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SAMUEL SEO x READER (fluff+funny+NSFW at end...maybe...)

The first time you two went for a movie date was Chaotic.

You were not the one who accept the word 'no' without choosing violence.(Samuel know this very well since your relationship started)

He goes double on cigarettes, liquor and maybe some more headache medication the moment you decided to spend time with him or either when you leave after.

You GET what you WANT.

So when you asked him for a movie date, he felt his headache coming back to bother him just like you're doing right now, to the point he even had to wear his glasses back to do the paperwork,(a formality), yujin left him with.

"come on Boobie-man— im sorry babe—,sh*t,,,i mean honey~" you messed up.

He just raised an eyebrow on the nicknames you like to call him but right now you are in his office so you have to behave to save at least what is left as his reputation, but he's used to them by now,

He just felt the cringe on the honey part you said with that sore throat of yours.

"as you can see I can't today, maybe ask again after 50 years or so." He said with a neutral face signing the documents.


You shouted at his response shaking the whole building.

"keep you voice low you baby gorilla" he said getting annoyed.

You still can't believe that he rejected your offer to spend time together, staring at him as standing opposite to his desk both hands on them like you lose millions of shares, getting red from anger on your man and his name for you tho you at least like the word baby.






You know that when he's in his office, doing his work, you can't convince him to do anything else besides doing the damn work.

But you just got a 2 day leave because you were missing him so much that you mixed a lose motion pills in your manager's coffee and now he's in hospital, informing the office and letting you all go home with a 2 day holiday.(you crazy-💀).

So...here you are, in your handsome man's office, pouting and sulking while sitting on his desk, right on his paperwork, trying to get his attention.

He knows all your tactics too well in just months, he knows that either you did something to your manager to get leave, or you just burnt your whole office down cause you hate going to work but have to cause you can't just starve your cats, so option 2 is not the one, so he just assumed that you really did something to your manager, but he's not in the mood to ask, like I said he knows you too well.

" get off form the desk you illiterate animal"

"f*ck you man slu*t"

He doesn't get offended by you cause he thinks you're cute when you cuss.( Secretly he know what people call him behind him but he doesn't give a f*ck about it, he just feel his ego going up cause he knows he's a hot man).

"you can go by yourself"

"I can't you know it's a special couple movie offer , so you have to come with me, and look I'm free for 2 days—"

"I know you poisoned your manager because you were bored and 'missing me" he said with a unamusing face.

You felt a chill like a child is caught red handed after doing something naughty.

"hehe but i swear he's an asshole and so rude to everyone so I have to take matters in my own hand and i really missed you and I'm not lying.👉👈😚



"..... let me think about it-"


" shut up idiot I just said I'll think about it" he dead paned.


"*uuhhhhhhhh" he signed, rubbing his temple and nose bridge tiredly.





Your eyes widened with his response.


"yeah you punk, now go grab your stuff we'll leave in within 5 minutes"



"ok I'll stop I'll just go get my things" you said in a apologetic way and made your way to the couch where you made a mess with your stuff, collecting it, with merry skipping steps you hop over to him and snake your arm on his biseps (damn..) giving him the most brightest smile.

He just sighed again with your behaviour but tolerate it enough cause you've also helped him a lot wether it be saving him from an boring conversation in social gatherings or stuff so he'll let your childish stupid things pass.

But seeing you smiling like that had his heart skip beats,( he thinks he'll have to go for a heart checkup sometimes 💀).

Arriving at his place was not the thing you had in your mind.

"..... Samuel...."

"yes honeyyy"

You also get nausea when he's this sweet cause you know his true nature.

"why are we here.?"

" for a stupid romantic movie you stupid"


He just causally unbuttoned his shirt and all, and sit comfortably on the huge sofa( you can't convince me that he isn't manspreading 💀)(also keyword:- tired)

You can't drool on this scene cause you know his time is strictly limited and getting some alone time with him is also rare so you won't wanna miss this opportunity or waste any time.

The starting part was fun but boring at the same time, but you both just casually talked and slowly, eating some snacks.

You both chocked on your drinks when a really spicy scene came, leaving just you to hide your blush, but Samuel was too fast to your reaction and smirked.


" what? It's just some hot scene and you know it's not true, they're acting" he said, still smirking.

"SHUT UP"(ノ`///Д///´)ノ

You hide your face even more.

"come on...." He said, acting annoyed but he's actually enjoying the view.


Your blush got even more worse.

"if you don't keep your hands down, I'll leave."

He said grabbing your hands from your face trying to look.


Now he's enjoying and determined to have you both watch the spicy smut scenes more

"what you hiding for??"


Unfortunately, you were not that stronge against him, he locked your hands in his, pulled you on his lap and made you watch, even if you try to close your eyes, he just kiss on your neck to have you riled up and try to bite him but he Dodges them and laugh.............

In the end you both be making out right on the couch and you'll be passed out till next morning, all sore😅😉

@x-xsunlightx-x here, sorry I forgot to answer with your ask,😅😅

just call me loona😉 @badchildofthefamily - Tumblr Blog | Tumlook (2024)


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