~I~:allJo~4fi~'" . . bl,Prae ~.W'I!1"nina' School· .. , ~~_.',:..; ~ .;..'.. ; ' :..1!'!!'~~~"'~.~·BI~B~iO~~~-~.FaII~M:;·.~!~4&,-D00r8~ao~!~~,~'~",:,!.O~!J·~~~~.'.~ .~. .!~i~i~~~~·. :.,.:'.~.' ~~.J ;": .. :",.: .... : :._...~ 1hd;::Q40I.!ijU:.;· ., '." .q-~ .. , . 'iii 'j' .~'l, 0;-'::'" ~ ',- ". • .. h .-,. dE ipWi. . a.' .de·- f .... l- ;.• •_ _• ••••••••••••'. ................. .. :' .. "=: ... ,.. to •. ; ~-:"'''-3: ~ 1. .... ~ ", ~ .... .1 . II .. -:.~ ;., ... ~ i . "i ., . '. - , .... \. fRiDAy.,D , .\ et-lR6 THE'SWART-InIOREAR, , MonIERs TO HEAR Sp d .. at TIUb · THE SWARTHMOREAN RESOLUTION CHRISTMAS TAl ES The Very Re... Frank D. Olt. PtJBLIHYM. EW~ Jl'BlDAY IN MEMORY OF MRB. J. TIlE swAJ\'taH AT. SW~Oa-. , OR.E&lf. nro.. PUBI,I'H + B ft ..... t Wti 0100 PA. PAllBMORE CHEYNEY WHEREAS. the' .Borough CounCil of Swarthmore and the Burgeu, deem, It appropriate to expreaa their deep re.ITeat upon the death ot )fn. J. Paeamore Cheyney, a member of COUDen t~om 1814: to Itl. and the ap .. pol~ted representative ,of Bor .. ough Council on the Board of the Swartbmore Public Library from 183" untll her death on The nev. Wllliam J. A1berbl, reo- ford, new Dean of the PhlltMlel­tor of ClrlBt Church In Media. will phla DivinIty School, wlU preach liddre .. the Swarthmore Mothel"3' at the 1~ o'clock eemoo SUD~ •• iE~·m. T()LD, Editor ILUUORIE TOLD morning at Trinity Church. Lorene Jle<::arter ~. .• Pelraol 'A 'n_ntee N·B, C4OC1ht .o...r. Eomntoeera· da .. .S WBeaerothnmd o~re . Matte • u.... rd' .&DUAI'J' Jt, liZ •• at the Poet I .. ~ .. , UD er the Act ot ·March ., 1879. PEADLIN»-WEDNEBDAY NOON I I ·11 Club next Thursday evening, ·De­cember 12. on the UmeJy topiC "Facta and Fancies about Christ .. mas." Illustrating' the true splrit of Chrlstmas and ita custoIDIJ In· this and other lands the talk wll1 give mothers 8uggestloDB OD methods of re-latlng the· Christ".18s story to children as th.B holiday season draws nigh. Dean Gifl'ord II widely known throughout the Church and waa rector of at. 'l'homaa'a, Mameron­eck, N. Y. trom 19ZI. until elected dean 0. tew montba ago. Friday.·D ............. 6. 1946 Puuht ...... Church Notes I Triuity a..uu. Note. November ·29, 1946, therefore, ., S~day . morning at the 11 Holy Communion will be cele. BE IT RESOLVED, tbat G clock service Dr. Brau,n wilt brated at 8 a.m. Church School wUJ Borough CounaU pays just trl- »reaeh on the subject "Handling meet at 9:46. 'l'he Very Rev. Frank bute to the long and falthfut- Llte's Problem&-Danger".,. . D. Gifford. Dean of the Phlladel.. service which Mrs. Cheyney Mr •. and Mrs. J. Rlchard Sadler phla Divinity School, .will p'reach rendered this borough for the' at the Harvard avenue entrance a,t the 11 o'clock service of Morn- past twelve years: that it an~ Mr. and Mrs. Warren R. Ber lng Prayer. Young People's B'e-Uow- acknowledge its appreclaUon of· nard at the drl-yeway .. trau.ept en~ ship w1ll meet at 6 p.m. at the the high caliber oi cltlzenahlp t~~e wI)1 ·assist the minIster In Presbyterian Church. which was thus expressed In congregation atter the Tho' Ushen( for Sunday include voluntary service: that the service Bnnday morning. R. M. Kllgore. head ueher' C· B CouncU· expreae ibt ·gratitude Al~ ~epartrnents of tbe Ch,!rch Blake; R. G. Ha(g; J. w: piow~ also for her servico as Chalr­School me.~ each Sunday morning man; ~ E. Pritchard. and W. R. man ot Accounts under the at: 9:45 0 clock. The .Women's Sanborn -.' pres[dency ot the late J. Archer BJ!?~_e .. ,ClB.IEI meets In the 'Church The Vestry will m~~t In the Par- Turner· and again under the transept;. a.t-l0 o'cloc~ Ish Ho.use Monday at 8 p.m. presidency ot Harzy L. MUler. The churcb welcomes the Wlla OJ:1olr ~hool will hold Its sessions that Council fa aware of the son ,.. ·.College . Choir thla. ~undq MondaY.and Wednesda'Y at 4:30 additional and heavy dutle~ she Dl;• They will sing.·. the an. a~d Thursday at 7:30 p.m. They performed when,.u ita appoint. thems and responses tor the aer- wiD give their annual Christmas ed representative oil the Library ~("e and be the guoetB of the Musical Sunda.Y'. December· 29. at Board. Mrs. Cheyney served chureh after the service for dinner.' 8 p.m, . th~1:- body for three years as Its · The Girls' Choir· rehearses at The Women's Auxl11ary will meet ··,tre~urer: 3:45 o'clock on Thursdays.· the In tbe Parish House Th .... rsday at BE IT. THEREFORE RE-Bo,. s' Choir rehearses at 'l o'clock 2: p.m. SOLVED that a copy of thlB FrI4ay even!DP and" the . Chapel" resolutlon be recorded In the Choir rehea ...... Thursday e.v,enlnga Friencla Meeth.. Nolea mInutes of this meetlng and at 1:46 o'clock. Christmas m'lslc I This evening. December 6. fam.. published in The ~warthmorean 18 betng prepared and ~ cordial. mea will gather at WhltUer House In order that the entire· com .. is extended to·. anyone for the annual Christmas n&.rrel munity may value the ~xa.mple wtsblil~ to alng ,with these choirs. Packing Party. The children will of cItlzenshlp which Mrs. Chey- The Woman's .As8oclatlo~ 9hrlst- come at 4 :30 to flll candy bags and· . ney's service to this borough ma.a T~ to meet Dr. and :Mrs. H. barrelR with ·the food and toys represented. Lewis CoDer. will be beld 'Y,dn68a which the')' donated. There will be Passed this aecond· day of day, ~cem'ber 11 at 2 o'clock in an enteratnment at 5, and box 8oP-. December 1946. . the ParI.h House. per at 6 toll owed by carol .Inglng.· BOROTJGH OF BWARTHMORE The HIghSchool Fellowsblp w\1l Firat I>!ly School In WhIt- . S. B. R1JTHERFORD 'o;J.eet this Sunday evening at the tier House a.t 9:46. PltESI1>ENT of COUNCIL Presbyterian Church at G o'clock. Tbe Adult Forum will moet In ELLIOTT RICHARDSON · The Chw-qh· Hour Nursery meets the Meeting House at 9:46. J. BOROUGH SECRETARY each SUilcJat. mdrnlng· from 11 to Bernard Waiton will lead.. the ·dls- Approved this 4th day of 1'2 o'clock ·hi' tbe Parish Houae tor cUaSlon on the proposed revision of December 1948. children from 1 to 'l yea~ of ac,e. the Queries deaUnK' with Soclal and JOHN H. PITMAN The Board of Trustees Will meet International Relations, Burgess Tu~_eveD:lJlg, .~C~lII:b~r, .. l.tJ' •. ~i,. Meeting .. for Worship· takes place :=============== 8 o'cloCk in tbe Church office. at. 11 o·clock. Children· wlll . be cared tor in Whittier House during • Church Notea the Meeting Hour. - ~.Sdeo ce The Committee on MInIstry and ,. n..& -&c ie-n·t· o,nd Modern Necro- Co UMeI and th e Membership Com-mane,.. alias Mesmerism and Hyp- mlttee have invited the students notlam •. ·Denounced'· is the subject attending Swarthmore College who of the :LeBBon-Sermon in all are Frlel!.ds and those ~peclallY In ... ChurObO;B .. .o( Christ. S~lentlst •. on te:tested. ·10.. Friends ,.to supper in Sunday. 'December .Whlttler House· S-:luday evening, December S. WILSON CHOIR TO sINe HERE SUNDAY The Witson Cone·ge' Choir· witl sing In the Presby1;e~ian church at the 10:45 a.m. service next Su·nday, December 8. Composed at girls from Wllson's three ,upper cla.sacs. the choir of 29 voices· will ofter "Built on the , • MAC CALLUM STORES • GLJDDEN the Oven·Proof Art Potter)' Smartly Styled Beautifmly GJ.v:-l Photocraphic Equipment Order Your CHRISTMAS CARDS From Your P~' Nqativea Y Oil'll like it ., Everyoae doe. • alice barber,gifts State and Monroe Sta. Old Bank Building Media Phone Media 2880 .. I • Headquarters For Xmw W ... all.6, (}~.IU, 2>."or. aliv • . mal.ria!, . ea..J!.~, nov.lti.~, 5olJl, Carth. l:k, GORGEOUS POINSE'ITIAS anJ Oll..r S.wonaU. pliinh FRESH CUT FLO~WERS CORSAGES 17his· is sure to be a most heartwarming Xmas­and the demand for Floral Prodllcts is certain to be great. .- ORDER EARL Y -- &,It. Pike, CAR N S Springfield, Pa. FLOWERS' PHONE SWA. 0450 • • I H U itCH SERVICES Meth~t Church Notes Rock,"· by LIndeman. "FaIrest __ } .• -.;..... '>.:. ';-!'~The' Church School meets Sun. Lord Jesus:' arranged by Thomp- I :::::::==:::::::;::::::::::=:::=:::::::.:::::===:::::=:::=:::::::=" SWARTHMORE PRESBYTERIAN "d.;:Y··momlng at 9:46 with cla.saeB son. "When I S .... rvey the Wondrous ,..... ' " 'CHURCH. for children of all ages and for ,CrQsstl, by Thompson, '"Te Deum." Rev. David Braun. Minlster adults. by Noble, and "The King of Love 9:46 A. M.--Church'S.c"\loQ.I •. ' j".:; ~.' At the morning, servJce. at- 11. My Sheperd Is," by Shelley . 10:00 A. J,{._Woma.n8·Blbl~ ClaSS. o'clock the toplc of thp sermon Edyth Thompson. prof~ssor or 10:45 "A.. 14. College Choir. - will be "The Book that Lifts." voice at Wilson, will direct the 11:00.A. M.--SezpLon Topic: choir. Isabel FerriS. associate pro- "HandlIng· LIfe's Problems- The Church Nurse"""" Is open dur- ; '.T fessor of organ and music theory. Danger"~-:' Ing the, morning service and is In MF..TBODIST CHURCH Roy N. KeIBQr. D.O .• Minister SUNDAY,. DECEMBER 8 9:46 .. A. 'M.-CQurch School. ·11:00 A. !!.-".ornlng Service. "The Book Thet Lltta" 'l:00 P. M.-Youth li'ellowshlp. TRINITY CHURCH ReV'. Geo. c.. Anderson. Rector I!UNDAY •• DECEMBFlR 8 8:00 A. M.--Holy Communion. 9: (fi A. M.-Ch6rcb School. 11:00 A. :M.~Morning Prayer. Preacher..' the Very Rev .. Frank J). . Gifford, Dean of Phlla. DIvinIty School. 11:00 .A.. Y.-HoIIY Communlo~. 6:00 P. Y.-Young people's Fel­lowship. ~HE RELIGIOUS SOClETY OF FRIENDS . SUNDAY, 'DECEMBER 8 . 9:45' A. H.-Firat I>!lY School. 9: 46 A. M.-AdMt. Forum: Discus­sion ot th~f Queries on S9c1al a.nd Inte~t10nal Relations :1. Bernar4 Walton, Leader. 9: 45 A. M.-FItst DaY School. 11:00 A. M..-Meettng for wor­ship. ' . WEDNESDAY 9:30 A. M. to 8:00 P. M.-8ewlng . and quilting in Whittier House. Box lunclleon. All are cordially ionted. Fl~CBUft~ OF CHRIST SCIENTIST ·OF sWAR'l'H¥0RE Park Aven'Je beloW Har .... d . SUNDAY .. ', 11:00 A. M.-SundBIY School., 11:00 ~.)[. SafldaJ' LeB90D Be .... mon.~· h We4Dee4aY even1n8' meeting eae week. 8 p.rn. . .. ·Readtng room open 4aI\yexcept $Und~ andbOlId~ 11 to & p.m. Wedneac!ay evenlnlr, 1 to 7:60 p*rn. and 8 to 9:30 p.m. E4ltIce Chnreh. wUl be the accompanist. chargE' of Mrs, Alton .~. Smith .and The choir wUI present a pr&gmm Beverl»' Harlow. . The YoOuth FeJiowshtp will meet of Christmas carols in the li)'lends' in the e~enlng at 7 with Elt.w.beth Select School. Philadelphia. at 8:30 Ayer leader. . .. The· Woman's Society of Chris­tian Service wlJl meet" on Wednes.;. day. Luncheon wiil be at the Ing~ leneuk at 12: 30. The business meetlnJ: will follow at 2 in tho parsonage. All reservations for the lunchecn must )l_B given W :Mrs. Bernard before "DUesday: The chlldren's chOir will hold its rehearsal Thursday afternoon ·"t 3:46. .. ... ., Rehearsal for the senior choir will be Thursday evening at 8. Mrs. . Frederick· Streichep . of North Chester road and her chU .. dren Freddy and Susie spent the Thanksgiving hoUdaY.!J in A~exan­drla. Va. Flora Lee, acco~panied bY Mar .. p.m. next Saturday. December 7. The .WUson College Club of Phl1a­delphia is sponsorlng the concert proceeds of which will be used to 'c(;~plete the club's pledge to the Student-Alumnae BuUding Fund. J. J.'s Active The J. J:s organization was handed down· from the present Twelfth grade to the Ninth: T~. new members helel their first meet~ lngr Sunday. October G, whe~ they elected the following officers: Pres· ident Edith Hay; Treas-:Jrer Pau­line Beneke; Secretary. Margaret Croco. The .J • .I:s first project was to fill a Thanksgiving basket which they gave to a needy famUy. They are now planntng. other projects which -wtll carry on the J .. : J. tradition cia Brewer and Dorl~ Green all. d or belplng others. students at WUson College an members of the 'Vilson Colleg~ The next meeting will be held at S Vivian Herndon's house. Decem- Choir which wHl sing at the un- P ber 8. day'. service in the res- Entertain Mothers at Tea byterlnn Church wUI· spend Sat~ urday evening at Flora's home on Harvard a.venue. The Troop Committee of Thomas T. Robtnson of College Brownie Pack No. 95 entertair..ed a.venue woo'Udylng physlql.,at the mothers of'~he~:'ttre Pack at' ~~ swarthT'(lOrp cojiege has bee~~"c .. ,' a. tea at the home of Mrs. John tive .lnJUie cross-country' track .Taylor of Yale avenue~on Wedn'~-;­team e.nU. "WSRN, the college ra.- day afternoon. ' ·dlo .stilf'on •. ·. ... ~ ... Mrs..T. Do~o.ld: ~onei! is com.mlt. Mi1d~d McCo.wan of yassar ave· .'tee chairman for the year. and her nue "tb~ ente~in a few frl,!nds 8.sslstants a~ - ~rs. I?aul Every. in h"er\bome tornorRJil! eveDing fol- Mrs. Da~s W. Shoemaker, Mrs." lowinll; ·the meeUng of the eighth .Tohn Taylor. and Mrs. Elde~ grad.. danclnc c1..... Hollis. I . # ,. . . lIl\Odreds of womea who accepted last week's sen­.. tiOnai introductory offer have a1readyJreed them­Idves &om thedrudgeq of window washing. ., MARTEL BROS_ South Chrster Road Whiz MmOr & Glass Pinish gives glass a sparkle that """ , •• makes Windows shed raUupolS. Quick to use;" no sprayer needed.. .· DOUBLE-YOUR­, MONEY-BACK .: GUARANTEE At your favorite Grocer'" Hordworeor DeporhMnt srore &. WAITE - Yale Ave. and Chester R~d

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Pol' r. Pm • 1I't; " ... ~ . ~ . Spills From Our Store In Tempting Packages Galore:- ••••• For .Wa''tJlth Kitten-Soft Mittens- Warm f Wooly .......... Socks Gloves that wear.well like old friends • •• I r-' --:.---~-.-. ----] -Ties,- o Elegant for the Man Who Values Smartness • Gay fQf th~- YQUJls~r S~t . , -. . ~ ," , • , • • •• I • Sweaters 'no Skirts Mix 'em or Match 'em .. Vary with Blouses Wardrobe , . . \ ... ·1 • • Leather Goods 01 Distinction For The Particular Male :. _ •• ' . ..,. I ' . ,- , I .. • , .. -, : . \ ,., " -~~ :-~-. .' '\ ..... I( (' 1'~·"'!!P.' ~Ii.~.; y~'· dP~.~.,'~.~ I.~'· ~~·1't·'1~'~t~.~ _- ':"' __· =-~_-:-~.T~"!!.~'~.4aTJJ.Q REA,. J.,QCJ\i. DEPENDENCE ON CHEST SUPPOl\T • The combined total Of Red Feather & C e"n c:r budCeta which WIll be IlPent .In Delaware Count)­by the Communlt)­Chest of PhIIa4ol­phla and VlclDlt)- Is In exceaa of fllS.OOO. otatell Alfred B. WIl­-. of Wallingford. general chairman of tho 1847 ca'mpalgu. About twenty &«enc1ea are locat. ·ed.ln ;and servo Delaware Coun~, which include the followJng tamtJ. tar to· S_rthmore roaIdouta: Cbtld care. the Delaware County Children' .. Aid Soelat)-. and the Or­' phaD 8oclet)- of Philadelphia: (family .... rvlce) Family SOrvlce of Dela-.e County: (public health numng) . Community Health' So­clellY of Central Delawaro count)-: (youtb. and recreation) Valley Forp Council of the Boy' Scouts of lUnerica, Girl SCO:1ta of Dela­ware c'ounty, Y.lLe.A. of Cb.e&ter: (other oem .... ) Philadelphia. BoualDg ~latfon. and Delaware <:OUDt)- .Welfare COUDclL Arthur R. Dana.. Swarthmore Dlstrtct D .... ctor. emtlhaalzed today that local resldenta must ralBe their enUNI quota of '16,000 It this com­mwltt)- "a to do Ita ohare In the support of Ita Red Feathor agen­idea- whIcb 40 80 much to SWarthlllore a desirable place in ":b'tch to live. JUmOR CLUB NOTES ·Next Tueaday evening at ~ o'c1~k. In the auditorium of tho Woma.n'a' Club House. the junior liectlon will hold a' alated meotlng. A' prcigrain. of games will follow tha b:18ln _ on. stxtee:n . members attended the Noveri.'ber brldge at the home of )Irs. E1labethLlpplncott on Park ...... enue. Tuesday evening, .Novem­ber 28. . The ,Junior Club board met "TU~ eveDlng at the home of the preeldent, carolyn Creooon. Plana ,.,erG formed for a covered 4lAh tnipp9r' Oil December 17 In the club ho_, cd for the Evening In Hollywood to be p ...... llted Janu­ary 14~ swarthmore nolghbo'ra are remlnda" to subinlt votes tor the aelecUon of "Swarthmore's Good Nelghborll In a. letter to P. O. Box iii. swa.rthmor~. 'The calendar tor Febl'WU'Y and Mareh was alao drawn. " Dr. and Mrs. John B. Rox'by. Jr .. ar. DOW oecupytng their apartment at 281 KeIl)rOD' avenue. A PTlTU!)E TESTS Girl Scaut A ti,iIiea Members of Girl Scout Troop II worked hard to ..rn their .Iusen­ahip badp the lut two vee .... 8011_ Illg donated ja.m, plckl ... ' and jell- 1 ... for the League of Women Vot­el'll. ~ organlzaUon devoted to the Inter.eats of good cltlzenohlp. Mra. J. Alfred Calhoun. Mrs. Barton Jen.... and M.... Valentine Flllo dlrocted this work. - ClanaceB,. ~ Clarence B. Hoadley, eldest Bon of the late Dr. George A. Hoadloy of Walnut lano. died at his home In Loa Angel.... Calif.. Tueada.y. De­cember a as a result of a. fall .. Mr. Hoadley formerly lI""e4 In Swarthmore and graduated korn the college In Ut7. He Is survived by his wife. Ellm­beth Medley • Funeral arrangements have not been completed. Young Cooks Feast . Tho 21 children of the Rutgers avenue schoOl .kindergarten, ~ is the annual custom ot the group led by Margaret Price, sat down to .. Thanksgiving cUnner they made themselves on Wednesday, Novem .. ber' 26. Baked potatoes and h,am~ burg dQlle to a turn on the Indoor open fLreplace. and butter eh~ed by the .~Iddles were. features of the repast whlc,h ended with an ap­ples: auce de.88er! ,and o.cted as.a ftt~ ting . appetizer tor. the next day's, fa.mll)·partlea at home. NEWS NOTl£S· Ptc. Jack Tomlins01{ was shipped to HawaU trom camp Stoneman. Cal ... on December 2 to do 'classlftl­cation. of enlisted personnel in the A4Jgtant Generals' DepartmenL Mra. H. P. Fry. Jr .. of North Cheater -road Is a paUent in the Flt2gerald Mercy Hospital follo~­lng an operation for. a torn car­tilage 01 the knee. perfoormed No-vember 2"9. , Dr. and lire. M. V. Garrett of Prlneeton avenue are entertaining the la.ttor's mother Kra. C. B. P6': tenon of, MInneapolis, Wnn .• who arrived ~ort1y before the Thaiaks­giving holldaya t6 remain through the chrtstnias aeaaoD. Mr· Peter­son will jolll the family group for Chrtstmaa. Mr. and, Mrs. WUllam B. Bullock of Cedar lane.1mtertal,,!,d MrS. Bul­lock's <'sJSter 'M1s8 Byrd Miohaux· or Rlc~ond,; va., as their hoH-day guest. Mr. and Mrs. Bucbanan Harrar of .Yale avenue ente~ned at co*cktailS saturday evening f~now­mg the A.rmy-Na.vy pme in honor ot their guests Lt. and Mrs. A. M. Brouner, tr.8.N. . "n:)he..,tDLI;::d~rin:.e~:rae oratudy Mr. and:Mrs. William C. MeDer-or lUI. occupaUon. Free Booklet a.l matt of Yale avenue bad as their Tb.u.toD eoUIHlo;hiladelpbl.3. 2. Pa. ThankagiVing week .. end guests. 2.20 s.uth 18th St.. Mrs. McDermotts' parents. Mr. and • . . "Here', the ntdpe you aSked for, Jane. H would have taken , ~ 100 long 10 give It Mrs. Walter C. Montgomery of • Wa.ynesbur.. Mr. MeDermot~'~ sister, Miss sarah McDermott of Gloucester, N. J •• also joined them. Mr. and Mrs. John Howard T~­lor of Kenyon aVen!18 spent the Thanksgiving week-end .In Atlantic Cit)-. . . Mrs. William J. Klndloy of Rlch­mond J 'Va.. is spending ·thls week as the house guest of Mr. ·and Mrs. Peter E. Told and family of Park' to you by telephone." avenue. • • • ThG,,". Mrs. JOdI n..t>. .loa • fiae .. eire lOr ...... .,.tfi""_ 011 the party­! me" rhonel Mrs. Alfred E. Longwell ~d son. Bob, of Lafayette avenue, oent the Thanksgiving week~eI)d In New Rochelle where they vlslted Mrs. Longwe1l'8 sister, "1M Lillian Rob­erson. and In New York City where they attended the opera "Trl8ta.D and Isolde." Mr. and _Mrs. William ereomer t HarVar4 avenue had as their ~eek-eDd guest. insa Allee Schae­tel. of Brooklyn. N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. Jam'" E. DaViO of Amherst avenue ente~lned Mrs. Fred Vandronll of Chippewa Falls • WlSC.. as their week-end guest. Mrs. J. Donald GIbBon of 8«tulrrel Run and Idlewild lane, Media. lett ThursdaY to spend the wlDter with her son, Dayton GibBon of Waln"t Creek. CaJ. Mr. GibBon will Join his family In CalIfornia o.,.,r the Cbrlotmao hollda:f" JUNIOR ASSEMBLIES Four c'a n Of tile Swarthmore Junior A8Bembly ";111 meet Satur­day, December 7, beginning with a comblDed cta. at « p.m. tor the eeventh and eighth gradca. followed by the ninth grade at 7:30 p.m. and the tanth grade at .: 10 p.m.; all ot wblch are Informal .. The 'Commltiee tor the JunIor Aaaembllea would like to remind tholr CUesta that adm .... lon la by ticket only. whlch'must be secured In advance from the Grade hosteDJ. Guests rna.,. attend only the class tor which they hold a tlcket. All In the Put all graduates are welcome to attend the Senior Assemblies whenever they are In tOWD. Mr. and Mra. WIlliam Gehring and Mr. anll Mrs. Robert Alilson wlll chaperon the seventh crade, with ..!drs.' Lee Bennett tor tbe eighth grade. The' hostesses for theee two groUPB, Mra. Alban Rog­ers and Mrs. Robert Hllken, will a180 be preeent. For the tenth grade the chaperones will be, Mr. and Mrs. Marvel WilBOn and Mr. and Mrs. W. Sproul, LewiB. and fot" the grade will be Mr. and Mrs. Restor McCray and Mr. and Mrs. F: T. Lansb"rg. .The ninth gnlde hostess Mrs. Henry C. Ford. will attand as will Mrs. Daniel Morse tor the ten~ grade. :oram.. StadT ~ Mrs. George P. Wa.!'"ren chair;' man of drama has announced that her depn.rtment wllI oonduct a drama study courae Which will begin after the 11m of next year. .Members Interested In jOining tbls group should .phone'll. War;:oen. at Swarthmore' 0183. Mr • .James E. Da.vls Ja recuper­ating at hi. home on Amherst ave­nue following an emergency a.p­pendectomy pertormed NovC1llber J2 In tho Graduate Hospital. Phil­adelphia. Frank )l9Cowan who Is attend­IDg Penn-State Collep has re­tumO<! after IIlHIDdlng the Thanl<a­giving vacation at hie bOJIle on Va.uar avenue. Page )I. BnJlook a stud .. t at the Hampden .. Sydney COUece. Va., spent tho T1taDklIgIvIDg hoUdaYS with his parenlli Mr....d Kr& William B. Bullock of cedar 1-. ..961jolU' Jtome Real,! /or eJ,~~? What more effective way of greeting the family and' guests than the yule table aglo"f with .tall candles amidst fresh flowers; fireside and deep window scarlet with pOllisetiias. And don't forget mind you. that corsage for the hostess. Con.alt U. lor H, oliday Idea. For DeIiv.,. Eve.,wbere .Pbcme, Media 0218 • , . • FULLER BRUSHES AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY 70 Items . JAMES F. STEWART, ir. '. P. O. Box 273 .. Swarthmore, Pa. Phone -Blvd. 1177 -- ~~.~ Preseriptio~ for a Happy' qhristmas Compounded .. Do your qhristmas shopping in one store lWCRAEL'S There you will find a wide assorbnen~ of disw,.ctive holiday gifts for everyone on yOlq' Christmas list. Of cour~e we will gift wrap yourselection~ Michael's CQll~ge P4arWllcy COLLEGE STORE ,'. ~. 1 + . ON TBEOOBNElt THEATRE STORE l~ . 615 soUl'll CJ.I R!«ER ROAD' .. If your U. !a .• ~ ph B NbIes» adIa brief ••• .ad " .. eel well the th-oPtful. ... ....."., thiDc to dol . . " - ,,:1,' :' •• CI 4 2 ..... ., r 11." .carl Jeglwn. 11 yoar-old eon .of )I and)lrs. c.B. Jeglum of HIII­bo~ a.venue. enjorH. hlB ant plane rid; last weok when he took. ott t.. ,lOp frOm the PbIIadcJphla Air port tor .We.b'D·ctOa. D.c.. to flIIt " cJe -aDd aunt lIr. and Kr& ~~r: ..Job*ll:cwer tbe '!'benk" b011d&P- JIIa ..... Jc'"edt • g_1'1m1D1r l!''U bJDg\OIl. Wad.D.lI I,p. , :., • ~,

---------- Page 4 ----------

• THE'SWARTHM'OREAN Chairman. Active Mrs. John' Eo Michael called a meeting ot the Garden Depa.rtrrtent of the woman'" Club at the hom*o of Mrs. W. Mark Blttlo, 13& Rut· p .... .,enue. on Moulla,. _moon. PIB.nI were made for mak.1ng wreath8 and ·swatches of ever .. greens for the Phllade!phla Gen ... eral BiOIIPltal for their Chrfslm .. .......,n. J!lyoryone 18 aoked to make one at the home of "lira. Elliott RlchardaOD, all Lafayette aVenu" The next, meeting of tho .. .uon Will be -frttb Mrs. G. W. Sweet. 201 Garrett Avenue on February I. IIlrft. A. S. V. Orr, chairman, will entertain her OQmmlttee fat" Wom­an'. Club lunoheons, at the Ingle­nouk fer lunch on Tueeda)'. PIanlI will be made for aervlng the club lunch on Janu~ 8. I. A n6w dlrecUon In lonser 'duratlon of _mento • t to 1 ,. ........ With a board ot arbltratlou lIC~ng during. the life of the a,­greement. 8. Market-Wide and IndWltry· w.tde collecUve b8l'gainmir, which establlshOl a Pa.rt7 of bargaining power. duot·._ tor employe ... ;"rhere ..... ba.IIc COJdllcta," II&Id JIr. Bel· sky, but With intelligent union iLDd management polloiee tithe sharp comerS can be takeD oft. ·ADd a­harmonious relatlonshlp 1'MUlt. '" A ci~OD trom the floor __ po8ed the tact that the, CODIUm'" .Ia·a.t p ..... nt tho mo..t unhapPi and eCOlioDllcally ill·favored third party~ . Mr. Hottman replied with examples of 90DBumer SUbatltUUOD and converaloD when the ecOnomic pinch became' too tlghL PLENTY OF FRESH JUICE • Don't min this big value .• Worth a grea. deal mo .... Sweet Florida. ORANGES 8 .-OJ original bag 9C Id"o AU ......,. •• Potatoes Crlap·leebeq Lettuce Calif ... ;. c.D.o ...... IA ••• .Jalce Metts ...... Apple .Jalce Crabmeat " .... - ... ~61c Codfish ..,............ ... "'19c flak.d Fish '--31e Almond ..... - '"49c Gravy Master 2'--25c Mixed Fruits.... .. .... ·27e Moth.r's Oats· u""'12c ,.",..., Rollool·· ; OATS ':k:IlCi ~24c Small, Lean, Smoked PICNICS Farmdal., Larg., Sweet PEAS' ~cDan' 216e:.. Ixtn. Sta.danl, '.lMIer." 'uU'" flavor H.:;.2 ~7C z't: .31: H.:;.' ~7C 3~;'Z7C ~zsc ~zsc Z H::;:.~ Z7c AelDe Whot. Cotden Cora Beetrk J ... le .... Beetli ClenwoOd Apple Sauce Krait lee Cream Mix Suarise Tomato duiee Crapelrultdulee GI.').w~~ tJSa) Sauer Kraut ~;2"ut (j1lld;rMll Pancake Mix ~"': ~zc (jIIId;r.llld Flour 5 o!. We: I ~o'b!.':. 6ftC Blended '.Juice Ol.:;~i..' Z ':;,~ Zsc Pure Florida Orange Juice 2 ':;,~ Z9c NeW' Pack Soup Beans Z ~ :J7c MI'8o 'C!Ia.rl DeMoll, ch.8.1rman ot the' Club's .Art Depai-tment, will entertaln the Art Committee at a tea. -at' her home on Friday, the 13th, to make plans liar aectl9D activities after the holldaye. "Anlmal Fann" and "Peace of Mind" will be reviewed by ipavld Braun with sound effects by Henry Faust. at the Wom ..... · Club at 10 o'clock thla morning, Mrs. Ha.rold O. Griffin In charge of the Litera­ture Departm.ent, has charge of the meeting. LABOR, MANAGE· MENT SWAP· VIEWS .( Continued from Page 1) Dr. Pierson opened the meeting with comment on the UtDellnea. ot the queatlon as rel&ted to the current trtal_ of John·L. Lewis, and to the activity' of tbe new con ... gre8II which wllJ unqu...uonably act on l"'~Or legtal8,Uon. Mr. Walter stated that there eilata D.9:W a lack .of balance be ... tween IndWltry and labor rOlull- 1n~ 'from present 1a.bor ~WB. Con .. 111"088 faces the problem of what to do. He expr",!,"d the fear that congreB8 -may, attempt to p too f .... t • that It may cure loplatl.,e but wreck tbe country. II He Is ID( favor ot. constructive legisla.­tion carefully planned. Mr. Walter believes that the minimum amount of such legislation 'Would be & 1.0".- thlDa'i that we bave a! man­mum rll'ht now. His Idea of the common ahn oi Indu8t.7 aDd labor Is Increased Jiroduction • the great­est amount of goods produced for the greatest number of people. •. Stoppage clauses are becom­Ing practically universal. 6. 80clal security - cla.uaea in a­greemen~ 6. Union acceptance of reapon­s1b1l1ty, which bas been rocoplzed by the older unionR for man)' y ........ Mr. N ey does not believe In the solution. of industrlal relatloDB pro. blems by loglsla.tlon • he wlIhOl tor a minimum amount of leglel .. ·.' tlod In that field. He thinks there should be correctives for the es.tat­Ing _ for example _ he woUld· eU­mlnate the evil. of Industry·wlde collective bargainlD8'.· uArbltra.t.ton during tb~ contract. not at Its es­plr~ tlon, 18 4eslrable!~ Mr. Ney atated that "collective barga.\ninl' has·nevep been given a true trial bece.use It has 'not been collective ba.rga1niDI' In which there waa 'eq,uality between parties; prIor to 1115· m&nagement had a distinct advantage, and· since then the ad .. vantage has been labor'S" . Mr. Belsky 18 In tavor 01 labor legislation if arbitration can bo avoided. He beUeves In a "free voluntarY trade movement and free collecUve bargaining," both which have been proved 8Ucceatul by his union during the put SO years, according to lIr. Be1a)ty. The garment union haa eat8.bl1Bh .. cd "8ngineering and researcb de­partments t.? aid tbelr manufac­tur~ ven going 80 ·far sa to con .. Mr. Nq espreeae4 coneumer opln.ton succinctly when be count­ered _ that "Increased wages must . be _ met with an Increase In pro .. duc!lvlty per man·hour unI_ the com of the whole w~ revision fa to be borne by the· conaumer." OUl' present IInbalanoe .Ia roaultantj from increased waces and iDora.. ed prU:o. without that Inc..- In productivity. VETERANS TO PLAY BASKETBALL HERE (Continued From page ODe) slon C.C .• , ClIfton Veto. and Voter· ans of Sprlnglleld. Other sam .. are tentatively a\"ranPd. The ·:_Veterans Association hopes tor the whole-hearted mpport Q,f the'townspeople at the games; Con­trlbuUODB "" help the team. meet expenses tor rent, llght:, h:eat, un~ Itorms, ,reterees. and general equip. ment are ureently needed. Sucb c~ntrtbuUons Bent to, .1&me& L. \' Kauffman, 118 Dartmouth avenue, ~ll' be moat welcome. Kauffman coaches the tea.z:D. B.oget KaulfmaD IB Ito bualG_ manager and D. Tynere Brown the publicity ..... nL THIS WEEKS CALENDAR·, FrIda,., December 8 8:80 P.M.-Football Night ..................... , ......•..•.................. High *hool Saturclar, December 1 '" . . ... 6, 7:80, 9:80 P. M..--Junlor Assomblles ........................ Woman'. Club Sundar. December 8 11: 00 A.M.-Morning Worship .... .... , ... ~ .... ~ ........ ..•• _ .... Local. Churoh .. · Mr. ·Hoffman p(,1ated out that collective barga.inlng wall never.· conducted on a parity' bUls until 1935, a.p.d that It Is Bull In Ito In. fant stage 'as concerns most unioD agreements. -He (listed tren"'" hi' collectlve bargalning as followa: Monday, Decem""r 8 . 8: 16 P. ,M.-'IJanuary Thaw·· .... n •••••• _···._.·· ........ ..... ·_ ••• Players" Cl':lb TueodaiF, December 10 ' 1:46 P.M.--8tated Meeting ....................... ~.\~~ .......... ~ .......... Woman's Club· 7:30.8:30 P.M.-Vlsltcrs Night _ ... _ .... .. _ .•....•... Sproul ObBOrvatory 8: 00 P.M.~tated Meeting ... ........... .... ~..: ....... ~~ ....... ...... Woman's Club 8:15. P. M--"Jariuary Thaw" ....... .. ~;.;. .. =:.;.:.:; •• ;; ••• ~._ •• _._. __ ... . PIa.yeni··CI"lb . We<lnesdal, December 11 8:16·P. M._uJanuary Thaw" ........................ ...; •• ! ................. PIayera" Cl~b . . Thursday, DecelDber 12 .' 1. Tremendous crowth in the-' number ot contracts that cont.a!n 8:00 P.M.-Mothers' Club ....... ......................... ,..: .... .... -.- Woman's Club 8:16 P.M.-Plano Concert ... ........ _ ...••. .................. Clothier Memorial arbitration CI8.UII8II. 8:16 P. M.-·'January-·Thaw~' _ ... .... ~_ .... .. ~._ .............. .• PJay~ra' Cl'"Jb. ------~~.~-'~.~.~ ... ~~ * * Cbri~tma~ ~/boppjng _. * r;r;? ,:-," , .,' '-.~~ ... r_".'~, ••• ,~..-. 7';': i~~: .1; ;.-.;.t .:..:. -; . ., -_ '--fO'ai;H.':'-~'· *-~>i,;"""';1 :"., ... * _c.'- ,.."." ~C"- " ~. "r,;_ .. i; ~,c ...• *;" ) ....... ~ .. -::.,. * * • -------_ .. _--- f • ENRICHED SUPREME BREA tfIMIIC= I We just can't get enough rail cars and bUses to carry the crowds ;n comfort during rush hours. Indeed, shopping between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. is a. good habit'to cul~ tiVate, td make your days easier all year long; For it will be many" months before we can give you th~ kind of service you need. i Z ioavea21c ! Why , Pay . Mon' ..,., .... textun. d.lleIM. IIClYor ..... tap tn. Io ... r. Vlrelnla Lee'. " ... FIESB DONUTS . -12 :. '2oe" ~~--,-~..,.....:1,2~) HersheyCacaa .". "'22c Baking Powd.r ..... lui ",-:' ge Sunrise Extracts .... := lie PI. SpIce ,--" ........... Be ·Clov.s· ... - ........... 9c Cinnamon ,-- .~ lle IICIolr Maid... ...':.1 13c Produaion difficulties since V.J Day have slowed down delivery of' new vehicles and created a. serious . shortage of. spare parts. ~ ~ .. ;.' . . . .. 41 n~:bU$esareon order bui: it will be several months before all of r theDi are delivered. , ~ . '., :, .. ,', . i . : . ..,..11. S. Sa%IiI ...... .1,_" Phil'~d'lIp~i~' S·U Meanwhile, we' are. doing. our bes;: to accommOdate everyone; and we shall appreciate -yout continued . ·cooperation. . ' ... , r~afts"ltQtia •.. C •• ,.., ... _: •. : . :i"'~:"r.:-.;"",:.:'$...·:-~~· i..'; , UUDAY, Dn I Ir .. 1,- CLASSIFIED Owners avenue. call at WANTED DOW th. home),ou _DIU o-; .. hle lob available Charles E. Fischer Bailder PbCme~22S3 .LIIIS' .... SOUalied W. So Bittle a: s­__ _0111-'0I 1e. NMar)'Pa __ .. PAINTING AND PAPER HANGING Call DAVE WOOD· . MecHi""'MdS' , .-" . all kind New or Old MORTON ELECTRIC PlaOlle Swarthmore onl A. WAYNE MOSTELLER Electrical Contractor All om- of Electrical InstallatiDDB aDd BepaIrs SenIDg SwartbJncn'e aDd VlclnltJ· tor J)IUIt Twentr v ...... 1180 Muhlenberg Ave, SwartbJDore 2295 night or Mr. HOME 'IMPROVEMENTS oarpentr)' _Irs' aDd Alterations KltnsoJ Tn9UIAtioa (JeIMDi WO'- .&R'1'ERS B1tO'1'JIEIlS .·Ornler))' wanace E. Arlen 302 Gayle)' Street Media, P .. Tel. Media 2872·R HARRY W. LANG . . Rags and Carpet' . . ~-. ~.0764 Rill., Palk 323$ .. caapet D' l&1li_ , 4 • •• • .. , ... 'g.'2' i ·:b Kg'·. Es'­al 5'.~""" CInIft SIMMONDS "4"__ a 'or 'p_ Cbotv 1·1111 ALICE M. BAIRD Real Ealate .end Innraace Old B.nk Buildina IIwa. OUIII Cl\B WINTERS Moviq end Ha,..,. . Phone Media 2726 100 W. 4th St. Medi·, P .. Driveway Construction Asphalt or Concrete PETER Dl NICOLA PhODe IIwa. lUI A. MERCER QUINBY F1III8I"el Director . Formerl,. or MeiJl. 1125 W. leMgh Aft.. PblIa. Phone Bald ....... 1170 No 6ddltlo .... 1 chnrge for 'lIlbarbaD caIJe. PAINTING aDd DEXlOIU!l'ING AllWo.-G __ Write I ",4W1~QI ;L ,~:a.DIlnl'Rl·· I~ ~~~, ~ B.. Reese-Baxter .... u. SPORTING GOODS . 816EDcMONTAVE. Chester WhIle _ aDd pore II ~ oil ..- on·all _ paIJltlng. Work Guaranteed CHARLESWBITE Phones Chesler 8130 & 24525 Walters' 'Tree Saraeryend Lanclacapu.. Phone Swutbmore 2175·R 104 Comell Aveaue Swarthmore, PenDB Morton Electric and Appliance Service WOIf4lI'8 OLtJB liN. B. Stephen Plumber and M.... Leelle M. Clarke will he hoe· teaes at tbe atate4 meetlng, nen TuOBday, December 10, at 1.45 po' m., and Mrs. Robert Boyle and )Irs. Otto • .1r. will pour. FollowlDg a report ot tbe By­Laws Revlalon Committe, Mlle. Germaine Brae, 8.Boelate professor ot Frenc!h at Bryn Mawr College, will apeak to club members on the problems of the French people and will lome of ber e.sperlen­co. With tbo French AnDy during the war • - ---- ----I DO YOU KNOW THAT ! Your Coal FID'D&C8 WiD I Giv. You Comfortabl. Eve ·TemP"l'ldwe .. if you Let U. Install a Heet RepJator? ., COAL FUEL OIL ; IVan Alen Bros. ( Swartbmore -'.- 'OWEl'lS EJIPLOYIIIERT AGENCY ' PemIB7l ........ State. Uc­Jobe for ~_ l"amIl)' . Uaht 1ndDBt17 aDd . bomestloWork VkgIe.o-. P<op., OhersteJO, 15186 1101 w~'Tbird _eee.· . as Mer, Pa. SlDae 11186 .. CUNNINGH AM Painters. end. Peper Hangen . We 'SIaoaJd' Know Row' swa.. UK 409 mcblpD A .... e. Strath Haveu." Inn Swarthmore, Pa. Official, AgeDC), w ... ~ Union Telepapb Swarth· MarioD .. Rutledge vicinity ,.on are a telephone "':::: mBa7 phone 7o~ Swbtbmore 0880. QUAUTY PAINTING Since 1889 Walter V. Linton' Contractor end BuDder Ridley Pa,I< Phone OJ33·M Cpll MASON BUILDERS SUPPLY COMPANY Commercial and DOlme:stilC:-'! 331 Dartmouth A venue Prompt Service-Refriger:", " , .~"!,~,, ators, Washers, Vacuum For Oeaners, Radios ~"~." ·.f,.' :"EGG?' ·STOW·.·; NUT PEA'" I fBliuwliei.t ~ INee . " .':. - ..... ' ... .. ,,<1 ~1l.A;~,,~;~ .. . 11 Mortoa A.e. Mull ... , Pa. . In, "'18 DeliV.'. TOWN MEETING ON U.N. THIS SUNDAY , 7 BrlUeh delegate to the UN, declar­ed ''This Is a brilliant . otatoment of the mothoclB and alDlll of the United Na.tions." A. editor of Free World, XI'. DoUvet I. In conetant toucb with leadlDI" etateemen ...,4 write... of . tho world, and with top ofrlclalo, or tbe United NatloD8. Speaking trom tbla unique background ot authority and familiarity, Mr. Do· IIvet will disc ..... tho baelc facto ot the UnllE~d NatioD.l!l ..; its ~ructure, alma •. powers and limltatlons &Del the dally problems by the group. Tho steps whIch citIZens must take tQ develop the Unl~ed N&tfol18 Into a WOl'ld government to prevent World War III will b. outlined by J'udge Ollver, President Judge of the Co.urt of Common Pleu No: 'I, and prominent Phlladelphla authority on tbe United Nattons. . Willard ·'l'omll"""n. Cbalrman of the DlIJcuMion ~roup Committee ~t tbe United Nations CouDcll of Pb.Uadelphla, Wtll act· as tp.oderator tor the town meeting, at wblcb both speakers w111, Invite questions from the audience. Every Inter .. ested ciJIl:en will be welcome. .. Brownie F"mgen PtvNeedIes In case anyone here has been lapsing In bIB bellef In Brownies and the magic they can do, he haa b .... t to look In the window of Tbe Swarthmorean· o1fice and see the cozy atgban f:a8bloneti of aquarea knitted by the locai elves .ot, the pre .. Glrl SCout· group, Brownie Pack 19. The 31... BrownletJ meet every Monday at Whlttlr. They are now busily making Christmas gifts for the Swarthmore Health Center. On December 16 they ~ entertain' their .mo~hors with &' vla'Y and C:~::ti';,;u'~ partY to !be given in 1i . House. Mrs.:1. AlIl>rl;ght ','l 1'~~d1~~~~~J~f;~~~! -WI[!i,t'hl ~\'1~~J . "~ • -----'...... .. DIRECTORS .MEET·, The regular quarterly rfteeUng the Swarthmore Public Library'· I Eloaro will be held on. Monday ev· ening, December 16. at 8' p.m. tn :Borough Hall. • • GIRLS . TOP~RANKING. POSITIONS' in Co11!munity Service . Available to QUALIFIED YOUNG WOMEN in Telephone Work EARNINGS' . Compare with Best in Your Commliljlty SURROUNDINGS AND ASSOCIATES, Better Tban Average OUTSTANDING OPPORTUNITY for Advancement and Development' . INVESTIGATE TODAY • THE BElL TELEPHONI: COMPANY • OF PENNSYLVANIA 1631 Arch Street Philadelphia or Room 315, McCIalc:hyBldg. 69th ond Market Stre8is Upper Darby LEGAL NOTICE . , •• "'lt~'l'rIOlJS NAME REGISTRATION No'rICE IS· HEREBY GIVEN, pur­s. ant to the provisions of Act or As-sembly No. 380,· May 24. 19~ of lntdntlon ·to ofHee . of ';';;;;";; or Is Thomas Swarthml'\l'e, ~.,a,,! ~OBEPH A. I ,

