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Ego / TeeBoss + Lyrics

Something huge coming my way and I know I'm going to smile when I'm there. ... Play / DL →

Yawa / Ulafala + Lyrics

... Play / DL →

All My Life (FT. Kassy Maya) / Black Mamba + Lyrics

Nigeria veteran dancehall artist Black Mamba is out with a vibrant new single titled All My Life featuring RnB singer Kassy Maya. Audio And Video Out Worldwide ... Play / DL →

LAVIDALOKA / Eazi soul ft Scube + Lyrics

Ladies and gentlemen… the long awaited song is finally outStream and enjoy the soundsOne LOVE ... Play / DL →

Ile / Mhizta Pi + Lyrics

Embrace the rhythmic pulse of 'Ile' (Life). Let its melodies transport you to the heart of the soul, where every beat tells a story of belonging and connection of life. ... Play / DL →

St3t Rose - Ayo (Joy) / St3t Rose + Lyrics

Always Embrace Joy in Any Situation you find yourself, "Cos if you count your blessings you go see say people plenty wey go like *Dey That your Spot" ... Play / DL →

St3t Rose - My Life / St3t Rose + Lyrics

It's just a Trap Soul Junk you will like!! Don't forget to Share ... Play / DL →

LOML / Emmyk4 + Lyrics

Song from experience please download and also comment ... Play / DL →

Freedom / TeeBoss + Lyrics

peace and unity makes the achievable.. ... Play / DL →

GODSPOWERPROJECT Presents: YAF Area59 in Word Explorers Forum- April Edition / Youth Alive Fellowship Area59 ft Pastor Obatomi + Lyrics

Praise GOD.GODSPOWERPROJECT(Celebrating GOD'S People and Activities)*Living Faith Church (aka) Winners ChapelFaith Tabernacle-Canaanland- Area59 Facility*5/7 Franklin Adejuwon str, Off Olusesi Busstop, Ishaga, Lagos26/04/2024*YAF Area59 Word Explorers Forum*EXHORTATION*UNVEILING THE MASTER KEY TO A WORLD OF EXPLOITS – 1 Cor. 2:9.(But as it is written, Eye hath ... Play / DL →

Action Movie / Vivian Galaxy + Lyrics

Action Movie is an incredible song that showcases the versatility of Vivian Galaxy, the lyrical content of this soulful music would definitely connect to you so listen and you would attest to it, don't forget to also download to your playlist. ... Play / DL →

Show me love / Jwealth + Lyrics

This is one of the most trending song now in African from the finest and latest king of pop music ... Play / DL →

Ramoni / Ak9Z + Lyrics

IntroAk9ZooAk9Zest ooooEh! Eh!! Ehh!VERSE 1When I dream of paradise,As I dey wake i go realize Say.I still the push my grind,Before I know water run my eyes eh.I no fit to relax,Mom and my siblings the wait eh.This life e dey too hard,Kosi kosi man most to survive Eh!BRIDGEBut I know say,I no go suffer! ISEE!,I go buy house! ISEE!,Everyday Nai Go Be My ... Play / DL →

HaLLEE HaLLEE / MUNACHi4u + Lyrics

From his latest album "The Special Tape" MUNACHi4u release a brand new Single titled HaLLEE HaLLEE ... Play / DL →

Dey No Go Know / Treo + Lyrics

Treo, arrives again into the music scene with this well-curated Amapiano soundtrack called, Dey No Go Know fresh out of their New Effort EP. Dust your speakers cause its about to getting crazy ... Play / DL →

GODSPOWERPROJECT Presents Echoxap in Yummy / Echoxap + Lyrics

Praise GODGODSPOWERPROJECT Presents**Moments with Echoxap*****Fourth of five children raised by an Edo mother, Lucky Bamidele Dasufoli, better known by his stage name "Echoxap" is a Nigerian singer/songwriter whose 2020 self titled single "Bamidele" launched his career to astronomical heights.*Despite his growing ... Play / DL →

NO GREE / Fkrist + Lyrics

No gree for anybody , is the most trending slogan used in Nigeria this 2024 . Fkrist is here with the best narrative of the slogan , in a song type . It's the best bagger in afropop music and with a mean full lyrics Click to enjoy. ... Play / DL →

Hallelujah / Mr. DDavid + Lyrics

Nigerian-born gospel music minister, Mr. DDavid has brought excitement to his audience with the release of his new single Hallelujah. ... Play / DL →

GODSPOWERPROJECT Presents: Abiola D' KMK in Eternal / Abiola D'KMK + Lyrics

Artist name: Abiola D'KMKSong title: Eternal***************Meet******************Abiola D'KMK*A Loveworld artist/ singer, Christian entertainer and minister of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has decided not to gree for any wrong person towards positively impacting lives concerning the subject of extraplatonic love.**Eternal**So this song was birthed out of ... Play / DL →

";I Go Dey"; is a romantic and chill love song assuring your partner thatyou`re going to be there for them forever. It combines beautiful afrobeatInstrumental with Lyta`s ( @official_lyta ) smooth melodious vocal and MoyoPayne ( @moyopayne ) smooth vocal to create this beautiful afrobeatsong.The song was produced by T-mix Zoe Beats ( @tmixbeats ) ... Play / DL →

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Latest Nigerian Music | Naijapals Mobile (2024)


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