Intoxalock Service Center (2024)

1. Intoxalock® Locations | Installations, Ignition Interlocks, & Breathalyzers

  • Total Upgrade Automotive

  • Browse all Intoxalock® service centers to schedule an installation for ignition interlock devices & breathalyzers or to get a quote.

2. 24/7 Interlock Customer Support - Intoxalock

  • Contact Us · Device Help · Interlock Device How to Videos

  • Our experts are available to help 24/7!

3. Ignition Interlock Device Service & Repairs - Intoxalock

  • Repairs and service on the ignition interlock device need to be done by a professional ignition interlock installer who has been certified by your device's ...

  • Servicing is required every 30-60 days. Get more information about Intoxalock ignition interlock calibrations with certified interlock installers.

4. Find Interlock Device Near Me - Intoxalock

  • With over 5,000 locations nationwide, twice as many as any other provider, you can be sure to find an Intoxalock ignition interlock installation location near ...

  • If you are in need of an ignition interlock installation location near you, Intoxalock offers twice as many interlock installation locations as any other provider, giving you the best possibility to find an installation location near your home or work.

5. How to Schedule an Interlock Installation Near Me - Intoxalock

  • At your local Intoxalock service center, one of our certified technicians will install your Intoxalock. ... service center every 30-90 days depending on your ...

  • Scheduling an ignition interlock installation appointment is easy with Intoxalock. Find out how to make an appointment here, our representatives are standing by.

6. Become an Intoxalock Certified Installer | Sign Up for Free

7. Interlock Contact & Phone Number - Intoxalock

  • Call us at 844-535-0260 to get help from one of our representatives. Request a Quote. Existing Intoxalock Customers. Recently installed an Intoxalock device or ...

  • The assistance you need with your Interlock Ignition Device. Find Intoxalock phone number and contact form to get in touch with Customer Service.

8. Intoxalock Installer - Zifko Automotive Care Center

  • Zifko Automotive Care Center | Certified Intoxalock installer! Contact (855) 272-0760 for an appointment. Expert training in Ashland, WI.

9. Low Cost Ignition Interlock Installation Locations

  • Find a Low Cost Ignition Interlock installation service center near you. State approved service centers handle installation, calibration and removals.

10. Intoxalock Services - Reliance Auto Repair Services

  • If you require an ignition interlock device installation for your vehicle, simply reach out to Intoxalock directly at (877) 327-9130, and mention that you'd ...

  • Confidence. Quality. Respect.

11. Intoxalock Ignition Interlock Device | Top-Rated Provider | Intoxalock

  • Call Us Anytime at 888-283-5899 ... Intoxalock® is a registered trademark of Intoxalock. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

  • Intoxalock is a trusted partner with over 30 years of experience, helping more than 150,000 customers each year.

12. Get On The Road Easier with Smart Start's Ignition Interlock Device

13. Ignition Interlock Device Installation & Removal - Intoxalock

  • Give you your certificate of IID installation. A woman at a vehicle service center being assisted by a certified ignition interlock installer.

  • Installing or removing an interlock device from a car should be handled by a certified technician. Visit Intoxalock to learn more.

14. Intoxalock Ignition Interlock - Blytheville, AR 72315 - Yellow Pages

  • Intoxalock Ignition Interlock.  Add to Favorites ... Intoxalock is the no. 1 ignition interlock device ... Dale's Tire & Auto Service Center. 120 E Ash St ...

  • Share your own tips, photos and more- tell us what you think of this business!

15. LifeSafer: #1 Ignition Interlock Device Provider

  • We provide accurate, timely, and reliable services to help you successfully complete your ignition interlock program. We offer the best in class Customer ...

  • Get back on the road quickly and easily after a DUI/DWI with help from LifeSafer. Discover how we can help you through the ignition interlock process!

16. What can I do if I was falsely accused of tampering with ignition interlock?

  • Jul 27, 2013 · ... service center immediately. If that service is not done, the BAIID will go into a "lock-out" mode, and the vehicle cannot be operated.” This ...

  • This is a horrible problem that many have with interlocks. You have to request a hearing with the DAAD and prove to them that you did not tamper, by your…

17. Ignition Interlock Device Help - Intoxalock

  • Once the countdown on a service lock out expires, you will not be able to start your vehicle until you have a new device. You will be responsible for all fees.

  • Get support for your Intoxalock interlock device. Visit to find answers about using your IID and other helpful resources.

18. Ignition Interlock Removal - Smart Start

  • To help you stay in compliance, your Smart Start service center will need approval to remove your Ignition Interlock. We recommend you contact your state ...

  • Time to schedule your Ignition Interlock removal? Fill out this easy form today to initiate the removal process with Smart Start. Get started now!

19. Service Center Enquiry - Intoxalock

  • Service Center Enquiry ... Intoxalock® is a registered trademark of Intoxalock. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

  • Intoxalock is a trusted partner with over 30 years of experience, helping more than 150,000 customers each year.

20. Car Toys | Car Audio & Video, GPS Navigation, Car Speakers/Amplifiers

  • Intoxalock Interlock Device · Air Fresheners Shop ... Intoxalock Interlock Device · Marine ... It is a delight to experience customer service like we received here.

  • Brand name car audio & video, remote starts, alarms, GPS and more at Car Toys. Shop now for guaranteed low prices and free shipping!

21. Intoxalock Select

  • When your clients call Intoxalock, our friendly state support experts will help them choose the Intoxalock installation and service location that is most ...

  • Join the Intoxalock Select Attorney Network today to get exclusive savings and VIP service for your ignition interlock DUI clients at no cost to your firm.

22. Intoxalock Reviews 2024 – All You Need to Know, Page 3

  • Apr 20, 2024 · ... service center called and reported ... Customers can access 24/7 support and numerous service centers for assistance with the Intoxalock system.

  • I was going for my final calibration. This device continually drains my battery. I had to buy a brand-new battery, one the size for a semi-truck, to put in my trailblaze and it still drains my battery. I had the charger on it, trying to get it to start. I finally get enough juice to it and the device says not serviced in time. I double check my calibration date. it's for the end of the day. I have not missed it. at this time, it is 10:00 in the morning. So, I call the intoxalock. they proceed to tell me that I have been in a "soft" lockout, and I missed the date to pay the $75 lockout fee even though I was not aware of ANY lockout! I had no notifications on my app, I have all green, saying good to go. My machine is working and reading fine, allowing me to blow into it and drive just fine. The man from intoxalock then says he needs to connect to my device to reset it and it will cost me another $75. I'm not happy, but what am I supposed to do? It is my final calibration due by the end of the day, I'm supposed to get this out in a week. I have already had the device for a month and a half longer than I needed because I couldn't pay the removal fees. So, he goes to connect and of course he cannot connect to the device. He tells me to call back in a n hour. Why and hour? I have no idea. But I wait exactly an hour. I call back, of course the person I'm now talking to has no idea what is going on and I have to reexplain everything. She then tries to reconnect. It is 1:30 by now, my...

Intoxalock Service Center (2024)


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