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8 . . . ,, T.RE :SWAR1'RMOltEAN MR. ANDIRSON TO BE W.l1. SPEAKER Public I"viied to Bear Europeall Review Rev. George ChrJatlan Anderson, rector of Trinity Episcopal Church, Juat back from travel. tiIl'Ough Europe. will apeak In Swarthmore next Tuesday on the moat preas­Ing European polltical problem. ? . ...". S'U JlRE Prellbyterlau &Del llno. .TOM H. ASK AU A V nn Pitman. the lIetbodlat& Opportunity to share Christmas HenIT Fa.uot preceded the play Cheer with woUnded veterans Is with a group of deUarhtrul SODP olrered tbrouarb & project headed and under his dlrect.lon the Pres­looaIly bIy II ..... Ned Pyle and Mrs. byterlan .Tunlor Choir sang Valer­Howard Siplor. Ius Hymn of Thank8glvIDar. The Altbough this Ia the second Incidental music of "Our Thanks­peace UMe Cbrl8tmall, tbe war of I· .1viln.~' was supplied by Mrs. healing wounded mlnda and bodies -AnthODY L. VentDer wbo WU a.l.eQ is stD! gohil" on In Government accompanllllt tor the group mDC­hospitals. In tbls area Vaney Irlg. Jed by M.... Lloyd E.K~ulr­Forare General Hoepllal. Phlladel- man. of ThankSglvtng bymns. phla Naval Hospital. and Coates- The clubbouse was gally decor­vtlle Veterana Hospital are 1I11ed ated In holiday mood wltb autumn to capacity. and many more po.- flowers and fol\aare. A particularly tlenm are cqmlng In, daily from otber h08Ptt8Js In the. country which are elo81ng. These are the men who have lost thelr slght,- or who have lost their FmEWOOD f..ttve Dote __ added by .... WIlliam Xlat1el' who ...... UCe4 & modern holiday dIDIIe.. table CIA the atage at the close oftbe plq. PBO_ JlEDIA _ Shoe Shop Ai: +J7 t ... ENNA . JEI liCK, EDWARDS aad FLORSHEIM SHOES State IIDd Olive Street, Media STRATH HAVIN - THE INN WITH PERSONAUTY Swal'tiamore, Penna. lege avenue. itA : Sensible AttJtude Toward RU88la" 18 the subject upon which Mr. And .... on· "Wapea!< b.fore a meeting of the Swarthmore branch of the Women'. International Lea­gue for Peace and Freedom. The meeting wll1 be' held In the home of Mr. and IIrs. E. Fay Campbell. 210 Cornell avenue, and will be open to the pubUc. Husbands and friends of members particularly are Invit.d. or their arms. Some have lost even their mental balanee. Others are undergoing· a. long series of operations in the hope that event­uall~ tbey will b. abl. to lead a normal clvillan Ufe again. Moat ot them have ~been hospitalized tor a long time, and many will be pa­. tients In hospitals tor F'aeplace IIDd Famace Wood ~ to size aDd delivered F. M. Scb-"Ney, Ow .... Fth". ... * * * *' * * * * * * * * * .I~~~~ 1~~JIIi * * ~,i"';~P * * ~~ Mr. Anderson went to Oxford, England, laat Jun. to fill sp.aklng engagements. Hte concern for tbe settlement of Europe's moat pre88. IQg hunpr. lnaecurlty and th.· cl&8b of pollt.lcal tdeololrY. led hIm through 11 countries and an explora.t1on ot the situation. They learning to get abo .. tt wlihout the b.lp of eyea: tbey are learning to use arUflclal 1IIDb& They are all learning to be " LIIIC'H " •• '0. DIIIIIII " •• IS. * * * useful citlzens again.. . You. are urged to g.t a Chrlet­mas card put your name on it, and eend' It with' two 'dolla... to CDC..,""· HOUas , '0 • P ... * . He feela tbat Americana Uluat be made much more aware of the facts In the controversial RUBBlan ~Ituat.lon If tbere Is to be real bOpe tor peace. He 318 II. member of the ItlternaUonai Rel~lone Couna\1 -and a students of pollUca1 and 80· Pyle, 31 & Vassar avenue, who Is CamP and Hoapltal chairman. In your name, a zlppo lighter. leather wallet, leatber key CII88. zipper baa', bedroom sUppera, .Y •• AD. aO_DIi'lIO".D. SOBUaB1N CAFE * 1M' C"I"I"C~ C_o.c IPc.tLaLIl Loom. . * nl.l.lIlI"l. * * S~op GJ" at HARBOLD'S , ~eomplele line ~f eLri:Jlmaj q;/b 34 WEST STATE STREET MEDIA,.PA. ERICH H. HAUSEN • Electrical Contractor WIRING New and Old Residential and Commercial Appllance Repair Sw. 2850-W NOW 335. Park Avena8 AU Work Done '" UnderWrltera SpecIllcaUOD& • rup ,enlly on a mrved mak .. in deeper. more thoron&b ing cards and candy. or 80me other usetul pe~nal article will be given to & wounded boy according to his dlaablllty. ---- WOMEN PRAISE HDUDAY PROGRAM Childrell, Mr~ Faust, Members Give Pleasure •• Our Thankaclvlug. II aD -orIP" nat play, was presented to, the Woma.n·s Club, -Tuesday afternoon. Nov~mber 26, un!1er the joint 41 .. re-etloh of :Mrs. George P. Wart'en. chairman ot Drama. and lire. -George W. Sweet, chairman of American Home. The play wb10h was both picturesque and amuslne. told tb. 'story of the fIrIIt Thanks­giving nay and' dramatized the origins ot the CU8toms .whlch are stIli observ.d on tbls holiday. a'he large and cape.ble caat 'jI'&8 headed by IIrs. Robert L. Coates as the Grandmother. Mra. WlIl\&m L. Kletl.r &8 the lIothe~ and' Mr& Roland' L. Eat?n as "Father." Mary Ann Dickinson and John' PhUlips were uJ"~e" and "sin. u and MrS. Cha.rles T. Deaoon took the part of tbe maid. 1Irs. Walter H. Dlcklneon appoar-ed · as a. .rabbl. . In a group ot Pllgr.ims were Mrs. T. Harry Brown as Gov. Bradford, lira. C. Russell Phillip. as Edward Winslow, Ura. Dorothy Hopkins as Mrs. Winslow. MrS. R. T. Bat .. &8 Prlacllla and lira .. El­liott Richardson as Elder Brews­ter. "Squanto." whose ~ was taken by MrS. A. W. Bass. Jr., led the ind!&ns. Aloo In this group were Mrs. Da.vld WiBdom and Mrs. 9x12 Domeotic, $4.50 A. w. Stuart wbos. Indian, dance ~', C tt . was hlghly appreciated. !Mrs. Harry Mnle~ was the mret . A. l4.. ..,. son om "Itts.I..I.~ '" "",1"7_- mFroireenadn sa,m" o:Mnarsr . tDbew i"gEhat rClyo oslweya. rtthhe- 100 Park Ave .. Swarthmore. Pa. Second Friend. and M.... J. war- P1wne s-t1unON 0529 ••• CZ-brook 4646· ren P&X8otl. tbe Third FrIend. Mra. "v .... _.J'.i" ...... _.r"..... Cho ... P ......... Bug. '/'" Sale ';;;;;;;;;~~~.T;Ohn C. Moore r.presented tbe ~ i !i ~ SJ.lrprise Surprise Surprise We have finally received our long awaited truck and are now ready to bring you a P~ompt Catl and Delive~ Service For aU YoUr DR.Y CLEANING cab SwiUthmore.17Z1 M.WEtN'STEIN s~P .. $21 PER CORD Moor IIDd Haatinp Av •• Garden City . all tv 2-8719 .. HI' ,.Ii_ _ beiDa telren. for am Ie ... · aDd' N_Yean Call Swarlh_ 0680 Kitchen C.bin-.. Comer CupboardI Utility Cabinets Built to Suit Your Own Requiaw MIS .. ARTERS BROTHERS 302 GAYLEY STREET MEDIA. TeL Media 287z.R Jd 118 Help You AzraDge Your _War Kitchen GREENE'S 9 East State St. Media 2258,... .... We M.r .. of SUp-Sbowio. Bow _bIo ....... ing-Hemldol v ADd ... ...., to a ... ld-wlth s-ae Snip-It Slip.1 Jaic .nip ""'aB the &on·raft! scd10ped ban chat suits you • beig ......... d _block 011 doe put chat ahowII 'Di: 'k .. bodie. ••• ao-ride~ In tea rose. white. and pink. Sizes 32 to 40 2!! Sbea ,c " .~ t:. ;;.!" .', . -'2 to" 2!! SNIP-IT SUPS •• u, .... _ SIU."·. Fidt .itO&-. . Librnr:r S\vnrth more •. Pn. SANTA'S PHONE·· IS SW.09OO THE j\RT.·H.MO REAN . . , VOL 1t-No. 50 , Friday, Dec ' ...... 13, 1946 $3.00 PER YEAR BREETRACES FRENCH RECOVERY Woman's Club Learn What War Meallt to Frallce On Tueada'Y. December 10. a.t the wtated meeting ot the. Swarthmore Woman's Club Mlle. Germaine Bree dlBeuased the situation In France todaY and to~ched briefly on her work with the French hrmy. Mlle.. Bree. BMOeia.te profe88or of Frenbh at Bryn Mawr Colle-get served with • CAU SANl'A SOON LQCAL VETS WIN . OPENING Gazelles Trim Darby Big Five By 10 Points . the Frencb Army In North Africa. The Swarthmore Gazelles opened first as an' ambulance driver then their 1948-47 basketball season ~ageant of tb'e j!atibitp GIVEN IN MEMORY O~' THOBE LOBT IN COMBAT CWTHIER MEMORIAL, SWARTHMORE COLLEGB SUNDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1946 \ AT 6 AND 7 O'CLOCK lIll bl!Jo tome In. abe i!lpitit of l\tbtnnte anb RIofB\lip aft llleIcome I H.S. SINGERS PLAN i C~ROL CONCERt I Community Event Set For Thurs- . day Night as a member of Intell1gence. In the ,invasion of southern France' \ she W88 a llason omcer tor th'e French, then attached to the Anierlcan Headquarters as it moved north tbro~gh France Into Genilany.., with a fast paced victory over the 1\ :_ ________• ••••••• _• •_ ;;;. _~ -------:~~ Darby Big :nve thla week. Gazelle II form w&a spark.d by faat-brilakJnil: H.oliday' Schedule For the tlrBt time elnce U41 the High Schoo]' will present a carol concert for thel commublt'Y In the school auditorium on ~urada,.. :pecember 19. at 8 o'clook. TblR event has been ~Vived after .sev­eral years' omtssloD and 18 an ex­cellent chance not only tor .. log carols by the SC!l'Uil groups but for partlclpaUng tn carol slt:tBinc as a communJt",. Under the 'dIrection of Allee Blodarett, three dllrerent chaM from the sehool will be heard: the cDor_us. the senolr high girls' glee club, and the junior high girll' glee club. Along with these choirs there .wlll be several soloists. praYs tMt kept them in the lead HENRY W SCHELL throughout the pme which ended '. u'W'ben we survey the sltuatlon in France. we are apt to forget how close we' are to the end ot the war." iDle. 'Bree stre88ed~ France has gone through three phases of war. first. war on her soU. second. occupation and stripping by the en­my. and third. invasion IllY the vic­36- 26. DIES AT. AGE 90.' . Joe Gary. 'VInce and Curt Oal-lagh~ r led the local &coring. Hut and Harris showed plenty of pep for the Big Five Quintet, Beoring 12 and 10 points respectively. The preliminary game featured the Gazelle JV'. and the Darby torious allies. This accounts tor Hawks. The JV'. 8utrered their In· the aeem!ng backwardness of' toe iUai setback to the tune ot 29 .. 18, nation reported by our returning ·holdIng the lead untll shortly be .. ~ soldiers. One in every 10 clvUIans tore ha.l(-time when the Bawb bave been dIrectly affected by the took over and never again rellD.g~ ca.sualtt811 of the war. The Ger- ulBhed the lead. mao systematically stripp~d France of Industrlal tools, farm tools and animals. civilian laborers and permitted only the minimum ot food tor the population. ' Mlle. Bree applauded the civil· lans for being able to carryon at The Gasellea, aun have some open dates for Mondays and '1'hurs­days. AnYOne dPtrtng games with these veterans should telephone Roger Kauft'man. Swarthmore 2080 art.r 6:80 P. II. Made Many Friends III Years He Spent - Here Henry W. Schell. former prest· dent of the MeDdelssohn Club of PhUadelpbla. and formerly b8.aB.80- Joist of the -choirs of the Holy Trinity and. Bt. lIark Episcopal chUl'ches. died Friday In thQ Hahn';' emann . Hospital,. Phlladelphla.· of cerebral . thrombosis. Hle- 90th birthday &n.Qiversary was obserVed in Auguat. . sa.t~rday. December 21 Win~ows open until 6 P. M. If'or sale ot Stamps and J?oatal Notes. \ Parcel Post will be accepted for maUhig •. No Money Order Bwdness transacted after J 2 Noon. Monday. December 23. \\tlnuows open nor sale ot stamps only until 8 P. M .. Parcel r08t will be accepted for mnning. No Money Order business after 6 P. M. A. p. Small,:y. P. K. Tbe Jlrogram will bearln with· a candlelight proee881on • .pc chorua will .Inar three English carols: I "Holy Day,. Holly Carol," ''J)oWD in yon Forest" and "Pat,,n., to Their nen selection will be the beautiful tolk carol of KentuckY­" I Wonder aa I Wander" with the solo by Anne Megonlgal. a senior, l:lacb's powerfUl "Break Forth 0 Beauteous Heavenly Light .. will be the ftnal number sung by the oJlor~ GRATEFUL FOR C.A.R.[ RESPONSE The junior hlgh girls' glee club will sing three French ·caro .. : "Sh~:pherds Shake Ott you~ DrOwsy - Sleep,'· "A Joyful Chrl~as Song" by Gevaert. and the rolItcklnS' aU under such tremendous dlffl- llome games. beglnning at '1:80 "Men Born Near and Far:' Their' culties. For five 'Years no heat. no In· the high school gym. scheduled t 0 coffee no tor tblS month Include: Glenolden hot wa: er, no soap. n t Blue Veta. on Thursday, the 12th;, ~"J.sar, nO·BJasa-,to.mend"tbe broken : ~ ~"'''';.d .-.,.. .... 'll:r "'d" ·_··th····- Mr. Schell was a. sporta eilthusi_ ust and up to several yean ago rarely mJssed n Penn football game or a Swarthmore HJgh School game. Untll recently- he. regularly _ . • final selection ,win be an ~~llBh atto'ldod the .Phlladelphla. Orch~ Boro Gellerous W1~lt e,,"ol I?, a. modern .. tUnar.·. Btar .. ' . • ,_. _. _. Pai".lUJlde A.. __ on _OIL ay.. e ::·c;:::;:::re:,::;'~~!!:! - ~Clothiilg;Moiley--~J'7~!"'~.;.i~~ ~hl~h ';;~;. gle. club windows nor even paper to stoP up' . ,.' - WarrI. -Th the holes. no workerS and no ma- 16th. Llnooln ora on urs­cbinery to clear up the rUbble ot day. 19~; and Glenolden Presby­ihe bombings. The entire clvtllan te:tlan Church on Monday. 2Brd. population suffered terriblY and un· 46 yea .. of service. For Europe :;1l1. olr.r two d~~lcate carols: . Hb. Is survlv.d by a daughter. Touro-Lauro-Louro from France, ~, Mrs Hans· Rademacher, chalr- d Sw I h Mrs. Stanley L. MacMillan. "with man ~f the local committee tor C. an a cd s Dance carol. h h II d t "48 Vb···r -'Ie As ::to special a.ttractlon Catherine dramaticaJly. COLLEGE PLAYS w om e ve a D u.aac.o.... - A. I\, E. reports that the results: of n110: and two granddaughters. tho recent boro.;wide drive were Shirley )tauMlltan. a senior at most gra.~lfylng. Through, the ef­Drexel Inp-titute ot Technology. and torts ot the churches. the college EIsto,n tl.Ccompanled by h~r brother, Charles.. will sing a composlUon by John .Jacob Niles, "Sweet Marle and her Baby." Added to this IJro~ gram wlll be a special featUre re'. served tor that night. "We ean all find ground for . hop. for. France. by realizing how . far France has come in the P~ ORR· O' W' vear and o';e half. There was no ·F.&M. TOM civil war although .there was no government in a. large part of France' there has been an orderly electio~; a new constitution writ­ten and adopted;' a resistance to (Continued on Page six) Basketmen In Third Home Game of . Season Swarthmore College's Varsity basketball ,schedule fot" 1946~47t Includes 18 gaDU3s: 10 home and clght ·away. according to carl K. Dellmuth. director of the college athletics. The "LltUe Quakers" opened their, season on December 6 by Davies is 8th Local' beating Philadelphia Textile 48-24 "'eacher Lost at home. and they clos. t!,elr sea- SHOP INSTRUCTOR LEAVES SCHOOL .1. DOn at home with Lafayt:tte on In' Year March 8 of n.xt On the 7th. cha.rles O. DaVies. instructor of they defeated Pharmacy 62·40; swar~ore High Sehool, bas j~t and on the 11th they traveled to 'Penn. \ submitted his .resignation to the . Included on the schedule arc 10 School Board. to take eftect in the Middle Atlantic League encounters. near future. Mr. Davies plana to The first of these will take place leave 'teaching and accept a.n at- on Dccember 18 when Swarthmorl) tractive b1.upness offer with a journeys to the University of Deta.· building c'ontractor in Baltl~ore, LIsted among the non .. leagu.e to help dk'ect the construction of games on the Garnet schedule are residences. the University of Pennsylvania, To sUcceed him the Board baa Fl"anklln and Marshall. La~a.yettel elected David Watkins whoO at Johna Hopldns. a.nd Army. present Is tea.cblng In the Smed- 'rhe remaining schedule followa: ley IDarb School In Cheat.r. Mr. I D J4 F. & M. Hom. . Watld;ne is.. graduate of the <>c. 18 DELAj'WARE Away'· state Teachers colleare at CaIIfor- Dec.. 8 ARMY AWay nl&, with a B. S. In Industrtal Jan. 11 P. M. C. Home' ane and with a master's degree In Jan. 16 DREXEL AwaY-secondary eduea.Uon from Tem- Jan. 18 URSINUS Home· pIe UDiverslty. prior to galL&' to Jan. 21 DELAWARE Home- Cheater he abop' work In Jan. 12 .TOHNS HOPKINS Away tbe scboo\e of stow. and All<Julp- Feb. 16 HAVERFORD Home· P&' PL' - Feb. 18 P. M. c. Away: Thts reelgDation makes the Feb. 12 URBINUS Away 6lpth ...,.quatton of milD froDl the Feb. a. DREXEL H~me: hIP .. bool faculty within th. Feb. 1 HAVERFORD A_ _ ;year. six o(....~ ... have left ::. 6 JliO!tAVIAN • Home. the. field of teachl.... ~ntarIC Mar' 8 LAFAYE'l."l'E Home some torm of blJlllD- l)l praat- • _'Indlcatee Le&If\lO o .... e lcally all _ the DlOD wbo left The' 11 __ & .Tunlor V..-ty haYe ..,..e tot lIJucb better:.:!"! ocbeduie opened ~th a -..:.~ P<MIt- ThIll .. t1IalIon re . . to PeD\' Cb&rtel' on ....... treIid III _001& _.rellT ..... ere 14-1~ 1Q" a 1 .... 11-11 to '1JpI8aI­_ 4_ of ..,hen .. Il~; :.!fa.,.1J&tIirdaJ' and Dleetlag the .~.... -v, ._ oaeunued_ _- . ..o.f. ~... • V .~ ... wea\<. '. . penn~, ...... Cr9al the l 'Alns ----. . ... ,.. . . . Mrs. Wayne G;ersen of Rutledge. Solemn r..:quiem rnR.S."I was Bung at 10 a.m. Tuesda~ at St. .Tohn's Church In Phlladelphia. Intennent WllS in New· Cathedral Cemetery,' Phlladclphla. See Films Today; . The Rotary Club Invites all interested . Swarthmoreans _ to view two offlcia.l Marine com­bat pictures; shown hi tho Wo­man ·s Club today at 1 p. m. TJie films, "Fury In' the Pa· cltic" and "To the Shores of Iwo .rIma" are uncensored and ",ncut and will be presented by two Marine Corps offlcers before Rotarians and' their cordially Invited guam. JUNIORS GMNG CHRISTMAS SUPPER Members· of the JUnior Woman's Club wUl have a Christmas covered dish supper next Tuesday at 6;30 p.m. In the club house. Each mem.. ber will fill a stocklng with ten­cent gifts tor an underprivileged child. The Juniors also provide a Chriatma& dinner for a poor family bY fllling a. basket with canned foods and donating money for per­Ishable toods. Final plans tor the Chrlstm~ dance on December 21 were ma.d~ by the clUb and tIckets distributed to membens for sale. Mrs. Peter L. Miller was elected corresponding secretary to ~l the vacancy left by Mrs. Eugene'Tay-. lor. It was decided that the Jan·' brldg. party at the bOrn. of J;.oan '~an8 would be a' phUanthro­pic event. ---~ To HohIDaDce Ninth Graders and their pa.rentll wtll hold 9.ll informal·.dance in the swarthmore HIg\1 School Gym from 8 to 11 o·clock tblll evenIng. . Price DoWd!i'. orcbestra will fUrnlah the JOUle. ¥re. RobeI1 Bradford Is P~ obalrman. faculty. and interested townspeople a. little over one thousand dollars was raise·d. 1n addltlon. 880 poun~ of gOOd clothing, even sonie blanketa and sheets. was given. C. A. R. E. tood and clothing. were sent to a home for mothers a,nd babies in Poland. a. CooperaUve Center also In· iaoland, a setUement school In Finland. and' a home for problem chUdren In Germany, A small number of fOOd parcels was aJso sent. to soctaJ workers and to' extremely needy !amlUes at men who were executed after' the plot aga.lnst Hitler. in July, 19". The committee expr~ its aln­cerest thanks to an' wlio respond­ed so helpfully. It realizes that many did more than ·their share. and It Is very gl~ to have been able to send comfort abroad just at this time. Receives Appointment Annie B. Hayes ot South Prlnce· ton avenue. a. teacher in the Rid .. ley Township SchOOls, has been appointed by the U.lJ. Government to leach mathematlCIJ to G. Va'In the American Occupation Zone In Germany. MIsa Bay .. will leave by plan. frOm Boston. ~ronday to take up her duties' In FrankfUrt. . \ The oornmunity will join the choral groups' bl carol singing led bl' R,obert Holm. This ta the first time that will the opportunity to sing under Mr. Holm"s direction. . Allee Hornaday and .Jane will share' the accompanying on the piano and the glockenspiel. Tho presidents of the participating Gr­ganizatlons are James Hornaday. chorus; Jean Brown. ;senior high girls' glee club and Sally Alden. junior high gifts' arle. 01 ub. The choral ~oup8 welcome everyone and bope that alumni -.rtd friends. who In other years have missed the Cbrist.mas pro. .gram becaUB~ of Us morning hour, wlU all be' with them~ A silver IOtte,rlng will bee taken. At ~. N. Book Event Mrs. Ira :r.f. ,Freeman. of Fair­view road, was one of the speakers at the book auction ot the ~ Wa· men's Action Committee tor Last. lng Peace ot the United Nations held last Monday in New York. Mrs.- Freeman. who Is co .. author with -'her husband of several Juve­nile books on science. pointed out the role ,ot books of this tYP~ in contributing to a. youngatet.oYa un· derstandlng ot today~s world. TIDS WEEKS CALENDAR . FrIda". December 13 8:16 P.?tI~-"~he Egyptian Hope, Life i~ Death"' .. ..... I'Tlen~s 1!Ieeting 8:20. ' P.M.-IOJanuary Th_aw" ........t........, . .........• _ ........ •.....U.... Players· C.lub. s: 20 P.M.-uJanuary Thaw" ••.......••... _ ... ~ ................. .: ......• Players" CI~b 11: 30 P.M.-Collep ")L Franklin & MarabaU ...... " ............ ,: FIeld House _". Deoember 15 . 1'1:00 A.M.-Morning Worship ... .... ~ ........... _ .................• Loeal ChurebM MOIIda:r.December 18 '. 7:30 P.M.-Gazellea va. Parkalde .... ", ............. .......... Hlgb School Oym Tuoiid&". Deoem_ 1.7 , . 2:00 P.~.-Chr\8tD)&8 Pr""""", .... ." .. _ ._ ..... .. .......... Woman'. Club ..6:00 P.M.--Covered Dtah Supper ........•.......•.•.••.. ........ _ ... Woman's Club 8: 15 P.M.-"Tbe lI_tah" .... ... . .: .. .,,,._,._ •. _,,,, ..... Clotble" Mamorlal 'lluuodaJ. '-_ 1. . '" 7:10 P.M._Ilea VB. LIncoln Warrlora ... _c._;.-.. :' HIgh Scbool O~ ':0. 8. P,..IL -caro. l Coneert ..._ _. _'--._. .._ . _. .... ~.,_. II. S. AluIltorl",," •

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• -. z • THE SWARTHMOREAN PERSONA'LS JoIr. and Mrs. CI .. ude C.' Smith. Reading Group at a tea meeting. Mr. and M ... , Richard o. Smith. Thursday. • Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Th .. tcher. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon A. Mead­Mr. and' Mrs. Arthur R. DanL er ot FaIrView road and Cornell Dr. and· Mra. E. Leroy'Mercer. Dr. aVenue e.ntertained Mr. and Mrs.· and Mrs. John W. Na.eon. and nr. Jamee B. Harper ot Mt. Al17 and and Mrs.· James Perkins of Mr. adn "_ rs. J • W • I IIt t ot SWarthmore spent the week·end Springfield at dinner ,Tbursda¥ In AUantlc City and attedded thfl evenng and with their gueats la.­aunuAl meeUng of the O~e ter attended the performance Club. "January Tha.w" at the Pla.yers Mi. a.nd Mrs. John C. Mpore of Club. Amherst a.venue and :M~. \ 'Mar.. Mr. and Mrs. James B. BulUtt, garet Marsh of Park avenue are en Jr., and fauiily have moved from a month's automobUe trip to Tu:- Walnut fane to their new home as. 'rhe Moores will visIt - rela- on Lincoln avenue, Baltimore ties In -Matador. Texas whlle::Mrs. pike. Marsh is visiting her daughter Mrs. Arthw- Shelton of s:a.n Antonio. Mr. and MrB. Russell H. Kent ot Mr. and Mrs. Theodore W. Cros- Riverview road returned home scn a.nd daughter Barbara. Ann, sunday atter & 10 .. d~y southern. former Swarthmoreans will spend ,boa.t trip with friends from the Chrlstm... h6114ays with Mrs. Philadelphia. CroMen's mother. Mrs. William A. The enUre tlrst edition of Dr. Heuener; 125 West College street. WitHam T. Ellis' Christmas book, Oberlin, ObJo. Mr •. Crossen has "As The Shepherds Saw It" has been discharged from the Adlron- been Bold out. The second edition Is expected shortly. dack sanatorium, where he BPent Mrs. J. Roy -;:arroll. Jr .• ot North 19 months, and Is recuperating sa.. Cheater road served as hostess to tistactol'lly with his tamlly in St. . the . children of College avenue Louitj. Mrs. Crossen is with the Kinde. l'D"!Irten -t a tea. Tuesday Cleveland YWCA, and Barbara afternoeoo..n... . Mrsu. .F,ra nclB Pennell AIin is Q. student at Northfield Wked about children's books. School In Maasachusetts. Mr. and Mrs. Cha.rles W. Lukens or Strath Ha.ven avenue enter-tained as their recent week-end guests. Mrs. J:.ukeDs' nephew and niec~, Capt. KilbUrn Roach, Mrs. Roach. and Miss Gladys Wool~ tord. aU of Waab'lngton, D. C., and Mr., HarrlBon ot Baltimore, . Mell. who were J«ere for tihc Army-Navy game. Mrs. John R. Hanna. o·t Univer­sity' place and Mrs. Wlll1a~ H. Davis will entertain a.t luncheon and bridge on Saturday, December 14 !at' the' ;Spring-haven COilJ;Dtry Club in honor of Miss Alice E. Thayer at Country Club Lane. Lapidea. who wUl be married to Major Walter Mache on Decem­ber 27. Marian Karns a student a.t Mrs. C. H. Parmelee c-r Univer- Smith College spent the week-sity place spent IllBt week In Old end ot November 30 at her home Point Comfort. Va., with her hus- on Wel1esley road, and attended . band Lt. Comdr. Parmele(;l who ~ the Army.Navy game. - . attached to the AIrcraft Carrier, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Bass. Jr., of "The Sicily:' which had come in- I Harvard aveo.ue accompanied by to port. their children Dlrck and David Mr. and Mrs. Josep~ W. Fres- spent a. tew ~8 visiting Mrs. coIn ot Denver, Colo., ar- Bass' parents Mr. and Mrs, F. rived to spend the Christmas holl- ·PalQ'ler Simmons ot Hazelton. days with their respective fami- Doris Black of South Cheater, Mr. and.-Mrs. Love"U Frescoin road, captain ot Swarthmore High ot' Harvard a.venue, and Burgess Scbool Varsity Hockey entertain- - and 'Mrs. John H. Pitman of Vas- ed the undeteated va.rslty tearn. Bar avenue. their coach Miss and the Mrs. Charles D. liitchell of seniors members of the J. V. team Wallingford entertained at a. din- at a dessert party at ber home ner party December S in honor of Sunday atternoon, December 1. the birthday' annlversary of her Barbara D. Hurd ot DIckinson da.ughter Mrs. J. Stanley Taylor .avenue entertained 12 guests at a of . Kennett Square.' The guests miscellaneous shower on Batur­Included. Mr. and :Mrs. Robert G. day evening In honor ot Barbara Erskine. Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Joro:t Joan Woodrow ot Narbeth. G. Moxey. Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Wlll~ Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Ward of lam Campbell, and Dr. and Mrs. I Strath Haven a.venue will enter­George P. Warren, all of Swarth- tam at dinner Saturday evening. more. Yr. and MrS. Fred R. Wilson of Mrs. Ross G. Allen of Isle of Walnut' lane entertaJned as their JoIra. Helen W. ,Goodwin, ot Wal­Dut l@e announces the ef1ga8'e­ment ot her daughter M,"" N .... C)' Mcilvaine GOodwin to Mr. JAw­rence D. BB, .IT8tt. Jr., SOD of Mr. and Mrs. Sarcett of Oak LaWJl. R. I. M\.as Goodwin Is .. graduate ot Mt. Holyoke· College. Mr. uar­rott la -.. graduate ot Rhode I,.. land State College. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Curtla Storrs ot Swarthmore place' an­nounce the "">engagement' ot their daughter Jean Arundel Storrs and Mr. Allyn T. 8a.yre, Jr., son of Mr. ad M"'ra. Allyn T. Sayre of Sprlwrt'leld, Pi.. MIss Storrs Is a gr&.duate of Swarth·more High School a.nd a.ttended· 1.asell Junior College, Auburitdale, Mass. Mr. Sayre graduated from Swarthmore' High School and Penn~lvanla. State College. where· he is studYing for his master's d~ree In Petroleum Englneerl,ng and Secondary Recove-ry. He is a. member. of Sigma Nu ~d Bllnna,1 Gamma EPsl10n fraternities. DECEMBER BRIDE The marriage, ot Miss M.arjorle Anne Russell daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Russen.Jr.. ot Havertown and M~. Ernest ,C. Lange. Jr., son ot Prot, and Mrs. E. O. Lange of "Lange-wood", Bal­timore pike, will take place Satur~ day, December 21 at 2 o'clock in the Overbrook P.! e s by t e ri a.n Church. The bride will be attended by her sister Miss 'Virginia E. Russell as nlaid of honor. and the brides.. maids will includo MIss Marjorie E. Gelpke of Ardmore, M18S Naomi Cro~ee. of Olney. Mrs. Peter Mar­Un ot. Drexel Hill, and Mrs. WIl­Ha. m Hager of Philadelphia. M!'. Robert T. Lange will :mrve .as best man t.or his brother, and the ushers will in('lud~ Mr:. Walton E. McMullen of PassaiC, N. J .• Mr. "\\'illiam H. Rocholl, New !dUBord, Conn,. Mr. Jame~ H. Koch. Cleve­land, Ohio. and Mr. Owen J. Prit­chard •. 3rd, of MUwaukee, 0. cousin of the bridegroom. A reception at the OverbrDok Country Club will follow,the cere­mony. Prot. and Mrs. Lange wUl enter· taln t'tle bridal party anp out-ot­town- guests a.t a rehearsa.l dinner at Strath Haven Inn. Friday even­, Jig, .December 20. BIRTHS Hope. Savannah, Ga., with her infant son Ross G. Alle:n, Jr .• will arrive Sunday by plan~ to spend the Christmas bolldays with her parents Dr. and Mrs, E. Leroy Mercer at Nortb Chester· road. Mr. Allen will join the family par­house guc.sts for a few days last week, Mrs. John Allls.on and MlsiI Byrd l\fcGock of Virginia. and Mr. and Mrs. P. D. Van Mater o~ MI'. Rnd Mrs. Curtis Eldredge of Cornell n,'enue arc receiving con­gratulations upon the birth of a. son Robert curtis on December 9 in the Osteopathic Hospital, Phil­adelppia, The ncw bully is a grandson of Dr. and Mrs. Frank G. Speck of Cornell avenue. ty, December 21. Mr. and Mrs. L. A. WetJa.uter ot Cornell avenue will entertain Mrs. Wctlaufer's aunts Miss Ida and Miss Cora Rtebel. a.nd her uncle, Mr. otho Rtebe~ .ot Toledo, Ohio who will arrl'Ve tbls week-end to visit through the Christmas holldays. Freehope. N . .T. tEN~S Mr. and Mrs. Norman Hulme of "\\'cstdnlo avenue announce the en .. gagement of their daughter. Miss Theodora E. HulmE' and Mr. Wil­Ham A. Hawk, son ot Dr. and Mra. George W. Hawk of sayre, Pa. Miss Hulme attended Wtlson Col-lege and graduated from tho Uni- GIVE A MAGAZINE FOR XMAS The Gift That Lasts' aIt YE'ar. Girt Cards Maijed Direct From swarthmore on all December Orders MRS. LLOYD l KAUFFMAN Mr. and Mrs. John T. Handy, J d hlld S E1'-~b th versity' of Pennsylvania where she r., an c ren usan u.a. e and .John. 3rd" returned to their was a member ot the Kappa Kap­' home In Crisfield. Md. Wednesday pa. soror.ty. Mr. Hawk atteD visiting Mrs. HandY's graduated from the Htll School mother Mrs. lIe~1r" L. Smith at and Yale University. He will grad. Swa.rthmore avenue for a few unte from the Un.lversity of Penn. weeks. Mias Elizabeth B. Smith sylvania School of Medicine in Subscriptions for an Magazines Swa. 2080 ~. =:=:::=:=:::=:=:::~·I· March. 1947. . entertained at a dessert-bridge oll -;;;:;;:~;:;;:;:;;:;:;;:;:;;:==;:;::;:;:;::;:::;:;;­December 3 in honor of her sis- ! ter. Mrs. Handy. The Poets Circle met Monday afternoon at tlte home ot Mrs. Jamcs Cochran· ot Walllngtord. Mrs. Claude C. Smith of BalU· more Pike entertained the Art i ~~Player~~~~b-l of Swarthmore • JANUARY THAW' Comedy b, WIlliam R088 • Monday through Saturday. December 9. ;0, it. 12. 13 •. 14, ' 8 :20 P; M. I , o COLLEGE THEATRE FRI. - SAT. NoB8llY LiftS F8IlYER with John GARFIELD and' Geraldloe FI'nGERALD Added-College Hour FrIday Night Only ~M~M~ MON. - TUES. CMSAI AJID CLE8PATIA ;""'th . Vhien LEIGH and OIa~R&INS ~~a!l~~ WED •• 'ratJRS. II1IOIf DIVAli. with 018_ (lOLBERT '.I~I.155"'IS55K515' _I Oontin .... ,_ U:lIO P. M.. -_-DIail'I.~ ' M. I I • UNITY ASSEMBLY I Bol'<lugh Ball 10:30 A.1n. F.vel'J' \Vecmes(in'· ZEI.IA M. WAIIl'ERS. Speaker Everyone' Welcome , . I • I -- MEDIA THEATRE Tburs. - FrI. ,- Sat. oatherlne McLEOD PbIlIp DORN "I've Alwaya Loved You" in technJoolor Sunda7 0n\J'. 2 Features Jo1mD~ WEISSMULLER Virginia GREY "Swamp Fare" I "She WrO-te the Book" J ...... DAVIS-Jacl< OAlUE Con_tIOns _~ from lI:lIO P. M. ..... - Toes. - Wed. _ Sl'ANWYOK V_ JlElI'LIN • ...... Sb •• I.oft ofMudla ....... • Fridq, Dec.· ....... 13, 1946 "~igll~ in tlte c.~"r of TO, fDII" ' RUSSELL'S Complete IGN.TION MOTOR BRAKE Semce TIRE Dartniorttll & Lafayette, AI7U. - Cau 044D The Bouquet BEAUTY SALON 8eauty's at ~ork for Santa 13 South Cheater Road Call Swarlbmore0476 DRO'P INN BREAKFAST LUNCH' DINNER OPEN 7 4. M..-8 P. M. -OUTSIDE .OATElUNG SERVI(JE-Wednesday, 7 a.m. • 2 p.lD. Sunday, 12 • 8 p.rn. , , DAILY. DINNERS ............ Sic to ,1.50 Special OhIldrei1's Plattel'8 Trees, Lawn Areas, and Foundation Plantings Improved . NOW ' William J. Stephani, Jr. Landscape Contractors • Phone Chester Heights 194 We Have a I.irnited Supply, of WILTSHIRE BROTHERS 100 E. State Street Media, Pa. • * YOU wouldn't take your car to. garage and refuse'to teU the mechaoic what WlI;S wrong. The mechaoicwould have everyrightto doubt your saoity. yet people frequently refuse to tell the physician of their ailments. They are anxious to have an uunbiased opinion." • • YOIl can save time and expense by being frank with . your physician. To do a competent:job of diagnosis he . Deeds the history o( your symptoms. The human bpdy is far more c:omples tbaA an automobUe. POi' th~ bes't results sive him all the facia. . , ) All we .oeed is the phy.ician·, prescription. We are competent to compound it e~actl" a~ "e.~6i"; . 'SCOLLEGE PHARMACY 0. tIae Co"'''' 'Ii '(Tl1 VHf :lIif':iII'. .1.'" ,"","' h. 13, 1946 , - THE SWARTH~,OREAN THE SW ARTHMOREAN' PUBI<·'I1I8!11HIIIEI!IBD· EVERY PRlDAY AT SWARrBMORE. TBI!l SWARrBMORE&lf. 1Ne., l>Ui.'IdSHO:K ~s..a.a.-_ P4. PVl'IIIR E. TOLD. Editor . MARJORIE TOLD ...-ate EdIto JA1a:-e'.JoIcCarter R.oaaIIe Peirsol A.m. N. Coom..:; EDtered &8 Second CI&sa Matter. JanuarY 14 UU at th P08t O~08 at Swarthmore. Pa... under the Act 'ot !&reh I,e 187 •• HAVE YOU SENT YOURS? County- restdent. who bave not ,acknowledged lecelpt ot their 11'46 Cbrtetmae Seats wero urged to do 80 prompUy in Q. statement rnaae today by Robort . W. Bernhardt, executive secretary o( tbe Dela­ware County Tuberculosis and Health Association. It was pOinted out that letters enclosing the Beata were maJled' but to reach residents DEADLINE-WEDNESDAY NOON November 25. SEEK POSTAGE STAMPS I ~:"-o 0 ) . • •• The uneompensated vele ....... at I "The CbrisbDas Book" Pcrl')l' Point H08pltal are unable There has nover been· another to send Chrlstmaa cards which the d<r;ahmrialttmizaeaS bTohoek Glrlekae t_tth t-aS. torIJ"t Red Cross giveR them. to their In the \Vorld, by relaUng the friends and familia. tor lack of Natlvlty. ' ~tami>s. Tho opportunity otgratl. "AS TB£ SlU'IIEIIIS SAl IT" tying this need Is extended to thla By WUlIaJD T. EIllI mmunlt)" through the American A traveller who knows the Bible' glon AuxlUary. Reslden:ta may and . Bible land usages makes helP by leaving a few new poatagCl .. It Ie. a beautiful book. and 1 stamps at, the home of Mre. Oaear belleve every home 8hould havu J. Gllcre(,,St, 208 Vassar avenue be- a oopy for famlly reading:' Rev. 3 I F ,. II "In the rush of C:hrlstmaH prep- \I:'=:=~;==7"~~=n~da=,= y=,=D=_=';F.' ber==1=3~, ",1=9=4=6~=====~'·n.,. asoramtieotnima.e"s htaer gceot nttoin uaecdk.n o"wpeleodpglee I the Bethlehem story live again. fore December: 17. David Braun, D.D. On ,ale·at HoU7hOeIl 8.hoP • AuXtUary memberH are reminded ~~~~~~~~~~-~~.~~~~~ D--L........ 1"l.. ___ L N their ·Chrletma.a Seals. It is im- & .-7'_ ..... un:u otea of Mrs. Harold G. Griffin. 214 Rut- Sunda .... morning at the 11 o'clock portant to ' all returns in as 1 ~~ n· gers avenue OIl Wednesday. Decem_ soon as p0881ble In order to plan JJerv ce e eVe Dr. H. Lewis Cut- bel' 18, at 2 o'clock. A cordial In- the 1947 work. 'We have reached WleI' wilal prneacth ?on "'!W.b ,at Do You vita.t1on Is ,extended to every-on,e. ' 88 % of our goal in the D.rst ten Dr. l,Jra"un Is preaching Sunday T":"~ Noles days_ of our Seal Sale and hope.,.to morning in Hendricks Chapel, at ·"-~I raise the rest by Christmas Day. Holy Communion will be eele.. ""The:· promptneBB of many rest- Syracuse University. brated Sunday 'at 8 a.m. Church M d M H dents In Bending tho"- returns 18 r. an rs. arty W. Brown School win hold its sesslon3 .t t th =_ d .... greatly appreciated. It is extreme- .a, e ~rvar avenue entrance 9:46. At the 11 o'clock servlee ~ d D d ,.. VI ly helpful to the Society and to the an . r. an J.Q.r8. ·Arthur J. Jones Morning Pra.. ...e r the Rev. Neville t th d I t .~ post amce it returns are madc a e r veway ransopt entrance Lascc,Ues-Ward. Eplscop-I chaplain III tst " O· u. early, betore the heaviest rush ot. w ass. .LUr. .utler in greeting at the Philadelphia Hospital, will the congr.egaUon at\er tbe servico pr~ach. Christmas mall. Sund-y [dornlng "TB Is no respector of persons. ...., The ,Young Peoplc·s Fellowsblp All dep"rtmenta of th Oh' h This is a flght that needs the· u. e urc wlll pleet at 6 p.m. at Trinity Scoool will meet at 9:46 o'clock Church to see a sound film on the united support at individuals .and Sunday morning. The Women's Bi- missionc.ry work of the Church. Organlzat_lO _ n5_._"_ ____ ble Class meets a.t 10 o'clock tn' the Choir School will meet on Mon­ ·Cburch transept. '.. day and ;Wednesday at 4:30 and £,GYPTIAN TALK. TONITE The Church. Hour NurserY is again on Thursday at '1:30 p.m. Pl'oressor Henri Frankfort will held each Sunday morning during The Women's Gulld wUl hold a give his lectur~, "The Egyptian tbe Church hour tor children age ·c.learance sale of aprolllJ and fancY \ Hope: Life in Death:' FrldaY',De- 1 to 7; goods on Tuesday in the parish cember 13. at 8:16 P.M. i~ the The High School Fellowships of house trom 2 -DntU 4 p.m. Friend's Meeting House on the 'Trinity Church an~ this Church . . "College campus. The lccture which will meet at Trinity Church Sunday The annual father and son's wiiI be open to the public is the evening at 6 o'clock.' This is the Christmas dinner and party will fourth in a serics of five on OIEgyp_ last meeting unUl January 5. bc held on Friday. December 20. Uan Religion and Culture" spon- 'lUte Young AduU.:S Club will at 6;30 p.m. sored by the American Councll of meet for a Christmas pr.rty this A celebration .of HOly Commu· Learned Societies. Others in the Sunda.y at 6 o'clock in. tbe Parish nlon at 10 a.m., Saturday w1l1 ob- scrie~ have been given at Byrn House. The Beginners Department 0:[ the Church School wUl have a par .. ty Saturday afternoon', December 21, in the Parish House. The Board of Deacons wUl meet brieflY at 7:30 o'clock Wednesday evening. iDecember 18. mhe monthly luncheon for Pre8~ byterian Men will be 'he!d in the Y.M.C.A., 1421 Arch St.. Tuesday. December 17 from 12:_30 to 1:30. All men are invited. The speaker 'wlll be Mr. D. BarlOW Burke, for~ mer assistant District Attorney. U. S. Na,val Legal Oftlcer and now Deputy. Prothonotary of Pht1adel~ phia Courts. The Church nOW has two phOD& numb.era. Swarthmore 0672 ~d swarthmore 1919. serve the Feast ot St. Thomas. . Mawr, Haverford and the Unl-.-er-' Ushers fol' Sunday wlll be W. B. slty of Pennsylvania. Bullock. head Usher: L. E~ Good~ prof(:ssor Frnnrort has been enough" L. W. Kink. E. Q. Lange. connected with the OrIental InsU-G. A. McCorkell. R. D. Newlin. Dr. tute of tho University of Chicag·o H. P. Stamford. and F. E, Wyeth. sinc.., 1927, He has 'headed severnl Methocliat -Church Notes The Churc.h SchOOl meets on Sunday morning at 9:46. Classes are provided for children ot. a.U ages and. ror adults. 'Dhe tc.pic of the sermon at the morning service at 11 o'clock 18 "Preparing ;for Chrlstmas." The Church NUrS.Jry is ~pcn during th~ morning ae:rvtce. and will be in charge of Blanche Wiley and June Shearer. The Youth Fellowship will hold a Christmas service In tho chapel at 1 o'clock. archeological expeditions. and ha:J published a large amount or m·o.­terial dealing with hIs research. TO SING "MESSIAH" Tho Sw:nthmore College Chorus and orchestra journeyed to George School {&Or a performance of H~n­det ·s "Me88lah" on Saturday even­ing, December '1. Solol~ts were: soprl1:lloti, Peg Comlort and Ja~o Soroer; contrulto--PoUy _Pinsker, tenOl,-Harri80n Eastwood tOf Trin­ity Choir, buss-CUfford 'Voodbury. of their Christmas cheer box to _.- be sent to a charter member who is now a ·shut~ln. This glP; should be l('lt nt tbe 8NIle address, by De­cember 20. * For Your Convenience Beginnjnl • MAC CALLUM STORES Pbotopapbic Equipment Order YCKD: CHRISTMAS CARDS From Your Penon8I Negatives State BIld Monroe Sb. Media' Pbone Media 2880 Mooday, Dec:. 16 Until Chriatmu Our Hours will be . 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. alice barber, gilt. Old Bank 'BuUding * Headquarters For XmlU Wrea/~, (j,.., • .u, :J).cor­aliv. 'mal"ria!, CanJ" nov"flied, ad Carrh GORGEOUS POINSETTIAS anJ OJl •• r S.lUonaU. Plan/6 FRESH CUT FLOWERS CORSAGES This. is sure to be a most heart warming Xmas and the demand for Floral Products is certain to be great. -- ORDER EARJ;Y -- BaIt. Pil:'e, CA R N S Springfield, Pa. FLO WERS PHONE SWA. 0450 I I \ The Girls J,unior Choir rehearses Thursday afternoons at 3:46 ·o'(~IOck, Boy's JunJor Choir FrIday evening at 7 q.'clock. and the Chatt­el Choir on Thursday eveninS"s. at 7:45 o'clock. . The Wesleyan Service GuUd wili ha. ..·. c a covered dish supper on Monday evening at 6:30 at the home of Mrs. Alton P. Smith, 813 Wcstdale avenue. This will be tol· ·lowcd by. the regular nieeUng The performance wlll be re­peated this Sunday at 'Vesttown School nnd December 1'1 at 8:15 thel'c will be a performance in Swarthmore at Clothier Memorial with the full chorus of one hundred' ~====~==:=;=~=;;:=;;:;;::;::;;:;;:=;;:=;;:====;;;::=;;;::;;;~. voices. Everyone 1s inVited to the ;. The Women's Bible Class will local performance. Recording ~vill • be entertained a.t a. ten. at the horne Tho oocial hall will be open for be made of It :for broadcast over \VIllG on Christm3s Day. James • CHURCH SERVICES recreation on Wednesday evenlnEF Sorber is the cCJnductor for these at 7 o'clock. con~erts, •• cAMPUS DRUG STORE The children'S choir meets in' SWARTHMORE PRESBYTERIAN I the chapcl on Thursday afternoon HEAR BOOK REVIEW • CHURCH I !it 3:45. The rehearsal for the se- The regular monthly meeting ot • the amazing new 9:.~e"'J:. ~t~:::c~ns~{;:~:.ter nior choir is in the evening at 8. the Woman's Awdlist'Y 00 the Del- • 10:00 A. Y._Women's Bible Class. The annun.~ ca.ndlellght. service aware County Medical Society was • 11:00 A. M.--Sermon Toplc: will be held on Ohrlstmas Sunday held Thursday, !December 12. in • ..~ .. Do You :Want." in the afternoOn at 4 .o·clock. The l\Iedia. METHODIST CHURCH Roy N. geiseI'. D. D., . Mlnls~er .. " SUNDAY. DECEMBER 1. 9: 46 A.. M.-Church SchOOl. 11: 00 A. M.-Morning SerVice. "'Preparing for Christmas." 7:00 P. M._-Youth Fellowship. TRINITY CHURCH Rev. Geo. C. Anderson. Rector SUNDAY. DECEMBER 15 8:_00 A. M.-Holy Communion. 9:46 A. M.-Church School. . Preacher, ReV. Neville LaB-celles- Ward. • 6:00 P. M.,-Young people s Fel-lowehlp. SATURDAY (St. Thorn ... '.) 10:QO A. Y.-Holy Communion. THE RELIGIOUS SOCIETY OF . FRIENDS sUNDAY DECEMBER 15 9;4'6, A. :M:.~FIrst Da.7 SChOol. 9:46 A. M.-:A.dult Forum: Diseus­sion of the QuerIes on Social and International Relations 11: 00 ~ M.-Meeting for 'Wor· shIp • WEDNESDAY 9:80 A. M. to 8;00 P. M._w1ng and quilting In Whlttl.r House. Box lUDcheon. . ,. oAll are cordlally In .. ted. FIRST ciHuRCH OF CHRIST SCIENTIST OF SWARTHMORE Park Avon..,e belo ... Harvard , ' .. BtJlQ)AYBch L 11: eo A. M • .....:suDcIa!V T..!'!,.n Be .. m11o:D0.0 .A . _ lII.-8, .u..n..d ,B )'.....- " . W_-.,. eWllln&' mee~ .... h week. 8 p.m. Reedtnl room. open &olIJo exoellt __ Uul ho1Jd&7il 11 to 6 1', .... W4dJle..JaT e~. f to 7:60 and '. to .:16 p.m. IDxcn a.a""' . choir Wlll render H. Alexander Matthews' Cantata, .. Thc Story or ChrIstmas." Friends Meeting Notes First tDay Schbol meets in Whit­tier House at 9:45. The' Adult Forum will meet at 9: oJ. 5 to discuSS the proposed. re­vised Quer'Y on Social and Eco­nomiC Relationships. J. Barnard Walton will help with the dis­cussion. At. 11 o'clock the Meeting for Worship convenes, at Which time chtldren wlll be cared for in Whit.. tier House . The First D&Y School bas under­taken the project of ralalng money to buy a heifer to !rend to Europe, utder the care at tbe Brethern Service committee. Besides bring­ing moneY each Sunday. the chIl­dren are earning money i.n various ways. One pNject of some of th~ parente and ch;Udren Is making ChrtstmaB wreaths, orders for which will be taken at Whittier House Th1ll'B4aY and FrIday atter-­noons. December 19 and 20. ~ Science Church Notes '~d the Only ~ul!le and Crea­tor" ts tbe subject of the ~n .. , BermO" In all ChUrches ,of ,Cbrlat. SCientist. on suudB)'. J)ecell\ber 8. The Golden TeXt Is: "Lord. thou a.:t God; 'which hut made heave", aud'earth. :and tbe _ and all' tbat la tb- .... ( ..... :It). After a brief business meeting the president, Mrs. George B. Sl~kel, pr.esented Mrs. Joseph M. Howe,' who gave a very interesting review of the book by 'Elsie Sing· lnaster--HA' High Wind Rislng"­a story of Pennsylvania Dutch Ufe. As a token of Christm~ 'cheer the members brought gifts and wrappings which are to be used for the benefit of the veterans now In the Philadelphia Naval Hospital and the Valley Forge ·Hospltal. ~ On'Terminal Leave Lt. Robert t/Thorpe of the U.S. Naval Air .Qorps" arr1v~d home Friday 'aft.e~ 16 months In the Pa· clftc. He' spent the past year on \Salpan. "'-'~ Lt. l.~hor~';··l'B now on terminal leave and has joined his parents Mr. and Mrs. ,Valter R. Thorpe of Dickinson avenue. •• •• •• • II Strath Haven Inn Iii : I .. ._ ..... .:...._ pl. ""' ............ ~ a. 0ffidaI Agency Westera UniOll Telegraph Swarth-, re, Mo~::,.atIec1ge BIldl· _.,.... .. tel~su_r. Jua . ma,.- -pb-!Pe .7tJUI" Ii ~ --- ~ .••, •• •••••••••••• WoM. ,>NOIf,osI -g_ Rolls tho 'ok _ dryl It', .. .,oItlotti.,. r... writes d..r..,. w.. h• • s.b• •, ••4 .a• •, W_1or 3 month ... a ,..­on __ - ........... '.oIoatI.-............... - ha 15 .u ... ... c.... .. leaIt-ai • ., ..... II V.W.. ... _ _ .'.t ........,._.... .... .-. w. .r_i al-. .-. 6 .... .8. ._...._. -__ • CA· does it! . CA.e ..... C s· , AcItIa ......._. ' , .. ElM' •

