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  • Are you looking for Chapter I from Control’s Book? Click here! Jealousy's Book: Chapter I is the first and initial chapter of Jealousy's Book in The Mimic. The story begins with Isamu Uchiumi searching for the reason behind his brother's death, where he was last found in Aogashima. ‘Jealousy’ Chapter I was released at 7:30 PM PST on March 26th, 2022, with some timezones having the chapter be released a day later. The chapter's Nightmare Mode variant released at approximately 6:17 PM PST on April

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  • The objective is to hide, and exit this place. It's at the edge of the bridge. But to get there you must hide from Nagisa and to move you must wait for her to " ...

  • NORMAL MODE (unlimited life, normal monsters) BEGINS HERE: SEEK AN OFFICE In normal mode after the loading screen you will spawn at a small town area. In the small town you are requested to find...

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  • Mar 2, 2022 · "Jealousy" Chapter I Completed is a badge that is obtainable after completing Jealousy's Book: Chapter I. The badge's background appears to ...

  • "Jealousy" Chapter I Completed is a badge that is obtainable after completing Jealousy's Book: Chapter I. The badge's background appears to be Kyogi's hand seemingly reaching out through a gap. There is also a red transparent text that says "II", indicating that it is Jealousy's Book. "Completed Chapter I of Jealousy's Book." There were conflicts as to what lanterns were going to be in either normal or nightmare mode, and the final products are: The Kyogi Lantern is for Normal Mode, and Rin and

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  • Enzukai is the main antagonist of Jealousy's Book and the Beast of Jealousy. They are one of the four beasts who fought Kusonoki. Monsters. Rin. Rin is the 1st ...

  • Jealousy's Book is the second book of The Mimic, and is the second book to the 4 books that will be added. This book is based on the Beast of Jealousy, Enzukai. You go to an Mysterious Island called "Aogashima Island" to find clues about what caused your brother's sudden death, little do you know that this island is riddled with monsters and entities with no clear intentions on what to do to you. Isamu Uchiumi is the main protagonist of Jealousy's Book and the character you also play as. He is t

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  • Chronologically, with 6-9 delays in total, the book has 3 chapters currently. Chapter I, which was released on March 26th, 2022, Chapter II which was released ...

  • The Mimic: Jealousy’s Book is the second book in The Mimic. It features Isamu Uchiumi as the player and the main protagonist of the story while Enzukai, the Beast of Jealousy, is the main antagonist. Jealousy's Book takes place sometime around March 27, 2022 (confirmed by lore writers on the official Discord lore channel). The plot of Chapter I and Chapter II mostly takes place somewhere at the sea of Japan near Aogashima Island, the place where Isamu’s brother, Senzai, was mysteriously found de

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  • Check out CapCut’s various templates on the mimic chapter 1 jealousy, including Jealousy by 暗•|Jennie, jealousy by Bara[PS]...

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  • Objetivo. Jealousy chapter 2Jealousy chapter 2.

The Mimic Chapter 1 Jealousy (2024)


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