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4 THE SWAllTHMO&EAN F~, DecaIIMr 13, IMS JANUARY-THAW CURRENT FARE W_ Haaon 28 SCOUTS Gn AGA'I1IA ClARA I Mr. and )Ira. Ro), A.. o-H .... Alice. Putman of La.f&ye~ ave.. I" I. . Agatha Clilr& Schall . .;... ot WIIlu...tord entertained at &. nue a. Hnlor at Temple l,Tnlveratty. TENDERFOOT PINS' ·dent of Muhlenberg a::"': from· :"~h~l!:":..~.~_tn .::::,~: was e~ected M a member of the 190& to 19a~ paned away on BUD- ~ . 1948 AlI·American Field Hockey day. December 8. at the .... e at v • .........,.. . Team on unday. December IJ atter 89. She was a former member of Mr. and Robert WIlJdD .. 261st Players Club Production Tues This Week a tour·day tournament a.t Garden Ceremony For Troop the p...,.byterlan Church here and oon ot Dlclr.luon a .......... · YIIIIted City, L. 'I.' leavoa as "her only aumvor, her the fozm.or'. parente Mr. 'ud 111'& Thl8 year ahe ha.e aIao captained 83 Held This· daughter Anna. Schall .. Doelp cot II. W. ,Wllkinoon ot analnn,U, the All-eollege 11m team and Wa.e . Week Phoenlxv1lle. IOhlo. Flret nlghtera almost succeeded. a. meniberot the Mlddlo AtlBfUC ;~;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~~;;;;;;;;;;;~.~.;;; Firat Team. • " On '\Yednesda.,-. December 11. In giving the large cast ot the cur· rent Players' Club comedy "Ja~ .. uat')" Tha.w" a fourth curtain call, Monday. The play is an adapta­tion by William Roo8 of last aea· BOD'S novel bearing the same title by Bellam'Y Partridge; It Is COD­irlved of incidents and characters rather than plot and the staging. and generally capable cast aU .. perlor to the dramattzation thro'".lghoUL Robert W. Graham Is the director. IDs brief HHltchco*ck" appearance In the final Bcene sharpenB the appreciation of the lOcal audience. The Gage familY, NeVI Yorkers rusticating in their newly purchas .. ed Connecticut home. is headed by Howard Witt ~hOse petulant Her" bert carries on his stage career as family man. the more frustrat":-' ed the funnier. Ann Shivley ap" pears as his harrassed wite 'Marge. Kiss Shivley uses a. pleasantly pitched voice to a.dvant&ge. Ae the three Gage gl.rls Marguerite Getu Ramsey. Sue Surrlck, Pat Gallagher' add Immeasureably to ·the pacing, ette~Uvenes8. and In. terest of the performance. Grace E. Yea.w's Frieda. Ie a. brief. bright spot. Washington w'est '" George' contrives the required naivety. Drawn In contrast to the Gages, the Rockwoods ~re headed by the ··don·t~bell'!ve~ln~hurrying­things" Jonathan played by Ern­est O. Lange. Mary P. Plowman's Mathilda Is equalPy laconiC. ex:­except nt prayer. and the purport­edly amoruoUB son Is ~andle4 by John D. Seymour. Staftord W. Parker's Uncle Wal-tar received general .audlence aJ'll~ proval as ,bls comings and goings liven tho situation. L. C. Hastings adds. legally. to the confusion. Lloyd. Goman appearIjJ as Carlson In tile final act.· . Accepted at Sct.ool DOrothy Bor.den. daugbter at Mr. and Mrs. Norman Borden ot South Princeton avenue. has been 8.Q­cepted ~ the Ward-Belmont School for glrle In Na.ehvllle tor the year 1'47.48. • Dorothy, who will graduate f1'lOm swarthmore High School next . spring. will enter the freshman class at Ward· Belmont September 9. 1947. Dr. HaD at Columbia Dr. W. Scott Hall. a graduate ot Swarthmore COllege in the class ot 1927' and .now bead ot the eco­nomtcs and sociology department at Tra.nsylvanla College. Lexington. Ky.. wUl be one of five professors from Transylvania who wilt. do re­search this year UDder a recent grant from the Carnegie Founda,.­Uon tor the Impr~vement of in­etrucUon. Dr. Hall will develop a new gen­eral education course to be known as "The 'Soclal Worldtl • He will do the major portion of his work at Columbia Unlv~ty. Brownies Active Twenty-slx Browm:es of Pack. No. 96 wlll be guests of honor at a Christmas part~,. to be given by the Troop Committe' on Monday afternoon .next at the Rutgers ave­nue scbool. The Brownies are Hbusy as bees" these d3.¥8 mn.klng ornaments and rag dolls for the chUdreli's ward ot the P.hlladelphla General Hos­pital. There wlll be a dance at the Pe;Dn.sylvanla. Military College this evening. Tbls dance will be given by tbe college v~te~B who are' students of the college. Those recelvlng will be M1'1J. Frank ~ Hyatt. MaJor a.nd Mrs. Stanton S. von, Grabill ot Swarthmore. a.nd Mr. Donald Bailon. president ot the student counell. trac.tlve, the cast has worked hard. Barbara Kent of . ~lvervlew This reVle:wer found It Indltferent road r«\turned home .. Sunday atter: a two-week visit wlth her brother B.B. U. and 8tster .. in~law Mr. and Mrs. Matniida observes succinctly that "different folks lias dlft'eront tastes". January Tba.w 'will draw different reactions. The set Is at-fare. ______ ~ Laurtmce S. Kent and two small sons of Quincy. Dl. VOTERS URGED the 28 members of Girl Beout 1'roop 83 pledged themselves to try to keep the Girl Scout Prom· t8e. In token of which girl received her Tenderfoot pin in a candlelight ceremony symboUzlng the ca.rrYlnc; forward of. the Glrl Scout ideals Into everyday life ot each girl. Mothers ot members at .. ' tended the ceremony which was held In the Woman's As8Oclatlon room ot the Presbyterian Church. Bertha Cavanaugb, Girl Scout district director ot Delaware Coun .. ty and leader of the ,recent Scout leadership course held here, gave mothers and girls a tboughtf:I1 and Impressive talk on the slgnlflcance of Girl 3couUng In the world to­day. Ms..." Hurd Fine, one of the leaders of the trooP. received-her Girl Seout pin along with the fol­lowing girls: Joanne Allen, Judy Atnme'rman, Molly Banka. sa.1l;V Bate .. Freda Blilsteln. Patsy BlaJte. Mary Bunker, Margaret Colllns, Donna CroBBet, Alice DeCalndry, Marilyn Green. Suzanne Harrar, Sallty Jaco'~. Patsy Jones. Nancy Lees, Cornella. McKerman, Joan Narbeth. Nancy Newman.' Nancy Saunders. Peggy Stuart, J¥et Thompson, Anne V1acbos. Jody Whitehair. Mary Willis. Cpl. calved N. J:. Japan. Out of Service Wll1lam David Webb re­his discharge at C~p Dlx. tol1owing hlB return trom Cpt. Webb had been stationed with Headquarters Troop. at the 12th Cavalry in .Japan for the PaRt nine mont~s. W,hlle In tbat coun­try he climbed Mt. Fugl. David pliws to return "bo Wes-leyan Univeralty. Middletown, Conn .• In February. Mrs. Russ.ell H. Kent of River­vieW" 'road entertained #1rrhe Eigthsome" at a luncheon-bridge at her home, Tu~_sda.y. Mr. and JrtrS. A. Norman HIx .. son and chlldren Gwen. Stevie and Arthur spent the week-end in Le­onia. N. :1.. with Mr. Hixson's parents. Dr. and Mrs. A. W. Hix­son. CALL Swarthmore 0504 11 Park AVeDue Delivery. Service 3_ I DAYS A WEEK' I MONDAY - WEDNESDAY FRIDAY UNTIL LABOR CONDITIONS IMPROVE HARRIS and CO. , TAILOR SERVING SWARTHMORE SINCE 1912 · __ ~""~_~'''''~''SiSi~Si''~~ __ Si~''Si''~ FOR ! 'USEFUL ~. and Gwrs' i ATTRACTIVE ~ vi-it 'i25o-••• ~~ . . when ChmbRa •• hopping 104 Park Ave. Phone Sw. 2513 ~ . 0plln Evenings UntO 9 P. M. . .~ ~~~~~Si"~~'~~'~~ , TO REGISTER NOW, t -AT 5 P. M. Can Be Checked. Remedied Before Primaries • One month atter a general elec~ tlon Is the time .set by law· when regtstmtlO1l 41f votera Is again ac­cepted at the Delaware County Court House in Media. In prepar­ation tor the primary elections to be heJd neit 8prln,. the Swa.rtb­more League of Women Voters Is. urging every citizen to check on his or her registratilln status. New residents, or thoim" who through failure to -w.te dUring the past two :years and bave ccnsequently been dropped trom the registrat­ion list. m8¥ register at the County Court House In Media at any time. beginning Friday Dec­ember 6 up untn 10 days beto~ I the primarIes. At that time each of the polit­. teal pB.rtlea chooseS those who will be candidates tor the tall election .. Each citizen properly registered as a voter, haa the 41Pportunity to help decide what roan or woman shall stand for election to oftice, ¥ winners from each party In the prlmarlea become the candi­dates to represent the' party in the election to be held in the fall. CH E ST ER ' SM 0S T FA M0 US 0,0 0R OPENS TO THE PUBLIC THEtLUBDOUSE ~ll WELSH STREET DINING ROOII Come In time for co*cktails • • . and remain 10 enjoy th. fI ..... International cuisine In an al",OIJI"- of gradous hospitality. It would be whe 10 call Mr. Marva, 1M MalIN d11ote1, _rIy to make su .. a ~b" will be awaltlJltll youroparty I I I phone a..dar 1216. Ie with us this e".nlng I • I truly an OLL IIDII In Ch .... r • • • an uparlenc:a you wID be ........ to r~p 101 .tr.quantly for luncheon, II l'oaiII'" tII~. • ..... r.-CWO ... = I ',-sr.". 'II'" ' .................... 7= ....... _ • I r •• tLUB·DOUSB Only th08e ,vho are registered In one of the parties are .ell&1ble to vote. FOr" those who for some reason canndt register at the Co.urt Ho~, there. w.:1~~ be .later opportunity to do 80 h."" In. Swarthmore. Registrars wl.11 sit In Boro Ha1l for three days. on dates' to be announced later. A' .................. _ l' , ' ......... __ lill IILSI Sf.. *. CRISTII,'1. The Leaguo hopee that &8 ma,ny as ~ble ot thooe no~ ·T;'· proper .. _ __ will remedy this eGn41UOD earb'. . ;.. .o~C." . ... ~ •• ~ .. ,. -~ ....... -- "ow" :' .... , Pc .....,. .........,.. .-. .•. _ 11, ' , .... .... ... ' ...... , ..... ... : '.\ ,,7 I .... . _... ..., .......... _'" T T ...... r .......... t .... -lIIDlft ... · • P.& .. 9P.& t, s' __ ,. 'S's.· .. I ;I\~.,~.,~,~D;:I:C :::-' :,I::I:3,=·1=9::t8~:--:-_______ .:.-T~H!:E~S~W ART HMO RE A N HONORS I =~M~v:~::::r::an.1 ~1~~TIA~ard. LOCAL GRi l. S QUAL td ~'~n.f NO :;:::::: ,:f InS ::•~::::.r.:.;: EHpOlBecl,oltpala l Inc haPphllalai.nd ealpt htiblle. Gweilnl erbael HO$pltal Of leukemla. . the preacher at Trinity Church. at Mr. and )Ire. Edwa.r4· L. Noy"" ·Mr .. and Mre. Lovett I'...oohi ot of Riverview road gave a buUet Ha.Mrar« avenue ha:f'e retumt14 Bupper Monday .nIght In honol" of home after a week'. eojourll.ln Mr. E. C. Walton'. 80th Sirthday. AUantic City. Public Program Held After Team . Dinner Harry Robert. Phlla.delphl& Re. oord 8POrta wrlter. was gueat of , honor at the annual Swarthmore . high &hool footbaU banquet FrIday evening. At the .: 10 dinner for V&l'8.1ty teaJn. members 8,Ild their parenlB In the cafeteria Mr. Rob'rt Introduced three members of the Penn squa.d "}lob Chuch Bednarik. and Eddie Alle.n: ... well as Swarthmore Co1lege's football coach Lew Elverson who ,relded several football tale& At the close of tlie banquet fes.­tivIties the dinner guesta were' join­ed by severa.! hundred townfolk &oa the studellt body 10 the school auditorium. tor the presentaUon ot football· awa.rds by Coach Millard ·F. Robinson. Each memb~ ot the .v arsity received a, gold footbiLtl. The school ba,nd honored the . Penn players present by Including & Unlvel'llity song In the eveitlng"a 'rendition... Movies ot the Penn­Cornell gam~ were show;n. Varsity players this year were: ·12th Orade -' Robert McCowan, ·(captaln) 'T: Casper Bierman, B: Frederick Boyce. G: Da.vld Camp· bell, E&'i': Robert Hopson. B: Wil­liam Moore. G: James Hornaday. Hi Robert· Moorehead. G; Samuel Nowell. E: John Polk. B:WlIlIam. I Soden. B; 11th Gra.d. - Elijah Baughn. G: Rod,ney Bra.y, B: Kenneth Childrey. B; David Co11lno. E: William Huey. B; Charles Keenan. C: Dav.ld Me,. Cahan. Harry MeGUberry. B: Bafry Patton, E: Ross· E: Howard . Pressman. T; George Storck. C:- HarrY, Warren. B. . 10th Grade - Arthur Bana­clough. T: Avery Blake, Tj Dugald Brown. T: Larry'Datto.n, E: John Dodd. T: William Froebel. 0; Ed­ward Gavettt. B; )rillton Helmuth. G: Jack HoUtz, B; Faber .McKer - nan. E:. Bruce 'MylreR,' 0: Da.vid S'mlth. T; James"'streeter, G. , .. QUIZ PROGRAM . Robert C. Buxbaum, 15 year-old Btudent of the Nether Providence Junior High School who appeared on the Quiz Program of K. Y.W •• at .:80 Sunday. November 24:. was winner of a $25 War Bond and $6 In War Stamps. Robert. 80n of former Swarth~ moreans. Mr. and Mrs. ·Edwin C. Buxbaum of Winding lane, Media, partlcipa.ted with .studeD:ts tram PhoenlxyllJe. Norristown. Wilming­ton. and Philadelphia In a. program BPonaored by a. 'well-known store. Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Brown of North Chester road will entertain at dinner this evening t.n lionor ot Mrs. W. W. Woodrltf.\ NO HOLIDAY. r! FOR @ LOIG DISTIICE Olristmasse.ason i. the busUst time of year for out· oJ-town telephone calls. WC'reglad to have the lines to carry these weJc:omc messages. BUT ••• there are bound to be delays on Christmas Eve and Christ· mas Day. The lines will be crowded and some calls (particularly to distant points) won't get through at all. We suggest you start your ",,-.,.u,n..s tmaB ca n·J Og .. early. , 1111 ... 'II ,1111 III I r ". )II ; Prior to bl.· retirement two fears ago, he had been "ealdent prote88or of Economics at Penn­sylVania State College. and was later associated with the Exton,. slon DlvlBlon of the college. It was during this time that he lived with his. tamily on Park avenue:'· 11 a.m .• Sunday. Drive Nears End Mr. MelvUle W&II a graduate of the University of Wl8conaln and received bls Master's degree from Columbia., and was· later professor of Economics at both unlversltles. He was director of research for the Conde Nast Publlr.atlon fOl' about 16 yeare. During- World War I. be served as Exeoutlve of U. 8. FoOd Administration under Her"": bert Hoover. The Community Chest Campaign at the beginning of the flnal week shows need tor·n last-minute drive and the return ot funde now In the hands of collectors. On Sunday night. the returns showed as tol­lows: .Morton. 80 %: RldlcY Park. 100.3%: RIdley Township 00.3%: nutledge 64'10: Sprlngfteld 90%; Swarthmore 90%. at QUotas col­leded and In hands of central omce or IQcal· chatrmen. Ridley Park Is to be congratu_ lated (In being the flrst district In the Central Delaware County lJlVi­slon to exceed Its quota. I wish to thank all who gave their services and those who contributed to this ,,·orthy cause. and to remind those who have not yet contributed. that thel .. help Is desired and necessary· to reach the goal. Fire Extinguisher-Every home should have one El~etric Blankets-Very nice Christmas l,'resent H'! 18 8urvJ.ved by'bis wife Edith; a daughter Edith Jane: ~nd a Bla­ter. Mrs. A. M. Schroeder of Peo~ tone, III.' Car Radios-Just received shipment Services were held Sunda.y. Nov­Life Guard Tubes-6.00x16 .6,5Ox16 ember 24. at State College. with in~erment In Gray's Cemetery, near State College. John H. Pitman •. Chairman Central Delaware County Division Goodyear Tires-6.00xl o· 6.5Ox16. 6.5Ox15 •• Swarthmore National Bank and Trust Company Swarthmore, Penna. ANNUAL MEETING SUp Covers';""Plymoulh and Chrysler H.ANNUM AND WAITE The AnnUal MceUJig of the stOOkbolders of the S...,rthmore NB' tJonal Bank and Trust Company, Swarthmore, PL, fQr tbe election at directors and. 8uch otber business 88 rna,. come before the meeting, will be held at the banking bouse In Swarthmore, Pa., on Tuesda:,., JanualT 14, 1947, between the bours of three and five P. M. . Chester Road and Yale Avenue Swarthmore, Pa. In event of your non~attendance wiU )"OU kJnd1,. sign and return the enclosed pl"Oxy. . ELRIO So SPROAT: CashIer. a 11iiss atuJ her 'ttWsic The first" simple ;,otes of music can open new worlds of . delighl for your little girl . . • the first good eating habITs you teach her can open the way to high.spirited heahh. , . .:.;,.:.; .. ~ ... For thaT eagerness for life and doing," thQI you naTurally wanl your· children 10 there's nothing more important than good, wholesome. foods. Suppl~ Sealtest hom*ogenized Vitamin 0 Milk, for instance. This ~'improved" milk suppli'" . : proteins, Vitamins, and minerals. ' •• and what ell treat it makes them •. There's the satisfying ~sIe of cream In every $IIIOOlb, rieI!.drop. ' .. of Supplee Sealtest hom*ogenized Vitamin 0 Milk;. • • aild because the food particles are broken up, It's easier to disiesl• ; . II has a "plus" of vitamin D~ too, for extra boOe proTec:lion. If you haven't alreadymoc! .. "hom*ogenized" cifeature on , .. : .. your fomily's menu, try _ now. Your SoIpp~mlllanan a~ your neighborhood Sealtest ~ have it few you. . " . :::,(.}. " : .. " :'~,,'~':. ':··'~v·.' '~~~:~.~::~<~.~.::i<,~:;i.\::~~· I. ,. - ,'. >\"0,.:, . ~ have, ., . '. ~ '" ""~. ~ ... 'p " _ .. ;:~"::··t· . i ..... •• # •• • ••• • __ .#.t

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8 THE SWARTHMOREAN FridaJ'. DB _ t. lJ. I.'" Jack Daley has returned to the Unlvendty of Virginia. ~ Allen Daley baa returned to PrlDceton Unlverelty after .pendlng the holidays at their home on Elm avenue., Jane Krause of St. Louis. ·Mo.. a. student at Ra.ndolph­Macon Woman's College was a guest at the Daley home during the holidays. IIIr. and JIIrs. C. F. Wolters of cedU- ·Jane ontertaJned as the1r rectUlt week-end peste their 80n .. in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Van Arsdaleana children susan and Peter of Sha;nka VU­laJe on the Hudson, N. Y., and Comdr. and Mrs. John V. Noel of Washington. D. C. Jane Allen ot Riverview road had as her Thankag,lVlng week­end guests, two friends she met at the Luther GUlick camps, Cath,rlne Jane Handren of Rye. N. Y." a.nd Ba.rb&r& WUson of Providence, R. I. Friday night, November 29 Jane entertained in honor ot her trlends a.nd on Sat­urday November 30. they attend­ed th6 Army-Navy rootball game. RICB, DELICIOUS, FLA VOB A taste treat that calls for more than a Heond cup. Try this blend and we know you'll like It. lISCO. COFFEE :& 1M 'SO H_t-'Io Roo ..... to, brl.. out Its "'Ity developecllavor. Ib 43c Small, Lean, Smoked PICNICS Bran"s-~c Pound HIgher HAMBURG Ib 37c S.oked Bee! Toap_ Ib Ge "'ovoloae~~,:! ~ 11>17.: S.adwleJa~~. ~ Ib 160 CBICKENSK:ii~{5:;A Ib 47C :~ ,Fancy Jersey PORGIES Ib tic Val ... lCod Fillets· 1029c I Dressecl Whiting " 17e ~Pollock Fill.e ts 1023c ButtorRsh ....... Jo. . 1023c Just In Time for Christmas N Is 7-0. vacUUM-49 U pack... C tin . Crisp, Sweet Salted A Bne auprtment 0' .1 .. 0 .... , ..... rb, pecaa., ....... -ftO peanuts. Salted 'Cashew Nut. . 7;:=~::," 45C' Down Goes the Price of Lard ·LARD :~~~ Ib Z9C A __Re o.'t Voaf'. _.. ._1 CHRISTMAS CARDS :;. 29c ENRICHED B Zh"·Z:lC Tuna Fish u,......... " ... 35c Coclflsh _." •• ...- -.: 16c Silver Hake Fish "-"'21c Swift's Prem 1:I ... zu·43c (j.ottl:tul Oats ,..,... ... 'I 1e Mother's qat. -"'1I1c Com Flakes ............... 15c w_ ... _ DTCBBS 1Z=49c ............ fa. ,,'S .......... ...,. .... ' & ... MIJ.E. BBEE TRACES FRENCH RECOVERY Mrs. A. W. Baal, Jr., chalrmaD of publicity •. has called a. meetil18 of her commlttee at 11 o'clock today. D.A. R. MEETS (Contlnp..ed from Page 1) communism eveD though many French have lost everything; a for­eign polley adopted: a plan hevlaed for Independence of colonies with­In the framework of the French federation: an.d the railroads which were two-tblrds . destroyed are again In operation although tnero arc pitifully tew goods to move on them. For much of this comeb.ack France Is grateful to the help IJf America. CITES ACHIEVEMENTS The nut meeting of the· Dela" ware County Chapter· of the Daughters of the American Revo ... luUon will be beld Monday, De .. cembel" 16. at 2.80 p.m. In tlie Wo. man's Club. At the moment the health of the population and closely asso"Ciated with It the Inflated prices for food and clotnlng seem the greatest problem. . Food ratioDs even now are not up to the caloric requirements for body malnten':' ancc. Infant mortality Is 'alarm­ingly high, TB Is Increasing rap­Idly. In the university only 120/0 of ~the students had the stamina. to pass their examinations. Mile Bree estimated that it no new war oc­curs France will recover in about 100 years. Mrs. Peter E. Told, president, presided at tho stated meeting. Mrs~ T. K.. Brown, Jr., secretary, and chairman ot the By~LawB revision committee rend the revised by.laws.· A motion to substitute tliem for the presef!t ones 'WM car­rIed unanimously. A second read­ing "'\\1.11 take place at the January stated meeting before they may be adopted by the ebb. Mrs. Told announced the proceeds of the Phllanthropic Bridge party held in November by the Healt.h and \Vel­fare department at ~234.86. In Holiday Program The Christmas program of the Woman's Club wlll be next Tues­day, December .17. Members. are asked to bring Christmas· gifts gaily wrapped for a man, woman or chlld to be distrIbuted by the Community Health Center of Del­aware County. Please note coiL .. tents on the outside ot the pack­age 80 that the packages will "not have to be. unwrapped. Dorothy· McEwen Forrest. interpreter of poetry ,,~111 present a. Christmas program. Carols by singers from the High Scbool under the direc­tion ot Alice ,Blodgett' will com­plete tho progra~. Attention of all members Is called to the announcement of the b'Urdcn department for small wreaths 'or sprays for the patients of the Philadelphia General lios. pltal. These wreaths bring great pleasure to the bedridden on Christmas. Plan a neighborhood group to make them and brlng on the morning ot the 23rd of Decem- I ber· to the home ot Mrs. Elliott. Richardson. 311 lAifayetle avenue. Mrs. John E. Michael has called Statelfmen and pOliticians do not know enough about the 8clen­tlfic technlQ.ues and the 8clentlflc background ot our culture, accord­log to ~r. La."Jrence Irving. Profes· ~or of Experimental Biology at Swarthmore College. Dr. Irving spoke before the ·Swarthmore Chapter of Sigma. Xi .In Martin Hall oD the Swarthmore Dr. Irvlng'a talk was largely concerned with the development of equipment to adapt man's phy­sique tb modern warfare, Pa.rU­eularly aerial wartare. His own work with the Army cove~ed such fields us the prevention ot ath­lete's foot, development ot &J;1tl-g Buits to prevent blackouts dulrlz.g I sharp aerial turns, dev~lopment of clothing sultabl~ for extreme ex;. pOSllrcs, and the measurement iJomb effects. He concluded witb the plea that science and its tech­niques, basic to our society. should be better ",nd more widely known. names owning Thoodore ar. ':~?~~l~:~:~~f~::::' . , Del. C., .• Pa. Route, hla Chrlstnill8 .muslc will be ·preSent­ed by a chorus or children trom the Rutgers avenue' school. The ho_ will be M.... Nathaniel S. Ewer, Mrs. Jon~tban Prichard. Mrs. Edward L., Plttock. Mrs. JoJ:1n P. Rife and_ MJ'tiL John C. Larson. IN A RUT? Climb out wlqb aptitude teste anoJ. CounseliDI'_ Free Booklet S. S. Tomllnaon CouDllelon 110 So 18th St., Pblladehtbla I, Pa.' Pblladelphla'" oldest gDldRDee Mater. MARTEL BROS. South Chester Rd. HANNUM & WAITE Yale Ave_ & Chester Rd. You can Register NOW (Beginning December 6) at the County Court House, Media THE SW ARTHlUORE LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS urges you' to check on your Registration Be Ready To HELP ELECT YOUR PARTY CANDIDATE IN THE PRIMARIES / a. meeting of the Garden Club seo.­tion at ho-r horae, . 764 Harvard avenue, Friday, December 20, to make wreaths for the Phlladelphla (~ee Registration Article In This Issue) General Hospital. SAVE YOUR WAR BONDS Swarthmore National Bank & 75 'trai DL '5' Company .. DI OuiC a 17 / , FrIcIQ-. Ike. tei- 13,1 ... . IIr. "';d II.... TholDllOn Little. field. of CambrIdge. II...... have retur,ned home after vialtlng the former'a parents Mr. and Jlrs. R. :1. LltUefteld of Swarthmore place. CLASSIFIED for ewa. Are You Out of Oil? We are your neighboR and we· prefer to live with friendly neiPbon. That is ODe reuon lbat we can IIDd will sive you prompt cIeIiv.,.. Why DOt call DOW for your on or c:. oal,? VAN ALEN BROS~ R~LEY PARK Pearnsyo: naarlt-iFcluer nIni tugernee, rnhJo. useoelhd.o oldn ag opoedrs·, ~~~;;;;~~~;;~~;;~~ cantage· ba.tlls •. Chester Service Shop, 122 W. 3rd .St., Can Chester 2-6233 .• LOST LOST-New' coral })ull-over eweater, size 40. In Wanamaker gift box. In parking lot between Acme Store and Swarthmore Apartments. Friday. No­vomb~ r 29 at 4 ;30. Ftnder please re": turn to The SwarUmlofean omce. LOS'l'-Gold watch between high schoul and vlllnge. Call Swarthmore 0938. LOST-SUver bracelet, wIth wtnp, in­scription "To Evelyn, etc.:' on bnck. Reward. Tele~one SwarthmorQ 1601. FOUND FOUND - Hand knit gannent and. white· mittens, near north aide of P~nna. R.R. platform, Saturday even· lng. Call Swarthmore 4517. FOR SALE I<'OR SALN-gmerson Portable. three­way radio. Nc",' CondlHon. $36.0!) less batteries. Reply to Box Z, The Swa.rth­morean. FOR SALE-Oboe for. student. Nearly neW .. Telephone swarthmore 184'1. FOR SALE - Hammond Multi-plex typewrite-l· Especially suitable keephlG' records of. notes. TeleJl}1one Swarthmore 0'195·M. FOR sALE _ New 30 gaUon electTI~ hot water heater. Call swarthmor~ 1897. evenings after 6 P.M. • Plan now the home you WIlDt Desirable lOb available Charles E. Fischer • Builder Phone SwarthlDOl"e 2253 LIBUnga SOUclted . \ W. S. Bittle & SOD S ..... Olll-J Real Estate NOfarJ Pablio-lD5W"1Uloo -;~ING AND l PAPER HANGING - Call DAVE .WOOD Me~ 0755 I WORK all kInd New or Old MORTON ELECTRIC Phone Swarthmore 0992 • EDWIN B. KElf EY, Jr. YOUR .JEWELER iii _ -7th at. (Op~le· New State Thea_> 'P.boDe C)hes&er 8784 Electrical Contractor All om- of Electrical Installations and Repa1~ Serving Swarthmore and VIcinity for I>BSt Twenty Yean 1180 Muhlenberg Ave. Swarthmore 2295 FOR SALE-B~Hat cla.rlnet. $26. caH night or da),. Swarthmore 1496. Saturday. 'FOreRd SsAi.lLkE -a-f"tWerhnioteo nn etd reevsesn. LnsgiZ desr es1s6_; ~~~~~~~~~~;~~~ GoOd condition. Reasonable. ~ev: worn In swa..."1.hmore. Repl~ to Box: ~~ ~:,:-~::;.;~~. b'cycl~. 28" wheel. ~ HOME IMPROVEMENTS call Media. 0862., morning or evening. ~ oarpentrJ' Re:pairs pd FOR SALE-Two pair· girl'S bl&c,k .,. Alterations shoe ice r,ka.tes; two paJr chl.ldren s d· KlDlSUl IDsolaUoa sklls child'S rocktnklB' chau'tftr't ~~: ~ . .-..;..._& Work . a.nd coo ng 0, • ~ ARTERS BRO'J'HEIIS l'''ormerlJ' WalI"ce Eo Arten 302 Gayley Street Media, Pa.· Tel. Media 2872-R HARRY W. LANG Rap and Carpets . 1=.' ••• 4'. 0764 \ . .. pal •..• .....1 01"""· • THE SWARTHMOREAN 7 PletaN ........ r. 8t."'C. » BrJDG Kodak ~\ G: '. Oanle-U-', Crall SIMMONDS 714 Weillb 8U! I Oust r ALICE M. BAIRD Real Estate ... d lnaurance Old Benk Building 11 __ 0108 CAB WINTERS MoviDg and Hauling Phone Media 2726 100 W. 4th SL Media, P .. Grocery Delivery From Local .tores including Martels Driveway Construction ~sphalt or Co,!crete PETER DI NICOLA Phone Swa. 2626 A. MERCER QUINBY Funeral Director Formerly of l'ledin. 1125 'V. ·Lehlgh Ave., PhIla. Phone Baldwll! 1170 No additional charge for suburban calI& PAINTING and DECORATING AD 'York Guaranteed . Write CLIFFORD L PARKER ·MedIa R.D. :11 CO. SPORTING GOODS 816 EDGMONT AVE. Cheater ~~~~~~~~ Swarthmo.... 1448 WILLIAM BROOKS Ashes & Rnb_ Bemoved lawns 1I10wed General HauUng 23& Harding Ave. IIlomn. Pa. ~I --- PAINTING AND PAPERHANGING White lead and pure Un e t1 00 used on all exterio:r palnUng. Work Guaranteed CHARLES WHITE Phones Chester 8130 & 24525 ---.- Walters' Tree Surgery IIDd Landscaping • Phone Swarthmore 2175-R 104 Comell, Avenue Swarthmore, Penna. Morton Electric· and • Appliance Service I Commercial and Domestic-­Prompt service-Refriger-I ators, WasherS, VaC1lum aeaners, Radios I. 11 Mod_ A._ ~Pa. . "'1"~:::I~a~=:7::=a _ ..,;. .. P 1_· _1- OWENS EMPLOYIIElfT AGENCY I'eana,l_ scale U-- Jobs for Private FamIl, LIght lnduRrJ" aDd bo_cWo"" VbIIIe __ Prop., • CUNNINGHAM Paiaten ... d Paper H.apn We 8JtouId ~ Bow Swa. 1268 40. MI""." A ..... (lh_ lIIi_ teot w. 'lbIrd tta e !t.. ~.Pa. • GIRLS TOP-RANKING POSITIONS . in COmmunity Service QUAUTY PA, INTING Since 1889 A vailBble to QUALIFIED YOUNG, WOMEN in Telephone Work Walter V. Linton . . Contractor IIDd Builder Ridley PA.l< Pbone 0333-M Call MASON BUILDERS SUPPLY COMPANY . EARNINGS Compare with Best . in Your Community SURROUNDINGS AND ASSOCIATES Better Than A veragu OUTSTANDING OPPORTUNITY for Advancement and Development INVESTIGATE TODAY 33 t Dartmollth A venue S"''B.r&bmore 0345 For THE BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY OF PENNSYLVANIA EGG STOVE NUT PEA 1631 Arch Street Philodelphia - or Buckwheat Rice COAL Room 315, McClatchy lildg. 69th and Market Streets Upper Dorby Immediate Delivery. • , No, this isn't a new kind oftoy. I es mercly Mrs. Brodie, after a few hectic days of Christmas shopping. "I'm simply ";hirling around like a topl'> ·moans Mrs. Brodie. "I wish .there was a way to shop without stirring out oC the house. My feet are KI!LING me I And I'm afraid I've Cractured my budget I" Well, there's one item Mrs. Brodie doesn't have to shop for-that's electricity !i\~ It comes to her special delivery, without effort or waiting. She has only to ~ flip a switch, and electric ~ power is right on hand in any quantity she needs... ~ ~ Electricity is easy on \ Mrs. Brodie's budget, too. Fur a few pennies, her clectric range will cook dinner for her while she shops. She can rest her Ceet and listen to the radio all evening C!,r another penny. Mr. Brodie has no complaint, either. A couple of cents worth of electricity (and Mrs. Brodie) will iron a whole week'. supply oC his shjm. Busy, dizzy Mrs. Brodie! But this wild holiday fervor comes only once a year. And she enjoys helpful; depeI\dable.e1eetricity-a{ low cost-all year round. So do you. The practical planning of the friendly folks in this compaoiY-l'nder sound busirws management-makes that possible. • un. ,.",. New mearlc Hoar-n. HOUll 0. CHAlU6 S '.", +"30 P.1d., BST, CBS. PHILADELPHIA . . . \ ELECTRIC COMPANY '- ..

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8 THE ..... Dr. T ..... I BOAR'S HEAD. cDu:MoNY Dt'. Irven Trav!" of Kenyon ave-I The ancJont ceremony of The n~e, Dltec'bor of Research Division Boar's Head will be held In Trinity Mpore School of Electrical EngI- Church on Friday. December 30, neerlng at tbe Unlv8nsity of PenD- (UJ a teature of the aDnual Father SYlvania. spoke at the tall meeting and Son'a Chr1Bt.mas dinner and of the AmerlC&D SOciety for EngI- party. neering EducaUon at Wilmington. The boar's head with an apple pel., Saturday, December 1. Hla In ita mouth and with a crOWD ot topic was "Industrial Research in jewelB ali Ita head. featooned with Engineering Colleges". gold bay lea.V8S will be carried In Rec:eivaDiacbaree proceaaloo whUa' the bOY8 choir chanla the anCient Boar's Head Pte; Robert Ewing. son of Mr. and Mrs. AJe:sander Ewing of Dart­mouth avenue, received hiB dis­charge at Camp Dlx, Thursday. ('arol. A turkey ;dlnner will be served and a two-hour sound 'motion pic­ture program will tollow which wlll Include James Fenimore Cooper's. "The Last ot the Mohl­cana." Bob arrived home last week from Germany where he had been sta­since March '48. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * , LDIICII fr •• 60c DIIIIIEI ho. ISc COCl"Afl HOUI, ~ TO , , ... 'I ••• ra OOJlDITIO •• D SUBURBAN CAFE """ C.c' taU Lotmg. 1111 CIICIPII. '.LL 1II11 .. uunn * * * * * * * * * *. , This attalr. Inaugurated last year, Is sponsored b)' the Men's Club of the church. * To Aid Santa CIa .. * K:::ub Pack No. 1 are very busy * theee days raising money by selling toys and Christmas trees In order * \>0 buy glrto for six chUdren Who would otherwJse have a very un-' happy Chr1stma& * * * * * * * * Barbara. Brown arrives borne this evening from Wheelock 001- ~e::. t;t\ :~n:o:: o~h~S:= ~a~~: Mrs. Rlchu.rd T. Randall, Jr •• ot North Chester road w111. return home today from Hahnemaun Hos­pital, Ph'Uadelphla. where she has been a patient for sev~ral dayS. SWARTHMORE SERVICE SHOP! 409 Dartmouth Avenue TOYS and DOLLS from all NATIONS I Opeo Deily until CbridmU 8:30 A. B. to 5.30 P. M. Wednesday, 8:30 A. M. to 1 P. M. Friday and saturdayeveuiDp ... til 9 A Referen.., Llbrar), of 60 Books ID one volume for Grades 5 .. 12 Reasonably PrIced Immedtate DelJvery 5'. .!J.Lal efu.ulnuu (lift LINCOLN LIBRARY (Polt-War Edition) ~y & OPPENLANDER GEORGE O. OPPENLANDER DIstrI_1'9 Telephone Swartlunore Ol38-J A "NEW"RUGFOR CHRISTMAS . I£V£R UID£R£STlII.1'E 1'11£ BUUn Of C\.UI RUGS Befare you decorate lor the hoUdays, have your rues ch~aned. Rup the back­gromul against which you display your other fumlshlnp. Your home will be more les­Dvo wllh cl ..... l1IIIL 9112 DOMESTIC. $4.50 RJIIII Oleaned and Ret1ll'Jled wlUdD , Da,. (P t\ulson It Com~~rJl'- "--' ....... ....P....h o !.... ~C!h:oi~ce! :e05J~~~'m'.!~a46u .' ~ P.,rion &,.t., s.H. ~ ,. ... SWARTHMOREAN PROF. STRAUZ-HUPE VIEWS REPORTED The last luncheon meeting hold by the Lear~e. of Wom.n Voters at WhitHer House had as main apeak­er Robert Str&uz-HuP8, protessor of pollUca~ oo1onoo at. Wharton School. UnlveraUy ot Pen....,.I ...... Ia. Author ot several books, Including '"Tbe· Balance of Tomorrow" pub­Ilshed recentl'y, Mr. Btrauz .. Hupe stated that American-Soviet pollU­cal relations· are the heart and center ot peace today. With an understanding of the Soviet peo­ple, their foreign policy, and their psychology and· political Ideology essential tl,.r peace ,buUdlng. '"The environment ot the Ru&&ian people hBB not changed essentially since the days of Alexander:t. The same problems Btlll Influence them, and probably always wlll. Blnce. manly ot them are geograph­Ical. The hletory of RU88ja has to be conSidered In the light of ~he history of all Europe and A.ala. And Marldot Soclallom whioh the Communist Party In Russta aUll adheres to. must be considered In conBlderlng Rusala. 'Elan tbere 10 the fundamental lo8i1e or Ihls day In the question ot the pOlitical gov­ernments' of the various strong na­tiODB which dltter 80 ·8Teatly. In the end. there Is the ancient clea.y­age between totalitarianism and democracy." The foregoing were among'the thoughts brought out by the epe~er who believes that the· only hope Is tor a modlflcaUOI1 ot the RUBSlan regime throu£'h t1;1e pasaage ot years----for America to remain strong'. united, and keeping the peace for 30 to 40 years. "By that' time RUBSian leadere may have become more mellow and the present lsaue be replaced by oth­ers, this he I'egards, "Is the real misBlon of the United NatioDB, and a solution ot present 1118." At the luncheon Mrs. Henry A. Piper, of Yale aven·ue, directed ar­rangements and. with a corpe ot helpers. the serving ot the lucheon. Mrs. Walter Robinson spoke on the necessity for combatUng in­flation, anil distributed flyerl pre­pared by tho League on this sub­ject. Mrs. Georgo Seegar flpoke on the Important conference held recently In Media by welfare society repre­sentatives ot Delaware 'County wi~b the Philadelphia Council ot Social Agencies. Mrs. Seegar reported that a new Health and Welfare· Council Is organized, with participat­Ing members the pubJlc and private health and welfare <n~gan1zations ot the COU!lty. and such other organL mUons as the ·League of Women Voters whl<?h are lnterested· in these questions. Mrs. Cyrus Wood reported on the work ot the Delaware' Connclt of Social. Agencies, :whlch has ftvo. BUb-commltte~s Investlg8.{Ung vari­ous fields ot welfare. In the field of child welfare 8uggestlO~s tor improvement follow those of the White House Conference tor ChUd Care. ExpeCted Home Mrs. Frederick Streicher of Nor·th Cheater road has received that her husband Lt. ,CQI. Streicher sallod on Tuesday. De';' cember 10 fro:m Bremerhaven and Is expected home next week. Col. Stretoher served with the Ninth Army durlng the war and the past yea.r and a halt' h~ bee.n at Headquarters. European Thea­tre, ,In. FrankfUrt, Germany. serving as Chief of Re_deployment of U. S. Forces in Europe .. We have finally received our long awaited truck and are now ready to bring you a . Prompt Call and Delivery Service .. ' TAILOR (NO EXTRA ~BARGE) For all Your DRY CLEANING Can Swatth'IDO~ 1727 M. WEI1.'lS'l'E1N Swarthmore, Pa. '. - '- .... " ............................ '\. '." -,'" .......... " ......... " .................... " ... , .... .... .... ....... ..."................. .... .................. , ............. " ' ......................................... '" ........... .... APPRECIATE DISASTER AID • The Nichols. Tucker and 800tt ramlll ... wloh to extend their deep gratitude to the Fire COmpany, Red Cro-. local churches and other organ~zaUons, and to eaoh of the many Individuals who came to their aas1sta.nce so. promptly and kindly when their horne was 4e­otroyed by fire lwo weeks ""0. The Nlohols and Tuckers are ilvlng acro.. the street, at II. Kenyon 'avenue, with Mr. Nichola' pal'enm ,until they can locate sepa­rate homes. ~o Bcotta are with Mr. Scott's aunt In Morton whOe they are looking tor another place. FIREWOOD F'lI'eplace and Fumace , Wood Cut to aiR IIDd cJelivered $21 PER CORD Moor and HaatiDp Aves. Gardea City Chuler 2-8719 'ritIa.Jo, Dec t. 13, 1 .... Dorothy Dopw~ <1l '. I!IIia avenue 8P~t· put.of .the ·TbaDIao­giving holld"",,' at, tJl.e home of her roommate. NancY· FlDkblDer ot Norrlatown. PHONE'~IA_ Budgei' Shoe Shop ~fo. - ENNA JElliCIC, EDWARDS and FLORSHEIM SHOES State ancl Olive S~t, Media STRATH HAVEN - THE INN W1THPERSONAUn Swarthmore, Penna. F. M. ScbeiNey, Owner MeNiler Rere ,.tjont· DOW bela .. tali.. for CIlriabMa· and N_Years '. ,ean~0680 '. You'll Find Christmas Gifts For the Entire Family at HARBOLD'S 34 W. State St. Media, Pa. Searoea Slippera Glooe. . Sweate". , 7iea Handkerchief. " """""""""""""""""""""" GREENE'S TOYLAND ()pen . Every Evening 'til Christmas Wide Selection of Electric Traina, Tricycles, Doli Coaches, Scooten, Cemel, Etc. , USE OUR LAYAWAY PLAN 9 East S~te St. Media 2258 lIIarlboro SHIRTS 395 Prince Oxford A DAN RIVER FABRIC It's a Dan River "premiuQ1 cotton" ... yam-dyed for color fastness, Sanforized to retain its fit. BecallSf its ~I!~n, woven and finished: to perfection, you'll wear PrInce O)!:fQrd long andprdudly. . . . "., 111-'0 ~ •. 8f: ..... l!'1n& .ftIoio su- 14 to 11% TIm .Blue G_ Neutral I i j~ P \. It 'i MERRy CHRISTMAS TO 'J' ... ,' ........ , , ALL THE SWARTHMOREj\N L-AST CAlI FOR SANTA'S LIST Remember, tomorrow DOOIl 18 the deadline tor plaolng Your Dame on8anta'o 1"1 llot. Any Swarthmors ho)' Or girl who ..... te ~ta to Waken him pel'llOnally late Chrlotmas . Eve or earl,. Chrlstma.o morn mWlt caU Swarth. mwoe 0.00 and ~eave DBJIle. ad ... ~...... and age: and tJI.... tollow up by seeing bla P&1"eDta leave the poroh IIgbt burning WlUl after Banta ....... "88. . CHRISTMAS COMES TO WOMAN.. 'S CLUB Poems and Carols. Tree, GoodWill Prevail Dorothy Mc~en Forrest, Inter­. preter 01 poetry. pr880n~ea a pro­~ of Chrlotmas readlnn that charmed ber large aUdience at the Woman's Club on Tuesday. and Bent the members and their guo8lo home filled with tho spirit ot the seaaon. Mrs. Forrest, n. graduate of the CHRISTMAS m.. CAROLS Al 5:30 lWinisters, Villagers Choir Boys to Light Tree Once again the "¥DICM ot v1l1qere and cbolr boys will be the aIgnaI for the 6:80 Christmas Eve Ilgbt­Ing of Swarthmore'. Chrlstmu tree. The annual half hour Com ... munity - Carol Is &- nelshborly, friendly custom greatly enjo,.ed bY the many toLk who ahare in ench Christmastide. ThIs' year returns to Borough Hall where the Busln .... Aaaoclatlon'o tall Chrlot_ 1946 llageant of tbe, J!atibitp GIVEN IN MEMORY OF THOSE LOST IN COMBAT CLOTHIJ3R MBMOIUAI. SW"ARTHMORll COI.t.EOS SUNDAY, DECEMBER 22. 1946 AT 5 AND 7 O'CLOCK .au bIfJo (OtRe in tfJe 6pidt of .lbbmnu anb RIor..,ip art .d(OtRe maJJ Tree J8 placed. Und.r the Golhio arch or Ito east SANTA TO BE HERE porch the Choir Boys of Trinity . IN PERSON B.A. KONKLE Church wUJ sing in their vestmen"- Santa 18 going to pay Swarth- braving the wintry alr prior -to. more a daytime viSit ui.. . 'Year for DIED Y MRS. L. HELD Active. College Ave. nue Woman Died Friday M .... caroline, Hadle,. Ro_II. ol"caatzer f". of matenaal health cllnl"" and acUve Democra-lead. r for social reformJJ,' died ~d.&y moroln.. December II, in the Wom~ll·. MedIcal Collen Hos­pital, Phlladelpbta where .he. bad beeb a· patient alnce au1ferln.. a cerebal hemorrhage 10 4&7. .... n.r at ber home. 411· College avenue. the .tirst time. He has accepted the their later appearance at the Trln- invitation ot Hannum and Walte to Ity Mldnlgbt Ma.ea. The carolln,d be at their automotive establleh_ Will be led by the Rev. GOOl'8'8 ment at So!lth Cheater road and ChrJsUan Anderson whose second :Yale avenue and interview local appearance In thla role Is appre- children from 2 until 6 o.clock clated and Wltlclpated by the bor- Mod'day afternoon. December 23. -:lugh. The Rev. Roy N~ Keiser. Born· in New MexIco on .January 22, 1885 the daughter of Walter C. IJactley, pioneer· New Mexican mID­log engineer. abe .d8llCended~ troin ~n old Philadelphia Quaker tam. II)'" on the sIde of her mother All~ Pax»on Hadl!»· •. Musician MadeHlonlel Elected to Phi Beta Kappa at Here 44 S_rthuiore College where ahe re­ceived her A. B. degree in 1906 pasbc?r of the MethocUst Church This should delight the local II small· try who will appreCiate· w I otter the Christmas Prayer tor the community. Santa's taking time out ot his ·busy Years sho took her masters degree In Mrs. Suzanne Ferry Konkle ec:onomlcs at Columbia. U~lvera1tT widow of Burton Alva Konkle, 8Uc~ a y:ear later. . .. Ka~ Lyon School. read poems by E"·ery caroler adds by presence last-minute schedule to make aure .. Vache,l IJ.D.dsay, SiElter Mrery Mad- 'and voice to tho hollday spirit of he h~ their ordors correctly. eUna, Ka9tarlne Parmenter, the community group. You·U find cumbed to a long IllnesS OD Mon. Author ot the book ·'Seventy· day, . two days betore she would Birth Control Cltntcs" pubUrihed In havo celebrated her 80th. birthday. ~930 In preparation tor a doctorate, A resident of Swarthmore .a1nce sno also contributed articles to 1902 M~. KonkI~ had made her scientific· publ1catloDB and maln­home Wlt~ her daughter. Mrs. talned a Ufe~long ,tnt9relJt In the Charles E: Fischer. ot Dickinson problems of eugenics. population Nan.". Byrd Turner, Grace Nowell the joys of Christmas Eve a little MATHEMATICIANS Crowell, Chr1st1ne R088ettJ, Ed. more· real with tho remembered ~D Markham, and also ~y"eral stratns of" neighborly carols as a avenue, for. · the past three years, and social wellbeing.' , Mr. Konkle died In Octobor. 1944. A founder of the old birth ·con-anonYDlQlYl. with great tendernM8 beGinning'. MEET AT CO and artistry, bringing out all the LLrGE beauty. peace, and light that Ie . _ _ _ I;. ::p":":ie:l:eO~:"~& °:re!:'':,t; GAZELLES TO PLAY Distinguished Men and added mucb to the f,nap,Ira ... A te trot cllntc In Chester sh; was. at ach~r of voice and . plano Jor many years; Mrs. Konk'le was a the time of her death, vlc.e-preal­member. · ot· the pro:snytsrlan dent 0' Planned ... Paronthood ot i~:~~i~~!·~~~~~~;~·~~~~~;.~p~e~n~n~OY~1Ivan~~lafja~n~d~o~h~aI~nna~ _t':":::t1~~~eta~~. tbe . . :AddSr~s~.JtJ)~ n of· the and· a member Co_\~teo. se. ... of mu- boards . tor 'Avenne SChOOl,' under . . ... . esslon ractlon of Allee E. Blodgett. ..... g . Veteran Quintet Th. litty-third annual me.tlng ,,~ a group ot ChrlBtmaa carola of the American Mathematical SOCiety sic IJeCtJOD. Sbe' was soprano 80- the ~oclf;ty of Jt"rlends ot which she 10181 at St. PauI'B Episcopal was· a. birthright member, and also ChUJ'ch, Chester, for a number ot on the board of the Women'B In­Czechoslovakian origin. David ' Plays Fast wtll be held at Swarthmore College years. ternational LeagUe for Peace and Spencer prov1dlng the· violin ac- Ball '"'" trom December 26 to 29. 1946. In compa.nlment tor the third ca.roL conjunction with the annual meet,... SurviVing besides Mrs. FiBcher l .... reec:\om. A. resident of Swurth­are three g~dChildrent: Mrs. more for many years ahe had been Raymond F. WInch ot l4a.rtln:tvll1e, active In the college Al:lm.nae DIs­Va .• and·Charles Wllllam and John ouaaloD Group . The ·Junlor .Hlgh Girls' Glee . The Gazelles. Swarthmore·s bu.. Ing ot Ule Mathematical Aasocla­Club was led by Mi88 ·Dlod .. ketball team of veterans, will play tlen ot Amorica. .,att In ita 8lngtng of three Frenc) two hoUday games. On Mon~~ Included In the serlea of lectUres carols. They closed their part of December 23, the·tocal team meets wl~1 be the- Josiah Willard· Gibbs the program w.ith a very effect- the Glenolden PreBS and Morton. lecture by Profeasor Subrahmanyan Ive rendition of "Star Candlea.u On Thursda.y, December 26. two Chnndr:lSokhar of the University oUt Mrs. W. Henry LintOn and :Mrs. will be played. with Clifton. Chicago at 1:46 p,m., Thursday. B!lrton ·Fischer. Surviving bestdea her busband. The Rev. Dr. David Braun con- Dr. Louts N. Robinson. Doted·peno­ducted services 'Yesterday at the logist, tormer member.ot tho East­Patterson Funeral Home. Media. ern Penitentiary board of trustees Interment was In Eastlawn ceme- and ex .. Obalrman. of· tne State Wm. Earl KtstIer were hosteSses, vets have shown speed and fllecembet' 26, on The Tnmsler 01 tery. Board of Parole, are tour sona-­and 111'8. W. EJlsworth Moore and sk1l1 In the· games already played. RadIation in St.eUar Atmospheres. Mrs. Thomaa W .. Simpers· presided Holiday' crowds wllIftnd them very On Friday. D~cember 27. at 2 p.m. a.t the very festive tea table which exclUng. in the Hign School Protessor A. P. Morse of the Unt~ had been arranged by Mrs. Ray B. GymnBBlum. versity ot California. will 'discuse QUick. A IJOftty lighted Chrlstmatl In th.e last two games the Gazel... Derlmtlves ~ Their Integrals, tree W8J!II the contribution of the les bl"()ke even. Thursd~ night, and on Saturday. December 28. a.t Barden departments. December 12, Vince Gallagher·s 2 p.m. Professor Harald Cramer of <DIRi8THAs NOTI!S men broke to an early lead ovor Stockholm and vtsiting lecturer at Jll'8. Wa Jlark BltUe made a the Glenolden Veta to score two Princeton University will give an plea to:r more wreaths and sprays field goala In the flrs&... two minutes address on Some Aspects or for tbe Philadelphia General Hoe- of play. The Gazelles controlled the 'Fheory of 8tocbastic Proc: e ])ltaJ. 'l'heae-sboUJd. be lert at the ball through three quarters of the Other events on the program are home ·of' IIrs. Elliott RJ.chardson game becauSe ·ot the fine play ot .the dinner for me~bers at 8:30 on JA,fQette aVenUe on Sunday, C8Jdwell and Edwards under both p.m .• Friday. which will include an December 22, or very early on backboal'ds. The flnal score was address by Professor Marston the rnornlng of the 21rd. Gazelles 68. GlenQlden 14. Morae of the Institute pf Advanced . Mre. Fnlnk G. Keenen, chalr- Mond". ..-..., December 16. Parkalde Study. Princeton UniverSity, and at man' ot· Peaee Services. reported AA sent the Gazelles down to their 10 a.m. Saturday, the a.ward ot the that. oyer 10 dollars had been re'" flrst defeat In starts. RolUn· Fronk Nelson Cole Prize in the ce'ved by ·her committee ~om BOn and Leonard· proved too much Theory ot Numbers,. the aale of candles. The money for the local five by scoring 13 and wiil be . Used for 10· girts tor vet ... 12: points respectively. Vince Gal­erMs at the Valley Forge Hoa- lagher wu the high 8corer to~ pita!. Swarthmore tor the second stralg'bt .. Over 120 slftB and contrlbu- game with eight points for the tlons. all gally wrapped and care- Oazelle& Parkalde won 39-18. rully marked. were plied high be­neath the Chrlotmaa lree and will be dllrutbuted by the Community Health Cenler of Delaware (ConUn"ed on Page 7) 5 BolO Police Graduate EJUs LID_,.. Joseph Guida, Robert 'nmmone, Arthur Orae­fenateln a.nd SgL Elmer zebley ot the Swarthmore Police Depart­mOllt irere amolllr' tJl.e 11 men from 11 county poll"" aqlJ&l!8 who ....... 1vell dlPiomaa at tJl.e Kedla CD1lrt Bo_ at the oompleUoD of '" 11-_ coline In the.1I'BI Po­llee IIclIool. . Before .. i tt.. tJl.e oIIplomu .Julin Albert Duttoa yeeDed. aDd A. B. BoUaIIIaD. .... ,;., ... at of OM lI'BI ..... , ! 4 lb. mea _ .-t tJae ai, • meat. of _ ........ III d~oa ............. the IIetV \bat .. &ft"sti'. to tile YBI ."".n'rd. .. tare r"a ? 9'1. , lira. Henry LaWl'"enee Smith and Mlo8 Elizabeth SmIth of Swarthmore avenue will 8Pe~4 the Chrlotmas holld""" In Crbifleld, Md~. with Mr. and. Mrs. Job Tbomao Handy. t$~~~ - Fa~ Receives Decorations Ernest Wembet' of South Cheater road haa ~~~elved the purple heart medal ~d other decorations aWarded postHumously to his. son. Walter. a. victim ot Corregldor whose name was recently taken by the local American Legion Post In commemoration ot his belng the first Swarthmore man to 108& his lite In World War II; TIDS WEEKS CALENDAR _,.._ ..... u 11: 00 AoM.-Momlng Worship .... - .... - ..•• ,.-••.. - •• - ••• -.. LQca! Ohurche • f:OO P.M.-candlellght Service .... .. .... .... ___ Methodlot Church &:00 and 1:00 P.Jl.-oJll'lstmlUl l'agesnt •• __ ... ... .... Clothier Memorial III_F. T'l D . 1:16 p.Jl.-.lDlllor M .... c Club ___ ._,.. __ ._._._ •• __ ~ ... 800 Elm A .... nu. _,.._ ..... M 5:10 p.Jl...,-Communlt!v carole •••. _ •. _. _ ._-..-.,. .• _._. Boro" .. h Hall 11:10 P.M.-Coo4Iellght. V8IperII ____ ... _ ._ PI'8IIb:rtsrisn Church 1l,"·P.lII.-BolY OommmdoD ____ •••. _. _ ._~ Trtnlty Church W' ,,.,De 'e" . f,oi AoK.-'CIIN1 Bern ... __ ._. - P_h:rtsrl1Ul Church 10:00 A.J[.-BoIJ·Coaun~lon ••• . _ •• ,Trlnlty Church »'!~:t~!~ .. M.!~e~ ~ I Swnrthmorcnn wlll bo out on·' t:-.e· uRual day BUT stl\ce ChrJst- I nt:l.8 falls on the rogulat' dead­Hne cIay there wlU be no news or adverUsing rf.atter accepted tOl" the December 2'lth Issue iLftor 10 A,M. on Tuesday.' th, 24th. 'l'he same procedure WIll be followed tot" New Yesr's week. . I . Den No. 5 Aid Stuifa Th.e Bum of $11' was raised the ScoutS .of Den No. 5 this week for their Christmas project.. The boys gathered evergreens and ber. rica. fashioned them Into attractiVQ lapel decorations and sold them at the Woman's Club Tuesday atter­noon, . followlilg the meeting. , This mODey, and that raised ·by five other Dens Is to be used to make & complete Christmas for an under privileged family ot seven. Food, toys and clothing ·wlll be sent them. ' The. fonowing boys are members of Den No: 6: Robert Heatherlng~ ton. Robert Worst, Terry Kerr. Michael Hurd, Peyton Bra)" Jr •• Hichard Wright., George Fitchett. Cnarlea Hummel. Vonnte Von ,(}r&~ bill, John Oolenlan, and Roger RUBgell. Walter Hadley Robinson of Wal­lingford Hills. an attorney: Dr. Miles Hadley Robln80J;I, Swarth .. more Physician; J. Mark Robinson of Tunkhannock; and ~. Thacher Robinson, Swarthmore College fJ:"esbman: two· daUB'"bt.ers--})r. Alice R. Erb, pbyaiclan and ·wlfe ot a physiCian associated .wlth the Mayo CUnie in Minnesota. (ChrIoUno) Mrs. William D. Tay_ lor o( Co&teaVille; and 11 8T8.1ld­ch! ldren •. . A memorial service held In the Swarthmore Fr~end8'.,. M~eW,lc House at 4 O'clock Sunda:y atter­noon was. tollowed by private In ... terment In the famtly burial, ground near -Tunkhannock. Awarded Rhodes Scholarshlp Peter lJrlgp Myers son ot Mr. and Mrs. Clarence G. :Myers or Dickinson avenue- bas been award­ed a Rbodes 8chol~hlp::tor' stUdy at Oxford UQtverolt:v. In England. ~era is . of eix ..elected Baturda), frOm' tha Riddle' A'tIlUltic States. The sel_on" ..... de ·at tie .a.nerlcan •. ·Pbtioeop.hlt!ai . S~cl~ty h~dq1;1~~~ra In PhUadelphla., ·w":re­announced by· Dr. John W. Nason, ptC81d~nt of Swarthmgr:e College and oeoretaQ- of th. eO'Mmlttoe: <in a81ectlons for the States· of Pe64- .ylvanla. ~ew. York. New .Je"" ....... CdI ge V_tioa Woot Vlrgblta. ne .. _lIary ...... Swarthmore Coli... 1It1ldenta and the DIatrIct lor CO'iUniIMi; will enjoy their 10111'081 Ch_.' Myo .... · Is a' trad'iia'le' Of aw.rtJi- _tloll IInee nn. It bellna at more Hlirh BehOOI ...... ~ • p. m. on Thu.re4 ~\ Deeelllber Polytechnic Institute. R ... DOW ~ ttth. Ittl. ~iJ ,~,,':;;'. L IlL 01l ~'_'nt at ~"",eof. Frld.,.. Jan......,.·¢:;:-IM7. ten ~d ~ t8,klnlrlfl:&d_ ........ , All admhi ~ olil6ea will be lit the univemtY iii P.; .. nilFi.a..t4. claM.! .... December anel The candldatsi wll\ ellter Oztorll 0:'-:':"'".:: ::"!%.O:::.::\'l' _~"'"'_ .,...., .it ... ~ ., ~ .. '~ lUll. _ ... fUOO .. na.- for a'-_ two _ ' '. .. .... ,. . . .. .. .. . .. : •

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8 THE SWARTHMOREAN lieu 0... Tra-n. I BOAR'S HEAD. CEitEMoNY Dr. Irven Travl" of Kenyon ave-I The aoclent ceremo.ny of The Due, Dlreotlor of Reaearch Division Boar's Head will be held In Trinity Moore SChool of Electrical Engt... Church on Friday. December SO, n~erlDg at the University of Penn- a.s ,a feature ot the annual Father sylvania. 8poke at the fan meeting and Bon'8 Chrlatmaa dinner and of the American Society ror EngI- party. aeering Education at Wilmington. The boar's head with au apple pel., Saturday. December 7. Hta In ita mouth and with a crown of topic w .... "Induatrlal Research In jewelB oJ! lte head, feetooned with Engineering CoUeges"'. gold bay leavea will be carried In Receives Dileba"l(e ptc: Robert ~Ing. son of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Ewing of Dart­mouth avenue, received hls dis­charge at Camp Dlx. Thursday. procession whUe' the bOY8 choir chants tho ancient Boar's Head CaroJ. A turkey' ·dinner ;"11 be served and a two-hour BOund mIQUon pic­ture program will 1'ollow which wUl include James Fenimore Cooper'a, ·'The Last of the Mohi- Bob arrived home last week from Germany wh·ere he had been sta­since March ' .. e. C8ns.l • •• •• •• * * * *• * * * ~ lallCH fr ... 60c DIIINII frOM ISc CoeVAIL HOUII " TO • , ... , ••• ra OOJlDI'I'IO •• O SUBURBAN CAFE """ Codr",iI Lotmge 1111 "IIIUII. P.LL alllllllllTln • * * * * • * • • * This aJratr, Inaugurated last year. Is sponsored bY the Men's Club of the church. * To Aid SaDta Claus * JCub Pack No. 1 are very busy * theae days raising money by selllng toys and Christmas trees In order * to buy glfte for .Ix children ",ho • would otherwJse b&ve & very UD·· happy Christma&. * * *• • * * * Barbara. Brown arrives home this evening trom Wheelock Col­lege to spend the Christmas holl­da. ys at\ her home on Walnut lane. Mrs. Richard T. Randall. Jr .• of North Chester road wlll return home today from Hahnemann Hos­pital. Philadelphia where abe haa been a patient tor BOveral days. SWARTHMORE SERVICE SHO~ 409 Dartmouth Avenue TOYS and DOLLS from all NATIONS I ()pen Daily until ChriatmU 8,30 A. B. to 5.30 P. M. Wednesday, 8,30 A. M. to 1 P. M. Friday and saturday eveninp .. tlil 9 A _ference Llhrary of 60 Books In ODe volume for Grades 6-12 Reasonabl,. PrIced l~ed'8te ~ver.r :Jl. e/"';.,I...- (lift LINCOLN LIBRARY (Post-War Edition) Telephone Swarthmore OISS-J PROF. STRAUZ-HUPE VIEWS REPORTED The last luncheon meettng' hfll4 b7 the Lear.!e. of Women Votere at Whittier House had sa main BPeak­er Robert Strauz-Hupe. profeaaor or political· ""Ience at Wharton School. UnIvereity of PenlUl)'lvanla. Author of several books, including "The' Balance of Tomorrow' pub­Jlshed recenQr, Mr. Strauz-Hupe stated that American-Soviet politi­cal rela.tlons -are the heart and center ot peace today, With an understanding of the SoViet peo­ple, their (oreign pollcy, and their psychology and' pollUca1 ideololO" essential tor peace ,b uilding. '-rhe environment of the Russian people has not changed eBIIentlally since the days ot Alexander.1. The .same problems still Infiuence them. and probably always will. since. man!y" of them are geograph­Ical. The history of RullSla h ... to be eouldered In the light of the history ot all Europe and Asia. And Marxist SociaUsm which the CommunIst Party In Russta still adheres to, must be considered In conolderlng Russia. 'lUten there IB the fundamentall8eue of thlB day In the question of the pollUcal gov­ernments' of the various strong na­ttons which differ so· greatly\ In the end, there Is the ancient cleav­age between totalitarianism and democracy." The foregoing were among' the thoughte brought out hI" the speaker who bellevea that the­only hope Ie for a modification of the RU88lan regime throuK'h t1)8 passage of yeara--for America to remain strong. united. and keeping the peace tor 30 to 40 years. "By that' time Rusalan leaders have become more mellow and the present Issue be replaced by oth­ers, this he regards. "Is the real m1ss1on of the United Natloll8, and a ftolutlon of present 111s." At the .luncheon Mrs. Henl"Y A.. Piper, of Yale avenue, dlrect"ed ar ... rangements and. with a corps· of helpers, the serving of the lucheon. Mrs. Walter Robinson spoke on the necessity for oombatUng ·in­nation. anit distributed tlyerl pre­pared by the League on this suh-ject. Mrs. Georgo Seegar spoke on the Important conference held reeently In Media by welfare society repre­sentatives of Dela.ware County wltlt the Phlladelphia Council ot Social Agencies. Mrs. Seegar repo~d that a new Health and Welfare Counell is being organized, with parttclpat ... ing members the public and private health and welfare .organizations ot the county. a.nd such other organi­zations as the ·League of Women Voters whi~b are interested· in these questions. APPRElCIATE DISAS'I'm AID. The Nichols. Tucker and Boott ·famll1 ..... wish to extend their deep gratitude to the Fire Company. Red Cro88. local churches and other organj.zaUons. and to eacb ot the many lndlvlduala who came to their tuS$lstance 80_ promptly and kindly 'When their home waa de ... stroyed by fire two weeka &so. The NlcholB and Tuckere are Hving acr088 the street, at aza Kenyon. a\·enue. with Mr. Nichola" parents untll they can loca.te sepa­rate homes. 'l;he Scotts are with Mr. Scott·s aunt In Morton whUe they are looking for another place. FIREWOOD Fareplace aDd Furnace . Woocl Cut to siR aDd delivered $21 PER CORD M_ and R"tinp Aves. GudenCity Chester 2-8719 FricIq, DII 'If 13, 1848 . Dorothy DeiD~ cC' IIIIi. avenue ~Dt part.of _the 'J'henk giving holldQlo at the h_e of her roommate. Nanov - ..,..kbIa.r ot Norrtatown. PHONE 'MEDIA "" Budget" Shoe Shop ~for -. ENNA JETI'ICK, EDWARDS aDd FLORSHEIM SHOES State aDd Olive S~t. Media STRATH. HAVEN - THE INNWIlH PERSONAUTY Swarthmore, Penna. F. M. Scbeibhy, <>wner-M-D'iler Relervatioaa DOW ...... taken for ~.·aDd N_Yean'- . Can Swartbmore 0680 Y ou'n Find Christmas Gifts For the Entire HARBOLD'S 34 W. State St. Media, Pa. ScaTfJU Slippe,. G10r1e. . Sweate,. , Ti.. HandkerchIef. GREENE'S TOYLAND OpeaEvery Evening 'til Cbriatmu . Wide Selection of Electric Traim, Tricycles, Don Coaches, Scooters, Gftn ea, Etc. USE OUR LAYAWAY PLAN 9 Faat S .. te St. Media 2258 ~y E OPPENLANDER GEORGE O. OPPENLANDER DIstrI_re A ;'NEW" RUG· FOR CHRIST&iAS '-.'. - - Bef"re 1GD decorate to.. the hollday&, have your rup cl.aned. Bnp are tlte back­ground aplnst which 100 display lOur oth'r fomlehlnp. Your home wiU be more fes­live with clean rap. Mrs. Cyrus Wood reported- on tho work of the Delaware' Council 01' Soclal. Ag~ncles, ·which. has Ave, sub-committees InvestlgatUng vari­ous fields of welfare. In the 6eld of chlld welfare 8Uggestlo~6 for improvement tollow thoso of the White House Conference for ChUd SHIRTS 395 I£VER UIDEREStl ... tE 1HE BUUn Of C\.UI RUGS Ix 12 DOMESTIC. $4.50 BlIP Cleaned and Retnrned within 7 »871 Care. Expected Home Mrs. Froderlc.k Streicher of North Chester road has received word that her husband Lt. ,CtOl_. Streicher sailed on Tuesday. De­cember 10 from Bremerha.ven and Is expected home next week. Col. streicher served with the Ninth Army dUring the war and the past year and a halt h~ l)een at Headquarters. European Thea­tre. . in, Frankfurt, Germany, serving as Chief of He_depleyment of U. S. Forces in Europe., We have finally received our long awaited truck and are now rea.dy to bring you a Prompt C811 and Delivery Service . , TAILOR (NO EXTRA CHARGE) For all Your . DRY CLEANING Cal) Swarthmore 1727 M. WEINSTEIN . SwarthmOre, Pa. '. "-'. ....... ""FUlUUER .,. '. :" ' ._, -': .::' ~. '~ ·Prince Oxford . ~_DAN RIVD FABRIC It's a Dan River "premium cotton" .•• yam-dyed for color fastness, Sanforized to retain its fit. Becall$f Its ~~l1n, wo~en and finished' to perfection, you'll wear P1.j nce ~fQr.d. l ong and proudly. SIzes .. to I.~ TaD Blue Grer Neutral I . .,. ............ ' , MERRY .' CHRISTMAs TO .uL THE SWARTHMOREAN VOL tHo. 51 LAST CAl' • FOR SANTA'S usr' Remember, tomorrow DOOIl t. the 4eaAllne for Ple.alna' your Dame on Banta·. lUI IIet. ADr Swarthmore ho,. or .vi .... ho wan", ~tn. to Waken him peraon&lly late Chrlstm.... Eve Or eiorlJ Chrlabaaa morn muat Call B_rth_ more 0100 and leaye name. ad­......... and ace; "'d then fOllow liP br ... In. bII parenta leave the porch light. hnrnlng until a.fter Santa anl"., CHRISTMAS COMES TO CLUB SWARTHMoRE, PA., FRIDAY, DECEMBER Zo, 1946 CHRISTMAS EVE .. CAROLS Al 5:30 Ministers, Villagers Choir Boys to Light Tree --- tlageant of tbe. jlattbttp GIVEN IN MEMORY OF THOSE LOST IN COMBAT CLOTHI)!R MBMORIAI. SY ARTHMORB COILBGB $3.00 YEAR I fUNEit HELD Active. College Ave. nue Woman Died Once agatn the ""Icea of vUl..... SUNDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1946 .' , Friday and choir boye wiu be the oIBna! II.... caroline Badle,. RobineoDo for the 6:10 ChrlatmlUl Eve light- AT 6 AND ., O'CLOCK &':lthor, or&anlzer '" of maternal lug of Swarthmore's Christmas tree. The a.nnual half hour Com- health cUDiC:II and acu"Ye Democra,.. munlty - Carol Is & neichborly, tic leader for social reforms, died friendly custom greatly enjoye~ by .all bIfJo tome in tfJe Ji,pidt of l\tbtr"":J lI'rIday mornlni-, December 11. III the many folk whc- ahare In It. the Wom~D'. Mec;1lcal Collep Soe .. each Chrlatmaetlde. Thte year it 1mb IIIorsbill are Rleltome, pita!, PhUadelpiJIa wbere Ihe. had returns to Borough Hall where the been a paUent alnce suU'ertng • BuaIDea8 Association's tall Cbrlat.. L -~--.----"--_ cerebal hemorrhaBe 10 da,.. earlier mae Tre. I. placed. SANTA TO BE HERE at her home, 411' College avenue. Poems and Carols. Under the Gothic arch of Ita east IN PERSON B A KONKLE Born In Now Mexico on January ........... Go d W'll ~:rch h theI ChOir Boye of Trinity Banta· IB going to pay Bwartb- • • ~~!:,5 P~~.:.'~::r;:x;~a~to.:.; .&r .... , o. I urc w II Ding In their veatmenls. more a daYtime vlBlI ttils "ear to- Pre bravlD'" th ~ t aI· , • DIED vail tug engineer. she dueended from ft e n,n ry r Prior to the IIrst tim.. He haa accept' ed the y ~ th0 Ir I a to r appearance at the Trln- invitation of "U"--nun, and Watte to an old PhUadelphlo. Quaker tam- Dorothy McEw, en Forrest, Inter- Ih. Mid ~ lIy on the oIde of her mother Allee "J night Maaa. The caroling be at their automotlve establlsh- ' .p.reter o~ poetry. pr .... n·.a a pro- will be led b th Be G . Paxson Hadley. ... Y e v. eorce mant at 80"'.lth Chester road and Mus" M d H gr. am of Chrl8tmaa readln- th··· ChrlsUan And re h lClan a e' orne Elected to Phi Beta Kappa at e" - e on w 08& second :Yale aven.ue and Interview local charmed hel" large aUdience at the app.aran ce I n thl8 role Is appre- children trom 2 until 6 o'clock H ere 44 Swarthmore College where ahe re ... Woman's Club on TuMday, an" clated and anticipated by the bor- Modday afternoon. December 23. celved her A. B. degree In 190·6 Bent the memba .. s and their ough Th R R I Years she took hoI' masters degree In guests home fUled 'With the spirit • e ev. oY. N. Keiser. This should delight the local econ mica at C 1 bl U 1 rait7 of the aeuon. pasoor of the Methodist Chu~h small try who will appreclate Mrs. Suzanne Ferry Konkle, a ->:e':u. later •. 0 um a ". -v:e , Mrs. Forrest. 0. graduate of the wlll offer the Christmas Prayer fOr Santa's taking time out ot his . busy wldObW of Burton Alva Konkle, sue- Author of the book "Sevent7' Mary. Lyon School, read poems by the community. laBt- -mln u t e sch e d u Ie to make aure dc um . ed to a long illnesS on Mon- B' Irt' h Control Cllnlco" publls'hed In Every caroler adds by prescnco he has. their orders corre.tly. ay. two days betore ahe would .. Vache,. Lindsay, SIElter ~ry Mad .... 'and voice to the hollday spirit of ... have celebrated her 80th _birthday. ~930 In preparation for a doctorate. eUna' . - Ka;·:. h...·..-. I ne P arment o r, the communlty group, You·1t find A resident of Swartnmore sinc" doe alBo contributed arUcles to HBDOJ' B7rd Turner, Grace Nowell the jon of Christmas Eve a llttle MATHEMATICIANS 1902 Mnr. Konklp had made her scientific.· publicatiOns and maln- Crowell, Chrlstlne R088etU, Ed- more renI with the remembered home with her daughter. Mrs. talned a. lite-long ,lnt4ilrest in the Markham, and also several stral~s of neighborly carols as a . Charles E: Fischer. of Dlcklnson problems of eugenics, population with t t d .. and qoclal wellbeing. ' anonymQllJ., grea en urneaa begtnnlng. AT COLLEGE avenUe. for· the past three years. and artistry, bringing out all the . - Mr. Konkle died in October. 1944. A fbunder of tho old bJrth -con- :::!:~e:~::~!~:!~:~; GAZELLES TO PLAY Distinguished Men ~~,;::~;~::,:~~~c~::!~:::: ::/=ci~::::;::::::E~; and added mueb to the f,napll1L-. ,. . Add·· - Church -and . t - b _Pennsylvania and cl).alrman ot the tlonal valneof her talk. DECI:'UBER "3 . "I!'.. ress 3 Day tho Woo . ·.tt o"!"er m~m •.. e~ or .bor0'!lr~8 ..... Uc,te •• .' T1i.-srxth . Grade of the Ru~".·· ' 1lJQ. . ~'I-<'ZU"" -. " ... 'Sessiort" ,,<".' -. 'il1ioq;,W[.!";;;;.t;;~~C;::t:"=·- Sh"'s.r" .. don'viirloliabonrdio.f<>r serfs "A't8nue schoo], under the· d1- . ' .~' , ... '. ,- ~ , .. - ,. '.~ -, '- sic seetJon. She' was soprano BO- th~ ~o(.:tety ot Friends ot· which she rectlon of .AlIce E. Blodgett, I&n~ Veteran QUIntet Th. IIfty-thlrd annual me.Ung <>t lolat at St. PaUl's Episcopal w ... · a birthright member. and alao a group of Christmas carola of PI F the American Mathematical Society Church, Chester, for a ;number ot on the board of ~e Women'. In- Czechoslovakian origin. DavId ays ast wnt be held at Swarthmore College years. ternational League tor Peace and Spencer providing the vloUn ae- Ball .... trom December 26 to 29. 1946. in SUrviving beSides llrfrs. Flacher Ji"'reeclom. A resident of'th-eompa. nlment for the third cazoL conjunction with the annual meet- are three ~dchUdrent: Mrs. more for manY' years she had been The ·Juntor ,HIgh Girls' I. Glee . The Gasetles, Swarthmore's bU~ Ing ot the Mathematical. Assocla... Raymond F. Winch ot Martinsville, active In the college Al:1mnae D1s- Club was led by Miss Blod- ketbatl team ot veterans, wilt play tlen ot America. Va .• and 'Charles WIlliam and John cuaston Group. cett tn ita alngfng of three Frene) two holiday games. On Monda&", Included In the series of lecturel'; B'.1rton Fischer. SUrviving besides her husb3nd. carols. They closed their part ot December 28. the local team meets win be the Josiah Wlilard - Gibbs The Rev. Dr. David Braun con- Dr. Louis N. Robinson. noted,penD­the program w.tth a very effect- the Glenolden Press and Morton. lecture by Professor Subrahmanynn dUeted sorvlces 'Yesterday at the logist. former member .of the East .. Ive rendition of "Star Candlea." On Thursday. December 26. two Chnnd~ekhar of the UniversitY_Df Patterson Funeral Horne. Media. ern Penitentiary board ot trustees Mrs. W. Henry LintOn and Mrs. games will be pla.yed with Clifton. Chicago at 7:46 p.m.. Thursday. Interment was In Eaatlawn ceme- and ox-chairman of - the State Wm. Earl Ktstlar were hosteBses. The veta have shown speed and ,Docember' 26. on The Transfer or tery. Board of Parole. are tour sons-- an4 Mrs. W. Ellsworth Moore and sktll in the· gamea already played. RruUatifm. In Stellar Atmospheres. Walter Had~ey Robinson of Wal- 1Irs. Thomae W.· pre.ld.d HclldaY crowd. will lind th.m VOl'Y On Friday. December 27, at 2 p.m. Deadline M. ove. d nO. I IIngford HIIIB, an attorney; Dr. a.t the ve.ry featlve tea table wh1ch exclUnl'. Play.laln the High School Protessor A. P. Morse of the Unt- UJ...- Miles Hadley RobinsoD, S~arth-had been arranged by Mrs, Ray B. GymnasJum. verslty of Callfornla ~tlI ·dtscWIB Next week's .Issue of Tho i more phya1clan; J-. ~rk Robinson Quick. A softly lighted Chrtatm811 In th.e last two games the Gazel- Derl ..... tlves and Their Integrals, Swnrthmorcnn w1ll bo o.ut on· of Tunkhannock; and ~. Thacher tJ'ee was the contribution of' the lea broke even. Thursda~ night. and on Saturday. December 28. at t',e' usual day BUT sln.ce Chrlst- RoblD SOn, S war thm ore C0 II ege carden ~epartment& I December 12. Vince Gallagher's 2 p.m, Profess')r Harald Cramer (If mas falls on the regulal" dead- freshman; two daughters--Dr. CIIRisTHAs NOTES men broke to an early lead over Stockholm and visiting lectUrer at line day there will be no news Alice R. Erb, phymclo.n and '''''ite Mra. W. Mark Bittle made .. the Glenolden Vets to score two Princeton University _w ill glve an or udvertlslng dao.tter accepted of a physician associated .wlth the plea fM' more wreaths and sprays field goals In the flnm. two. m In u' te s address on Some Aspects of ditoer the ,De cember 27th issue M"~'''" o Clfnic In .-.I-ZII nneaota., for the Phl1adelphla General Hos- of play. The Gazelles controlled the 'l'heory of st.oohastlc Processes. ttftor. 10 A,M. on Tuesday. I th~ (ChrlsUne) Mrs. William D. "~". -._. . . pltal. Th6 ••. should- ... - left at the ball through three quarters of the 0 h ·to h 24th. lor of Co~teaville; -and 11 grand- ~ "Ion:!. ....... t ar .('!ven on t e program are 'I'he same procedure Wm be children. . home of ' ....... EII·lott Rlohardson game because of "Ule ftoe play of tl dl f . b t 6 30 on J"atqe.t..t. e avenUe on Sunday, -caIdw, ell and Edwards under both p.tmo .• Fnrindeary , owrh imche mw ine risn calud:e a n followed tor New Ye9r's week. A mem.ortal service held In the December 22, or very early on backboards. The final Bcore was add-cBS by Prefessor M.~n I ,Swarthma:re Friends·. - '. lI4~e~ the morning of the Zlrd. O"'.lIea 63, Glenolden H. Mor•e . of the Institute pf d Den No. 5 Aid -,,_...:r. _. House at f o'cloCk Sunday attor- 'lfrs_ Fnlnk G. Keenen, chalr- Monday, December 16. Parktide Study. Princeton University, and at The sum of $17 \ was raised by noon was, followed by private tn-maD '.0' f· Peace Services. reponed AA sent the Gazelles down to their the Scouts· tOt Den No.6 this week terment in the lamlly burial, . 10 a.m. Saturday, the award of the l'l'Ound near ---Tunkhannock. that over eo dollars had bean re- first defeat in three starts. Rollln- Frank Nelson Cole Prize in the for their Christmas projoct. The celv~4 by her committee fro~ son and Leonard, proved too much Theory of Numbers. boys gathered evergreens and bar_ the aaJe of candles. The money for the local five by scoring 13 and rles. fashioned them Into attractive Awarded Rhodes Scholarship wfil be 'Deed for 10 ~tta tor vet .. lZ points respectively. Vince Gal- lapel decorations and sold them at-erMa' at the Valley Dirorp Hoa- lagher wa.e the biBh scorer fo-:, Fa~ Receives'Decoratione the Woman'lJ Club Tuesday after~ pita!. Swarthmore for the second atraigltt Ernest Wemhet' ot Bouth Chester noon, followlhg the meeting. Over 120 glft8 aDd contrtbu- game with eight points for the road haa !p~elved the purple heart. This mon~, and that raised by Feter Briggs MYers son of M.r. tlODI!I, all ,gall.,.. wrapped and care- Gazelle& ParkBIde won 39-18. medal and other decorations ftve other Dens 1a to be used to and Mrs. Clarence G~ Myers or tully mark~t were pUed high be- \ aWarded postHumOUSly to his, son. make a complek ChrlatDlBB for an Dicklnson a.venue haa been award-neath the Chrlatmu tree and will J,{J'8, Henry Lawrence Smith Walter, a victim of Corregtdor under privileged family of seven. ed a. Rhodes 8chol~hip:10r atudy he dl~"bnted IQ- the Community and MI8a Elizabeth SmIth of whose name waH recently taken by Food, toye and clothing 'will be at Oxford Uljlverslty. In Englaad. Health Center of Delaware Swarthmore avenue "11.1 epe~.d the the local American Legion Post J;n sent them. ' ~era Is one of six selected (ContlDued on Pace 1) Cbrlatmu holldQlo ~n Crl8flel.4, commemoration of hi. being the The. foUowiD&' he,. are members saturday from the 'MIddle' Atlantic Md~, with :Mr. and, Mrs. John first Swarthmore man to lose his of Den No.- 5: Robert Heatherinc- States. The aeld"ctlon", m,.de at- t.e 5 80m Police Graduate Thomas Handy. Ufe in World War II; ton, Robert Wom. Terry Kerr. American' phlioI!lOP'hi~ , Society ElIIa Llndeey. .r ..... ph Gala .. Robert TlmmoDli, Arthur One­fensteln and Bgt. Elmer zebley of the Swarthmore Police Depart­meDt ...... amolllr the 11 meD from II CIOUD~ pollee "'Iuadl who Yeeelwell d1Plom&II at the lied .. CDaat B_ at the ooInpletlO1l of • 1I--.kecnine ID the·1'BI 1'0- I ..... 8cllooI. __ PI i IIQ the dlplom&ll .1 ....... ..tJhert Doau. .. and A. Do ~ .."dal _t of the l"BI. ...... .. the mea poIDt­.... _ the .. , B mellt of lid • .,. ... ' I' .. deteiU- of. .... at. ad th. ~ \Ia-* .. Wi 'htIa te tile ..... aIr t."'­Ie De 'u rt _an I Michael Hurd. Peyton Bray, .Jr.. headquarten. In PhU8.delphla:, 'w~re- ~~~,~~ Hlchard Wright, George Fitchett, annou~ced by' Dr. John W. N~n, TIllS WEEKS CALEND' A D Charles Hummel, Vonnie Von Ora ... ptcsident· of SWarthm9re College _~ bill. .John Coleman. and Roger and aeere~rY of the CO~ittee ~"" Sanda,. • .,..,.... ..... U RUllBelL H1ectlollB . for the StAte.I· or Peiul- 11:00 A.II.-MOI'DInA' WOrllhlp ...... .. ..... ._ .... ... .. .. L\leaI Churche. qlvanla. liew York, Ne .... Jenlet. f:OO P.IL-Candlellght Service .... ... -.. - .... --.,.. ... Methodl8t Church I.on!r Co' .. Vacatiaa West Vlrgtnla. 1Jel&_I11...,.laha, 5:00 and f:OO P.IL-chrtatmaa Papan~ ._-........ - .... Clothier Memorial Swarthmore Coli.... lItudenta and the DIRrIct or Cl>liiwl\ItL . 101'-,., DtM - :IS will .njoy their 10DI!'OIt Chrl_.. My .... · Is &- iratlUate er swarui- . f:15 p.lI.-Janlor KUBIc Club __ ._:-___ ._._ .... _ h ... 600 Elm Avenue ....... lion otnce lUI. It bettu u more R1gh Sehool .... a WOJ'Cibte'lo cra.cJa,., DtM ..... lM .• p. m. on ThUl'llde¥. Decem..... Pollwohnlc Institute. H. II now ir. 1'10 P IL-Communll&' CaroIB .-.-.. -_.--._ ........... ... Boro,",h Hall 11th, 1141, a:nd enclll U • L Ill. OB ,jp.etpl lll1i4/'nt U ~"'Cot- UU ,•I•O• ·p~ •I•I•.. -_:.o.icaJn'd eleoUm.mht1 lvDloD_ _ .._ __. ..-_ '_" I. 'r~e-IbTyrteInrlIatyn CChhuurrcchh FrldlQ'. January 'I'd._ _I "'. lien ""d. I.,... t&ktng. •_•_ . ._ __ ...... ..... . •• We' ',D ' • U All Admln_'" umo!ee w1U he at the trniriNlf)o oi P.;;,.,qi .......... • •• '&'11.0"-1 Seme< _ ' P .... b)'tertan Chureh ei_ OIl December .fth _4 11th I : The candldatej' will ellter <ntorll 1:'00 .A.1I.-BoIJ'Commanloa... :_::~~.Ch~ and J ..... ...,. lot. 1I011!- -".,;:!'! ~ _to 1.11 ....... * if .~ _ .!::" .... _OIl_, ;::::~.:.u:...-:':"'lI" ~

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8 THE SWARTHMOREAN F~, Dec hr 13, 't948 lieu Dr. Travia I BOAR'S HEAD. CEREMoNY Dr. Irven TravAil of Kenyon ave-, The &DC1ent ceremony of Tho Due. Direcbor of Research Division Boar's Head will be held in Trinib' M99re 8cM91 9f Electrical Engl. Church 9n Friday, Decemhor 20, nee ring at the University of PenD· 4S a. feature ot the annual Father sylvantB.. spoke at tho fall meeting and Son's Christmas dinner and of the American sOciety tor Engl- party_ neering EducaUon at Wilmington. The boar's bead with an apple pel., Saturday. December 1. BiB in Ita mouth and with & crown of topic Wall "Industrial Research l~ Jewels on ita head. featooned with Engineering Colleges". gold bay leavee will be carried In Receives Discbarge procossldn whUa' the boys choir chants the anelent Boar's Head Ptc~ Robert Ewill8'. son ot Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Ewing of Dart­mouth avenue, received his die­charge at Camp Dix. Thursday. Carol. ~ A turkey dinner will be served and a two-hour sound mOtion pic­ture program will tollow which will include James Fenimore Cooper's. "The Last of the Mohl .. caDa" Bob arrived home last week trom Gerfllany where he had been ata ... since March ' ••• * * * * * * This affair. Inaugurated last year, Is sponsored bY the Men's Club of the church. * To Aid Santa Claus ICub Pack No. 1 are very busy theBe days raising money by selUns toys and Christmas trees in order * to buy glfte for six children Who * * * would atherwJse have a. very UD-' ha ppy Christmas. * ~ lUNCH fr •• 60e * DINNEI Iro. ISc * * * * Barbara Brown arrives home this evening trom Wheelock 001 .. lege to spend the Christmas holl .. days at\ her home on Walnut lane. COCI'1AI1 HOUII ~ fO , P. & * 7 •• &J'!It OOIlDI'fIO •• O * * SUBURBAN CAFE * ** and C. ••f <JiI Loom;e * Bllellelnll. UL DIII ... 1T11I11 * **********1'* • • • • I • Mrs. Richard T. Randall, Jr., of North Chester road will return home today from Hahnemann HaS .. pita1. Philadelphia. wbere she has been a patient for Boveral days. SWARTHMORE SERVICE SHOP! 409 Dartmouth Avenue TOYS and DOLLS from all NATIONS I Open Deily until CbriItmu 8:30 A. B. to 5.30 P. M. Wednesday, 8:30 A. M. to 1 P. M. Friday and Saturday eveninp _til 9 A Rf"..ference Library or 60 Books In one 'folmne lor Grades 5 .. 12 Reasonably Priced Immediate Delivc17 3l. ..!Ji.,af Cfu-idlnuu (lift LINCOLN LIBRARY (Post-War Edition) ~y & OPPENLANDER GEORGE C. OPPENLANDER DIatrI_re Telephone Swarthm9re 01S8·J A ~~NEW" aUG FOR CHRISTMAS lEVER UI01R15TIIII11£ THE aUUtY Of C\.UI RUGS Belare YGU decorate fo, the holidays, your rues cl<!aned. Rugs are the back .. graund agaInsl which you display your olher fomlshlngs. Your home will be more fes­tive with clean rap.. 9112 DOMESTIC, $4.60 Rup Cleaned and Returnecl within 1 DaJII (PAulson f.t Comr..~~I'- 100 Park Ave •• Swarthmore. Pa. Phone S ..... ,hmor. 0529 ••• CI .... b,..,.,/c 4646 • PROF. STRAUZ-HUPE· VIEWS REPORTED The last luncheon meeting hflld by the Le8C".Ie of Women Voters at Whittier Houee had .... main BPeak. er Robert Strauz-HuP8t professor or P91ltlca~ science at. Wharton SCh99I, Unlveralty of Pennsylvania. Author of several books. Including "The' Balance of Tomorrow" pub .. IIBhed recentJty, Mr. Strauz-Hupe stated that American-Soviet poUtl­cal relations are the heart and center of peace today. with an underatandlng of the SOViet peo­ple, their (orelgn polley, and !heir psychology and polltfcal Ideolocy essenuat for peace !>ullding. APPRF£IATE DISASTER AID The NleholBt Tucker and SoDtt 'famllles wlah ro extend their deep gratltude to the Fire Company, Red Cr<>88, local church... and other organizations. and to each of the many ''';'dlvlduala who came to their asslata.nce so, prompUy and kindly whtm their home was 4e­stroyod by flre t'WlO '!Veeks aso. The Nlohola and Tookere are living acrOBB the street. at la. Kenyon avenue. with Mr. Nichola' parents until they can locate sepa­rate homes. The Bco~, are with Mr. Scott's a.unt in Morton wbUe they are looking for another place. FIREWOOD F"U'eplace and Fumace , Wood Cut to size and delivered $21 PER CORD Moor and Hutinp Aves. Garden City Chuter 2-8719 Dorothy ~wo"" of '. lIIIDL avenue spftnt· parl. of the ThenJre. giving holldap at lbe home of her roommate, NanCy I'!DkblDer ot NorrJatown. PHONE ·MEDIA "" Budget' Shoe Shop Aj(eDcJ' tor -. ENNA JEIIICK, EDWARDS and FLORSHEIM SHOES State anol Olive Street, Media I • • STRATH HAVEN - THE INN WITH PERSONAUTY Swarthmore, Penna. F. M. Scbeih'e:r, OWner-MolNiler Reservat•io ns DOW beinI telre.. for Chriatmu.· aacJ NewYeua· Call Swarthmore 0680 - "The environment of the Russian people haa not changed essentially since the days of Alexander 1. The same problems stUI Influence them. and probably always wlll, since, many of them are geograph­Ical. The hlatory 9f RUB8Ia has ro be c9noldered In the light 9f the history of all Europe and Asia. And Marxist Socialism which the Communist Party in RU881a 8till adheres to, must be considered In c9D81dering Russia. 'l'!hen there Ie the fundamental Issue or thle day In the quest\9n of the political gOY· ernments' ot the various strong na­tiOIUl which dltfer 80 greatly, In the end. there is the ancient cleav­age between totalitarianism and democracy." The foregoing were am9ng the thought. brought out by the speaker who believes that the only hope is for a mOdification ot the Russian regime throuC'h tJ?,e passage of yeaI'B-for America to rema.ln strong. united. and keeping the peace for 80 to 40 years. "By that' time Russian leadere may bava become more mellow and the present 188UO be replaced by oth­ers. this he regards. "Is the real mlsslon of the United NatioDB. and a BOlution of present i.18." Y ou'U Find Christmas Gifts For the Entire Family at At the luncheon Mrs. Henry A. Piper. of Yale avenue, directed ar­rangements and. with a corps of helpers. the serving of the lucheon. Mrs. Walter Robinson spoke on the necessity for combatting in­flation, anil distributed flyerS pre· pared by the League on thia Bub .. ject. Mrs. Georgo Seegar apoke on the Important conference held recently In Media by welfare society repre­sentatives ot Delaware County wltb the Philadelphia Council of Social Agencies. Mrs. Seegar repot:ted that a new Health and Welfare qouncn is being organized, with partlolpat­Ing members the public and private health and wolfaro organizations ot the county, and such other organI­zations as the 'League of Women Voters whi,?b are lnterested In these questions. Mrs. Cyrus Wood reported on the work of the Dela.ware Counc1\ 01' Social. Agencies. which. has sub-committees Investlg8iUng vari­ous fields of welfare. In the field of child welfare SUggestioJ}s for improvemQnt :follow those of the White House Conference for ChUd Care. Expected Home Mrs. Frederick Streicher of North Chester road has received word that }ler husband Lt. -Cot. Stretcher sailed on Tuesday. De· camber 10 from Bremerhaven and is expected home next week. Col. Streicher served with the Ninth Army during the war and the past year and a halt h~ been at Headquarters. European Thea­tre, in, Frankfurt, Germany. serving as Chief of Re_d.eployment ot U. S. Forces In Europe •. HARBOLD'S 34 W. State St. Media, Pa. ScarrJea Slippera Glove. . Sweatera , Tie. HandheTcAleh GREENE'S TOYLAND Opea Every Ev-linl 'til Christmas . Wide Selection of Electric Traina, Tricycles, Doll Coaches, Scooters, Gemel, Etc. USE OUR LAYAWAY PLAN 9 East S .. te St. SH IITS 395 Media 2258 ,-",,,,.;...' ' ..... _ CIJok. P .... ian l!u8.t ... $oI..~ ~ We have finally received our long awaited truck and are now ready to bring you a ,Prompt Call and Delivery Service (NO EXTRA CHARGE). For all Your·DRY CLEANING CSU Swarthmore 1727 M. WEIN'S'rE1N . , . Swarthmore, Pa. TAILOR. Prince Oxford . , ~_DAN RIVER FABRIC It's a Dan River "premiuQ1 cotton" .• ' yam-dyed for color fastness, Sanforized to retain its fit. BecallSf its~~pn, wo~en and finished' to perfection, you'll wear Ptjnce ~fQrd long and proudly. SIzes 14 ro 18% Tan Blue GI'q Neutral "'j'I'" ()''t:'' ~7' ".\ h. 1 .. \ .... ~. f" . ,: .•• ' '--i\-----'-...,.., (), .• ',. ",,~I I l ; ~ \' :' I~ . MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ......... '-~ , ...... THE SWARTHMOREAN • ... ALL L.A ST CA" FOR SANTA'S LIST Remember. tomorrow DOOIl 111 the deadline for P1aa\n&, your Dame on Banta'. 1148 1I"t. An)' Swarthmore b9Y 9r girl who ..... \8 ~to. to waken him peraonally late Chrletm811 Eve or earl)' Chrlalmae morn muet call Swarih. mwe 0.00 and ~eave name. ad- 4reaa. and age: and then tollow up by eeein&, hIa ........ nta leave tho porch light. burning until after Banta arrIyes. COMES TO WOMAN'S CLUB , . Poems and Carols. CHRISTMAS "EVE.. CAROLS AT 5:30 Ministers, Villagers Choir Boys to Light Tree Once acatn the '¥Dloes of vUlace1'8 and choir bo)'ll will be the aIpaI for the 6:10 Chrlatmu Eve lIght. Ing of Swarthmore·. tree. The annual half hour Com-munity Carol Is & neighborly. friendly custOm greaUy enjoyed by the many folk who ahare In eacb Chrlstmaatlde. Th1a year ,t returna to Borough Hall where the BUBlDesa Association's tall Christ. mas Tree Is placed. 1948 l,lagtant of tbt. j!atibitp GIVEN IN MEMORY OF THOSE LOST IN COMBAT CLOTHIJlR MlIMORlAL. S1V ARTHMORB COLLBGE SUNDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1946 AT 6 AND 1 O'CLOCK .all tubo £IIl11t ttl tilt ~pitft of llebtrtl1tt aub RIorsfJip art 1IIt1£11l11t SANTA TO BE HERE IN PERSON , I L.ROBINSON FUNERAL HELD Active College Ave­nue Woman: Died Friday MN. caroline, Hadle)' Robluoa. a'".lthor, oraaulzer .. of materoal health cUnics and actlve Demoera.­tic leader for aoc1c&l reforma, did Friday morn1n~. December II, In the Women'. Me\llcal Cc>lIep BOlI­pita!, Pblladelph!& where "he had beeD & paUent alnce suffering • cerebal hemorrbqe 10 da711 earUer at her home, 411· College avenue. Tree, GoodWill Prevail Under the Gothic arch of its eut p,?reh the . ChOir Boys of Trinity C Santa· 18 goIng to pay Swarth-hureh wll1 slng in tbelr vestments, more a da.ytlme visit tbl8 !Year for braVing the wintry air prior to the first Ume. He haa accepted the their later appearance at the Trin. Invitation ot Hannum and Walte to tty Mtdnight Mass. The caroUng be at their automottve estabUsh­will be Jed by the Rev. Georce menl at SO"".lth Chester road and Chr18~an Anderson whose second :Yale avenue and interview local appearance in this role Is appro.. chJldren from 2 until 6 o'clock elated and anticipated by the bor- Modday afternoon. December 23 • "lugh. The Rev. Roy N~ Keiser, I Thl~ should delight the local pastor of the Methodist Chu~ch small fry who will appreciate wUl otter the Christmas Prayer for Santa's taklDg time out ot hls'b B A. KONKLE Born In New Mexico on Janua.ry 22, 1886 the daughter of. Waltor C. • liadley, pioneer New Mexican miD' Doro.thy Mc~en Forretrt. Inter­: pretel" of poetry, preaen~ea a P:ro .. gram 9f Chrletmae readlnp that chatmed her large audience at the Woman's Club on Tuesday, and 115ent the members and their gueets home fl11M with the spirit of the sea80n. DIE' 0 MO· NOA· Y Ing englne.r, she d_ended from 0,.0 old Philadelphia Quaker fam- Ily on the side of her mother Allee Paxson. Hadley. Musician Made·Home Elected to Phi Beta Kappa at Here 44 Swarthmore College where ahe reo celved her A. B. degree In 1906 Years she took ber maste... degree In Mrs. Suzanne Ferry Konkle. economlca at Columbia U~tveralb" wi a ~ea.r later. . .. Mrs. Forrest. a. graduate of the YaJT Lyon Scbool, read poems by Vacb~J LIndsay. Stpter Mary Mad-the community usy . last-minute schedule to make sure dow of Burton Alva Konkle, suc- Author of the book "Seventy· cum bed to a long IlIneas on Mon.. Birth Control Clinics" published In E\·ery caroler adds by pre.sence he hWi their orders correetly day. two days betore flhe would and voice to the holiday spirit ot' • hnve celebrated her 80th birthday. ~930 In preparation for a doctorate. eUna, Ka9tnr1ne Parmenter. aoe aleo contributed articles to NanQJ' B7rd Tumer. G.race Nowell Crowell, ChrlstJne RossettI. Ed~ w.fn Markham. and also severa! anonymOl!!J.. with great tendernea and artistry, bringing out all the beauty. peace, and Ught that Is Chl'lstmas. Bits ot her, own Phl~ losopby tied the poems together Aud added mueh to the _ J,nsp!ra .. tiona! value ot' her talk.. 'l'Iiemitth . Grade.' Of tho Rut.' ..... 'AvenUe School,· under the dl. rectlon of Allee E. Blodgett. a group of Chr1atmaa carols of C.echoslovaklan origin, David Spencer provIding the violin ac­compa. niment for the third carol. the community group. l.-ou'U find the JOYS of Christmas Eve a little mQre' real with tho remembered stral~s of neighborly cnrols as a be&1nntng. GAZELLES TO PLAY . Veteran Quintet Plays Fast Ball The Junior HIBh GJrla' Glee . The Gazelles. SWarthmore's bas· Club was led by Miss '1IIod- k("tball team of veterans. will play I'8tt In ita singing of three Frenc; two hoUda.y games. On Mond.." carols. Tbey closed their part of December 23, the local team meets the program w.1th a very eftect- the Glenolden PreBS and Morton. Ive rendition of "Star Candlea." On Thursday, December 26. two Mrs. W. Henry LintOn aud Mrs. games w111 be played with CUfton. Wm. Earl Kistler were hosteSses. The vets have shown 8peed and and Mrs. W. Ellsworth Moore and sklll in the, games already played. Mrs. Thomas W. Simpers' preBlded Holiday cr_owds will find them very at the very testive tea tabl.;J which exciting. Play, Is In the High School had been arranged by Mrs. Ray B. Gymnasium. Quick. A softly lighted Christmaa In th,e last two games the Gazel· me was the contribution ot the les broke even. Thursda!Y night. garden departments. i Dec"mi'er 12, Vince Gallagher's <fHRisTHAs NOTES men broke to an early lead over Mrs. W. Mark Bittle made a. the GJ(1nolden Vets to score two plea iozo more wreaths and spra)'8 fleld goals In the flrab.. two minutes tor the Philadelphia General HOI- of play. The Gazelles controlled the pltaJ. These·' Bhould· be lett at. the ball through three quarters ot .the home of' Mrs. Elliott lUchardson game becauSe ot the fine play of on Wil,yette avenue on SWld&.Y. ·CAldwell and Edwards under both December Z2, or very early on backboards. The final score -was the morning ot the 3Srd. Gazelles 53, Glenolden 14. . Mre. Frank G. Keenen, chalr- Monday, December 16. Park.tide A resident of Swarthmore since MATHEMATICIANS 1 !l02 Mrff, Konklp bad made her sclentiOc' publications and main-h orne w1t~ hor daughter, Mrs. mined a. lIte·long ,Int9rest In the . Charles E. Fischer, of Dickinson probloms of eugenics, population and aoclal wellbeing. ~ . AT COLLEGE avenue. for· the pm threo years. A founder of the old birth oon- Mr~ Konkle died In October, 1944. trol cUnic In Chester she was, at A teaQh~r of voice and plano D- many years, Mra. :Konkle was a the time ot her death. vlce .. preBI- Istl'nguJ'shed Men rnamb er','· o~ f . the Pr. eebyte.rlan dent of Planned·· Paronthood of ._~I;r~i:'~~~~~~;;~l~~.~~~~~:~~'I;~p:e~n~n~BY~~lva~n~la~:a~n~Q~.~c~b~~nnan of the Addr 3 D and a member :,., -Se~sS's~I'o'·--n~- . ~'~'Oii 'v"rio~=~~"r organizers ot tlie mu .. ::dc sectton. She. was soprano 80- th~ ~oclety ot Ii'rJends of ' which she The fifty-third annual me~tlng"lf lolst at St. Paul's Eplscopal W8S,A birthright member, and also the American Mathematical Society Church, Chester, for a ;number of on the board of ~e Women·. In­will be held at Swarthmore College years. ternatlonal League tor Peace and trom necernber 26 to 29. 1946, In Surviving besides ¥rs. FIscher l .... reel\om. A resident of Swu.rth­conjunction witb the annual meet.. are three gra.,ndchUdrent: Mrs. more for many years ahe bad been ing of the Mathematical A88ocla.. Raymond F. Winch of Martinsville, active In the college Al ..... mnae DIs-tion ot Amorlca, Va .• and 'Charles William and John cUBSlon Group. Included in the series of le.,tu"e,.' B .... rton Fischer. Survivtng besides her busb:lnd. win be the .rosiah WUlard' Glbbfl The Rev. Dr. David Braun con- Dr. Louis N. Robinson, noted·peno­lecture by Professor Subrahma.nyan ducted services 'Yesterday at the loglst. former member of the East .. Chandro..sekhar of the Unlv~r8ity .of Patterson Funeral Home. Media. em Penitentiary board of trusteoa Chicago at 7 ;46 p.m.. Thursday. Interment was in EastIawn ceme- and ex-Chairman. of· the State Illeeember 26, on The Traosfer of tery. Board of Parole, are four aons- RadJathm In SteUnr Atmospheres. Walter Hadley Robinson of Wal- On Friday. December 27, at 2 p.m. D dl- M d TT. I l1ngtord Hilla, an attorney: Dr. Professor A. P. Morao of the Unt- ea IRe ove up MUcs Hadley Robinson, Swnrth-verBlty of Callfornla wllldlsCUSB Next week's· .\ssuo of Tho' more pbyslclan; J. M"rk Roblneon Derivatives aDd Their Integrals, Swnrthmorcnn will bo out on I o~ Tunkhannock; and ~. Thacher and on Saturday, December 28. a.t t •• e· usual day BUT since Christ- Roblnson . S war thm ore C 0 II ege 2 p.m. Professor Harald Cramer tOt ma.~ falls on the regular dead- fl."eshman: two· daughtera--Dr. Stockholm and vlslting lectUrer at line day thcre will be no news Allee R• Erb. p hyBl c \an and w ire Princeton Unlverslty will give an or udve~t1Slng tflatter accepted oj•. a p hyis lc an usocl at od ..w lth the address on SOme Aspects of tile tor the December 27th. Issue M ayo CII n Ie nI .~...I. nneaot&; 'J.1hool'7 of stocbastlc Proc :mses nftcr 10 A.M. on Tuesday,' the. (Cbrlstlne) M..-... Wliliam D. .-&.f1-I>I'" 24th. lor of CoatesvIlle; and 11 gra,nd- Other ,flvents on the program bl'e The same procedure wU1 be chlldren., the dtpner for members at 8:30 followed for New Yesr's week. A memorial service held In the p.m., FrIday, which will Include an Friends', .. Mee~ address by Professor MarstJOn Den No. 5 Aid Sa.riIiI. House at " o'clock Sunday a.fter- Morse of the Institute pf Advanced The· sum of $17· was raised by noon was tollowed by private tn-man . at Peace services. reported AA Bent the Gazelles down to their that over G'o dollars had been re- first deteat In three starts. Rollln­calved by her commiitee from ROn and Leonard· proved too much the sale of candles.. The money for tbe local five by scoring 13 and Wi111 be· Deed for 10 gifts tor vet· 11 points respectively. Vlncc Gal­era. ne at the Valley Forge Hoa- lagher was the high scorer for pita!. Swarthmore tor the second straight Study, Princeton University. and at· terment In the r--'Iy burial, the Scouts o:;,f Den No. 6 this week a.u.u. 10 a.m. SaturdaY. the award of the Frank Nelson Cole Prize In the Theory of Numbers. Fa~ Receives DecorationI Ernest Wernbe:r: of Bouth Chester road has reeeived the purple heart medal aDd other decorations aWarded poBtltumOusly to his. SOD. Walter, a victim of COl"regtdor whoso name was recently taken by the local American Legion Post m commemoration of bls being the first SWarthmore man to lose his Ute In World War n. for their ChrIstmas project. The ground near 6Tunkhannock. boys gathered evergrcens and ber-ries. fashioned them tnto attractlve lapel decorations and sold them at the Woman's Club Tuesday after· noon. following the meeting. Awarded Rhodes Scholarship OVer 120 gifts and contrlbu- game with eight points for the tIODS, all gall)' wrappecl and care- Gazellee. ParkBlde won 39·18. fully marked, were plied hIgh be· neath tbe ChrletmRB tree and will be dllrtJllbuted bT the CommunllY Health Center of Delaware (Cc>ntlnued on Page 7) 5 Bore Police Graduate Mrs. Henry lAwrence Smith and M\e8 Elizabeth Smith of swarthmore avenue will lIPend the Chrlstm.... holldap ~n Cr\efleld, Md;, with Mr. and· M.... .John Thomas Handy, t&'J~"""~ ~~.a. .'",.,~ .. h TIDS WEEKS CALENDAR ElII. L1nclse)', ;Tooeph Guida, Robert TlmmoDII. Arthur 01"8.8- fensteln and Sgt. Elmer Zebley of the Swarthmore P9l\ce. Depart· mot were &mone the 11 meD from 11 eounlY pollee llCluada who -Yo - SlI ____ ~. dlp·loDiall at the JI.,.,la 11'00 A.H.-Momln&' Worehlp ............ , ............. - ............. Local Churchee ....,.,....... 4;00 p.H.-c&ndlellght Service .... .. .... .... _ .... Method\et e'hurch ODvt B_ at the completion of 6:00 and 1:00 P.H.-Chr\etm88 Pageant .................... Clothier Memorial • lI-_k coline In the-FBI po- __ y, ___ lIS Ilea _001. , 1:16 p.H.-Junlor lIU111c Club .. . ___ ......... .. h ... 600 Elm Avenue BetON ,. IItI ... the 4IPloJDU T\ t "7, December .. .Juan A1btrt Du_ Jla_d• and 5'10 ~ H.-CommuDl~ carole ....... ... ._ .......... ... Boro:1gh Hall A:. B. ~ .,.-;'1 ..... t ot n :.0 P M -:.cendl~ht. Veopers ... ____ --' PreobyterIaD Church the FBI. ...-, .. ". the m ... point- ni •• P:Ii-Holy Cc>mmunlon -.....;.... .. - ..... -.-.-... ~- TrInity Church .... CRd ... ..twa""""', of W' ":I, Du u - . _ ...,.,. ID 4eteciUoa ot. 7:oil A.JI,-o.rol !!ervl ... _. --_. Preebyter!an Church erhu ....... _ tha ....". \lJat .. 10:00 A.JI,--BoIl"Cc>DUD .... IOD ... -. --- ..... 'TrlDIty Church a .....N a to tile YBI lalallllM>'. ...t. ...d ilt·I.I .~. . ...I.'.·.d. .. I.Il.· ".III_iJ_.·. ..-.. ·.lJld.I•Il •IJ I~I..I.1 ..I.I.1 .II•l •·. 1JI•1·~ . ..iJ I.l.~d. ..'..d ;~~.. ·. t.J ri.·I;d•ili • ..... wen •• ..,.1, ................ .... 'l'bla monely. and that raised by five other Dena Is to be UBed to make a complete Christmas for an under J)r1vUeged faml1y of seveD. Food, toys and clothing . will be sent them. ' The foUowing boys are membera ot Den No~ 6: Robert Heatherlng­ron, Robert Wornt, Terry Kerr, Michael Hurd, ~eyton Bray. .Jr .• Htchard Wright. George Fitchett. Charles Hummel, Vonnie Von .ora. bill, John Coleman, and Roger RusselL Loaa CoDlle Vac:aticm Swarthmore ColI_ lItuden~ will enjoy their tongut Chrtstm •• YBCaUoil since UII. It be*,- at • p. In. on Tb1ll'llCla:J', December 19th, ltct, a;nd enele at B L m. 0" lI'rIdq-, .JanU8i7 .~ l,n. . All admlDl8fraU";' oill6ee will be e100ied on Decem ..... 24th lIDo!. 1It11 aDd' .J&qllaJoy, Ie\. 11_ oSell wi\! .", ... o~' ....... n'tie rM '!e'. "- Peter Briggs Myers son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence G. :Myers or Dickinson a,venu@ bas been award­ed a. Rhodes ~chola.:rshlp ::for study at Oxford U~lveralty. In England. ~yers Is' one of alx selected saturday from -the JIleldl.· AtJantic States. Tbe aeld<!tlon" "",de at de Ainerlcan " Phlioll!Ophteal . SOCiety headquarters In Phi18.deiphia., 'were­a. rmO\1ti~ed by' Dr. John W. Nason, prosident of Swarthmore Col1ege ~d ae.rotary ot the eoinmtUee: fin ,..lectloll8 for the States' of Pelbl'­qlvanla, New York,· Ne .... .Jenlo,." Weat VlrgiDla, Delll.W'&1'e;lIVJ'IGI, aDd the DIIItrIct or COliIWi~1L Nye'" IS ... tracr.;&'Ie Of .... rt1i • more HIgia !!ehool .... l Wei (,_ Polytechnic lnatltute. H. 1II·lIow ~ ~1ItU'd.nt at ~""Coi- 1\> .... an.d l,o taking grad-,..,.i. lit the tinl'rin!tb: of p';i"i;';'i"':D~ . The CIUldldatei will e .. ter Ozforlt Ii- ~t. it" .. """'''a.t..., ~"1!IIUl.1\.the _of,U" ~ )"ear tor al._ two. _ . ' .. •

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THE SWARTHIIOR,EAN • ,. PERSONALS A reception _11\ follOW: at. the Iho,u:',e of the bride'. parente. MIIII weat III a .ruuate of DN Moines High School and bae at­tended Drake. University. Iowa, and the Universlty of C&Ufornla, Berk .. ley, Cal. nue and her daus'bterMra. SeY­mour Green of BlTJl Ma ..... spent a few da)'8 In New York Cit')'. GIDD)' Peel a.rrtv. h_ to- 1II0rrow n.lcht from Ca.rletoaCoI­..... Northflled. Mlnn., to v ....... Uon unUI after New Year'8 at her home OD Columbla. .. "enue. .J_e Gilbert will .. mve home tonight freim Pennsylvania Cullep tor Women to spend the Christ .. mas JloJI4a:qa with her paren'" M:"'. and M11I. Percy G. Gilbert of l'ark TWenty-three emplo),_ of the swarthmore Bank and TrwIt Com­pany held their annu&! CbrI8tmaO party and dinner .. t Sprtngtleld InD, BalUmore pike. Th~Y eV8nlD«. . Ann Perklne will return home tomorroW from" the University ot De! to lIPend the ChrlBtmas holldaYB with be. parento Mr. and Mrs. .Joseph Perklns of Cedar lane. Thla evening' Ann will participate "in a college plaY' "'The Tumbler" which will be broadCWlt 'over sta­Uon WILM, Wilmington. Mr. Balr III .. p-&duate of swartbmore HIgh School, .. t~nded Swarthmore College and a.t p ..... ' I ent la a Junior at Penn Btate. He eerved three ~ears with the Naval Air Service. Mr. Robert T. Balr of Cornell avenue wllI·leave CbrI8tmaO nlght for Dea Moines to 1Lttend the wed· ding. He will entertain the hrldal party at dlnn~r OD' FrIday evening, December 27. avenue. Barbara Knabb of Princeton avenue aDd Betty Cook of Thayer road wUl arrive at their homes this . evening from PenD. State College to 8pend the Chrlatmaa holidays. Mr. aDd Mrs. George T. Aabton who aTe spending the winter with Dr. Dorothy ~hton of Cedar lane will bo U. Florldo. tor the holiday&. calvert Melton win arrive home tomorrow trom Cornen UDlversltIY to spend- the Chrlatma8 vacation wlih hi. parento Mr. and Mrs: H. E. Melton of Wallingford. Mr. and Mrs. Wiluam II. Dana of Cblcago, 111;, who have vlBlted tn Swarthmore. wUI be guests at ttie dlUJier given, by Mr.. Balr a.nd will attend thl!;} ~eddlDg Saturd8.3t- Miss Na.ncy Price of New Haven, Conn .• will sPend CbrlBtmDB with Mr. and Mra. Robert H. Reed and family of College avenue. . ltlary Ann Hoolt a student at William "",d Mary College and Dick Hook a student at Dartmouth College will ,arrive home tomorrow to spend the Christmas holldays with their parents. "Mr. and -Mrs. o. M. Hook· ot Westdale avenue. Dtxle Hetzel: arrived at her home N orrioa Taylor of Ann Arbor. J(lch., formerly of Swarthmore. will arrlve Saturday to 8Pe~d a tWo-week8 'hondaY vacation with the Van Alena of PArk avenue. Eben Lang ardved ThW'lld .. y from the .Ashville School, .A1Ih­vlll~, N. G., to IIpen~ the ChristmaB holld .. ys with hla parenta Xr. and Mrs. Frederick R. Lan&' of Maple on Thayer roa4 Wednesday last. ·a.venue. from Bra.dford Junior College to HONOR BRIDAL COUPLE spend the Chrletmas vacatlon. Barbaia. Schobinger. a BOPbo- Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Mlcb ... more at Middlebury COllege, ar- enor •. Jr., of Park avenue will en­tertain at their home tomorrow rived horne Thursday to spend evening in honor ot Mrs. FlOrence the. holidays with her parents Mr. Gnrrett Garwood and Mr. Ja:y D. and Mrs. Geo~ge' Schobinger of Cook. Jr., of Swarthmore whose swarthmore avenue marriage wlll take place Saturday, TO WED DEC. 28 The Ularriage of Mrs. Florence Garrett Garwood daughter ot lir. and- Mrs. Elwood H. .Garrett of PrlI".ceton avenue and Mr; Ja.y ;D. Cook. Jr., Bon of Mr. and )Irs. Ja, D. Cook of Thayer road will take place tilaturday, December 18, at 4:30 o'clock' lD the Swarthmore Presbyterian Church. The Rev. ·Dr. Db.vld Braun will perform the cere­mony. Miss Mary Garrett will attend her sJ./;ter as maid of honor. 'Mr. Joseph N. Cook. will Berve as b~t man for hiB brother. A wedding supper for the im­mediate families wtll follow at home of the bride's parenta. BmTHS June Ullman of Harvard avenl..&e pe('ember 28 in the Swarthmore Dr. and· Mrs. Henry Lawrence and Ruth Medford ot strath Haven Presbyterian Church. avenue will arrive tomorrow f!'Om Mr. and Mrs. William P. Dodd Earlham College, Richmond. Ind., of provldenca Village enterained to spend the hoUdaY SeasOD at a.t a buffet supper on Sunday even-their homes here. lng in honoT of the bridal couple. Smith. Jr.. ~f .Jacksonville.. Fla., are being congra.tulated on birth ot their second .son, Henr)' Lawrence Sqi'lth, 3rd., on Decem- Mrs. Donald P. Jo~es of (Dlckin- Mr. and Mrs. Jay D. Cook. Sr., son avenue entertained at a sur .. \ of Thayer road will entertain the prise tea. 0':l FrIday in honor of the bridal party at dinner following the birthday anniversary ~f Mrs.. Ar- wedding rehearsal FrIday evening. thur J. JonM of Dickinson avenue. December 2'1. . JANUARY BRIDE and Mrs. John E. Mlohael ber 6. , The baby is a. grandson of MH. Henry" I..&wrence Smith of swarth­more avenue and the late Mr. Smith. FriIIaJ',D let ... zo. INS '~Rightln the Center 01 TOIIIII" . RUSSELL'S Complete IGNITION MOTOR BRAKE TIRE Dartmouth & LaltlY8tte Aile •• - CaU044D GREENE'S TOYlAND OpeD EVe17 Evening 'til Cbristmu . WuIe Selec:tioD of Electric Trains, TriCycle., DoD. COache .... SCOOteJs, Gamer. Etc. USE OUR LAYAW,Y PLAII 9 East Stale St. 'Media22S8 REWARD \ FOI' Any lnf~tioD Leadinc to .the Keotal. of .. APARTMENT .".'- . In or Near SWAR11IMORE by veteran to be muried in February Telephone -Jerry NoweU. Media 4S34 or' L.,.I1jae Sa ,ais, ~re 3100 Trees, Lawn Areas, and '. Foundation Plantings Improved NOW . " ----." wmiam J. Stephani, Jr~ Landscape C.. ontractor. " . ': . Phone Chester Heights' 194 , Margaret Campbell reached home Wednesday from' Smith College to spend the Christmas bolldays with ber parents M.r. and MM. E. Fay campbell of Cornell avenue. _ '"" Miss PhJllls Simpson of New York City wUl ftpend a few da.y& over the holidays with her mother Mrs. David Allen SIJlIPson of Rut­Mr. of '"Twin Treest , Harvard avenue .hav .. l8Bued~lnvitaUons to the marT r\ of their daughter Elizabeth Mlcba.el stau:r!er to Robert R. Hop­kins, son of Mra. Angela S. Hopkins of Brunswlch, Ga., which will take place Thursday, J'anual"Y 2 at 4 o'clook in ·the swarthmore Trlnlt'Y Church. The Rev. George Chris­tian ADdel'flOn will perform the Mr. and Ura. Sergeant B. Brew­ster, Jr., of Springfield, are r~· ceivlng congTatulatiodS on tbe birth . ot their second daughter Mildred Frances on December 3 l~. !~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ii~~ii~~~~~~~~~~~ the Chester Hospital. The new baby Is a grandchUd gers ",venue. Marla Hat\zllk a &tudent at Penn .. of Mr. and Mrs. Sergearit B. -Brew­or' swa.rthmore avenue. and Mr." and Mrs. F. 8. Brown ·of Bur­lington, N. C., formerly of 8wa.rth-more. State College will arrive hotne to­CHRISTENING daY and her brother. Bob, who 18 attending the University of Mlchl- - gan will arrive home tomorrow to spend the holidays with their par­ents. Yr. IlBd Mrs:. Henry J. Han­c@ remOny. .James Laurence conwell BOD of Mrs. Joseph Reynolda of "Half Mr. and Mrs. Edwa...rd I.. Conwell . Acre", Oberlin avenue will attend of Merion will be christened J.n the her "fllster as matron of honor. Swarthmore Presbyterian _ Church. zlik of Cornell avenue. John Horsoy a. student at Ohio University arrlv(>d home yea~erday to spend the holidays with t,.ls parents. Mr. and . Mrs. Roy M. Horsey ~f Swarthmore avenue. .John .';"n.'i accompanied by Ralph Hone who will remain in swarth­Mr. W. Stewart Hopkins of Ath-\ S11nilay monling. The Rev. Dr. ens, Ga., will serve as hill brother's David Braun will offlcla.te. best man. and the ushers will In- . Mrs. Conwell is the former l&l88 clude Mr. Joseph Reynolds, Mr. Betty· Douglas daughter of Ur. Earl Anderton and . Mr. Paul· Bald-, and Mrs. James Bacon Douglas of mn of WalUng(ord and Mr. Eugene North Cheater road. )(ar11n of Relay, Md., A reception will folloW tbe ~ero- '" mony aJ.· the home of the bride's more for the week-ond. Stuart B . .Jones IIOD ot Mr. and parents. Mra. Fred P. Jones of Strath :aav- --........ .-----;-, en avenue "'lrved &JI hoat to visit- \ MARRIAGE APPROACHES m,'-. cODBultants at OberUn Col- T~e marriage of Mias Patricia. lege's Men's Car. ecr Conference, \ West daughrer of Mr. a~d Mrs. December 11]. 14 • .1'ones lB a jun- Roger Clarke West of ,1'13 Bur­lor at Oberlin majoring in art. llngton Terrace, Des Molnea, Ibwa. . GIVE A MAGAZINE FOR XMAS The Gift That LastS all Year. Gift carda Mailed Direct From swarthmore on all December Orders MRS, llOYD l KA:FFMAII . Subacrlptlons for all MagazIneB Swe.. !lOBO UNrfvASSEMBLY Mr'. and lira. Benjamin S. Col... and Mr. Robert T. Hair. Jr., Bon of • be of AIleD.tOWl'l will arrive this \' Mr. Robert T. Balr of Cornell ave­evening to spend the ChristInaa nue will take place Saturday. De­holidays with the former's par" cember 28 at '.30 o'clOCk' in St. ents Mr. and Mrs. B. W. CoUlu L".1ko's Episcopal Church, Des of North Chester rota. George an. Moines. Arthur Collins. students at wor... Mr. John C. Bur will serve as cester PolytechniC ~n8Utute wDl best man for his brother. . Borough Hall . to:ao A.."' .• -:v~r,. \Vednest1I\,\' ZEL!AIIL wAJJrERS, Sp5ker Everyone Welcome . arr.tve home tomorrow for the holiday season. Mr. and Mrs. Ha.rold Ogram of Riverview road will .!n~ertaln at a Christmas familY' dinner par1:J', tomorroW' evening. J!tra. Maurice Grlest 'of Elm ave-er/ J,iI&" I"..'.....', .. t..i..l.. .I,... .L. ."..'". ", .. ..... , .. ut ....... ....... - • 11111111 U'I -••-• _Coc .k..t....1. -I l.o• -•-, . e ........ ·_t ;.. c .,.. - ....... .. MARTEL BJlOS. South CII t ts Rd. . HAl'ORJM. A WAITE Ya Ave. A CII Iv ltd. ,. .. -. , . MEDIA THEATRE Thuraclay, F~day. Saturday "THE STRANGER" Loretta Young Edward G. Robinson Orson Welles EXTRA! "BUGS BUNNY" and First Run World News ~ "d Merry '. Christmas 100 E. State St.;, Media;Pa. * " Belween 1911 and 1935, a brief ,pan of twenty-five years, extraordinary progr,ess wu made in publiC health. According to fi~ released by the Metropolitan We I,,~ce Company, the duration of human Iife.dnring. this period was extended by almost (ouneen years, It is aU the more remarkable.. ,in the lipt o(the ~ o( this period;·wiUch included the first :World War; me worst epidemic in recent history. al)l1 America'llIIOll .evere depression- . . . ' . .. Many agencies hue contributed.tO make America­Dlore healthful place in which .to lin. Not the least of these. ~ sCientific Dledicine and pbarOw:y, which work. ucealhigly for better 'Dlethods- of ~nrion ucltreat. IIleIlt o£ dj ea se I • , MICHAEL'S . . '-!':~) , --. 0;. tt.. Co ...... r·· ,. " / '.'20 1946 S!"g of the E~r of the World-what it heareth. S?,g of th.e .Heart of the World-what it feated.. 5mll of the Soul of. th~ World_hat it beareth: . . Cum VU'gme Mam. . 5!"g, Eastern Monarchs, ye Chaldearu lru-.;.· S?,g of .thy gifts which ye bear in plentee; , 5mg while ye worship on thy beDded knee' Cum'Virgine Mam. .' at the II-.rvard avenue . entrance and Mr. and- Mrs. James II. Horn­aday at the drlV8W&7-tra.n.sept en." tranoe wIU _ the mlnlater In CHURCH SERVICES Trinity Notes Holy Communion will he cele­brated Sunday at 8 a. m. The Church School will meet at ':46. At the 11 o'clo4k Bei."'Yice. tbe an­nual FeaUval of Wfta will be ob­served at which time members ot the congregation will bring gifts gaily wrapped in Christmas PA­per for the wa.rd.a at the Phlla,.. dellihla General Hoapllal. The chil~ren ot the Church School are aaked to ),ring aifte to school. Gifts should be plainly marked "man" or "woman,". "boy' (ag'e designated) "girl" (age deafg .. nated). SW.ARTHIIIORI!l PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Rev. David Braun. Minister 9:46 A. M.-<Jhurch Sehool. 10:00 A. Il.-Women's Bible CI ...... 10:46 A. M.-Chrlstmaa worahlp. epeclaJ mwdc by the Junior Choirs and the Chapel Choir. SermoD, "Ught." TUESD.AY,DECEMBER 24 11:80 P. M.-Candlellght v","pera, apeclal music: David Ml\dl­IIOD. ,violinist .and assistant concertmaster of the Phlla­, delphia 8yrnpho~ Orches­tra: French horn q,uartette • conelsUng of Mason ..Jones. Clarence Mager. Wade F-ear­D& Dd. Eugene Weiland also of the Symphony Orchest ..... the Chancel Choir. WEDNESD.AY, DECEMBER 25 7:00 A. 1oI.-<!aro1· Service. The Rt. Rev. Robin T. S. Chen~ Bishop of Anklng, China. wlll be the guest. preacher. . .The Youth Fellowahlp bas been d1Bco.n.t1nued ulltU January 6. :METHODIST CHURCH . The bo)'8 of the Rector's Club Roy N. Keiser. D.D., Minister I ~Jll decorate "lhe chUrch for SUND.AY, DECEMBER 22 I Chrlatmaa on Monday morning. 9:46 A. M.-Church School. Choir School meeto Mondov .. t 11: oe A. M.-l\Iornlng Service. .- '''1'JIe Chrlatnlas Pllgrlm- - 10 a. m.: Tbunida.y, 7:10 p. m., .... ' FrIday. 10:10 a. m .• and Saturday. 7:00 P. M.-Youth Fallowahlp. 10:30 a.m. TRINITY CHURCH Rev. Geo. C. Anderson, Rector BUNDAY,DECEMBER%% 8:00 A. JI..--Boly CommuniOn. 9:4& A. M.-Churc'b School. 11:00 A. X.-Featlval of &Itta tho Rev. Rohln T. S. Chen, Blahop of OlIn .. will preach. CHRISTMAS EVE 11:30 P. IoI.-HolY Communion Cholr_ . CBRJSTIIIAS DAY 10:00 A. M.-HolY Communion <aid>. TllURBD.AY CSt. stephen) 10:00 A. ),f.-Holy Communion. FRID.AY CSt. John Evangelist 10:00 A. M.-Holy Communion. TIIJjl RELIGIOUS SOCIETY OF FRJ11JNTlB . SUNDAY, DI!lClllMBER n It:" A. )f.-Meatl.... for wor- 1IlIlp. Tho Chrlatmes Eve Bervlce will begin at .11:10 p. m. with the sInging of carois. Holy Commun- 40n will be <lotebratedi -II; the communtO;n music is by Oldroyd. The. anthem will be "And the Glory Of the Lord" from Handel's Meselah. The Rev • .James M. Col­li"" will assist the rector at thla service. On Chrlatmaa Da¥ thore w;lI\ be a celebration of Holy Communion at 10 a. m. ~la servlee will be aaJd. No muste. Tburacla¥. the Feast of 8t. Step ben will be observed with a celeb.raUon of the Holy Commun .. .ton at 10 a. m • Frida)', the Feast' of St. Jolm, the Evailpllst, HolY Communion will be celebrated at 10 a. m. . The Beainnera and PrIma.r7 De- --:-, ;;;;;;;:;-::;;:;:;;i. ;;;;:-;;:;;~ I partment . of the Church School . FIII8T CHURCH OF CHRIST will have their Chrlatmaa pa.rQ- 8CPIEarNkT AJS ..T.. .O...F. bSeWloW.A RTHMORE - _0 I 10 m. H/t,rVard on r .. daY -: p" . .,BONDA'!' .C." : . . . ,The Bonlor Department of the 1l:" A. Il. .. anna. BollooL .' chUrebBollooi will .Iia... th8lr 11: .. A. )f. ......... da:F ~n. Se .. Chrl8lmaa parI¥ Frtda:F at. p. :n. ~... s» c, 'e. meetlac eacb fte aDDual een1ee :of ChI'l8t­_ 1l, .... _ ~IDS room open _. X ...... given by the m .. and 0iIIJJr _pt a ... ,. .... holl...,. ~ cbofr of 15 '"'_ _the .11 to I JUL weaR! "Y nenIDC.' 1leI4 0.' 811DdaF. DSlumber eo '1':" .... _ • eo .:It ...... .1. at .ntreaulllL .. ,' .... ' -," ' ..... -tIL; ; ",." .' .' ..... -. ~.' ~ ','~ • , • . m,.,., . Clem,=, .'. JlapP!I DEW DROP INN WE NEED NOT HAVE A SCARCITY OF . HUMAN KINDNESS and GOODWILL . SEASON'S GREETINGS DAVE W'OOD MEDIA • • Headquarters For x........ W,..a/~, (jf'HIid' 2>.&0r­ali". malarial, e-Jt r!o".IIi.J, ..,.J e..~ GORGEOUS POINSE'ITlAS allJ Otl..r s.a.lo..J.1. PI{Ut/4 FRESH CUT FLOWERS CORSAGES This is sure to be a most heart warming Xmas and the demand for Floral Products is certain to be great. -- ORDER EARL Y -- s.Jt. P.ik'e , . SpriaafieId, P •. CARNS FLOWERS • ..:.:':'~\"/4-I: HOLY NIGHT . ~- -~ . " ..... 51 LENT NIGHT - - - '- - -- CHRISTMAS IS HERE! II It's in the music of the cherished carols :hoveiing like a benediction over the bustling crowds. II Time for us to send you our best wishes for the happiest Christmas you have ever knoWn: . . . BUCHN:ER'S • .~~. ' .' .... ' SWA. • / • .. 0450 , • • I \

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• THE S W AR T H'!,II=.:O:.:R:.:E:.A::,::":..'_' ___- :---_~ _____ er~'!~';~'r~'.~~.~~-'~.!r~.~D~.,~1~'~1~1' 4 0. •• D The names of Po,"" Schumach­er, 38.1l8 8e)tmour. Barbara. ShOUD. and llar7ellen Snape were omitted In _ ,week'~ \let of TrOOP 81 members recelyjjoc their Girl Scout '. ., piDB. . .' . ----- TRINITY RECTOR LOOKS AT RUSSIA ~MONDAY On IIOllda¥ ..... IDIr. December I •• "t 7:1& the Junior lIu1e Cl .... w1Il meet at the home 01 AIlob' Ilaro~ 100 ~ "veDue( foot 01 W&1nut JaDe) lor " ChrIatmU parQ' .... d ()hrI8tmaI mule. There 'w1Il be nO' lormal pro­........ and &IlY' voluntary perform­ance will be welcome. Club mem- • bera pJaD to otart out ..... Il". head­log 8O~tbt for outdoor carol 1JlDa-illn order to obtatD a better UD- lng led by various Illlltrumenla. . w. LL. Taught Re­cent Visitor's Slant deretandlD_ of Ruala; It Is "ecell- Dick . Hoot a etu,ient at TuJaDe WiLIq 0.""" C tN- ... FI' MERRY CHRISTMAS , • A HAPPY NEW '$ IIr. Ro)' N. Horaey of swarth­more avenue retul"Ded ~OIl4aJ' from Tampa, Fla.. where, he had been 1Iv1 .... with' hie brother and _-ID-Iaw. Mr. &nd M.... J. William Bor..,. of' TorOnto. can­ada and Ta;mPa, Florida. IIr. and II .... A. David M. Speers of H&rvard avenue leave thI8 eTenlDlr to lIPend a 10dq hoUd1L7 with Mr. Speere" paren" 1Ir. and M.... H. A. O. Speere of 1l1cUana­aa. r')' for ue to view the United University will ani"e home thIlI . States and what she Is dolDB week by automobile with .. college _ throuch . the· eyes of a Ru.·a ," friend ut New York City to apelld ~.,..~ . poUs. Jnd, == May countless hlessings hring/rue joy ID you and yours , at • Chrislmastime. Howard " B. G'reen \SINCERE 'GOOD WISHES (, for a delightful , holiday ~n from the store that friendship huUt. Rev. George Cbrlatl&n Anderson a. two-week vaea.Uon at hie home \ exp1a.lned ~ Vleek In a dlae" ~O~n~L&::;f:.:.; : ,.e::t;:le::;:av::e;:n::u;:e::.; ;::::;;::::::;:::::;:::~ slon of Russia befol'G the Swarth- I more branch of the Women's In- H" ope of the World ternationa1' League for peace and Freedom. "Let us' acquaint ourselves Wilth R';""Ia.n culture and how It dlf­fera from our.own. ~eD look ob­Jectively at the United State&­Ru .. 1a plct"re, Such obJectlvl17 Is orie hope for peace. We know our alde very well: we ,iLre In a position to 'know it best. Unless we us willing to make more ot an eftort to understand all peo­plea ot' other co~ntrlea we can not hope to improve lnternaUon .. 0.1 relations." The meeting was held .in tHe home ot Mr~ and Mrs. E; FaIY Campbell. 210 Cornell avenue. Mrs. Frederick Tolles, co-chair-man announced that arrangements had been completed for & puppet show to be given at I p. m. De~ cember 80 in the, presbyter~ Church tor tlie entertaiDment o~ children between the, ages of 8 a.nd 8. Large Attendance At Junror Supper Twe.nty-three Junior Club mem­beTS and their honored guests Mrs. John H. Pitman senior club presi- PAULSON & CO. Swarthmore. Pa. 'The Bouquet BEAUTY SALON MAY THE SONG THE ANGELS SANG THROUGH'THAT HOLY NIGHT,,~ BRING AGAIN NEW FAITH AND HOPE TO MAKE YOUR HOLIDAY BRIGHT. ~ •...• ~ dent Bat down to a covered dish 8up~er Tuesday evenlnl' at G: 10 In the Iludltorium ot the clubbOuse. JIl.f'anber provided ana dish ot the toad whicb included everything from aalads to deseer18. The' two l~ng tables were shaped ~ & ~ facing tho fireplace and attra.ctively decora.ted with white cloths, ever- greens and tall red candles. \, l~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~====~~~~~~=~=~~~~~~=~ Following supper. each member wrapped the toy. she hlLd pur- I chased and filled a stocking with them. Twen17 stocklDgs were fllled and detivered to the corn- _117 Health Center along with S:bout 40 cans, at to,od to be dis­tributed to needY fa;mlllea. The singing of Chrlstmas caroIs and the exchanging ot 10 emt gifts cl\maxed the evening. A report was made that the ale ot tickets for the Chrlstmas dance on December 27 is going well. and & large "attendance is' expe~ed. ,~ Peace and Good Will Ughting th" way to better feIoWlhip ..... gocicI ~'I tow ....... is ChrIrtm ... 1Nt it .....y be • truly hipPY a.idlll8l for ... of you is _ ...... wish. , It is good to know'thc:at =iuisb:nas is here again •• good to c:e1ebrate it. as in the past. with so many, fine people with whom, we cue happy to be associo.ted in this community. cuul to whom •• now •• nd Our ,Most Healty CHRISTMAS GREETINGS, • . ',-. . ; . • '. . ". \ ~ , Celia ShOe Shop' -Rumsey " Chevrolet Yale Avtmue Jerry Martel,-Morris M~~l, _.:. ',.1 :, ~ '" . .'", .' \ , . • J .t - ...... , ..... .; ..... - .... ~ ,_. 4 •. ; I , \ , \ !fI~"~'~'~,~ D~~L~.~IQ~• .!1!8~te~,.; -___- .:~ ___~ T~H~E~S~WARTHII O_R_E_A_N_~ ______- '--_________. ..:.5 NEWS NOTES I II.., Irwin R. 1IacJI:hre, 0« lit. II... ~Yld Uurich Ullman I>f I HI>I781re pl- hu luet retiara ...' "venue with )'oung mD ,~,::t, ~"";t vIalt ID 8te_ Rlck7 flew to III1_uk.e. WIeC.. home '- her th- -11 mpanled ChrlBlmaa bollday. with Mr. Cof­fin'. pAr.n", In BlLr&IIOte. F1a. IIr. a;nd II.... H, Unll1q Peel and Gln"y and Cra!_ Peel of Co­hllllbia 'aveDue will ""elld tbe Chrtetm .. holldQlo with Mr. P.el·. .lete", MI.. MarJo"~ Peel and -. Wallace Van Neat 01 Weot lin. Ralph B, .Jfa)' .. manaed !D" Ne_ •. ,In Norte.... Ya." ... _ufda)' to her home at Obe .. IB later opendlDlr _ 4ala ID and Laf&)'elte avebU.. after " Alesandrla. IIr. Bqee flow __ week'. vleft to her 1I01I-ln-IBw and wftb her but retu ...... hOme aftar D .. IDlbe 7 to ''', mo or ... JOMPh ..:...~ ~ r 8J)8Il~ the month V. Collin. who .... 1 _d the wi~ d" .... h.r. Lt. Comdr. &ad Mre. C. a few dIL7& ' , -.~ u .... parenti. IIr. 'and II .... D. ler here. ' D. W"aotak of Wauwatoo&, Wl8o. IIr. and lin. I'Ielder Colllll. Jr .• Mr. Ullman will loiD th" f&m117 of Yale aTeDue will ..... lId the P"!'lY on 1I0llday lIext feir' tho Oran ... ·N. I.. Chrletmaa hollds,.. The,. will re-f tum to, Bwarthmor" by plan';' 0.. December 18, Dr ..... d II .... Burton W. Jon"" and children WIll. arrl... tomorrow from Ithaca, N. Y.. to .pend the Ohrlstmll8 hOUds)'8 with the form­er's parents Dr. 'and M .... Arthur 3~ J"onea ot Dlekln.loD aveue and with his brother Mr. Donald P. Jon"" and family of Dlckln.ooll avenue. Mrs. Thomas K. BroY(D. Jr., at Dlc:khuJon ave.nue".wlii entertain her oIeter·ln-law Mrs. Walter D. LAm­bert of Lime Rock, Conn.. who arrived Thursday to YlBlt here un­til the end ot February. Kr. and Mrs. Hamden H. Bas­kiD of Gainesville;' Fla .• will 8pend the Ch:18tmas holldsys with Mrs. Baskln"s parente :Hr. and 1Irs. Nor .. man Hulme ot. W~ale avenue. Bob Hulme a etudent .. t the Unl­verell)' of Virginia will a\eo spend the holidays at hts home hero. Mr. and '&Ira. Philip W. Xnlekem ot Bivemew road will have aa their house guestS their BOD-In-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. White. Jr .• and young SOD Terry Ot C<unbrlcJg.;. Mass" who arrived today to remain over' the' holtdays. Mrs. J, T. McGill of Naehvllle. Tenn •• arrived by plane Monday to viBJt her daughter Mrs. John F. ~ey of ~dar and Elm ave­nue over the holidays. Jack iDaley a student at the Unlvei'8lty of VII' Blnla and Allen Daley of Prince­ton Unlverslty wUl home to­day tor a hollday vacation. Mr. ani! lIIrs. Percy G. Gilbert snd daughters. Je881e and Harriet ot Park avenue will sp"end Chrlat- _ mas with Mr. Gilbert's brothel" and eIstor-ln-law. Dr. and lire. C. 1. QUbert and famtly of Greenwich, Connectic.ut. ; IIr. Elsworth BackWl of WII­mingtont Del., will BPend Christ­mas day 'with Mr. and Mrs, O. M, , . Hook and 1'ami1y of Westdale "ave .. ~ue. Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Harrls of North Bwa.rthmore avenue wUl II&ve ao their houee go_ for the Chrtwtma8 hoU4a.y, Mr. and Jln. Gordon Thomas of Bronxville. N. Y.~ and lIiM carmen Elguero of lIe>dco. ': 1I1ee AntonlcaFairbanks of Park avenue retumed home lut week from Marinette,· WlIc.. where ahe had spent three months vIaltID_ her brother,lD-Jaw and slater IIr. and lin. Wlllla;m KIng and !heir chUdren CamIlla anoS \DfImt IlIOn 'l'omm7. May CHRISTMAS Bnng You .JOl DB GLADIESS Russell's Sel:Vice , " • , .;: "., ...... FROM OUR SHOP TO .' ' YOUR HOUSE FROM 'US TO YOU ,BEST WISHES FOR CHRJSTMAS TIlE NEW YEAR TOO alice barber, gifts . OLD BANK BUILDING OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL TUESDAY nOSED, AS USUAL, DEC. 25 and 26 ~BRI~TMA~ WI~B~~, by the THOUSAND we send to all our friends ,this Yule Season of 1946. May yours be ind~ a MERRY CHRISTMAS VAN ALEN BROS. The Ingleneuk Tea Room SP:IRIT OF CHRISTMAS ~ I FAITH ••• Jatth In "fir homes and commu~ , , miy. : .faith in thefuture . .. faith in men of good ~n e(ernally - this is the essence I ,.of the Christmas season. CHRISTMAS should he a timeofjo)Jandwe hope that this Christmas of 1946' WIll he. . rich in good cheer aml ,111fC . happit1e:,~f 10/" all who read this me.rsage. * * THE BEST OF EVERYTHING FOR YOU *' * .':. COLLEGE. STORE, ON TUB 4:;QBNf,R TlmATRE STOllE, 61SSOUTB CIlES1ER ROAD " , , , - ." . ' . . .. .' ... '., .:' '. .'

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6 TH E SWART H M~O~R~E~A~N!,,-_________- ':"'~F:~n~·+~.,!• . D~:~I~I ~·~.~ .. ~O.~l~'~t~.~. BIll HO ..... l" ~o III attendlDlr tho TrIple au. con .... arrive. at hta bome on Swarthmore avenue toM morrow -to' spend· the vacation. BOOST POLICE PENSION FUND 1Ir. and ill.... Morrill l'Iottaof Tale avenue eDtAlrtalned at dinner and card. at their home ,S &tDrday evening when their Pesta inclu­ded Mr. and II ..... Harry Colfln and Major lie.n.,. Comn of Dre:Eel Pi ..... and Mr. and Mrs.· S. G. FlOOd lind 1>1 .... L Flood of Overbr~Jr.. EI .... or C. OUrbacJcea' ... da .... hler ·N ... .,. of IItrath SaYan Inn. lin. L. Jll. __ n - - M.... .John A. left Thun4q with her _ .Jollll to join Mr. RaIm_n 1Q, Tol ..... Ohio where they will D.ake me,.~ Clr.rulma6 :loA!! FRANK THE BARBER • Seek Private Aid to Supplement New . Benefit On November Zl, 1946. tho Swarthmore Borough CouDell pass­ed Ordlnan.e 484 establlsblng .. Pollee Pension Fund. Th1s enabled Swarthmore to re­ceive a. ahare of the state tax OD Foreign Casualty Insurance Com .. panles. This state tund Is allocated partly on basls ot population and 'parUy on the number of pollee pl}tllclpatlng In pension funds. The police make monthly con ... trlbutlons to the fund from their salaries. The Ordinance alao makes poBSlble the acceptance of contrl· butlons trom indlv1dualu and or ... ganizations. The Borough Code· does not permit the CouDcll to make .:1.pproprlatioDB to this fund and the pollce are not ellglblc for 80cl9.1 Security. The tunds are controlled by the finance committee of borough M.... /0.. G. IIcV~ and her daughter PrJ.sc111a who have been _uu the tonner's mother M .... p. /0.. mllll of Elm aY.nue for the past week, returned to thel~ home In Front Ro)l'&1. V.... Wed­nesdaY. They were accompanied by Mrs. H11111 who wlll epend the winter monthe with her daullh~r and famlll". Durln~ her ab .. nee her home will be occnpled ~ II .... COMAR BEAUTY SALON Dolores Competti, Prop. SpeciaIiziq in Durant Machi_ Waving and HeLme Curtiss Cold. . Waving 19 £. Hinckley Ave Rielley Park Plwue lUdleJ' Pa<k 2108 Cfoorn ntehlle aenQd.u lptarobv~elB 1doIns8tr Iabruet iomn adoef ! :~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ the fund upon retirement of the members. , been vloltlng'her parente Dr. and. hOUle. MAY THE TRE~SURE OF ACCUMULATED MEMORIES . .p. ""t~ ~J~rMl· 'ifrt1a5 LiVa OJ fontS 'rhe present members ot tbe FI ... nance Committee are: W. Henry Linton. George M. Allen. and George M. Ewing. To dnte ther fund baa received: $328.58 from the sto.te. 117.00 from payroll deductions and $686.00 trom Individual contributions; a total of $1.090.68. Seasons Greetings of Christmases . past and gon~ gladden your Christmas cele­bration this year. We wish fo~ . you all the good things for which Christmas has always I * Burgess John H. Pltma.n sub ... mltted the above report tor the lD ... formation of local reBldenta in the hope theY may feel Incllned to as· slat In building up this worth) fund. n. __ ",ill ,ok .. r1ae ......,..,. _. and too soon _ 'arId"'" iOJl 0/ Chriotmou ..., it. mellot»inI .Ded upon _ livu. I. ia our ""'" """ tAil Christma 0/ 1946 will b"'" you _ " blaoinB iI. .... -w ..., """"'" .....,. w. S. Bittle' and, Son Wm Athletic ao- Andy Klr.k so.u or Mrs. Howard. Kirk of South Che:Jtor road was s.warded ele "oJ4'e" in Croaa Coun­trY at Mercersburg Academy. 1IIOn .. dD.Y. At the same ....... nibll" of the school. Robert L. Rlddt~ son ot Mr. and Mra. Leroy Riddle of Old Orchard Foa4. Roee' Tree, ..... awarded the IIJ .. M .. V-' In J'ayvee Football. TIS Alan D. Goodwin .on of Mr. and MI1I. Harold R. Ooodwln of "AppleWlOod". Rose Valley. who ar rived home last week from ovar­....... re.elved hie dl8charge a.t CamP Db<. Monliay. WisHIJlD VON " a good old-fashioned Christ­mas and the best of every­thing for the New Year. Swdmore National Bank & Trust Company M ' of p' .. DW It 11_ _1 .1. 0.. .. oaom Un • - < - • -, stood. + JOSEPH'S BARBER SHOP CHARLES E. FISCHER hlo/lre. Wddd -'-.- - ~~ .... -- . . . --- _.' ---........ • Christmas is not aD tinael and tieme Dr colorOO lights and merriment. h has a ,deeper signifiClUlce, rooted in the IOD!; pDe past, which aets it hiP abon aU other holi· . days of tho year. • h is our hope that this hlel8ecl.ealOQ wDl brins to your home Dot oul,. the f~o .j o,. Df Yuletide but .t hat c1Iep iDDOl' peace wbieh ia meatj')I, a part of ~ . , EDWARD L. NOYES • \ 23 s. CHESTER ROAD SWARTHMORE MAY YOU AND YOURS HAVE A MER CHARLES ». IoMMEL. ·BUD..DER Start The .New Year, Fire Y CHRISTM,(\S .. Prevention. -'\ ," . . . . ." . . --- .- '~-, • / \ Mr. and .no H. S. Toole of the awartJ>more /o.parlmeDta will Ie,,". tude:( to, Buffalo, N; T •• where th.,. will Ipend the ~hrl8t· mae hol.ldap "Ith thllr eon Robert. a atudent at the Unlver· 1IlI<J of Bliffalo, anlll with M .... 'tcoIe.. _.r. M.... lI'. R. T'ltlllva· t-. :IIr. Toole will re1l\I1I In a _It while )Ira. Toole plan. to vIIIlt 'tor eevera! "oeks. . ... , me""". elr.ri6ImatJ. greelin~ B.J.HOY '"'. Letter To The Editor INVITES BOROUGHITES Deal' Editor r \ CHRISTMAS .. TO WOMAN'S CLUB It baa -recenUy come to my at­tention that many resldenm of Swarthmore do not rea1I&e thD.t a 10'" lilt of Swarthmore COile .. fUliqt1OJU1 are open to the general publl •. It has occw-re4 10 me that you might be wllllnlr to help tell our local rea1denta that they are cordIally InvUed to m&l" of th_ 1.ffain. AM you know. the WilUam J. !OOpt.H~ Foundatlon' of Swarthmore _~·.llcge sponfJors a series of lee ... .• 1re!i and m"JBlcal concerts durln~ he course or toe year whIch are :.It only open to the publlc but arc 1ao free ot charge. The facUltlc8 tour oo1108'e Ubrary are open to ~he people ot the toWn. our obser· IP.tOI")' bas an open night -,once a week for thoae who may be Inter· ested. and ot cOUl'8e. all our ath· laUe events are open to the general publlc. We shall do our best to make (COnUDued from Page 1) County. Tile gratitude of this or~ ganlzation has been expresscd t.o ..... Fnul.t. H. lI'onythe. Health anel . Welfare, Chairman. who wiahOll to expretS8 tho approclaUon ot her oommlttee tor olub mem· bel1l Idndn... and thoughUuln ... wblch will moan ChrJstmaa ch .. r for many needy homes.- lira Peter E. Told. club p ...... ident, expreesed the good wlahe' of the club to Edwin GaUe •• club janitor. when he came before the group and received from Mrs. S. M. VIele a Christmas remem­brance. COr8agea of Christmas ~ creena and red berries were Bold by the 'Cub Bcouts of Den 6. the proceeds of the sale w1l1 be 8pent to help a needy famUY bave a tulleI'. hap­pIer holldal". Work on the Jounce floor has sure that these events are made known to your newspaper In ample time to include them In your cal· endar. In addluon. I would appre­cl. a.te an'YthlDC you can do to as- . county Federation. wlU be .the gueet of honor at the luncbeon for now and reinstated members. Mr. W. W. Turner of Yale ave· nue ba.s returned home from a two.week buntlng trip to North Carollna. Mr. and _ /0.. H. Van Park avenue wiU eDwrtalD at a buffet supper lind' brldp tomorrow evening in hODor of Mr. and Mra. W11IIam KIndley of Richmond. vi:,. wbo are boulW guestJI ot the Petitr E. Totds of Park aV8nu., over the holidays. .JOY01J8. Y1JLETIDE • ~==~=~~=====~~ 18w'".e.llrec oymoeu rg ur&e1artd8 erast tthhaest e thSoWY aratrhe-more College events. VerY B1ncerely. begun and the laying ot the cork tIle w1l1 conUnue for a week. This Improvement wUI D,?t only serve to make the lO\lnge more attrac .. tlve. but wi11 add to tho perma­nent comtort and utillty of thiB room. The next regular meeting of the gr(IUP will be held on Tuesday. January '. when Mrs. Maurice C. McCaffrey. first vice-president ot Bere's wishlng that the light of the season's cheer will glow John W. Nason. SCHOOL NEWS . .(JIJRlSTIIAS SINGERS BUSY The Choral groups of the Swarthmore Scnools have beeJ? en­caged thla week in a series ot ChrlBtmaB programs In school ~d comm~lty meeUngB. On Monday the pupils of the Rutsitr& avenue sixth grade. under the direction ot Myrtle McCallln. preoented .. hut­hour program of Christmas carolS beforc the County meeting ot the D.A.R. SoloiSts were Leighton Wilson voca.llst and David Spencer violinist. The annual community ~ro~ sere _ 1m •• \_emhr_- vice was held In the High School auditorium last evonlng with all the choral P-O".1PS of the blgh Bchool as parUclpants under tbe direction at Allee Blodgett. Vocal soloists on thls occa.sioD were .Anne Megonlgal. Catherine Elston, and Edwin Abrams. Jane Allen ac­companied on the glockenspiel. Patty Paul on the violin. and Alice Hornaday, Virginia. Feddeman. a.nd Charles Elston on the piano •. .. • at OIrIsn.-sil ... Mcrythe ChrIstmas 01 1946 beamonq the most JoYOUS you have ever laIowao Harris & Co. Park Ave· TO WISH FOR yOU LOADS OF . GOOD CHE£R' AND HAPPINESS AT anusTMASfatVIE .r • t ~ . .l ' Alice 'M. Baird' •. -1. . ~- .-! • The program was repeated th\B morning .In the HIgh School as­sembly for st\J.dents and faculty. ENTERTAIN COUNTY IIOME On TUesdalV. December. 1, the eighth grade glrlb' service clubB visited Fa,.ir Acres where they e~. tertained res~denbl at the. -W,omen 8 \ bul1dlng. Responslbility for the program ,whlch C0D81sted of vocal solos. a. vi,olln solO, and group sing­Ing of famlllll.r songs and Christ ... mae carols. was assumed by, Anne Ellkert aSsI.ted bl" It'.lth Garrett. ~""""'"ri*S"~~ \ FRI EN OS ·edt ~ >< >< , * Y cars may come and year! but Santa Claus is with may Ito 16 ror~er. He"s coming again this year, with a full .... ack. So sweep out your cbiumey and dy for the Jolly visitor, get rea who has had special orders [rom uS to bless your bome with 3 very \Ilerr7 Chris""'" xX M. WEINSTEIN Call . Swarthmore 1727 MAC CAllUM STORES through all you do, adding greatly to :four Christmas happiDOIII. Photographic Equipment Order Your CHRISTMAS CARDS From Your Personal Negatives State and Monroe Sis. ADOLPH'S: 7 SOUTH CHESTER ROAD Swarthmore 1274- ~s~~sss~~ss~~ss~ Media Phone Media 2880 GREETINGS! Music and song and happiness everywhere! Lighted windows. green trees brilliant :with glowing bulbs, all contributing to the grand sum total of Christmas . .It's fine to celebrate Christmas again this s~ason of 1946. fine to have finished' another year in this community of happy homes and friendly people . To Each and All We Wish A VERY MERRY CBRlSTI~'.A~ HANNUM & W AI1'E .Chester Road and YaleAv~nne' I Swartbmo, •• PL .. .'. ".' ~!C_.~~ , .

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Mr. U4 lire; trwtD It. .... 1IIl. wee of ilL Hol,.oke pl&ce enter. talne4 IIr. Frederick Walker of Klrcauldy, Scotland .. their week·end .... eet. lIarllyn MacElwee of ilL HoI,.. oke place spent the w~ek.end ID AnnapoLlB, Md.. attendIng the telltlvltleB -of the ann ual Chrlst­IIIlUI hop. O,..n ,ridgy .,." MaNgy "" 9 P. Mo, s.tunIgy ami ru •• gy, 6 P. M. .. . 0 ....... A, ...... KIII .... R_at .... CHICKENS ~7~ s. Bell', Seasoning ~.:: IOc IROOP' 2 'BOYS EARN AWARDS , Panth~:t Pittrol' Current Scout Honors Fol'glns- ahead In the last feW do;y.. the Panther patrc,l; _d out the Black Beara tor top hODOl'll In the Interpatrol C'1nteet, juat completed by Boy Seout Troop No. 2. Bill Davldoon, Booutmuter, an. nounced· today. The Eagles came In a clo ... third, FoiJowlng a Bummer ot Ubu$J.­al trips' and outings the troop bu~kled down this fall tA> the fundamentals ot scout work-ln ... dlvldual advancements and ,uti-· vltlCB. outdoors and In. While the troop Ie not the largest Swarth­more ever had It Is an acilve, live­ly outfit." doing excellent scout· lng • . Sw. Marloram v:;~ 8' Sag. "''''8c 'renell =:: .. I~t1:11 c Thym. "'",;: 8c fresh J ..... y Select For wlnning the inter-patrol eon test, the Panthers were award­ed 0. patrol flag and each member won an Individual prll:e. This Sa the newest patrol In the troop. but urged on by patrol leader I Nick' Stuart the boys put on a I faet finish and landed on tA>p. OYSTERS doz 53C ...o ked ••' -'" ...... Who~·sI::. ~. 'HoH Lesa 'Grade A ClaaGk Bo •• t n. 590 Ib 38C1 lO27c cunFICATES $IOO~,:w -. r.t.CH food Pure Flerlda ORANGE JUICE Fillets Pollack '"23c ,.,- larlch... S ·'b bog u. fLOUR 10 t! 66e: Raisins cat ..................... 15c Mixed Fruits ....... ·27c lISa) Vanilla ....... 32c Olives 0 ....... ......... 45~ IISlD Pumpkin ~"'''''',I'lc Mince Meat .......... "";:29c AgIMf for M.UO'4Im.'" Old fashIon flavor. LARD Ib Z6e: Your Choice Na.2can Glenwaad Fancy GRAPEnmT JUICE Glenwood Orange and Grapefruit BLENDED rolCE GI.DIWOOD GBAPD'BUIT .JUICE ~oz 230 AUI., Keme., CORN ............. - •• tit. colo. rocked Immedlatety _rpl.Id ... Del Moate Cora I'anadale Pe. . I!xt::.' ..~. d c ..... Styl. ':;! S'7e: ':;.2 :l6e: Cat Wall B.aa • .. "y. N':;'2 :l9e: New Paek Cranheft'y 'Sauee 1=:' zse: Pane,. Pl'1Ilt C .. ktaU No.~'Ia :J'7e: a.Word Peaebe. H!r.!:~c£'1!. N-:,;;'Ia Z6e: mLETS CORN =: 2 '2 ... vacuum ..... k... 290. . cans fumpus 2,,, 25< ~ ...... ".-. "12c I White Onion,s 3'""2Sc rocy APPLES Obp, s-, SaIled Celery callfwtllI ~arte =: 19c Oranges Jo.." "v," 8'" 39c '" Northw_ .. 2 lito 29e: Dolklo •• A ... M,e Ill" wi • • ........ peal" ...... _ ..... u .... Wted c. ..... NUb 7-::...-:;: 4Sc CIarIatIa.. Car .. A~!::~' .6 ,l". Z9c /lSaJ . "heat-flo" Ro-.... COFFEE ':'38e: a ... 7So Ian Coupons Oft bag, for gift ... • Tbo award was based on Indl .. vidual achlevemen't8, mertt b8.d­ges. attendance at meetings, prac­tice of Scout oath and t~~. bt~e8. wearlng of uniform,. church .at­tendance, recruiting of new mem-, borS, nnd the like. , ' In the Panther ,patrol arc Nick Stuart. Ken Wright, Bill Xerr, john Tyler, Bob Allison. and. Ha.r­Ian Jejatij). Members of the Eagle patrol arc Barry Coloman .(lead .. er), Alan Bachman, ,JIm. Btillltt. Dick Batlstic and Jo~n Pea.rson. The Black BoarS Include' Lar-ry F.ranck (senior pa.trol leader), John Btelntield (patrol 'leader), Fred Ahilgt"en and Jim Lees. - PHONE MEDIA 0990 Budget Shoe Shop Agency tor ENNA JETfICK, EDWARDS and FLORSHEIM SHOES State and Olive Street, Media ---- FIREWOOD Firepla~ and Furnace Wood Cut to .ize and delivered $21 PER CORD Moor and Haatinga Aves. Garden City <:heater 2-8719 . , ~ GIRLS TOP-RANKING POSITIONS in Community Servieo Available to QUALIFIED YOUNG WOMEN in Telephone Work EARNINGS. Compare with Best; in Your Community SURROUI~DINGS AND ASSOCIATES Better Than Average OUTSTANDING OPPORTUNITY for Advancement and Development INVESTIGATE TODAY THE IELL TELEPHONE COMPANY OF PENNSYLVANIA 1631 Arch Street Philadelphia or Room 315, McClatchy Bldg. .69th and Market Streeb Upper Darby Swarthmore Nation~ . Bank Fd " Trust Compilny .' Swarthmore,p .... ne ElMIC 's. SPROAT, ()PeN""~ rhis New Lamp G'ives You a ChOice of ~pt~Mi~ , Get SOD ..n niLuk raftolet ran f.tosD oneeDd .. _soD . lJ,peaetndilah_ ny. &om the 0tIici. Conyuc &om Soor to table lamp iD a few iI8COnda. Ad/asts to any coDYeDieDl height or aDlIie. Tw(}:way switch coatroll both , bufbs. COSIS little to ..... . ,.'., . ,SE,lE.CligtRAY "~' Come 00-_ foryouroeJf the moo; !el1Ura of this Wesrinahoa .. lamp. •••• 7 I ....... A 'IODUCT O~ Westin~housel j ADOLPH'S 18. Chesler Road Swarthmore 1214 HOW DO YOU GET SPRINGFIELD, WATER ? FROM A TAP tJ/: (folf/t4el It's not quite· that easy for us to bring this quality water to you. Pure Springfield water starts from a series of small streams free from pollution. Such water would be considered excelient by many communities, but it does not meet Springfield water st'andards. Your water is sent through a series of refining steps. , , ,. ... $pri .......... r WIll ...." lie .... PHILADELPHIA SUBURBAN . ,. , WATER COMPANY , i CLASSIFIED for BWL 16.1,. LOST ., . U>8T Wltl:ln 'Jl&IIt month. pair ot pink pl.aaue epectacles. Muller and Fen .. ton cup. can 8wart~re 13~:~._ LOST-Platte-rimmed Claaaell r=a1 weeks ap. can SwarthDlO.!!..... . _._' LOST-Sunday. COld bracelet with 10 colol"8d Ilton8ll. Reward .. 289 ~nyon Ird 'ftoor. OWEliI EJIPLOYIIEIIT AGENCY P ,It _ u. [ .l .... fO!.' PrI_ PamIIy 1Mb, 1D4~_ l)ae. &Ie Walk VIrPt ~ Pnrp., et mr II ... 1101 W. TbII'I1 .£Z1t ('am, Pa. STRATH---HAVEN THE INN WITH PERSONALITY Swarthmore, Penna • Call . S';artbmOre 0680 for, all Raervationa, Especi.n,. Christmas and New Yean. leather ~:::-•• ;;;~;~ and aJr;k IIPIan now the home you wlml Desirable loll available ~~NTEo.:.T() bgtUYft. ~8a:J~la ~~~~ for Christmas M after r; 'P.JL • ."WANTED Donation of girl ~ ..t rI~ ooa.t, good condlUoD. etze swartbmore la9O:J:!;.:... ... ..-___ _ FOR SALE ~RlI Ad-:'lph.8 Swarthmore 127!:.....-. .a , tif I swarthmore FOR SALE Beau A:. the College College calendars. B kW'ays, Dart­Book store and at 00 mouth avenue.. $t.2&. Call CharlesE. BuUder Phone Sw~re 2253 IJRInp Solicited W. S. Bittle &: SoD 8_ 0111"" Ileal ERate Notarr PubUo-lDsurance PAINTING an .... PAPERHANGING DAVE WOOD Call MEDIA 0755 EDWIN D.JeEII EY, Jr. YOUR .JEWELER ~ A. WAYNE MOSTELLER Electrical Contractor , Ail Tn><" of Electrical JDsta\1atioDB and RepaIrS IlerVInIJ s..wrthmore and VlclDltJ' for past TweDty yean 1180 Muhlenberg Ave. SwarthmON 2295 night or da,.. HOME IMPROVEMEITS CarpentrJ' Repaint aDt1 Alterations KJmSUI IDs11IattoD Oem"'" w_ ASTERS BR()T11ER8 CBblnet Ma\< ..... 302 Gayl.e,. Street Media. Pa. Tel Media 2567·R , • " • ... "hi sa. ". » _: .',.. as" 01 II,. OttIO-Bo_ can SIMMONDS Jlt Webb ....... tt • -n... n .... r 1·1111 AUCE M.BAIRD Real Ettate and Lwmance Old Bank BuildiDa 8 .... 0108 CAB WINTERS Moviq and HanliDg Phone Media 2726 100 W. 4th SL Medi •• Pa. GroceryD~From Locel stores lnclucling MUteIa WORK all kInd New or Old MORTON ELECTRIC Phone Swarthmore 0992 A. MERCER QUINBY Funeral Director Formerl, of Media 1125 W. LehlgIa A...... P\iIJa. Phone Baldwin 1110 No RddlUoDlll chane for MUburban call& PAINTING and DEOORA'l'ING 'All Wort< a _ Write QJFFORDIL PARKER _I .. R.D. 13 LEGAL NOTICE BST ATE NO'DCJI EETATF' OF MARY A. GILBY CHl'JY­NET dece .... .. Leite,. Testamentary on the abovo F.IItate have been granted to the un­deulgned. who request all '::.~ h:; Ing claims or demands ftII E"Qlte of the decedent to make known t~e same and all peraonl Indebted to tht' deeed~nt to make payment. without deloy. to JOHN E. FRICKE. Executor 721 Bedford PI&ce. Morlon, Pa. nr t~ hl~ Attorney NTON S-rANI.EY 4 THOR • !!004 Finance Bid.... 6T-t2-20 Phna. 2. Pa. DELIVERY MoncJe,. • Wermetlday Frida,. HARRIS AND CO. 1t Park Ave. 8warthlilOro OOM Boning swarthmOre SlDoo 1912 QUAUTY PAINTING Sin ... 1889 Walter V. Linton • Contractor and Builder Ridley Pa·'k Phone 0333·M ment Immediately to . ., SWARTHJlORlll NATIONAL !'AN_ ANO TRUST COMPANY EXE.eutor Eetate of LUlie O. Kook. deceued, swarthmOre. Pennaytvanla Or to its Atto~f:"._ A[,]IERT N. G~ .. 228 Garrelt Avenlle Swarthmore. Penn&. BIITATB lIOTICE • IN THE COURTOlPCOMMON PLEA!! OlP DELAWARE COUNTY, IN '1"HE KATTER OlP .TAKES A. BROOK£, ae alleBed weak-minded person : Number 821 : March Tenn. F:lr14t' "ar id Final Account of Joeepb E.f Elwell, Guardlksan O~e~~m:~_ JamE-1I A., 8roo ,a. r the above eon.: apPOlntedAbYrlID~'~l the 8814 Court. dated P .' I departed James A. Brooks. having ted this Ufe on April 25. teiES, as t:l: of b Elizabeth E. Elwell. xecu t~e F~tate of .lo_ph E. ElweU. who died November 1. IN8. ..._ ftled In The above account has ......... n U the offl~ of the ProthonotarY and wi be confirmed by said Court on Jan.~ lOth. 1947. unless es:cepUone are thereto. ROBERT 3. MACBRIDE. 3T·12-20 . prothonotary DIVORCE lIOTICB To Helen P. LaBelle. late of 110 Madison St.. Cheater, PL. Wbereas. }tomer La. Belle. )"our husband. hu 'fled Q. Utoel In the Cour~ of Common Pleru; of Delaware County. ~::6IU1J!­vaniA B9 of September Term. N' 254 pra)"ing B divorce from you. ow YJU arc hereby notified and. .-,:)~ to appear in said, court on or 0 t ).tondBY the 13th day of .Januaryb .n~d 'er the Complaint of t e 88. ~o!~~W LaBene and in default of such n.ppearanc(" you w11l be liable to have a dh·orce granted In YOURr . ~~crNR G. t . SherlfI fit Delaware Coun y. Erlw. D. McLaughlin, AUbruey 3T·12-20 '=-__ _ DIVORCE lIOTICB , TO' BROWN, EDWARD WIGGS, Inte ~f No. 36t3 Market Street, LouiB-vIII. Co uKe~~~Y'HE~BY NOTIFISD th!? a Final Rule for DlV0tji8 h~ ~11 gTanted against you at e ~f r Elsie Bernard Wiggs. your e. ~eturnuble in the c~rl tOyf g~m~:~. Pleas 0. Delaware un -' • d' da' )larc.h 'Cerm un19 46, Oil the 4r 101 Yb of Ja.nuary, • on or ,b eIfof raen yW olyUoC u day you may (Chow cause. t be have. why such divorce should ,no granted. /&.l'J0SEPH W. de1MJlUA 2T-1240 . A, t~~~Y (or H.bellant , ~·R··e·e·s·e··-·B··a·x·t·e·r" ·C··o·.· I SPORTING GOODS I 816 EDGMONT AVE. ! Chester • ~"".""""""""a1 ~~~.~~~MSKMM¥~ _re 1«11 WIWAM BRPOKS a- & Rubbish _Yell 1& ..... Mowed GenemI :3a IIardIiIg Ave. Mo_ Pa. ~~"SSi"~ PAINTING AND PAPERHANGING Whlte lead aDd J)III'e lin [~" 01\ _ ''''.all ~ palntlDllo Work Guaranteed CHARLES Phone8 Chester 8130 & 24525 Walters' T.... Sursel'J' and Landsc:apins , Phone Swarthmore 2175·R 104 CorneD A_ Swtn1hmore, Penna. Morton Electric an'd MEDICAL When lIOtnebody says to you, "~jo,bs , hard to find"-DON'T YOU BELIEVE IT-If you re :r~hYSica\lY and mentally fit young man from 18 to 34 ,inclusive I . bs th In your new Regular Army~ 40,000 good JO 11 a miliat are opening up ••• interesting Jabs ~t p~ ~ ;';;;'g and 'offer advancement, c:areer OPportunid tie8 dan a experience in many useful skills an tra e8. 'gh Ann a ' food, clothing, quarters, t.r..a vNeel wa th ni o eerx. tra coys tP . .Y . ·G·I·Bill of Righ.ts ed,ucat ion. al benefits for those who enlist before the offiCial tenmnati~ , onhe war and serve at least 90 d"¥,, '. . • and the .:rr:.~ , tunity for C1U'ly retirement with !' hfe lDcome - . • ' ,! to ,a career you can't afford to mISS. 'A 3-yeer enlistment permits you to c~oose any b~ch of service and overseas theater which sbll have operungB. . G~ after one of these good jobs now! YO? .can S~~~~ the facts at your nearest U. S. Anny Recnu*tmg and ENLIST NOW! ********** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * NEW, HIGHER PAY FOR ARMY MEN II AMlfllIO f", ~ CIIIItos IH Mlleal Con NONnf,LY .mUMENT :: II::; INCOME AFHR:= .. , 20 V .... " 30 Yeo"" MHtft Service Servlc. Master SeraeaDt or Pint Sergeant $165.00 11107.2' $185.63 Techni..i1 SeraeaDt 135.00 87:7' 151.88 StaS' Seqeant. • 115.00 74.15 129.38 5ect<-. . . . 100.00 65.00 112:.50> Corporal. • • • 90.00 '8.50 101.2S MASON BUilDERS SOPPl Y COMPANY ~~ Appliance Seroice ! Commercial and Domes~lc-!1 Prompt Servicc):'-Refnger. ators, Washers, Vacuum I Oeaners, Radios I In Addition to Column One ' at t~e Richt: :ZO% In­crea! lle: fM' Service Over- 8eas. 5O~ Increuet_Up to ISO lIaxunum Per .onth. if Member of Plylul( or Glider. Crews. 150 Per Month for ParachutistS' (Not in Flying-pay StatuI) While Engaged upoa Para­chute Duty. S'tO Increase in Pay fOI" Each 3 Yea ... of Suvicc. Private First OUI 80.00 52.00 90.00- Private • • • 75.00 48.15' 84.38, , 331 Dartmouth Avenue BwaftIImOftI 0S45 " PLYWOOD FOR CHRISTMAS TREE PLA~ORMS • 'r &ate DeIi •• ,- • HARRY W. LANG Rags and Carpet. ~,0764 ~Puk3238 . bI it bat. ... ~~,. ,.' 11 MottiaD AvedIN ~Pa. ;=&1'11'-6 0lIl Decr leN. • I * * * * * * * * * * * * * Ushn to &cry LOMilwdo. ··SoumI ~.: ··Wcurlon 01 'fIOCfI.· "rolee 01 f', Arlllf, .. ProItdIr w. HoI,;·.nd Foo,,,.,, •. ool:af. 011 your radio. . * * YOUR RIGV&AJt ARMY r saVES 1111 NARON, AND M""PND,Qt. WAIt ~,~CE , U. oS. "Aiwr' ~CRumNG .STA~oi("~. Ml'eoai~,BUiwb"'·9t1. ana,;Welah ~h" dieatS'. P .. ,

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THESWARTHMOREAN BetQr Ko .... amy. home from K.... Freelerlck Btrelcher of . .. WellwQ' Colle ..... on SWlIlSJ' N rth Ch DElAPLAINE TO night aDd Will ..-.... at her fO~ New ee~r~&4Je':..~u~ I .. home •'0 0 Tale avenue until Jan- Str eI eher who wUl amve from F-""-""'~~=':;:~~' HEADBOARDAGAIN MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM a;. HARBOLD'S ~ 34 w. State SL Media, P .. ~~~~~~~~~~'\.,. .., ........' \. ... ~ A JOYOUS SEASON Wdh _y good wUbes for . . yoiii' beaIth and happiness, School Directors In Organizati6h Sesf!ion At 118 annual reo ..... nlmtlon I meetIDg last week the Swart"bmore School Board re-elected Roy W. Delaplaine president for the eDlU­Ing yesr. Mr. Delapaine has been a m,m~er of the board tor nine years, Ove of which he baa served as preaJdlng oftlcer. To be vlce-preBldent of the board Dr. David Mccahan WII8 elected. Among . the Items of bUaln ... dlsctlllB&d were the need ot a Rudy of the preeent heating· system of the high schooL This syetem ...... Installed In 1926' and bad bitumin­ous stokel'8~ added several ~ears ago. Due to the depreciation of the heating equipment as well as dllrlcultles of gettIng .uleq"JILte hest In cold weathor. the Board plans to make a comprehensivQ study of the hestlrig Situation with u view to planning nny cbange or new installations which may be needed in the near tutUI'f). It was noted that the cafoto>r\a was operated at a 1088 again for the thIrd straight montll of the year. Due to the high coat ot food and labor and the additIonal cost of operating two cafeterias, it would appear that additional reve~ nue w0"".11d have to be secured by the cafeteria. A study is to be as to the advlsabUity ot a rise in the D~ices ot lunches being served. Due to th~ participation in the Federal Lunch Frocram the prea sent prices are moderate but may to be raised. HOUSE HOLIDAy'FETES F~.DI , _I", Back a"tLast! • the PLAYTEX • LIVING GIRDLE control. 395 In sizes extra small, small, medium, large, extra large , The new discovery in figure an all way stretch girdle it lives and breathes with you. Without the use of bones,' it gives . better posture, never tires you makes you feel inches slimmer. Delicately flower scellted--easy to rinse lBta4 During Christmas week. the Wo­man's Club House will be the Bcene of ,many Christmastide tesUvities. The Junior Woman's Club I,===============================d Christmas dance which takes pla.ce .' .- II FIUaB aF ,au Car inspection proves its wotth in protec::doS YO"' While the national figure for fatal tra8ia accidents due to mechanical failure of can is 18%-in Pennsylvania it is only4%. Qeddng y:our car's brakes ••• headlights •• ; tires ••• and steering gear and making certaia they are in good condition protects YOU ~m mechanical hazards. Have your car inspected today. CARS MUST BE INSPEmD BY JANUARY 31,1947 There will be no extension of this period. You will not be allowed to drive after this dote unless you have an official Inlpeeli.on sticker. TO LIVES COllONWEAlTH OF PEIISYlVANIA U:udMcwIit. ... Ge •• ,. Darid w. Hea,. Ssucaluij ., ....L _• J It''rlday evening, December 21 from 9 to 1. will open the'h~lIday ga.I­ties. Saturday afternoon, December 28 f'i'om 2 to 6 p.!p .• the 01 ub will wel­como the 100 odd membors of the CharieD Darlington fa"utu!Y at a re­union. . Guests from the stales of Delaware. New Jersey. and trom all sections of Delawar~ County, are !,xpecte,d. The 7. 9 8.Pd 10 grades will hold their ann~1 Christmas danc.e when the .Junior Assemblies meet Sat­urday evening. December 28. Monday evening. becember 30, the other classes of the .Junior As­semblies will meet tor their holl ... day party In tho Club House. The December Serles Dance will convene on New Y ear's ~ve at the usual' time and. end' the round of seasonal gatherings in the Club House. ~.ET'IER DO YOUR CHRISTMAS CALLING EARLY Chriatma. it alwaya a busy leallOn-especiaUy for out­of- town telepbone calls. This year it will be busier than ever. There are bound to be delaya on Christmas Eve and CbristmaaDay.The wirea will 'aet 10 crowded that lOme caUs (partic­ularly to di.tant points) won't Jet through at all. You'll be wile to ltart yoar "Chriatmu ""mba" early. nlll,lTtll,,, .. CI. $ If' ,15 I & • MeKt'!1 Christmas I The word. are old. the wish Is old, 'Bilt tIn'leleasly Iincere_ The threadbare phrase . groWl fresh and new Wllh every pas.lnll year. ..... ''''~: Merry Chri.bna.. everyone I A day of j~y and mirth. Clo.e with the wannth of.Christmas. The world I/IOWS snull and small_ Me ..... Cluisbnal. everyone I Me..,. .... alII Where men may walk al Lrothers Upon a peaceful earth. -~'.. , PHILADELPHIA \ ELECTRIC' COMPANY • < , TO ALL THE'SWARTHMOREAN , , DRAMA OF CHRIST INSPIRES THRONG Library Electron Due NominatIon blanks for directors of the Swarthmore Publlc Library may be aecured at the "i~lbrary desk. They are to be slimed hy 10 COLLEGE LIBRARY OPEN TO 1946 EXCEEDS GOAL • Announcement waa made it tile final report t'Dutch. Treat" luncheon of. tbt Community Chest ~am~ . last GAZELLES EVEN· ON WEEK Revival of. "!lillILtlmembe .. of the S:warthmore PublIc I' Library Association (rcBldents ot Glorifies Season the borough who have signed the H By-Laws aiWS)'ll kept at the deBk ere for. that purpose) and tiled wIth The preeentatlon ~f secretary of the board. Mrs. Peter more'8 Pageant of the E. Told, on or before December 31. after a Ulree.yea:- wartime Three vacancies emt on the drew aD overfloW attendance at board 8lnce the torms ot t'hreo dl~ both the G and ? o'clock rectors expIre. Neither ot the anees ID Clothier Memorlal three Mrs. Harold O. GrltOn. Alice SundQ F. Barber, Mrs. Told .. standing tor Havins establiBhed itself reelection. Tho lIat, of peraoDII as an unusuallY: brilliant nomInated will be posted at the LI-spectacle III tho earlier yea.r8 of Ita brary on January 2. EI~cUon takea presentation 1988, 1939, 1940, 1941 place at the Library on Saturdav and 1942 the lU6piratlon ot Its Ove January 26, during Library hou;'; .colorful eplaodes and glorious chor- and on Monday, JtI.l1uar'Y 27. from ale ,was SOUght by residents, h(lll~ the Library's opening at 2 p.m. in day guests and friends from neigh~ the afternoon un·tll 6: 30 and from communJUea and states who ., p.rn. until 8 p.m. when the polls began arriving over an hour ahead close and the annual meet\ng of ot the_ Ume acheduled tor the nrst Aeaoclation iB called to order. perfomlance. The auditorium filled long before the pr,>ductl'lD II EARLY DEADUNE opened and many of tbose who Next week"s 188ue ot The hadn't come early walted the two Swarthmorea.n wIll be out on hours UDUI the Dext performance. the usual day BUT since New Even 80. it 18 estimated over aoo Year's falls on t'he regular de8.dw ot tbOfle expect1nc to witness the 1 lino day there will be no new, Wide Facilities AI. ready Used ByMaIiy Townfolk • * Friday that the 8war1hmore DIe­trlct under Arthur R •. Dana. had reaehed 102.8% of Its quota, with more Bubecriptiona eecured by Chules B. Shaw. Ubrarlan &4. local volunteers tban In thfl pre­Swarthmore college. announced vloull year. Alfred H. WU1Iabl8 thls week ·that the college llbrarr preatded as General ChaIrman. would be open to residents ot the With the entire Red Feather borough during the college Ct,rult-I Drive lltandtnl' at the clOlle, ap­mas va.catlon fro]tt i a.m. to 6 p.m. preclaUon waa exJ)rueed I)y ,111'. with the- exception o( ChrlstmaH Dana for the very fine work dono Day. liew Yea .. • .. Day and the In.. by aU those who asslBtP-tt In attaln~ .tervenlng saturday and Sunday. Ing tbls record. W41!e Swartb-more had reached its quota. at the Townspeople have had free use tlme ot the cloatnl' dinner on ot the Swarthmore College Library l>ecember 12:. 1146 with 101.6~, (Q.clUUes ever Blnce the local workers lIecured additional building W88 constructed in 1907. subBCl'lptiona to make up the The librarY has had the higher apre. of being one ot the' beat of tho BOY scours OF AMERICA smn.lter college libraries and . Its r~(erence collection now numbers approximately 142.000 volumes. theretort' provides an invaluable Troop I has begun a program. supplement to the borough llbrary, to rebuild .it into an active body of Boy Scouta with .real Scouting and has also been of great bene:Bt! as Ita objectlve. Meetlnp are held to high Bchool students in complet~ on \Vednesdays at 8 P. M. in the ing their reselU'ch projects. recreation hnll of the o •c 10 e k p' ._. ~ .._... u_. .o 1 n cou ld n ot b e or advertlslng matter accepted l\lr. Sha.w reported that for the dat Cor the January Ird i88ue after acoo~o ed. D.C'..o.demlc year 1945-1946 there Churcb under the leadership of Robert IV68, Scoutmaster. All boY'll ot Scout age are Invlted to attend, an.d Joln in' the Scouting lOA. M. on Tuesday. December NeariY a hundred Swarthmore- 31st. wero 3178 volumeH circulated to aD8 lose their earthly identities. Swarthmoro residents unconnected Aubmer-a-g themselves In deplct- with the college 169 ore than iDg thee;rOPheCy" the Annuncia- Pistol' CIab Active , been lR8ued ~o mem'::era at the Uo;n. the Shepherds, the M=-:qger The Swarthmore RWe and Pis- college faculty. He commented, seene, Ule AttributeS and .Vllrtl1 .. ,l tol Club team. won four of a pos_ elrculn.tlon at bCYlkH to the towns· of the Christian Way and the sible five pointe on Wednesday people sbow an Incrense in tho progranl. To help In this .rebuilding & new Assistant Bcoutmaster, Weeley France, bu ~ elected. Aft es: .. perlenced Scout, Councilor, and leader, he w.11l provide additIoneJ excellent leadership . D e f eat Chesterites But Are Bettered By Glenolden ·rhe Cheater Warriors stepped out In (ront with eaae earl,. In the Thursday. December II. bulcet contest with the Swarthmore 0 .. ellea but were eet back by the bOr~ ough vets. in the second quarter. The sharp eyes of CUrt Gal1agher and Joe Gary were credited with .overtaking the Wa.rrlora and main ... talnlng the lead for a 5-1 finish In favor of tho Oa.zelloa. On Monday ot this wee:'" how­ever, the acore waa counteracted by a defeat. at the handa ot GlenoldeD Preabytertan& FlchUnlr tbrouarb an oven three quarters tbe Gazelles were outpointed 1n the taat period by -very nice team work ab.d a few 1ast breaking plays by Laufer for .8. ton point advantage on the part of the visitors. The Gazelles made the low end Qf the 17~27 score. Curt Gallagher was local higb Bcor­er of the weok, for the 8econd Ume. On January 2 the Ousellea play again In the high achool gym time 18 '1: 16 p.m. CONCERT AT TRJNrrY The . Men and So,..' Ohoir of' ~n;, vole ... of TrInIty Church. will pre­sent their annual J)NCI'UIl of C&D­dleUght Chrlotmas music on Sun­day at 8: p. m. In the church at College avenUe and.· Cheater roa4. ing forth of the Apostles to December 11' when firing aPt,nst comlng year thro1Jgh 'UlI'a' of ·the The event 1a the December pro. .. the Spirit of Christianity through.. the West Chester Rltle and PJatol library by other borough_·realdentI;. out the world, symlioliZed in the ClUb on the Iatter'a home range. For the Informa.tlon of those wIN tableaux and accompanying Scrlp- SWarthmore hu won & total ot II orc not (amiliar with the llbrary, A new 'committee haa been gram of the BwartJimore KUBic tural paaJIlce8. points In the alX matohea fired in books may be circulated to au) The e,weaome .beauty and the Middle ' Indoor Rifle rellil1.ent of thc 'tow~ 'Pf Swarthmore formed" to give respoD8lble baclt.. Club. In« to' the Troop and its activi­01. Harrison Dlstwood Is the ten~ or 8010tat and -Bruce Warren Godfrey will be the lib,. oolotet. Tne""pioiii am lDbUdit: ;':-, -.'---~ ~ .. '--", ties. This-commUtoe Is c.:JJnposed of J>:on Cbarles '. ~.,~.I ..·.I..~.~..~.~ tl_e· lc.p.n a'.·-'·.n.ti ''"l it··-anillldllgud·.O"""'ta·~I'I. the ;In the le'_:.~_.,J jI.· c'ln'" fo\Iu1I1II~~~:';W.IEIl!cQkyst." "'''kT.hPte: 1.n~ fmeOreBn\ c.e. ..U...b.r fuorr- 1ne.tra.ble wonder of the flrst Chrl9t.- The flna! matcb of the' tirSt Ian. Mrs. Catherlnn J. pierce, and Hoftman-. ~e~tli sB.tet)". James Lauder and Theodore Purnell-Actlvlttes., Neal Shaw-haD -Training. Richard Snyder-­' freasurer and Secreta.l7, John Spab.r--Organlzatlon, Eugene Tay~ lor--Adva.ncement. and Fred Bo .. gardua-:-Chalrman. Alt~ougb Dew to their _duties, all membol'B are (\ntb,uslastJc in their desir.e to buihl TrooP.1 Into an ,a.ctlV8 gl'Ql\'lng organisation. . Dear Bahy ·J-0111 German; Glory to God (TheM_ah)­Hande- l: He shall feed' b1a ftocli:. (The MeNlah)-Handol; Shep­herda, All Shepher4s (French lSU) _holy; The Vlrsln by the Manger (French) --Cesar FraDck: mas completely p088e8868 ita po.r- ro'und 'was achedtlled' for Wedn... tbe memb'ers oO.t her staff Me glad trayers and ImpreS808 Its 8Pirit day December _11 'when SiDcIalr to answer the questions of the pub. deeply In the breast of every Wit. came ~o SwarthMoN~ The' lie except In periods wh(!n the cQI-nc88. bas Individual matches lege students ~:re nec·ding their as· for January 8th and will resume slstance. ASSEMBLY pARTIES 'l'be 3unlor Assembly Christmas party for the seventhJ ninth and tenth grades will be held Decombo.' 28 at' the Usual hOIl..... The chap­erones for the seventh grade will he Mr. and Mrs. Rli8Bell Heath. Mr. and .. lIre. Randolph ROeBB. Mr. and Jln. Henry P. Bevan and Mr. and _ Jlra. James. Lees. The nlntb grade chaperones will be Mr. and Mrs. WhItworth BIrd and Dr. 8.Pd Mrs. J. C. Cohots. and for the 10th grI'.de Mr. and 1If.... Carl' B. RY8.P. Ur. and Mrs. W. Henry Linton. ani Mrs. L. J. storck will chaperon. -i'he eighth. grade Christmas Party ""Witl. be beld on December 30 with Mr. and Mrs. Philip Al­den. :Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hopson a.D~ Mr. and -Mrs. Frank M~Gowan chaperoning. AJso on December 30 will be the Senior .AsBemblY' Partti with Mr. and Mrs. WUllam patton ·and Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Morso as hosts. regular league matehee after the bolidayB on January 16th wheD swartlimore w.1i1 compete on the honlO range against LltlnCrc"'ff "B" teain. After the Orat .oi the year, the swarthmore Rifle and PlBtol Club plans to ofter an eight weok courae of' Instruction In rifle shooting tor younK p"ople. under 18 years ot age. The flret a.lni of tbia program Is Ito teach them hoW to bandle tlrearms safely. It Is hoped tha.t the group complet ... Ing this course will form. the nU" cleUB tor an active junior club sponsored and supervised by mem~ bers of the seniOI'! or,p.,nizatioD. Further, delalls of this prolP"am wUI be announced in the neaT future. . Pupils l'tesent Carols Christmas carols were at t.he December recital by plano ~UpUB' ot Dorothy Pa.ul, whlcb was held Saturda'Y afternoon. at the bome ot Mrs. Edwin V. Spencer in LtLPldea Hills. The carols were Mrs. Thomas W. Hopper and. by tbe group, and played by Jones, Edwin Harris, Kath~ leen JessUP. Gw~n Watkins, Noei Snyder. Bandy Ford. Claire Hon~ drixson and Hetty Spencer, Mrs. Gordon C. Lange, ot the Junior AsSemblles 'Cc:'mt:~:lit­tee. and lilr. Hopper and Mr. ~nge, wUl also attend the parties; To Hold Dance Members of the Swart hmor£l community are equally welcome URO tha Frlenda' Historical Ltbrary housc_d In _ the Clom-:nt B. Diddw Memor111.l IJbrary a.t the aouth end of t.he maIn ltbrary. CIRCLE GIVES HOLIDAY CHEER It Is telt there is a place .tn this commun1ty for two activo troop~ and the. community will benefit (rom their actlVltles. The aUPlJort ot an parents for both TToop 2 and ~ooP I ~ earneSU~ 80ltcltod. The Seouth~.g program Twenty members attended the has something io ofter all boy&, Christmas meeting ot tho Frle"ldl:~ I the future citizens. Hold C .... Reunion CIrel!!, a.t the home of Mrs. H"ro,ldl Griffin Oll Rutgers avenue. ThurB~ day. December 21. Mrs. LIndley Peel was co~hosteaa and Mrs . .John The class' of 1t'4 of swarth- Pitman, prcsid{'nt. presided. more High Schooll wilt a rC'\1nion In Belfield's barn on The Circle actlvltlcs were keeping with tho spirit of Christ •. 'MichIgan avenue, Sunday Decem-mas. Many reports were given of ber 29 tf"om.8 p. m. All members help rendered to needy (amUlCN of the clasS are Invited. through Needlework Qund garment contributions. baskets of food giv~ • at Thanksgiving time and swenters Sails for Austria donated to Swartl;1.more fire vic~ M~. George "II. Troxell;' Jr., with tims. Donations 91 money for baby· son, George H. -Troxell. Srd. etc work were received (rom Mrs. of South Chester road, lett Friday Frank 'Gettz, Mrs. Adolph G. Wuest. What ChIld Ia This? (Old English before 16«2) Thla Have I done for lIlY True Love. -Holst (Old Cornish ReUglous Ballad.) Sheperda' at the Cradle--Old German; Joseph. Dearest JOHph Mlne--German . 14th . CentUl')': BIng We Now of Chrlatm--ojd French: The 8ht'phetdB Story­Dlcktnson. DaVId Tudor. ol"ganlst. 'wlll be hear'd I~ two: ~om~I~D8: uNoel" by Claude n·Aquln -·&04 • "Eternal Destiny. The' An«etatt bt O. Messiaen. A d\l""8.!1t ~o Adeste Fidel'" be BUrig. Com1)OIIec1' b:r the Rector of tbe cburch especl.alb" tor Trinity BoYS' ChoIr. It wlU be heard for the first time. The pub­lic Is cordJally invlt6ct. Book ReYiew.· The Woman's Club wUI open the New Year's activities on J~~ uary 3 with a. program by the Ht .. erature .sectlon when Mrs. Roland O. E. IDlman will review the popu~ lar book "'The Sudden Guest,·· by Oliver. LaFarge 'at 10 a.m. Mrs. Henry .Jones a.nd Mrs. O. M. aboard ~he "Ernie Pylo" trom New Hook_ Five sweaters were made by York fo~ Ltnz, ~u8trla wp.ere shf!li Appoints Stoldt LUlian Doyt, Mrs. Otto Kraus, .Jr., wUl JOin> her husband. Lt. George MrQ. W. Mark Bittle, Mrs. Wll~ H. TrOxell_ Dr. and Mrs._ qeerge Louts ~. Storck 'haa'- been apw ,1iam Boyd and !ofl'B'. "9harle81 :':~':I L.. Armitage and George- Armitage pointed Pla.too.'·8e~ean.~ w,~ tJl.e and given to the Health SI rank of C8.de1j Tecbalcal' .Serkeant for its Christmas needs. Lillian accompanied het" to New York on at~Lchigh Unlv·erStiY. He ls t1i6 ~n Boyt also contrtbuted three caps FridaY. or-Mrs; L,:,J •. Stor('.k:o~ Cre~t}~e. and five pairs of mittens a~d Ethel ---------------...:..-,----,-:-::-...:....:.--:...!-~ Boyt a baby sweater.' TIDS" WEEKS CALENDXR SwarthmG~ High School g:ra.d­_ tea. cl .... of '41 will hold 8- reunion and dance In the High School Gym tomorrow evening from 8 to 12. A scate contest followed. the winners being: Norma. Wilson. Kathleen Jessup, Claire Hendrix· 80'n Eleanor Balderston. Noel Sny­der' and sandy Ford. Others play­ing on the program Included Rich~ ard Batttstic, Susan Cotchran, Carol Sue Underwood, and fl,loll')'" Huse, Mrs. Pitman announced an Io'rlda.y. ~heI' 21 ARRIVES IN. GERMANY 'i:OO P.M.-Cub .Moo·tlng •••• : •••••••.•••••.•. TrlnlW ':b.Wqh. 9:00 P.M. to -1 .A.M~---4":hrlstmAB nance ......•... ······ WomaD.8 t=,t*.1b .' Committee members are 30m Foeter,' )Iyron SharPe. lUebard R.a;vJDOIld, AileD Enders, AIlce Mrs.:M· W. Shenenbarger of 1IaJ'. and Frances .J"enklna~ high Kenyon avenue who left Decem .. _hoo] stuolanta now attending ber' 2 with her <l!'ughter .I;:hardy by J,,~oJlh Joseph. who Is In cha11;.1 of C:l.n,p., Sunshine to shOW the Clrc1<f' momhets.. some Ume during February and March, Pictures of Ufe In th'e camp. The offer was ac­eepte~ . with enthusiaSm. _ .' .' ~,D Hi'" . '. "i 6. '1:30. 9:30 P. M.--JuDior Assemblles .••• _ •.•....... Woman*a Club _.1 .~ 8ttada,.,_-- D . .','.. ;', for Bad ·tbaaensen. Germany, haa swarthmore Colle~ Gu_' of honor. wIJI. 1n~lud8 cabled' her·"l'arente.' Mr. "",,: Mrs. _1< . , ., --!"c,'0 ;...:.. .... ·C. A.bbe of B;~_~veDue R.' lIo..,.,lIr. ana ....., . • ........ - - Baker TIIom_n• Dr. and K.... that the)' arrIYed ... .rely DeGemher ~~:~~.~.: ..:.... ~ . . ~=:;It •. The,. haye joined Capt. Shel- It WBB voted to donate $60 to heiJ) the Health SOciety with Its ChristmlUl iLCtivitlea. ·Me:mbers the~ jOln..d t1!.s.lI;glng clirlstinaa earolti Under tho..leadershlp of Mrs. . HarrY Brown. followed bY m;,;,ta and a ~I tlme. 11:00 A.M.-Mo;n\ng Worship .................... ... ; ... Local Chu.:cb'..'i·· 8:00 P.M.--Cholr Coneert ........ _.~_ ..... ,."' .... _ .•... ~ 'rJinlb' Ch .. ~ . l. . ,.-,., _her SO , . 3:00 p:ii.-Pup.,et SIIOW .............. :_ .... _ ... _ . Pr<)shyte ...... (:b",""l!c 7 .. 8:46 pt.M.~unlor"ea ~ ....•.. _._,~_.;.~ .. .'.;WOil\a:h!at Cllitf· ~ .~ c iI " :.: .. \,TU "a7,.DeoaDber St· .' ,. . -: -: ~. ~: :,. J 11 :n. p.M.,.,..Wiltch N~li.t :Vespers, .•.•• , • ·.d'reallrtel;la,ll ~re" .. , :-,., . . ,'.

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• PERSONAL Dr. """ JI .... John R. 'Bates and llielr eblldren Bally and Joh"", of North Ch .... r road spent Christ. mae Day In New York City wltII 1tile_1 tJo.rI_mll . r·.. mother II. ... CJari_ DoaaId SmIth and II .... Smitll returned yesterday to tIIelr hom. In Brooklyn. N. Y .. following • week'. visit wltb· Mrs. Smith'. parente. IIr. and MI'8. DanIel S. Morae of ParrIsH road. ""01 .... Smith's mother and brother. Kra. H. P. S",ltII ""d IIr. Richard SmitII of Betblehem were guesta over Christmas ot Mr. and Mrs. Morae. Th. c_ of 1... of Swarth· more High School held Opon Houee Chrlatmu' eve at the bome ot Jim BroWD on Walnut lane. lllee Jan.t H8rrla of North Sw .. rU1iDore a ... nUe wlII attend .. maid ot. hOQor and Ifrs, Guentll.r H. Froebel. Jr., of A11.nto.... ... matron of honor. The brldeomalda will be 11188 Ellen Cary of Haverford. 1Irs. Daniel )fungaJl, Jr.. of Ard.more, &Ild Mise ~ Stuart Blakely of New York. . Mr. Clarence C. Hel8l .... ~f Hav. erford wlll serYe as beet man. In addlUon to the two of tbe bride. the ushers will include Mr. Philip Price of New York. IIr. James Irvtnc. Jr., at Chester. Mr. David. R. Matlack of GermantoWil .and capt. RIcherd Hey. Jr.. u: S,M.C. A recepU~n will tollow Immedi­ateJy In the parish houae or the church. ENGAGEMENTS Mr. and II..... Clarence W. WEDS J~. 2 Worst ot Harvard avenue an- The marriage of II- Yvonne Dounce . the _ engagement or their ~arte Donnelly daughter of 141'& claoehler, . EVa, to Hr. GUbert Marlo Donnelly of Yale avenUe a;nd Widdowson- BOD of .IIr. and lin. .Mr. Robert Pfeifer aOD of )(1'. and Leolle WIddowson of Rull.4I''' Lester P~elfer ot Chestnut IlIaa Wore! who graduated HIli w.Il1 take place ThUl'Bday. Jan· from 8w&rthm.ore High School in 'uary 2: at .. o'clock In the ·Swarth- 1844: attended, Westbrook J'unlor more Presbyterian Church. The C II P rtI d M Rev. ,Dr. David Braun will Offici· o ege, 0 an, e, Mr. Wid-d ate. OWBon was -also graduated trom 8warthmore High School cl&.B8 of The bride will be attended by '4' and eerved two years ID the Mia Betty Rumble ot 'Yalq ave­Army Air Corp8 as a bombardier. L'.ue, ,Miss Pauline Deacon of Mr. and Mra. George S. Va1~n- I PrJnceton avenue, Miu P.rJacllla , Giles at Rutgers avenue, Mias Bar-tine of lJ6uJamln West a.venue an- barB. )lcC,arthy of Garden City, N. Dounoe the engagement of their Y., Miss Ruth Allon of Wlncheeter. daugb~r, Margaret to "r. Georp Jda8B •• and Mias EYa uury or Mel­W. CoIUftIf, BOD of Mr. and· Mrs. rose. Mass. B. W. Collins of N.,rth Cheat.r Mr. Lester Pfeifer wJJl act as road. The encagement was all- best man :tor his Bon and the ush­nouneed at a. tea glven by lIrs. era wUI Include. Mr~ John Pfeifer Valentine for her daughter on De- and Mr. Sheldon Pfelter of Cheat­cember 11. nut HUl, brothers of the brlde, Dr. . 11.188 .V&lenUne attended Ohio Gttman 'Heggeslad of Bryn Mawr, Wesleyan Unlvenlty. and· Is a Mr. Charles Gerbron ot Chestnut craduate of Ohio State Unlver... HUl, Mr. '1'heodore Lacey of Cam­sit)'. IIr. CoJUns wlJl be graduatQd brldl'e. 11&80.. and Dr. H. tram WorcbeBter polytechnic of WeatfJeld, N. J. Institute in Februa,ry.. A rcception at the Woma.n's Club Mr. ,and Mrs. ,Guenther H. Froe· bel ot '''Tall Oaks", North SWarth ... more avenue announce the engag,:5- ment of their· daughter Ca1"ol Maude. to Lo'"Jls de ¥oll. Bon of Mr. and Mrs.. Carl de Moll of Park avenue. M1aa Froobel ,was graduated from Ho111~ College. Va. Mr .. - de Moll Ie now attending the Unlveralty ot PeDnB.vl~anla a.fter aentng two years overseas with the First Infautry DIvision In Europe. He Is a member of the P8! Upsilon fraternity. HONOR MISS KIRK Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Harrla ot North Swarthmore avenue Will entertain the bntdal party of IlIaa Karloa KJrk and Mr. Edward Burroughs Irving at Dupper pre­ceedlng the wedding rehearsal this evening. Dr. and lira. Frank G. Keenen at -Harvard avenue will entertain at a buft'et supper for put-of­town guests, tomorrow. Mrs. Daniel. ~ungal1 of Ardmore. who - will attend Mtsa Kirk as a hrtdesmaid. enterWned at ,a tea t'd ,ml&cellane~U8 sh'ower .In 'her , ." honor. Saturday. December 14. DECEMBER BRIDE will follow the ceremony. Friends are Invited to' attend the ceremony. .- Mr. and Mra. Pfeifer wtll enter­tain the bridal party at dinner 'fol .. lowing the rehearsal on January 1 TOMORROW'S BRIDE The marriage of :MJsa Yardy .Jean CraBby, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin W. Crosby' o~ Dlckln· ft"Jn avenue and Mr: Paul "Heene­ham, Bon ot Mr. and Mrs. M. J08eph Heeaeham ot Springfield, Maaa., will take place tomorrow at Ii o'clock .til the rectory of Our Lady ot Perpetual Help Church, Morton. . Tbe Rev • .losoph B. Gibson will periorrn the ceremony before the Immediate famllics and a few close trlendfll. They will be a.ttended b'y Mr. and Mrs. EdmuDcl Fitzgerald ot Drexel Hill and Mtas Anne Brad­tord ot Swarthmore avenue. A weddlag breakfast at Strath Haven Inn will (ol~ow the cere­mony. After a short wedding trip to Atlantic City Mr. and Mrs. Heene­ham will apend' New Years' with Mr. and Mrs .. M. Joseph Heene .. bam prior to returnlnc to college on .January 8. The brh,e 1B a gpadu'ate ot Swarthmore High School clnss ot I '44 and Is a junior at Tufts Col­loge, . The marriage of Miss Marlon Kirk daughter of MrB. Howard Kirk ot South ClJeeter road. and Mr. Edward Burro:lghs Irving, Jr .• son of Mr. and p'[rs. Ed'\\'ard Bur:' rougbs Irving ot Germantown. will take place tomorrow at 8:00 o'clock In the Swarthmore Presby­terlan Church. The Rev. Dr. David Braun will officiate at the candle· ' U,ght ceremony. Mr. Heenebam graduated trom Springfield High School and will. graduate from Tufts College in June. He served 36 months In the Na.vY aboard the U. B. S. Guam. The bride will be given in mar- COLLEGE THEATRE l riage b7 her brother Mr. Jeffery Kirk, and ber brothers Cpl. Daniel Kirk aDd Mr. Andrew Kirk will eerve as ushers. efJJ,ileu, • "It"· Til •• LtDA" ..... , •• pM ..... ... 11 .... ,.1 ",. " .......... tI, ...... •• i.MIII • 11111141 C4P. ' .... Coc.t." Lou.,. • h~", __ SIl'_ ...... e ' ...... .. • I: ........... ... I The Last Time FRIDAY. SATURDAY. DANNY KAYE lD "A KID fROM BROOKLYN" ~SS"""~ First Showing In thl8 area Monday Only "ENCHANTED FORREST" En,IoJ&ble for bOtIl adults _cbIIdren ~~SS".~ TUF.SDAY.~NESDAY "1liiiE SlID IOIICIOF' wltII LYNN BARRI aDd iU.NDOLPH 8CJO'l'I' OoaUnuoaa N_ Year's Da7 _IP.IIL ~"""~""U BeIIIimlDIr 'ftnua. • .JaIl. I "IY IAIUIlelf1E11IR" , - ",. I F~.Dn '.17.1" . FREDERICK CAY I William Hap.r of Phlla4.lpbla, of MII .... uk ... W ..... __ Of til ... . The ........... of lila KIItII 11- Naomi Crap of Phlla4elphlt., brideCroom. Fran.,.. OQ 4a ... hter of III". _d 1_" Illee MarjOri.' Oelplra of' A recePtlOIl at tli. o.. •• btook IIrs. OW.n W. G&7 of AYollbrooJt Ardmore. were d ...... 11 allIie ·lD· Golf Club followed til. oeremOaT. road. Walllngforll t.Ild Ilr. Ch&rl .. 110..... of Am.nt..... Beaut)' tat· Th. brlde's mother 'Welte to ... _ Franklin Frederick. Jr.. lIOn of reta and carried bouqu.te of ,..,1- ot ma. ..... n crepe with a 00 .... ILIer. and Mrs. C. F. Frederick ot low ......... sage ot red .roeeII. TIle bride-' wleburl' •. PL. took 1I1&ce at tile IIr. Robert T. Lange ....... .. croom's moth.r choee to 1'0 .... of home ot tile brlde's parente at a beat man tor hIa brotller. aDd til. ......,. crepe and 811Yer lam.. Her ~.. ut"l1rukl eSaantd l.e...l.l.l_ ' bt, weddlq . at uehera lDcluded Ill". Walton Eo COJ'888'8 'Wu a p~k l'OIMJ&, \ • o C oc. u. _. December 1Il. IIcllulUn of Puaalc. N. J.. Mr. After a weddllllf trip to New The Rev. Dr. Dayt4 Braun per. James Godfry of PhlladelphiL .lIr. York City and the Pooon- 111'. formed til. ceremony In .. 8fttlDg James &ch' of Clevel&Dd, Ohio. ~ of Chrletmu. cree.... pal...... polD. &Dd IIr. Owen J. Prllchard Ird Lan ... willi reeume hla studles at saUIas, and tall Ii8'hted .....c ll. .. lD ';;;;. ..............= ====oi·=~·~Fran~~k1~I:D;;;&Il=d:.II=.~_;::aI~I~CoI=I~..~.i o ;;; til. ~reaenoe· ot the Immedlale f families and a' few frienda The bride .... ven In ma.rrIage Joy her father, w~e a weddJD. ,gown of white' oat.ln. featurllllf a fitted bOdl.ce with. sweetheart neckline, and tull skirt. Her flnpi- tip veil ot tulle teU from, a coronet of orange blOBBomB,' and ahe earr1~d gardenias and white carnations. Mrs. Courtney B. Adams of Martinsville, Va., who attended her slater as matron of bonor, wore a gQWD of pale pink- crepe. I She carried a bo\l4uet or pblk carnatioJUI and har headdre8l!l was ot the same nowers. . «;Jay Adams, niece ot the bride, who acted as, :flower prJ wore a dress of' green t81r:eta. She car­ried 0. nosegay of pink :flowers and wore pink flowenJ in her hatr. Mr. Earl Cornallua of Lewis­burg served as best mn. A receptton followed the cere­mony. The bride Is a senior at Buck­nell Un.lveralty and plans to re­turn there to 'complete her COUNe. The bridegroom Is a paratrooper In tho U. B. Army and loft De· cember 26 for CaU'tornla, en route to Japan where he will be sta-ttoned for a year. LANr..~E_~RUSSEU. A beautiful Chr.lstmas wedding, took place Saturda.y afternoon, December 21 in the OVerbrook Presbyterian Church when :rdlsa : Marjorlo Anne RU88ell, daughter of .Mr. and Mrs. Joseph RU88ell of Penfield, became the bride of Mr. l!IiIJleat O. l.&DI'O. Jr.. son of Pro~. and Mrs. Ernest O. Lange of HLa.ngewood:' Baltimore pike. Dr. Geor.e Emerson Barnes ·officlated. "Rigltt ill tlte Center 01 TOIDII" RUSS·ELL'S . Complete IGNITION MOTOR BRAKE TIRE Sef'tlice Dartmoath & LGllJyette Aoe,r. - Call. 0440 . J. E. LIMEBURNER CO. • Dispensing Opticians Experll in the Making· and Fitting of Spectacle. and Eye CIa,se. 1923 Chestnut Street - - Philadelphia 6913 Market Street -Upper Darby, Pa. 827 La.n ealter Ave., Bryn Mawr. Pa. . Trees, Lawn Areas., and Foundation Plantings Improve(J NOW William J, Stephani, Jr, Lanacape Contractor. Phone Chester B~ts 19 ..... The bride, glvcn tn marriagc by her fa.thel'. wore a gown ot Ivory ~:.: ;;:;;;;:;;:;;;;;; ;:=:;;;;;;:;;;;:;;:;;;;:;;::;;;;;;;;:;;;;:;;;;:;;;;~ tonec:', saUn. ThE." model featured a tltted bodice,· sweetheart neck ... line. long taP'ered sleeves, and a faU skirt ending in a long train. Her finger tip ven of, illusIon fell trom a. tiara ot ora.nge blossoms and she carried & shower bou­quet of white roses, 8weH peas and bouvardla. Klsa Virginia Russell who at­tended her sister as of honor, • wore a. gown ot Ice blue ta1feta. and carried America.n Beauty roses. The bridesmaids. Mrs. Peter Martin ot Drexel Hili, Mrs. H. Until Jan. 1. 1947 . Tlmo I "r: $3.50 Life' 1 yr. 3.50 Newsweek 1 yr. 3.50 Fort:lne 1 yr. 6.00 MRS. LLOYD E. KAUFFMAN BW. 208U Subscriptions tor all Magazines UNJ1Y ASSEMBLY Borough Hall 10:30 A.M. "'~very Wed, cstlaJ,' ZELLl M. WAIJl'ERS. s-a:,jr Everyone Welcome ,,­• - MEDIA THEATRE Friday - Saturday HENRY FONDA LINDA DARNELL" "IY OOUNG CLEMEN,n NF' Sunday· Monday . COntinuous Sunday from :I :80 PAULMUNI ANN BAXTER "AlIGn ON IY SHOULDER" . Taa_y. Wedneeclay (New Year'. Day) OoaUn ........ N_ Year's Day from 1:80 THE MARX BROS. "A liGHT IN CASABLANCA" Thwshy ,QARY COOPER '1IE 'lAI"" Wi:J~ing JJapP'l + BaIt. Pike,. a Yea,. + PHONE SprinafielcJ, Pa. CARNS FLOWERS SWAn 04S0. * The advance of medicine aglinst the eaemy, dUeue, sweeps forward on every froat. Techniques of aaesthesia have im· proved to make possible surgical procedures denied to the pracdtioner of· the twenties. • Highly refiaed and specialli:ed mechanical aids, includiag the x·ray, /!uoroscepe,alld •. ~ .. elect.rocardiograph. have sharpened diagaostic.sldlls. Tesung of the blood and urine reveals more significant facts to the physician than ever before. IIl.suppon of the physician, the pharmaceutical c:he...ut ",ollonue. to forge Ilew chemical .nd biological weapoos to 'I?ht di~eue. Insulin for the maoagement of. diabetes mellitus, .l~ve.r e:ctract for petnicioos anemia, sulfa.drugs, . alld ~cillia are examples. Yourphy~iciaD and your phannacut are a~ett to apply the UnFroved procedur~ as. , , they become avadable. . . 'SCOLLEGE PHARMACY" . , . o..t1ae c ..... , ,\ ,-,' , \ ': ' , THE ,SWARTHMOREAN """jl8H.~~J~ t!!aMOREAN --. AT BWABTIIHOBE:. TIIB BW&IRIDIORE&Jf. nrc., PUB"I1!1IF:B pi! ...... 6 - P.L PJIIIBK I!l. TOLD. _tor IlAR.JOJUE TO Lo ....... llaCarter· RoeaIie Pelnol LD. '_a'" Anne N. CO_ethro&rll EDtered .. Second CIa.- Matter J omce at SWarthmo. ... PL unci.r""tII.....,.AcUt • IU• • at the Poet . • e of Mt.rcb I. II1~. earl Chaee In cooperation wltII BetUna Hunter of tile Boro Ub­mry. o .... nbed an ezlIlblt In tile I1brary at books perUn8nt to thE' Btudy of Rua8Ia. The report Ia that ~ea(Uog on the subject has beea greatly aI1mUIat8cL NEWS NOTES Mr. and M..... Samuel iQ. Clyde DBADLIN_WEDNEBDAT NOON of Bwarthmor. avenue had a fam· " FricIay, Dec • '- 27, I""" lillY dlnDer party on Chrletmae. ...... Mr. nnd 1.1.... Walkor 'Penlield ~- =:=~==:====~=~~===T====~=~=======J" aHto usRei vCehrlv'ilestwm aar oeavde. held OpeD PI Ih~ Church Notes CLriatiu Scieace Churda Notes IIr. and lire. William P. Dodd AU departments of the Church "Christian Science" Ia tho =ull>ject I of Providence Villa... will have School wW meet Sunda.y morning of the L8e.0n-&ermon in all Mr •. Dodd's parente lIr. and JIm at 9:46 o'clock. Ch"rchee of Christ, Sclentlet. on G. R, Van Duser lUI tIIelr 1'1l_ The Women's Bible Claea will Sunday,_ December 29. The "Oolden on ChtUtmu Dq. Former reaId-meet at 10 o'clock In the Church Text Is: "But ye are a ChOND gen- ents of Swarthmore and Phlladel ... transept. eraUon, a royal IIrleathood, pHI&. Mr. and Mm. Van Doaar Dr. and Mrs. Frank G. Keenen DaUon, a peculiar people; that moved thlB week to their Dew .at the Harvard avenue entrance, should ahew forth the -pralaee home ia Strafford. and, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gwinn at him who hath called you out Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Thompson the drivewa-..v, -tranaept entranco will d ar1 m eBB into biB marvellous Ught" and children Bruc.o' MI c~u-~-I. and a88Sst the Dllnlsier In greeUng tbe (I. Peter 2:9). Steven who have been· 'Cornell ave- -congregation after the serVice 8un~ nue residents for three years, left -daY morning. . this weok by automobile for their The Church Hour Nursery Is Letter to the Editor new home In Los Angel... Call!. held each Sunday morning at 11 Mr. Thompson will be connected o'clock for children ages I to 7. RESULTS GRATIFY with tho North American AvlaUon New members will be received Dear Editor. Company there. into the ch"Jrch by transfer ·ot Penny Morrow of Harvard ave. cburch letter or on conteaslon of The Woman's Club Peace Ser- nue who left last week to lI])end fAith on Qommunlon Sunday, .Jan- vice committee tbB.l1ka you tOl' her CbrlBtmu vacatlon in Mlamt. uary 6. Those who are contem- your generous ahare in the collect- Fla., was accom:panicd by Debby »laUng affiliating with the Church ion at broken candies and candle Lukens and .Jaue Patterson of may see the ministers after church end. :tor Ita Christmas project.- Swarthmore. services or call the church ofrtce May' It al&o ·thank. through you, Mr. Robert T. Balr of Cornell during the week. those frienda who saved and de- avenue who Is in Des Moln8ll, The High School Fellowship w1l1 Livered. their candles for the com... Iowa attending the wedcUng to-not meet until .January 5. mUtee's use? Only the general co.. morrow of his Bon Mr. RobliJrt T. Trinity Notes Holy Communion will be cele­brated Sunday at 8: a. m. Tbe Church School will bave Its . Christmas Carol Servlc. at .: 45. At the 11 o'clOck aarv.!ce of Morn .. ing Prayer. the ~ctor wlll ltrea.cb .on ·'Looklnl' Abead" The Youtb F.llowshlp Is dla· contiDue4 untU Jan1l&1T 5. At 8: p. m. tb. lion and Bo"" Choir of 86 voIces will give tbelr annual program of ChrJatmu mW!lc. 'On January 1 (Tbe Feast of the Ctrcumcialon) Holy Commun­JOD will be celebrated at 10: a. tIL No INSBBlona at the Choir School will be held during the week. operation ot the enUre community Balr, Jr., wJll fly from Chicago to could enabled the committee Mlam~ and wlll spend the week to rC'lch-ln tact, exceed-the tasl' of Janu¥y 6 on a quall hunt In it 8et Itself. the Everglades, near Palm Perhaps thoso who helped In the project would lUc:e to know that their eandJo: the com­mittee made 30 two pound Yule'­lido Candles. Th. 80 dollars whleb their aale brought haa been con ... trlbuted by the commIttee to Camp and Hospital for Ita Christ· mas gifts to hospitalized veter8118. The Committee hopes to continue making candlea In pastel aha.dea nnW spring and use the proceeda for veterans' hospital birthday partl ... Beach with Mr. and Mrs. .J. PerrY Smith of Providence V1l1age. IIr. Franklin C. Ems of Chi· MAC CALLUM STORES Photographic Equipment State and Mollroe S18. Media Phone Media 2880 C&I'O. IlL. lOPeilt two d&7a ot lui week .wlth hie parente Dr. and II.... William T. ElLIe of Walnut lane. Dr. and ill'lL H8U7 ~. ..... II aDd DaYld and PatdaJa Wei"" of South Cheat.r re&oJ ~ Chrlstmllll D&7 as tile .- of IIr. and Ma:e. Albert ~ CJatr ot Ned Rutherford haa arrIved Wilmington. Del. home trom Dartmoutb Colleae and Ie .pendlng tiie 'hollda70 with hla parenta IIr. and lin. S. s. I Ruthertord of strath Haftn ave-nue. I j IIr. and __ E. Eo Pierce, Jr .. of York and their oona TUrk and TlmQthy apent a fe.. da7e of tile Chrlstmaa holld&7a' with 1Irs. Pierce's parente Dr. and lira. William T. Ell.. of Walnut Iau •• Mr. and M.ra. carroll P. Streeter ot Co~umbla avenue are entertaln­Inl' IIr. and 1Irs. G. i. Peterson pf. Waah.lDl'ion. D. C.. as tIIelr hOUBe gueete tor a tew daya 4ur- Strath· Haven Inn ~ .... Official AtJ-q WUt.a Union. TeIepapIa SwartIa­Il10 .... Mortcia, RutIeda. aDd Yicinit,. JOII are & tel.,.--... ...-..mer. 7<* may pho ... 7_ 3 , Swartbmore 0180. / ~Rl6H" NEW YEAR. 7'0 YOU WEEXTENDO~ NEW YEAR GREETINGS WI'l'HTIm SINCERE WISH THAT THE COMINO T\7ELVE MONTHS WILLBB AHAPPYONJ: FOR ALL OUR FRIENDS ""........ & W AI'I'E Chester Road and Yale Aven"e Swarthmore, Pa. Methodist Church Notes The Church School meets SUD­~ mornlnl' at 1.46. C1BB8e8 are proVided tor chUdren of all ages and for adults. Together, Swarthmore, 'l'he Swarthmorean, and the l'Toman'. Club committee have salvaged dis­cards to enrich others' Chrlst-lDasruL I;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~~;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:;;;;;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;;;; Our tha,nka to all, Loulllle Sweet. Candle Chairman Th"e m'onJol,ng service at 11 0'­c) ook wltl be a Student Recopi­Uon Service. The minister will be BBBlsted tn tlle service by Fred Scott, Betty Ann Beagle and Bar­bara Ann Broadbent. The tollow­ing "Wlll ,aleo partiCipate In the service-Edward Alston. Fred Be­henna. Helen Kraus and N~n Pit­l! I&D. The Church Nursery will be open durtDg, the _ m_orning B&Il'Y1ce and will be In cb..a.i-ge of Helen Scott and Barbara. SCott. \l'he 'OffloJal Board will mo.t on Friday, Ja~uary Ird. at 8 o·clock In the chap.l. CarolYD Keenen. Chairman of the Committee. L.W.V. SlUDY SERIES ENDS The series ot study sessions beld by the Swarthmore League ot Wo .. men Voters on Russia have ln­cluded M:rs. Bryce Wood as leader tor· 'the third meeting, with bit"!­Robert Walker also speaklng and MrS. Troyer Anderson, leader of the fourth and last scheduled meeting, a~:d Mrs. WllUam Huey and Mrs. Roderick_ Firth contribut­ing reports. . A fifth and dna] session was added, to sum up the .results of the studY, to whtch Professor Bryce Wot'd contributed the leadership. Coincident with the aeries, Mrs. ('HlIRCR SERVICES ~~~~~iii~ sW ARTHYO'RE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Rev. David Braun, M.lntster 9: 46 A. M.-Church scnool. 10:00 As Y._Women·s Bible CI ...... 10:46 A. M.--New Year·s worsh~p. Sermon. "The Last Page. TUESDAY. DECEMBER 31 1:46 P. II.-Watch NIght Ves· TRINITY CHURCH Rev. Geo. C. Anderaon. Rector- SUNDAY. DECEMBER 29 8:00 A. Y.-Holy CommunIon. 9-: '5 A.. JL-Carol Service. 11 : 00 A. M.-M'ornln&' pra&'er an,d sermon "Looking Ahead: WEDNESDAY (The Feast of thO Clrcumcbllon) 10; 00 A. )I.-Holy Communion. THE RELIGIOUS SOCIETY OF FR11!:ND8 SUNDAY. DECEMBER It I: t& As JI.-Flrat D&7 se'bool. 11: .. A.. If.-lleetllllf for _I". eblp. Happy and Prosperous New Year to All DEVINE TAXI SERVICE ., , ..0< , ,-', : Br/~ltl NEW YEAR !'NEW YEAR'S AGAIN! , I I II With its noisy ~elebrations, laugh; ter and light;heartedness, its moments of thoughtful retrospect and purpose. R Enjoy the holidaY: Accept our thanks for past favors and our good wishes for .. A Happy N.ew Y taT. BUCHNER'~S

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r ,. Class of '46, Sets Enviable Record The CIaaIi of 1946 of Swarthmore H1irb Scbool III .... tab\lllbln&' & ..... ord of college performance this talL Of tbe 80 members of the cla88 ~uated. 68 are In colleges or UDlv~r81Uea. elgbt In nursing or commercial schools. a total ot 66, or 809& who have gone on witb their edueaUolL, The membe... of tbe Ctaae of 1841 •. DOW eenlors in .tho blgh school. are making their appllca,... tiona to colleges and win even more dUIlc.ult problems of adml8s1on' than the previous classes. according to reports coming from the colleges. A Dumber of pupils and parents already vlslted college campuses to have personal Interviews with deans and regis­trars. Of the other members of the Clasa of 1946, three In the armed' forces. two are In store or omce work. four In other em­ployment, and five rema.1ntng at home. The exteDBlve llBt of oollegea aneS the alumni attending them are 88 tollows! Antioch-Lloyd Everett; Bla.ckstone--Joan Bierman; Brad­tord- Ann Ho.rvey; Bryn MawI'-­JlarY Marsbe1l; Bucknell '- ElIza- " l' , ,CD this happy occaalon., ',when &i ... deb'p mecma more than at an7 other time. we look back 9Mle­fuJI7 upaIl 1946 and look ImwUld hopefully to 19". , Thanlrin'l you ODe and cdl-- HAPPY NEW YEAR! Alice M. Baird , , When you __ ken on New Year', momi~ may you awaken not only to a day of happiness, but to a whole year of happy days. We welcome the New Year and take this opportunity to greet aU our friends. " . I ' • ". ':,.; '", , ---""""" THE SWARTH.O,REAN betb Bryant and carol Van Alen; Prlscllla Enslin; Unlveralt)' ot an-' C8r1eton-Jean GemmUl;: Centen- acu80---Cornell Archbold; ,Unlver­' ar)' - Cornelta V08Ie .... ; CbeV)' sit)' of Virginia - Robert Hulme; Chase - Edith Maber: Cornell - Virginia Intermont - Marjorie ClInton Goalln. calvert Melton. Black and Frances Brewster; Wea­RIchard ~Ior, and W~e War- leyan - Delpblne Murpb)'; Wil­ner; Dartmouth-Kenneth Ander- llam and Mary-Tbomas HlIl; Wlt­son; Dentson - Pe~ Keenen; tenberg--Don Heinze; wooster - Dickinson-Donald Sweet: Drexel I Jane Matthews. _ Fred Bebenna; Flak - Allee ------- Baughn; Hampton InstItute-MIU'-, NEWS NOTES gle Harrison; Hiram-MarY Evans: Indiana state Teachel'll - Rutb Mrs. Walter R. Shoemaker' of Wagner; :La.fayette--Harold Barr: Riverview road arrived home Mon-day, December 16. after being a pattent for 16 weeks in the White Llnden Hal1~rollne Balderston; Irf.a.ssa.cbusetts IneUtute ot Tech­nology- Pblllp Alden; M\llersvUI~ State Tea.cbers-Mary Fetter: Mt. Holyoke--Patrlcla Mccahan; Pem­broke-- Ann deFurl .. ; Smith-Mar­Ian Karns; Springfield College­carter Da.vlson; stevena - Nancy Plains Hospital. White Plains, N.Y. Mr. and Mrs. David W. Shoemaker and daughter Carol of Haddonfield. N. J •• Joined the famUy group Wed­nesdaY eveD~. Mr. and Mrs. I. ... A. WeUa~er ot , Lewis and Vlrglnio. Francis; Cornell avenue will entertain an swarthmore-Frances Jenkins. Al­len Enders. John F4)ster. Alice Hay. Richard Raymond. and MY­ron Sharpe; Temple-Frances Ev­a. n.. Ellzabetb Slate, and L\1Ua.n Tomita; Tusculum-:--Patrlcia KUne.' Jean McGlathel"Y. and Joan Thor­babn; Unlveralt)' of Mary\e.nd­VIrginia Morse; University of Mlch- 19a.n-Norrlne Taylor; University of Davis. Car­ClUne 'Flaherty, Richard LInton, M8.l'llyn MacElwee. and Delpblne MurphY; uaiveraltv of Rlcbmond- JII' .. estend to you and yoUr. .. cordUJI grooti .. " lor the New Year. May it 7>e filled to overflawi .. /( wilh the hie-slings you 50 much desire and which you so r.chl,y d9serve. W.S.Bittle andSoJi ~--- ,-~---- B£ST NEW YIEAIf{ WISHES ~j~947 I * Oar eom: h:P: .1 we r ••• the coming Dew year ia that we may continue our pleasant re-lationship with ou[' many p:.. t['on8 and that they, as well 3S all the folks in our comn\unity. ~njoy the holiday and the day, to !ollow in pc:ce. contentment and Kood health. "at home" on Sunday. DIck Tay\Or a student at Cor­nell University arrtved in Swarth- . more Saturday to spend the hoU ... days at hIB home on Harvard IBlbsey Thatcher a. student at do,pnecticut College for Women Is spending her vacation at her home on Collogo avenue. Phebe Lukens of Maple avenue and Ann Bradford of Swarthmore avenue beld an "Open House" Mon­da. y from " to 7 p.m.· at Phebe's home. Mrs. E. LeRoy Mercer of North Chester roa'd entertained at tea WednesdaY. December 18 In honor of her daughter, Mrs. Ross Allen who Is visiting here t9r the hoH­daY9. Barbara. Sickel a student at Wal­nut Hill School and Bill -Sickel who Is attendlng Dartmouth 001- lege are enjoying the boUda.ys at their home on Strath Haven ave­nue. Mrs. Thorpas K. Brown, Jr., of Dickinson avenue entertained at a family. 'dinner' party on - Christmas ,Day. . Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Mercer snd daughter Holly of Moo['estown~ N. J., are spending the holidays at the home of Dr. and Mrs. E. Le· Roy Morcer of North Chester road. Ensign Colin McLarty Is spend­ing a 10-day leave at hlB home O.!l OberUn avenue while bis ship is In Norfolk, Va.. Barah Moore. stater ot Mni. :1. Herman Holmes' of Haverford place Is spending. the winter months In Memphis.' Tenn.. \Yith her brother and sister-In-law, Mr. and Mrs.. Howa.rd L. Moore. Whtle there sh, is studying at business school and haa attendecI the wed­dJng ot her niece" Mrss Sallie Moore. Another niece. Mrs. James Sa..fJ8er will be married on January 1, Mr. and Mra Herbert ,Bassett ot North Chester road had as' their dinner guesta Monday evening Mr. and Mrs. Crawford L. Twadell. and. MfBB Harriet Sefrldge all of Westtown and :Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Bronk and chldren of Syca .. 'more Mills. Mr. and Mrs. Barton Jenks havc moved from 600 North Ches­ter road to eos Swa.rthmore­nue. Mr. and Mrs. W.tlUam R. Huey ot Dickinson avenue will hold open Honse from .. 'to 7 p. m. tomor ... row. . Mr. and Mrs. J. Rlcbard Sad­ler ot Parrish road will hold Open House on New Year's Eve. Edith Maher 8. student at Che;' vy Chase Jr. College Is vacation­Ing at ber home on Rutgers ave­nue. Mr. and Mrs. Willlam R. Huey ot Dickinson avenue had a f.a.m­Uy dinner party Christmas Day. Mr. and Mrs. Rlcha.rd Brown and soil Rickey of Baltlmore. Md .• arrived Wednesday' morning to spend 10-days wltb Mr. and Mra. J. Paul Brown of Walnut lane~ Ale' Yaa Out af ou; '1 We are your neighbors aDd we prefer to live with friendly neighbors. That is one _ that we can' aDd wiD give you prompt delivery. Why DOt eaII DOW for your oi or coal? • '. F..w.Q.. Du' 'w %'I, 1 .... ,DEW DROP INN BREAKFAST LUNCH DINNER ,OPEN 'J A. M'- P. M. -OUTSIDE OA.TERlNO SERVICE-W.'.'''. Sldala", 7 a.m. - 2 p.m., Sunday, 12 -::J DAl.lJY DINNERS ________ 1IIio &0 .1.110 SpecIal ChUdnm's PlIltten ~~~$i$i~, - .. On Its Seventh Birthday The Bouquet Beauty Salon Thanks you for a very Happy Year W'~ you a very happy New One ('..a,1I 0476 t 3 S. Chester Road IJOU a , HAPPY NEW.YEAR. • ..l rl,t with whlell we __~ ' we stand pledged to serve you in 1947. ," With grateful acknowledgemtmt, of past favors we extend to .u the season's greetinp- ADOLPH'S . I , 7 SOUTH CHESTER ROAD S\Varthmore 1274 ~~~~~~~~~~~~M~M~~~~~~~ = ....~. ~ HAPPY PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR SatisfactOry business relations rest upon past perform­ance. It bas ~ our aim during all the years to justify your confidence in us and to merit your continued iriendsbip. Accept our hearty ,thanks for the pleas;plt assoc:iaIious, of the past, year,' and our best wishes for a , , ) Rumsey Chevrolet M~ WEINSTEIN ' Yale Avenue swart~~e 1727 ! ,; .. ~ ... ___ "I!.--==o;; __ .. l, , happy and prosperous 1947. VAN~ p.!OS." ~DWAlu), L.,:NOYES,,'~, ~9,. I ••-• •••••l a-................. , . . I' •. '. -' - . ' , ., ,- . - '-. - F~, DIt %1127,1946 NEWS NOTES Dr. and lin. E. Lero)' Mercer of North Cheater road entertained Carolyn HeD&')' 18, spending the th Cbrle+m .. from Wl\llam e members of tbelr family at dinner on Chrlatmaa day. Mr. and &0.4 )[ary CoUece at lier home 1D Mrs. Herbert Michener and WiJJIncford. daughter Jemmy of Park aVenue 8WI&D .Jane J)8.vles of Yale ave- were a.l8o dinner guests. Aue wU\ entertaln 1Z frl~ndIJ at & Dr. and 141'8. George B. Sickle Cbrlatmaa party. this afternoon. of Strath Ha.ven avenue are enter- Mr. and Mrs. Th011l8OD.r Llttlefield blnlng Mrs. Sickle's mother and of Cambridge, M888, will .pend the sister. Mr •. William BIttinger and holldaYs with Mrs.- Llttle6.eld'a par- .Mrs. GUbert MathewB o.nd SOD Qll­enta. Mr. and Mrs. J'ameR P. Hen- bert all of Plymouth. Ohio over ry of Wallingford. the holidays, Dr. and Mrs. Frank J. Da.vles CIt Mr. and Mrs. (Jeorwe Stautrer of Yale ave. had as their dinner guests Cornell avenue will entertain pre­~ n ChrIBtmaa, day. Mr. and MnJ. cceding the' Christmas dance at .James a Davies of Cedar lane. Mr. the Woman's Club this evening. K.enneth Wolff of Media, Miss Flor- Mardy Jean Crosby of DickJ.n­. ence .Jennings of Germantown. Dr. son avenue Is president of the Frank .1. J. Davies ,of Stamford. OdikoD srngan of Tufts College Conn., and Mr. and ·Mrs. Kigel wHich presented a concert ot Wolfr and Bon Stephen of Rutledge. Christmas music December 1.7. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon B. Buret Laura Lee Hopkins of Walnut and fa.m.lly of SUver Springs, Md.. lane Is one of six g.1rls from Mid­will spend the week-end visiting dlebury College who have been Mr. Blrrel"8 and slB... nominated fo[' the Queen for the ter. Mr. and Mrs. 100y M. Horsey winter carnival which will take of Swarthmore avenUe. vlace from January 23 to 26. Jim Brown IB spending the Mrs. C. W. Worst of Harvard ChrlstmaR receSB from Yale Un.l­a. venue entertained at a luncheon ve.rslty at his home on Walnut Saturday in honor ot her daughter I ane. Eva. Mr. and Mrs. D. Mace Gowing Betty Wilson a junior at Syra- of Parr18h road wlU be at hom'!! cuse University is spending the to -a. fe.w friends and neighbors Chrlstnl3.B holidaY8 at her home Saturday from .. to 6_" p. m. on Park avenue. Mr. a.nd Mrs. Herbert Bassett of Mr. and Mrs. E. 3:>: .Brauna of i North Chester road spent tha boll­' Va.ousar avenue entertained Mr. and I days with Dr. lind Mrs. Norman Mrs. S. J. Allison of Atlanta, Ga .• ~ H. Bassett at Ventnor. N. J. f.or a tew days of this week. Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Carroll P. Streeter lIrauDs entertained friends of Columbia a.venue will entertain neigh bora of Mrs. Allison, a to['- at a dinner party thla evening In honor of Mr. and MH. Wllll&DI. mer Swarthmore reSldent. at a Th urSda,y afternoon. The AlIIs'1JllI KJ.ndley ,of Richmond. Va.. wbo were cn' route to New York City are' the house guesta of tbe Peter E. Tolds of Park avenue. to visit Mrs. George Zettergreen, the former Barbara Allison at Vas- Mr. and Mrs. George C. Abbe of Kenyon avenue are spending a sar avenue. few days over the holidays with­Jon .. , I their son Mr. Richard Abbe ~d of Dickinson avenue wlllieave Jan'; 1amUy. Dr. and Mrs." Arthur S. uary 6 on an extended T/6 Daniel Kirk who bas- been trip. They will travel as tar south at Camp Polk, lA, tor: the past as Miami. Fla." then west to· San seven montha. has been ~e-aB8lgn .. THE SWARTHMOREAN s peets to be bome 011 furiougb the Cbrlstmaa boUdayB and wUl act as an tiBher at the wedding of his sister Marlon Kirk which will take place, tomorrow. Donald B. Rutherford 8Gn Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Rutherford of Strath Haven avenue hu been ap­pointed to the rank of Mltbblp. man. U. B., N. He Is now homc on Better frleDd. •• _ b!3lter friends we could not possibly have. Sincere good wishes for a hapoy and prosperous 1947. Harris & CO. Park Ave. a 15-day leave from U. B. Naval ocr 30 when hi .. eighth blrtbd.,. Pre-flight School at ottumwa. ,,"11 lJe -celebrated. Iowa. Dr. and MI'II, W. It. Oilm oor ~"1rs. John R. Dates of North nnd chtldrcn ROdger. Pattin and ~fle8te[' road entol'tained a. group ole friends at a dinner party Sat- GeorgE". former residents of Pblla-drdny evcning In bonor .of the dolphla. o. .. e ocoupylng theIr newty olrthday anniversary of Dr. Bate!L purchased hom*o at 210 Harvard 'l'he1r 80n Johnny will be guest ot avenue. the former hom'8 of JIr! rlOlior flt a birthda.y party Decom· Jumes R. Taylor and famn,.. /-.. ANOTHER (~p MILESTONE , We have reached another mile- ' stone on the long road of service. Our organization, sturdier than ever be­fore, is well equipped to give you service that is superior down to the last detail. We thank you for the part you have played in our success and wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR * CHARLE3 E. FISCHER .. ' Diego, Callf .. and ,up the coast to ed- for duly at Camp Dbi. He""- ==-_~ ____ .L!....... _ -'-__ -._;;;; Beattle, returning b)' way of Mln- =:!:===== neBota. and OhiO. They plan to reach hom.e by April 1. Mr. and Mrs. Davla W. Shoemaker and their daughter Betsy of Park ave­nuo will occupy the Jones 'home during their absence. Dr. and Mrs. .John R. Bates ot North Chester roa.d wlll entertain as their bouse guest Miss Eleanor pouthat of Richmond, Va., who arrh"88 toda.y to visit through New Year·s Day. Dr. Grace Howa.rd of Wellesley College Is visiting her cousin. Mrs. T. D. Maher of Rutgers avenue. Jeaae. !L Holmes arrived at bls home on Baverford place Satur­day evef4olnlJ' to spend tbe Chrlst­maa vacation from poonnecUcut­WeBleyan U:piverslty. David Weiland arrived home la8t week trom Gettysburg Col­lege and 18 spending a two-week bollda), wltb ble parents Dr. and Mrs. Henry J. -wetland ot South Cbeat<ll'road. 1II111111111111111JIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIII QJll/ttJUIt Jor1947 The Spotlight Is on our I nE·N arr\itaJ and we, as I one of the welcoming committee, hope 1947 will be a iOyful' and beneficial addition \0 'your life. ' HAPPy BEWYEAR , ' .. , , .. , .' .'. , Russ_ell's'Service TO EACH AND ALL When We Count Our Blessin.s we find many we had not thought ahou,t. Among the outstanding hlessings in our list is the good will of the people ojthis community. i WE THANK YOU most cordially for this good , WIll and assure you of our deep appredatiol., We wish for you a pleasant holida~ and a New Year thai'is the. harhinger of many hlessings to come. Michael's College Pharmacy COLLEGE STORE ON,TQ.E CORNER , , THEATRE STORE 615 SOUTH CHESTER ROAD . , '- -.'" -,' ., .... -, " ,

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I A1JXILIARY NEWS II.... 0, J. Gllor_ pubUolty olla1rman of the American LesIon A_II....,. wl8bea to be quoted sa toll ..... : ''The AuxUIary dealrea to pay tribute to the Iaatlng memory of Mr. BeIU'y AtklnlllJD of Ventnor. N, 1. Hili p ...... ag In the month or November reminds us that DO die­abWtT need be ... barrie, to service. For 16 J'e&rII Mr, AtkInaol1 _ lab· e~ for criPpled olllidren 111 Penn. ey1v&nla. H1II &O ... levemanl, t .. oug" Dau bUnd, _ been 32,000 "" .... p booka for crippled children'lI homes as wen as many card boards of dried, colored graaaea. and flowers to liang upon their walla, For this aoeomp1l8hment the people of th18 community gave freely of all Chrlstmas cards, pictures, and ca.rdboardlL Mr. AtkilUlOD wW truly be ml88ed. and we 811a11 help one aDotber to remember such an example, and to PUfBuU biB cam ... PWgn of good cheer. Many thank", ls uteuded to the generous donora of Dew postage stamps to be uaed by the ·:mcomp8nsated veterans ot Pen$' Point Hospital, Maryland. for their . Christmas carda civen them by the ~d Croan '. THE SWARTHMOREAN Jaint HoIicIa7 Party Mr. and Mr.. Laurence..E. Drow or Washington, D. c., are BpendlnS' the holidays with t .. elr son.ln·law and daug .. ter Mr, and M ..... Cberl .... Lancaster Leedom or ROlle Troe. Mr. and Mrs. Leedom entertained at a co*ckta11 party C .. rtotmaa af· ternoon In celebration or the lIst wedding anniversary of Mr. and M,re. Drew. and to announce the engagement of Mrs. Leedom's sfs ... Wr. M.... Debprah Drew to Mr. Bertrand Frederick Jagger of Rose Tree Farm. Media. The wadding Is not planned unUI late Bummer. NOVEL DANCE AT IL S. Mr, aDd Mr., F .... nk V. BreWllter Dr. and Mn. Gao ..... L. Arml. of DloklWlOn avenue are enterta.\n· tace of Sout.. C .. eater roa4 enter· Ing over the ChrIBtmaa "oUdaya talned at & f&mlly dbln .... party 011 their son-in-law and da.Qhter, IIr. Chrlatmaa Day. and Mrs. W, Henry Udton, lr., of MrS. wUUam E. Howard of tile Boston. M....... and their daug"wr Harvard Inn .. spending the "011- Brewster of New York City. da,.. with her 4aUcbter aDd.femny, M;r, IUld M .... PhUlp W. Kn .. kern M..... 1. H. Hunter of _Ield. o( Riverview road entertained at a CoI1l1. family dinner party 011 Cbrlatmsa CpL Pewr M .... ra,y .. spending Day,. Out-of-toWilgueats lnolud. a 16·day C .. rlatmsa turlo\ll'll with ed Mr, N, Ward Neuen of Milton. .... p&relllll Mr. and M..... ~ PL. and Mrs, Neaaen Shelley of Murray or Yale. avenue. Peter - recently beeD tnnaterred from East Orange, N, 1. camP Polk. La., to Ft. Bran, N. LL and Mrs. Wll1I&m Web& of C, Paul Murray of New York OItT Soutb C .. ester road .... wrtalned at haa alBa joined .... p ...... nlll for tile a famll)'" dinner party on Chrlatmas holiday season. Day when their guests included Dr. :&lisa Betsy Klte and MIla 'Elaine and Mrs. Harold U. Faulkner aDd Kiw of Ogden avenUe anterta.\ned their daughters Pamela a.nd Shtr· at "Open House" from " to 8 on ley of Smith College. and Mr, and I :s:;u;n;d;ay;;;;a:;tto;;rn;;;oo;;;n;, ;;;;' ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Mrs. William Robertsonl Jr., of I t Jersey City, Thalr daug .. ter. Ruth . _ I_ Friday, the 13th held D'3 terror for the Ninth Graders and their parents when they held an tntor ... mal dance In the high achool gym under t1!.e. able management of Mrs. Robert Bradford. program chair-man. a juillor at Drew is ~ home and • CUNNINGH AM PaiDten ud Paper Haapn We SIIoDld KDow lIow The tr)'"ni was attractively deco. their 80n David recently returned rated by ninth grade boys aDd from Japan Is borne untll February girls With Raymond Denworth, when he returns to Wesleyan Uni. chairman. Black Cats, three clga- verslty. rettea on a match, &l.nd other bad Mr. and lira. A. P. Shankle-of luck 8igna were In evidence. Dickinson avenue entertained at a Prince Dowdy's Orchestra start- famity dinner party on Christmas ed things off with a number dance Da.y. Ther Bon and daugbter-In­followed by many varlaUona, such law Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Shenkle and 8 ... un .08 MI ...... " Aft. Dr. and Mrs. Frank 1. Davi .. of as tha Paul lanes. multiplication daughwr Vlevienne of ArUngton, Yale avenue entertained Mr. and and umbrella dance. Harold Og- N. J., arr! ... ed '.IGJeaday evening. X.... James A.. Davies of Cedar ram, Jr., and Mary Corse, and Suzanne HOp8on ot Rutgers LaDe and JdlBs .MID Clark of Rut- Marlon RanBburg and Nicky Stuart I avenue will entertain 20 of her girJ l;e:d:ge::::s:a:;tu;:r:d::,,:y::ev:e:n::I:D::;g:,= =:::::i Iwe Uemrel ntabUe olnu cdkayn wcuin. ners in the two f r I en d 8 a t dl DDer a t the R 0 UI ng HERE'S TO YOUR HAPPINESS , . Green Oountry Club this evening. PHONE MEDIA OlIO Oliver G. Swan wall master of Budget Shoe Shop ~f ... ENNA J£IIICK, EDWARDS and FLORSHEIM SHOES State _d OliYe Street, Media ~eretnOnle8 for the Ooor show, Mr. and Mrs. Wl1llam ... F. Lee ot which was led by Mrs. Swan. Lafayette avenue entertained. the chairman of the Ninth Grade member8 of their families at din­Motbera. as ".Madam Upanova!' Dar Chri.stJnas. Next came Ruth Vw"oodard who Nancy Lewla a student at Vir .. proved to be a very talented tap ginia Interment ts spending a vaca­ducer. Then tbe "Five FllrtatloU8 tion a.t her home on SWiLrtnmore Filltes.' Eddie Medford. 8and'y a.venue. . Ford. Raymond Dunworth, Dick • Mr. and M .... E. C. Lappe of Yale ~==;;;==;;;==;;;~~~~ I McCray and. Dana Swan in girl's avenue entertained 20 relatives at ~ bathing Bul" and makfl UP. per- dessert lut evening. formed. No Ma8k and Wig cborus Dr. and Mrs. T. Leigh WllUams co~ld have done better or given of Havard &.venue entertalned. at FIREWOOD more enjoyment. 11 o'clock Christmas morning tor FlNPlace ud Furaace Wood Cut to .- and deJiyered $21 PER CORD Mocw ud Hamnp A .... Garden en:,. Chuter 2-8719 , YEAR'S 9 'BUSIEST ~ • • , SEASON, ~_*Md_ ~ ~ sands of hnliday te\e. ~ phone calls keep your _. telephone operators • •• bWlier than ever. They •• ~1Y ' Iik~ to handle these ftl welcome messages • •• ~ .: and they'll do their· .: Arthur McCormick and Sandy the children of the famUy. Ford as "Joshua and )10888" made good comedla.ns, and last but Dot least. Whit Bird. Jamas Bradbear, Barrie Coleman, Bill McHenry and Walter DIckinson as ths "Agony Quintet.. rendered 80me agontzlnc harmony. Refreshments of punch and cake were served by Mrs. GUY de Furia aDd her committee, aastated. I:Iy 16 Ninth Grade girls. NEWS NOTES Dr. and Mr&. George P. Warren and family, 'Of South Choster road, were the guesta of Mrs. Wa.rren'B aunts, the Misses 8. A. and Helen McCall, of Haverford, at dinner on Chrlatmaa Day. Mr. and :Mrs. Henry Pelrsol, Jr., of Lafayette ave.. entertained Mr. Pelrsol"s uncle and aunt. :Mr. ll.nd Mrs. Frank C. Rorer. ot Springfield. at Christmas hreak· tast and Mrs. Peirso1"8 parents, M.r. and Mrs. Alexander M. Dryden, of Swarthmore and Yale a.Venuea and her brother, James., of Cheater, with hiB wife and daughter, De­borah, a.t Christmas dinner. .Mr. and Mrs. Guenther FroebeJ. Jr.. of Lehigh University arrived Saturday be be the house guests of Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Froebel ot Swarthmore avenue during the holiday BeasOD; Mr. and Mra. W. Sproul Levis of Swarthmore avenue held Open House Christmas eve. Mr, and, Mrs. Paul B. Banks of Harvard avenue and Mr. and ¥ra. Edmund .c..amp of The HarVard w.lU entertain at a buffet supper at the Banks "ome before th& Berl .... Dance TueedaJ" evening. STRATH-HAVEN The Inn with Personality SwarthmoJ'B, Penna. Call Swarthmore .~ for all Resen-atio .... Especially New Years. HL,,"",LI + Your friendship and our success are , closely interwoven. We hope, in 1947, to strengthen still further these bonds 6f friendship. HAPPy NEW YEAR TO ALL + Celia Shoe Shop --- Friliq. Du· • 27. '1", CD ,I I .. Air eo. "·'DI' .. Resolution for 1947 BW>E"',,"'.·ER your Ti.ome ••• beUei' your LIVING ..:co.,..,. BOUIe BMUJiJul MO/Iuine PAULSON & CO. 100 Puk Aye., ~ ... PL PHONES' I •• I = 0529 • a brook 4646 CAob ,. .... 1f&op Far &M HERE:f HOPING Heartfelt good wisltes Jor. glonOus holiJay anti/he' happiest New Year ),ou have ever known, Howard B. Green ~ ubnost 10 speed them ~ along. If there'. "slight delay before your oper· • • •• 8t01 answers· your sig- -. Itt nsl ••• it's only because ft\ ~ the switchboard equip- ~ • ment is "full up." The • ~•• operator knows you're ~.. waiting. She'll answer Janet Randall a. student at Hood College and Thomas Rand&ll of Washington and Lee are spending' the holldays at their home on Riv­erview road. James Smith son of ~r. and 1[1"8. Howard Smith of Wilmington. N. 'C •• for.merly of Swarthmore, while OD terminal leave tram the U. S. Army, I:opent 0. few d~YB ot last week vislting friende here. HAPPINESS PROS PER.ITY I What lIlCIf:e c:oul4 - wiIh for JOU1 May til-. tbne cardinal • AI 1947 moves in w~ want to lillY I "hello" to everybody in this section and to wish them a very Happy jWlt as ooon as she can. ••• ••• ~ The Bell Telephone ~ Company el Penuaylvania .. .. Mr. and Mrs. Robert White, Jr., of Cambridge, Masa., who are spending ,the holiday eeuon with Mni. "\\~hlte's parents. Mr. and !il'fll. P hlUp W. Kniskern of Riverview road, will entertain at "Open House" on New Yeal"'B Dq. Swarthmore National Benk and Trust Company ,lww.4 •• " P ·w ANNUAL MEETING BIll • J 's 21J1.:& ......... M • of .... 8 n .... " ,; -:*.. ... ... .:..~78"t--C _~~C; ,= _ I • ... lie .... 11& ... ' 7 I • k .. 8hU 7 .. ::, :. l. r: a. '. ., I., 1M.", I _ b a at ..... _ '&&AOMI'.c 5' • \ blessings make life abundantl,. richer for you In 1947. HA*P PY NEW YEAR INGLENEUK TEA ,ROOM New. Year. At the lame time we want to express our deep appreciation of your friendlhiPo .. her of .FectenI Depoelt l_whQleC) c.p. .... , \ THE SWARTHMOREAN 7 CLASSIFIED LOST-Wcdn68day, wallet contatning money In village. Reward offered. Call Swarthmore 0216-:-M. FOR SALE ... ," . . PIa _ the "-JOU waDt De.irable Iota a •• iI.Ne Charles E. Fischer Builder, PbaI. s...ttm-e 2253 QUAUTY PAINTING Since 1888 Walter V. Linton Coatra~r and Bailder Ridle,. Patk Phone 0333.M FOR SAl&-Usec1 Quality electric t"ange. Call Swarthmore 2&82. Ii ~~;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:;;~ roR RENT-Double room, second floor. convenient to all tra.nsporta­tlon. Can ewart~more 2194. INSURANCE All u.­NOT~ Y PUBLIO P.I!lI'ER E. TOLD sas DarllDout.h Ave. Swart.llD1ore 1838 WDJJAM BROOKS _ & Rubbish Removed fa ...... Mowed GeDeraJ Hauling . _ Bardlng Ave. MortA>n. Pa. .~~~~~~5~~~~555~5~~5~ Call ('MASON SUPPLY COMPANY 33' Dartmouth Avenue -- For EGG STOVE NUT PEA Buckwheat Rice COAL LI • ....,fi.te Delivery. MARTEL BROS. South Cheater Rei. • HANNUM & WAITE • Yale Ave. & Chester Rd.' .& Price &0 11_ l!lYery Famn,.'. N_ PATTERSON .'ollER.&L BOIDI Wnllam T. PatteJ"JlOD, Dlree&.r ....._ 1' .... Bsperle_ "J!LBPBOKB XBnlA "li8 1 r ROGER RUSSEll ...... of F_ Photopaph ~ ..... ..... _._.._. n & .l. . - ...._. -_, PIANO 11JNING _R £ 11",_1_ __ Rolndl' ~ AlP'" II. PAIWER "aa. 75 'I ...... , """'" "" "'" •••• .., •• - • > • OWENS EMPLOYMENT AGENm!' I'eluls7hBDla &tate "­Jobs for PrIvate FamilF 14gb& 1Dd1l8&a7 ...... Do_oWork VlrsIe 0--; l'zop.. Oheoter 26"8 1608 W. ThIrd. !It, Cb'Y'tl'rJ l'a. I'ettnp SoUcttecl W. S. Bittle &: Scm 8wa. 0111." Rea1 Edaw N0iaJ7 Publio-lDsmaDoe PA1NTING and PAPERHANGING DAVE WOOD .Ca1l. MEDIA 0755 EDWIN B. KEII EY, Jr. YOtlR JEWELER Electrical Contractor Ali Types of E1~cal IDSUillations and Repairs ser.lng Swanhmore and VICInIty for DBSt Twent,. Years 1180 Muhlenberg Ave. Swarthmore 2295 night or da7. HOME IMPROYEMENTS CarpeDt..,. ReINllrs and A1teratlODll KImSuI _tlon C)emeD& Work ARTERS BROTHERS Cabinet 1IJalI: ..... 302 Gayley Street Media, Pa. . Tel. Media 2567-R HARRY W. LANG RfI/18 and CarPet. ~0784 R·'I~ ~ ~ ", ,..t __ '. it ....... I • • PI I _ ~ • BSTATB KOTlCll '"'.. • Wi. 8' M n j IN THE COURT OF COIOION PLBAB LEGAL lfOTICR E8TATE lfOTIIm B rb :&' k. ssNm IN'!!P DELAWARE COUNTY. (l " .~E IfATTER OF· .,. CUtll-a "1 (lnIII JAMES A. BROOKS. EI!TATF. OF HARY A. OILBI' CH&I'. NEY. decenec1. SIMMONDS RJ: alle&<d weak· minded Pf'non Lettenl TeBtamentar"7 Oft lite Uoft Estate have been ar&ntt4 to &be .... de~ .... cd. who I'eQUMt aU peftIOQllaay­Jng elaiInB or dem&Du acal..t t..hf' E'ltate of Ute 4ece4ent to man ~ the same. and all persons Indebted to the decrdent to make payment, without delay, to 7t. w_ ~ ~C1:""". : Number B21 .. : &I""", Term, ·PII... CIt .... , '-11.1 : 1931 ~~~~~~~~~~~~;;;;~ I Flr.t and Ftnal Account 01 .Joaeph E. ALICE M. BAIRD Real Estate and In.unnce Old bank Bail ... 1:1 ..... 0108 CAB WINTERS Mom. and Hauliag Phone Media 2726 100 W. 4th St. Media, Pa. Grocery DeJhrery From LocaJ .toNi inelu'" ~eb ELECTRICAL WORK &!1 kind New or Old MORTON ELECTRIC Phone Swarthmore 0992 PAINTING 8Dd DEOOIlATlXG All Work __ Write CLIFFORD L. PARKER M_ R.D. ,. R..e· e··s·e·-·B··a··x·t·e·r· ·C··o··. 1 SPORTING GOODS. 816EDGMONT AVE.· Cheater ~ .... PAINTING AND PAPERHANGIN'G Wb1&e lead aDd J)1II'It Un ! I ) 011 used on au_ palnUlJil. , Work Guaranteed- CHARLES WHITE Phones Chester 8130 & 24525 --.,. • Elwel1. Guardian of the Estate of Jrun68 A. Brooks, & weak.mtnded per- 80n, appointed by Daeree of the above Court dAted. Aprll !S. 1931. the _ldI .Tamt'B A. Brooke. havln&' departed thie life on April 2&. 1148, aa stated by Elizabeth E. Elwell. Executrls. of tht' F..state ot .JoMPh E. Elwell. who died November 1. 1M •. The Above necount h..., been ftted In thil!l office of the Prothonotary and will be oonHrmed by saJd Court on January JOlly. 1947, unle.a exceptlona are flIed thereto. 3T-12-20 To ltllldi80n ROBERT J. MACBRIDE, Prothonotary Homer La flied a IIbf'1 In l'lea.& of Delaware vania, as of September ,:':::':",_~.~.v.:~~ 26t. prayIng a divorce YIJU q,re hereby noUfted ~~~~ to appear jn aald· court Qn o~_ Monday the 18th dRy ot January to a.nswer the· Complaint of the Homer LaBelle and In default of such appearancf' you 111m be lIab16 to have a divorce granted In your abecence. G, R. WATKINS Sheriff of Delaware County. Edw, D. McLaughlin. Attorney 3T-12·20 .JOHN Pl. FRICKI!l. Ex_tor 128 Bedford P""'" Kerion, P&- or to his Attorney S'I'ANLJolY 4 THORNTON. 2004 Finance Bid.,., PhllL 2. Pa. IT-U-20 ESTATE lfOTICB . ESTATE OF LILLIE G, KOOK'. late of 1215'. Preshlent AVenl,le, RuUodce. Pennbylvania, deceased.. -; Notlee I_ hereby given th&t Letters Testamentary have beeD granted to the undenlgtled, who reque.tlt8 all Det"­BOD8 having claJma or demandll ap1nst the Eej.&te cf the .wd .deoedent to make kiloW" the same, and all penon.e Indebted to ·the decedent to make pay-ment immediately to. _ SWARTHMORE NATIONAL' -BANK AND TRUST 'COMPANY Encutor El!ltate of LI111. 0. Kook. decfl8.86d. Swarthmore. PNlnsylvanfa Or to Its Attorney. . . ALBERT N. GARRETT . 228 Garrett:' Avenue SwarthmoNl. Penna. . $T.11-20 Eotate of J, PASSMORE CHI!IYNIIlY. dec:ea.oed. Letlel'll of AdmlDletraUon de bonia non cum testamento annexo. on the above Estate-: have been· «NDted ·to the un4ersJsrneci, who request .au peJ'­dOns ha.vlng claims or de~ &plnst the Estate of the deudent to make known tho (lame, and aU penona in-debted to the decedent to make pay- DIVORCE NOTICE Mento without delay. to TO: BROWN. EDWARD WIGGS. ' JOHN El, FRICKE. late of No. 1$13 Market Street. Loula- Administrator d.b.n.c.t.a ville. Kentucky. or to his Attorney thYatO U ARE HEREBY D~~:~~~~j sTANLEY L. THORNTON. EoQ.. & FtnR.1 Rulo for 2004 Finance Blq'l been grllnted agallUl( you Phlla 2, Pa. ST-lZ-27 of Elsie Bernard 'Wlggs, E$a~ of CAROLINE H. ROBIN-returnnble in the Court SON, Deceased. PJe88 or Delaware County, Letters Testamentary on. the above March Term. 1946. on the Estate have be.," granted. to Ute under· 01 January. 194'1, on or elgned. who J"eQuaets· all pentons hav-day you may ph.-.w In&' claims or demancla agalnst the have, why such diVorce Estate of the decede.nt to make known _ granted. the same, and ail persoIUI indebted tn 2T-I2-20 'I/JOSEPH W. delJI'U:RlJll tM dooedent to make paynient, 'IIJIthOU( Attorney tor Libellant de;!ay. to Walters' Tree Suraery aDd I Uanclscapiq Phone Swartlm:K»l'e 217S-R 104 CorneD A .... 1ie Swarthmore, pen ... . A. MERCER QUINBY FuaenI Director FormerlF of Media U25 lV. LebJgb A'Ve., Pb1Ia. Phone BaI_. 11'10 No addltlonaJ ctmrg8 fol' au_calls. LOUIS N, ROBINSON. J;:x:ecutor •. 4U College Av~u.e Swarthmore, Pa. Or his Attorney WAIJI'ER H, ROBINSON 1000 Provident Tl"UBt Bldg, Phl1adelphl& 3. Pa. . Morton Elecmc '" and Appliance Service II Commercial and Domestic-­Prompt service-Refriger., I at!lrs, Washers, Vacuum I Ceaners, Radios f I 11 Morton Av_ I ataa-t-. ..... I 1-:::=·:] • Papa has a feeding problem! "'pa mwt surely have learned by DOW that you can't feed a family of twenty on the rations of two, But, like so many people, he ham't learned that it's the same way with a family of electriea1 appliances. you can't feed a houseful of them through electrical wiring ~ for only a few. . Jf your family of electrical appliances has grown larger ~ year to year, have your wiring checked to see ~t it meets your needs. 1'_ eaa" rafH ....,./a.Uy ... empty _1IItJdu_ - do .. ., alai W ytJfIr eleeniualappUancn, _rAm •

---------- Page 20 ----------

• , .. .., .. , .. " ., .' , ... , . I THE SWA,8THMOREAN In .. 5,' Attar hllo death h. ..... . .- .. caAom.ecl anA \alB maDl' cood . deed. have become lepndalTo For 1!luropean cbUdren,' at. Nlcholae wae 'atWILYB d .....'4 in clerloat robee and rode on a white ho .... The children would leave hay and water for .\alBho..... and If theY had been &"OOjl "ehlltlren the hq and water were CODe in the mom-' . HEAR'; CHRISTMAS :DATA'~ "Media. Minis~r Cites . Faef;s .. and' Fancieli At their re..uJar maetID&' Thul'lHlq, l)e,cember 11, members of tho lIotber'8 Club voted to 40' nate the . '100 p~oCeede of their recent tOY eXOI!ahg&. 1<!' C.LR.E. to be uiled' epecllJclaJIjr for bhll. tlren In Eu~e. 101· .... Han8 Rade­macher, who III reoe1vmg the do­natio.. for ,C,4,Il;E.· wl1l ad_ the club brleny·at· U.e FebrulLr)' ~eetlnc; to, teU the mothers more about the children' who will bene­Ut from this . gift. Thu.ndl¥· ... venl_ epeaker Ingi It not; ,#ley found awltchea. "Tqday" cone1uded Rev. Alberto. "Banta ClJLua exlate ae defln.ltely as love and generosity estat. u After announcing the reeulte of che toy excb&D&'8. 111'8. C. J. Gar­ ·ralian., club president. thanked Mn. Sam uel Gurln. chairman of the we. and Mre, E. B. Hollla, co-chalrm~, for tbelr splendid work In' runnbig the event and making It such a aucceaa. She ez .. tended the club"s appreclaUon to Mrs. Peter Told &Dei-the Womari'. Club for their cooperation and to Mrs. Avery Blake for her ever .. ready aaa\atance. She aJeo' eX-I pressed &'f&tltude to atl the mam-bere of the club who helped with the eXcIlaap. WIIJI&m B. ;Sam ... Mrs. W. C~ E1-: Acth-e Nr'rn Gni_tin.' more. . 1011'8. WIUIam Kurtb.&Js ohatr- Norman R. Sharpl_ ;Sr •• IIOIl man of tlDance. ___ by M..... Mr. and 101 .... Nornui1l'.R. Sharpl- Evelyn Haviland; loin. Manha of South Cheater road. will poa4u­poi> ... ~ Kn. ;S. 'Paul Bro...... M..... ate from 1oI1II'l"""'lIa State"Teach­~ v~~JiJJake. Mn. S. M. Vlale. erB ColleS'O OD ;S&lluary 11 with a .101 .... 'DaVId COCIa ....... Mn. Chari.. BS degree in_ndarJ' education. :1oI~n.'.Mn. Ne1rton HarrIa, Mrs. 1!harpl-. an~AII'"F_ vet­W, e, Elinore. loire. Roee loIarrlott. eran, graduated from ClJ,NtAIrr . :~ I loire.' ;S, lJ.' Weller. Mrs. Chari.. School In IUS and .~t,r84 .• HI!'IPB. and BttI. Casper Garrett. In un following '!~""f 7~~ au­Mrs', John B, Maerker chairman tlvlty In local 1nd,1I8tr}'. bUIIt-of K, ,1' .. aeelotant Iol ... C. :~:, :;,po",~n~~:~;ZJ~;:JlM:ij _aa.., 11' . . turned to 1oI1~le ..... 'lIie ¥ .. , lrv~. TraVle in charge .,f his etudles In dlsPOlllI!lf ' of ,~he remaining toye anti,'.. okanspafun&' tll'pm to _ English. " COmlnunlt}' Health Soolety Cen- While at the 'i.a'ic:;.te{.~unty t er. '101r'a . R' • .R... .A.>.I.U_61 e , o• Ir. • ,~L~_'"_ Instltut.lon. Sha,r pl_' wu 'proml-man of' publlclt}' and _lItlUlte nent In all phaeee ot' camp", IIf. , _._ k having served 'li8e4ilor of the Mre, Chr~ BJac • Mrs. ;S. F. . carter. Mrs. WUla Brodhead and "Snapper." the, atqdent newspaper. ~, Maxey N .. 'lolorr\eOn. and ae preeldent .iif the atudent "Iolre. Wllle. Brodhead and her council. He 4ire'l,led··:the publlo reo cOn1mttte made ... the clubhouse latlo)lB couim.ttte~ ~Olo f· two years feStive with a .Oh:rtatmu tree &114 and !Served on th~;yeatbook staf'fs. In addillon to_ bi>ih .. · preatdent or Yqtuelaemti de decoraUone. aervbl&' Ice ..., and cooklee to complete Phi Sigma Ft. 'na,t1oDIil, .prcifea/llo~, . , aI honor fraternlty,'~ ... waeJll'Ull- '~e !!"y spirit, 'If the Chrlatmae dent of the" Normal':'L1terlld sb­J) 1~tln... . .. ' ' clety, and aen:ed .. o.Q. tiu#lerOda - .. TIle next meeUII .. · will be a clat and. dance' ·.·coDUJillt"': H:~ 8q~ dance held ILt the Clubhouse wae honored bY.;belng'lncluded IIi on TIluroday. ;Saauary t. at ''Who's Who In A:!nerlcan Collegel! to' wblch the fathers are m"8t land Unlveraltleie.u .. cordlally inVIted. In fact u ..... d to Chalnnan of ,,"celVlng, Mrs. ;S ohn Seybold and aeatatante M ..... W\llIam A. DeCaindrY. loin. L. .4- Weu&ufer. Mrs, A. W. stuart. 101.... Clarence C. _ok, loire. O. p, Pl\gr\m. MJW. L. R. TrIpP. Mrs. Ford F. RoblDBon. IolrL ;S. A. Tor­ner, J'r., 1.11'& C)trua Harvey, lira. come. C. E. I@coln. M .... DaVId U\IJnaD Received Promotion · . HAPPy NEW' YEAR from ':",,:fRANK , ~.: .:'" ; '.1. , .: , • . ., :: rj:',:;,t11P-- , ~ '." .. ', : ~, , .... ~','.'. ., BARBER" . .,' '. ' · tiJiti9F!RY", "~~y~ W,*w ... ,. .' Friday HARRIS AND CO. UPadtA_ Swart"IDMft 16M . Rev. W11IIam J. Alberto ..... ve aD Impre-'ve &lid ,_edlngly Inter­eeUD&' tall! on .. ~ and· ~c1 .. about Cliriaimu'; p..e.entln&' man~ Uttie-knOWIL facta to prove the veracIty Or ~he ator}'. of the Natlv. It}'. "nouh to ea.tlBfY 'eVeD the moat eIIept1ca1 mind. He eatd that the star of Bethlehem IIllU' have been a nova. or a. CODstteUatlOll croupln&, whIch Ia known to have occurred In the yeare 1 and • B. C, 1_h ~ ,Mar}' come to Beth­leham' ItO' ~. taXes whldh had, boen leVIed 8 B..C.. and It III be­lIevod cert&ID:, .that their arrival and theblHh"of ;s8lW; oocnrre4 somewhere. between ( and 8 B. C. The lirbl\llM',Of Sitts by the - men atarI~4 tbeglft g1vlnC 0118- and Mzs. RObert Spencer. Chairinan ot display Iolre. WUlIa·:. P,iCk ,Shoetn~r. IIOphom*ore at Stetson. IUllllateDla Iol .. R. V. Lit. Unlverslt}' Or' Florida. arrived Jaet tie. Mrs. A. Fairbanks and M'r& week to join bls motber Mrs. Wille Brodhead. DaVIa W. Shoemaker of Park ave- George' H, .Troxell. Jr;, son of BervIDg swartlimme - IIr. and Mrs. aeO,.g."H, Troxell. of l.lS:· " tom. " 1Lr. A1bo,irta '. , de8Cl'lbed the Chrlatmae' o>lstome In maDl' countrl.... th~ feaotlDg and danc­Ing In Braell and Cblle., and the Belg\aD cll8tom of I""viu&, arrete for at. Nlobolaa·· retDdeer; He a.I8o eatd that til.': oriBlnat Banta Claue wae & blahoP named Nlcho­laO who lived In Penrla and died ri..... and \alB _ Seley. TIley heCadh.a tnruU. of eat. .. Iolre. ;S. ...p h all leave toda¥ far Iolerrlll. N, T .. Mo...... ;Sr.. aaslatante Ioln. 1!1. II. where they will. '!Pend the Chrlst­Pyle. Mre. Theodore Paulin. Mfti.. _ holldQlO ~ IIr. Sl!oeMaJrer. R. ;S, Turn .... Iolro. D. Iol. GowlnIi-; ~: qornmander' ~uam H. ColllDa. 1oI1'8.,G. Headley. loire. cbaL'le8'~ Ad.-filrtlHn ........ ·I\on with Kline. Iolre. Donald P . .Ton .... It ... 01 ·wauinstord - heen elected CharI.. Black. loire, A. FalrbanJii a" dlrecto .. of the National Indue­lire. Bruce D. Smtth. ~ .ii~~re' In ChlaP. Com- William E. Graham. 101 .. , Samuel JiuLnder Collins III .ABalstant Ad­Carpenter. )(ra. H. P. stamford, vertl81D.. V;8D"I'8r• Scott PaM!" 1ol1'8. Fredelcrk Anthony. :am. Co.. Cheater. • Darthmouth avenue.: haa been pro- ': " moted from ~nd Lt, tt:> 1.U"t. whlle I ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ on duty at I,.lnz. ~ A~~: ~ Area I Signal Officer.' " . , Lt, Troxell w~ ~u~d tho Swarthmore HJ&h. :~hool. and attended Dartmouth' Cl'lIeg.,. He I .. wae graduated froptthl>. United SlJLtes MlIlta':" Aeadeq.y . iLl:· Wool Point, w~Qre he plL\'UCiP4~. . footbBn. boXlug, and tJ.ack:~".· ':. His wife, Nancy, anCi·i:ton,· Ooorp H. Troxell, III. reSide with ber parents. Mrs. George L Armitage of South Chester road. HAPPY NEW YEAR 'BEST WISHES TO All B.'j.]IOY ' .. ' -,' GIRLS ." . ,;: .. ' . ' , " TQ~"~""Ki,,!GPOSmONS . ' .. \ ) , . In 'Coritmliility Seniee , ,AnnaMe to , ," QUALIFIED YOUNG WOMB • • in Telephone Work EARNIN.G S ~ ~-~.,'". Compare witIi ... in Your CommunltF SURROUNDINGS AND ASSOCIATES Better Than Averap OUTSTANDING OPPORWNITV .for Advancement IID4 I Development INVESTIGATE TODAY . Of<OPE~NSYLVANIA .' . .:" .' .' ,:' ,·',.:l63l'Arch S- . ... , . 'Philadelphla or ... :~, .... Room 315.McC\atchy ..... ~"; .. LOUIS FUSCO PARK AVENUE . 69th and Market SII •• Y:. AND GEORG:E L• ALSTON, JR. ' . , Wi6' 10 GxlenJ to l:uergone a CorJu..! !lnuitation to Vi6it anJ ..9n.6pect Our garage anJ it ~:J.aci/;~ ;})urUuj Ifu· Cotniftg ,WeeL. " • Upper Dub, ,1 ~r~ , • May We 'Extend Wannest Holiday Greetings 'And Our Best Wishes For . . t -.: A Happy 1947 " ,. ~~ . '. i .: : i ~. I) ". •

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